Exclusive: WWE Cancels Attitude Era DVD? Removed From Schedule

September 28, 2012 by Daniel Bee

According to two schedules that we have access to, the Attitude Era DVD will no longer be released.

Vince McMahon WWE Attitude Era

The listings for WWE: The Attitude Era on DVD and Blu-ray formats for November 2012 release have been removed from internal schedules for both the United States and Australia. This usually occurs when a title in question has been cancelled or postponed.

As of today, the majority of retail sites (such as here on Amazon) still have it listed for release but this is likely to change in the coming days. One such retail site, BestBuy.com, no longer have the standard versions available to pre-order.

The Attitude Era DVD was first revealed as going ahead back in July. A synopsis was published and a release date allocated, but artwork and content listings were yet to be released. Filming and production for the set will have already completed over the past couple of months.

However, as of late WWE and former CEO Linda McMahon have been under political fire amid the upcoming U.S. Senate election. The DVD was brought into question by Connecticut based newspaper The Journal Inquirer given the risqué footage attributed to the Attitude Era, and its November release time being so soon after the election. Prior to this, WWE made the call to remove certain footage from YouTube and other video sharing sites in order to “protect their corporate reputation from being mischaracterized in negative political agendas”.

We cannot confirm an outright cancellation at this stage, but the schedule removals at the very least suggest there will no Attitude Era DVD this year.

Update: http://wrestlingdvdnews.com/clarification-of-attitude-era-dvd-cancellation/.

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  1. pablo says:

    This really sucks i was saving up for the attitude era dvd but oh well i’ll use all my money on the cm punk dvd then i really did want the attitude era dvd though

  2. Dave says:

    This might be off topic but the latest Raw episode is on Classics on demand and its completely blur free finally. This looks promising for the attitude era set.

  3. Thomas says:

    This is bad news, I was really looking forward to have the Attitude Era on dvd

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Have a read of the later article. The Attitude Era DVD is still on the way (and the reason for the schedule removals unknown).

  4. shacmasta says:

    I thought this Election Crap with Linda Mcmahon was over back in 2010, but now she’s running for the other Senate Seat and again causing true fans of the WWE to suffer. The sad part is I’m a huge Vince Mcmahon fan and would like nothing more then to support Linda in her quest to become a Senator, but honestly as a lifelong wrestling fan, How can i support or feel happy about someone who will do everything in her power once in office to sweep an important part of the WWF/E’s history under the rug. If you think this PG era were currently suffering thru is bad, just imagine once she gets a seat in office.

  5. Anonymous says:


    You make no sense.

    Your concern is Benoit’s estate getting money? And, why shouldn’t his kids get compensation when you consider that their father prematurely died thanks at least in some part to the wear and tear of the wrestling industry? But, really who cares? How much is it going to be anyway? $800 per year? WOW!!!

    Furthermore, NO ONE is saying to mourn Benoit. My point is that because WWE has swept his memory under the rug and attempted to erase him, a few people haven’t been able to come to accept things. Go to one psychology class and you’ll learn what I’m talking about, but to help you out I’ll just say that you can’t properly get through the normal process of someone dieing by pretending they never existed. As a result, a very, very few fans haven’t gone through the process yet and that accounts for the stubborn attitudes that exist.

    • Evan Taylor says:

      dude, stop talking about something that happened years ago. the wwe doesnt wanna promote a killer because it would be bad publicity for the company and business overall. i dont expect u to know anything about the business side of things since all you do is whinge about not having chris benoit matches on a stupid dvd. get over his death and move the f**k on buddy!

      • Anonymous says:

        Boy, Chris Benoit brings out the business acumen of wrestling fans, doesn’t he? Guess what? There’d be NO PUBLICITY whatsoever if Benoit was brought back to DVDs, so you can take your advice: get over the Benoit incidents and quit your whining because you know nothing on this subject matter and are only saying this because you believe you’re supporting the company.

    • AJ says:

      I’ve actually taken several college psychology classes. You really think putting a few Benoit matches on DVD makes everything better? Is that what you really think? His son died, so what do you mean by compensation. And have you seen how much Madusa made being in two DVDs. She made thousands of a DVD. You’re seeing the scrutiny WWE is getting for some blood, middle fingers and T&A 15 years ago, imagine the scrutiny of putting a child murderer on a DVD.

      • Anonymous says:

        First, Benoit has two other surviving children who could receive any potential royalty payments, so that shows me how much you know or understand about the situation. Check wikipedia or anywhere else if you don’t believe me.

        Second, it was already proven that the check Madusa received wasn’t quite as it seemed. Instead, that massive check was believed to be the total amount WWE made on the titles Madusa was involved in during that three month period.
        Here’s a link: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2012/0403/551464/

        Third, do Paramount or the NFL get blasted for showing the much higher profile OJ Simpson? No. So quit with the fear mongering because if they don’t get blasted for OJ footage, neither would WWE for Benoit footage. WWE owns the footage and there isn’t an entertainment/media outlet (who are very much in the same business of being content producers) who would blast them for using it in complete presentations. A DVD devoted to Benoit? Maybe, but it’s such old news that it wouldn’t get much if any coverage. At most, they’ll continue to mock the fans who follow the product. Guess what? The media wants to push certain things and knock other stuff. That’ll never stop and wrestling will always be frowned upon.

        • Mason says:

          wow, just when i thought going on a rampage over a dvd was bad, you’ve taken things to a whole other level by wanting a benoit dvd and thinking there wont be consequences for it?

          well if you really want a chris benoit dvd, the question is are u gonna keep talking about it or u gonna do something about it? all i hear is jibber jabber here. keep trolling, a benoit dvd aint gonna happen.

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t see anywhere in this thread the suggestion of a dedicated Chris Benoit DVD. The only thing mentioned was that he should be included in complete shows that are offered on DVD and Classics on Demand.

  6. Lendus1985 says:

    I agree with Thomas. How long are the WWE going to let Linda’s ridiculous political aspirations ruin the WWE’s hard fought legacy. Dont forget…they bent over backwards to stay in business against the WCW using the attitude era to change their fortunes forever. Now it seems their almost ashamed it!! Shes a fuckin billionaire off the back of Wrestling so just give it up Linda and showcase your success in Wrestling!!!

  7. Thomas Goodearl says:

    Linda, give it up your always going to have that monkey on your back!

  8. mommy says:

    i think its to late to cancel, unless there really upset over something it will be released

    i mean like 7 weeks away, and the dvd is finished long before that, hell i got the cm punk blu ray 4 weeks before release date

    so the attitude dvd is probably all but final, just a matter of releasing the match listing and making a few tweaks

  9. Brad Attitude says:

    i will go on a rampage, chris benoit style if the attitude era gets cancelled.

    but i still have faith it’ll pull thru 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, I understand you’re joking, but that’s disgusting. A woman and a young child lost their lives because of a steroid psycho monkey, and you’re joking about that because a DVD might get cancelled? Get a life.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        here we go with the benoit controversy again.

        give it a rest dude, its 2012. the incident happened 5 years ago.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seriously, can’t wrestling fans get over the Benoit incidents? It happened over 5 years ago. Stop being so sensitive about it.

          Really, this is what happens when you take the WWE’s approach and attempt to sweep it under the rug and act like it never happened. People haven’t had a chance to properly reconcile the events in their heads and thus are still overly sensitive.

          Guess what? It happened, get over it and get a life because no one other than a very small portion of wrestling fans care about it anymore. We don’t need to keep on crying over it or pretending like it was so earth shattering that we should never see him again or talk about him again.

          • Brad Attitude says:

            Seems to me you’re still having a sook about it. Go tell your story walking pal.

            The incident happened 5 years ago. Get over it man. Oh wait, go have a sook about it.

            • Harry Faversham says:

              Since when is it the case that after 5 years murder just doesn’t count anymore?! Such a fucked up point of view. Time doesn’t change any of the priciples involved. That’s if you have them to begin with.

              • Brad Attitude says:

                i just find it pretty dumb that certain people are still hung up about something that happened years ago. just take a joke and move on.


                • AJ says:

                  It’s a freaking double murder suicide, where a young boy was strangled. Tell me where the joke is or when it is ever acceptable to joke about that. Get some help dude. Your view points are no longer to be taken seriously, since murder isn’t to you.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Was the joke funny? No.

                    That doesn’t change the fact that people are way too sensitive about this situation because WWE hasn’t allowed us to properly put the issue to rest. Instead, they’ve tried to erase Benoit from history and pretend he doesn’t exist whereas they should be including him in any and all complete show presentations.

                    Don’t highlight Benoit in any way, but leave history alone and leave him in any complete shows.

                    • AJ says:

                      That doesn’t even make sense. Because WWE doesn’t include him on DVDs, so his estate can make money. WWE didn’t let fans properly mourn him? As far as I’m concerned people who kill their son and wife, don’t deserve to mourned, but forgotten completely. I don’t think someone can over get oversensitive when it comes to the murder of a child. Will leaving him on DVD make anything better. Please get real.

    • Jesus Lopez says:

      Not cool.

    • jasongoldsmith says:

      make a joke about going on a rampage and kill people over a dvd? not cool
      if a wrestling dvd not getting released makes you think of that right off the bat you do need help.

      • Anonymous says:

        That may be very true, or it may have shined a light on the fact that so much time has passed that the events are no longer that meaningful and we can now start to get back to normal and not be so sensitive about it. It’s like that episode of South Park where it became acceptable to make jokes about AIDS. After a certain period of time, it’s only normal that people get back to business as usual. With the exception of a very, very small group, most members of the WWE Universe are ready.

        • Brad Attitude says:

          to me, you’re just a crybaby.

        • jasongoldsmith says:

          I am not sensitive about what benoit did–I still watch his matches because I can separate what he did from what happened for whatever reason that night–only 3 people and God know for sure.
          But to joke about doing that stuff over a dvd isn’t funny.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I found a couple websites that have reported the Attitude DVD is still being released in November, according to WWE Senior Vice President, marketing and communications, Brian Flinn: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1351673-wwe-dvd-news-company-not-canceling-attitude-era-dvd


  11. Losse Cannon says:

    off topic here but dose anyone know he name of the band and song that plays on Raw as they are showing a match preview its a hard rock song but i can’t figure out. and as for the dvd it sux but i think it will see the light of day maybe 2014

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Harry Faversham says:

    Its a shame if it doesn’t happen, but with Silver Vision and all the uncertainty in the UK anyway, I just feel very thankful that the one single release I couldn’t do without will be released. And that’s the nWo finally getting the treatment it deserves. To me, that DVD is far more important that the Attitude release. But I apprecate that it would be great and would mean a lot to a lot of people. I sincerely hope we will see the new Hitman DVD in the UK too. Those are the DVD’s I think are essential. But a DVD on the attitude era, if done right, showing the changing of the times from start to finish and skipping out the pointless shock value shit, would be essential too. But I’ve always felt that a lot of fans have different rose tinted images of the ‘attitude era’ and inevitably some will be disappointed with the match/segement listing. But that always happens and a good doc would make it worthwhile, so long as it told the true story of how thing were shaped in 1997 and culminated in triumph in 2001. They need not mention that WWE lost its way somewhat thereafter, and I’m not talking about PG. I’m sorry for the people that were excited about this one, if it is indeed cancelled, but I can’t say I’m surpised.

    • jasongoldsmith says:

      I can agree on the nWo dvd set being an important one and that raises another possibility too–how about a good Austin vs McMahon greatest feuds set after that?
      It can always be debated whether the nWo or Steve Austin caused the boom period in wrestling at that time so just be content to highlight them both.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d rather see a bWo set than an nWo set. As far as what caused the wrestling boom, that was Nitro, not Austin or the nWo. Austin was the sole reason for the WWF’s rebound following a terrible ratings period thanks primarily to not having a good top act, but that’s another story.

        • jasongoldsmith says:

          Nitro wouldn’t have experienced the boom without the nWo getting white hot like they did–they already had Hogan and Flair there for 2 years before Hall and Nash arrived and the ratings were nothing like they were after the arrival of those 2.
          McMahon answered with Austin and DX and the race was on.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wrong. Ratings were quite good with Flair and Hogan on top in 1994-1995. The difference was in time slots. Nitro finally gave WCW prime time competing with the WWF. When given the platform to actually compete on the same night, they were already overtaking the WWF before Hall and Nash came in. Hall and Nash did help WCW climb further up the ratings, but with or without them, WCW had already proven they could beat the WWF.

            As far as DX goes, they were background to Austin. You take Austin out of the WWF at that point and they would have been destroyed for far longer than 80+ weeks because Austin truly ushered in the era of having a top draw with attitude, personality, interview ability and the ability to actually wrestle and brawl. DX had a lot of what Austin had, but not all. Austin was the flagship of the industry whose stay atop would have lasted for far longer had injuries (thanks to Hart’s botching of the piledriver) not gotten in the way.

            • jasongoldsmith says:

              If they were beating WWE in ratings before the birth of the nWo then Eric Bischoff would have bragged on it like he did when they did win the ratings for 83 weeks straight so I doubt they did.

              When WCW won the whole world knew and when they didn’t not a word from Bischoff.

            • jasongoldsmith says:

              I checked the ratings from 9-4-95 when nitro started and WCW and WWF ran virtually identical ratings until late June/early July 1996 then it all took off.

              • Anonymous says:

                Exactly, WCW Nitro was getting quite good ratings long before Hall and Nash came in, in spite of the fact that being so new to Mondays they really had no business doing that well, that quick. Hall and Nash helped, but even without them, WCW was doing great business and they’d turn the corner and only going up. For example, the 1996 Savage/Flair feud was the best-selling house show series since the Flair/Funk feud.

                Sadly, when Hall and Nash came in, they may have immediately helped WCW ratings in the short-term, but the long-term effects of continually squashing everybody without ever losing eventually meant the company didn’t create many new stars and eventually people got sick of the nWo and changed the channel. You could argue that ended up killing the company and therefore the nWo was a greater negative than they were a positive influence.

                bWo! bWo! bWo!

                • jasongoldsmith says:

                  you are missing the whole point here and that is that the rating about doubled after Hall and Nash came in.
                  in every business that i know of when you double your business that is called a boom.
                  coincidence that it doubled when the outsiders came in and made everybody wonder what was happening and started wrestling on a ratings spike? not at all.

  14. Anonymous says:

    vince russo booked during the attitude era
    that should be enough to avoid it

  15. Jesus Lopez says:

    It’s probably for the best-at least for now. Of course wwe will put Linda’s political run first and today’s wwe direction would have watered the attitude dvd project down anyway. A “PG” rating for the attitude DVD project seems like a total contradiction of we really experienced during that era.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Blame the political/goverment f***ers for this. NOT The WWE or Linda cause their the ones who started this shit by bitching and trashing the WWE and wrestling like they do now

  17. Jonathan M says:

    If all this news is indeed false, then i can’t wait to buy the DVD.

  18. James says:

    For what it’s worth Wrestling Observer.com is reporting the dvd not being cancelled, and is still to be released as scheduled.

  19. nightmare says:

    Just have to wait and see if it is or not I guess I won’t pre order it until I know what on it first

  20. NickP says:

    It is a dark day for WWE DVD collectors.

  21. Bix says:


    WWE says there’s nothing to the rumors and that the set will be released on 11/20 as scheduled. What are the “internal schedules” mentioned in the article?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Bix: These ‘internal schedules” are responsible for most (exclusive) news reveals over the past 2 years running this site. They are official schedules from distributors working with WWE. I’ve clarified this further at the following link:


      Please don’t make out Bleacher Report and the like are suddenly the more credible source on WWE DVD releases. If a WWE spokesman didn’t reach out to certain sites, you’d all no doubt still be running with what we revealed in this article. And what we revealed in this article is fact – the listings have been removed from those schedules, and the Best Buy pre-orders cancelled.

      It’s a shame the likes of PWInsider, without actually naming us, suggest we made all of this up and started a rumor simply out of the Linda situation. I think our track record on this subject says otherwise.

  22. mason says:

    wwedvdnews explain this http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1351673-wwe-dvd-news-company-not-canceling-attitude-era-dvd plz reply cause i want to know if its cancelled or not

    • Bix says:

      It’s not cancelled, I help run BR’s wrestling section and emailed Brian Flinn for the quote that’s in that article.

      • Paul says:

        I have seen many companies deny rumors only to have them confirmed at a later date. We will see.

        • Bix says:

          Why deny it? The DVD is already coming out after the election, which hurts the WWE ’13 tie-in. Cancelling it now doesn’t make much sense anyway, and if it was cancelled, there’s no reason not to say it’s cancelled.

  23. nightmare says:

    I agree this Pg has to end soon it killing the WWE I mean look at the ratings and yes I would agree I would rather have no Attitude than another PG crapfest

    I wondering if they will cancel the NWO one next because that was far from PG that was definitely PG 13 era

  24. Blame Linda McMahon.

    However(feel free to disagree with me) I’d rather have no Attitude Era DVD than a PG Attitude Era DVD.

  25. LP1 says:

    Appearently there’s nothing to this story. PWInsider.com posted the following a little while ago: “…PWInsider.com reached out to WWE this afternoon and their spokesperson noted, “There is nothing to this rumor.” ” So there you go.

  26. James says:

    I hate politics

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Steven says:

    Another major point it’s part of WWE history and more importantly wrestling history in general and it won the Monday Night War by going full on Attitude Era with Stone Cold, DX, (Talking about 1997’s DX and the Triple H led DX after Shawn was hurt), Rock, Undertaker and Kane, Mick Foley, and some many more. To not give the Attitude Era fans and mainly not John Cena fans this DVD/Blu-Ray is f***ing wrong by Vince and WWE.


    F*** Linda Mcmahon, im sorry but she dont deserve it, she spent millions and wasted all that money for what, shes left all the fans in the dark now with this postpone of the attitude era dvd, i know its not their fault and its the f***ing democrats who bringing this dvd into question, but why they just lost out on sale and money, i thought it was about business and money, they parted way with silvervison (Technically i dont give 2 craps even thought im based in the uk) and now this, whats next they might remove the nwo dvd and blu-ray and think the new world order is not a good title and doesnt send out a good message, they f***ing messing up on their own history here twats, what other bussiness does this, as much as i love WWE they are very bad at business, Vince was very lucky to survive and won the war, he would be in retirement home now if the wwf was no more, hes lucky the fans have poured their hard earned money into the company each week every year to keep this company alive,
    I dont give a f im entitled to my own opinion and just stating what a feel,
    Sometimes i do feel embarrassed to be a WWE fan with actions like this,
    I would have a showed a non-wwe fan this dvd and would be like
    ”Hey this is what professional Wrestling (Not Vince Twat Lame Sports Entertainer ) is all about this was the proudest period to be a Wrestling Fan, You will Truly Appreciate Professional Wrestling One dvd you would cherish for the rest of your life”
    I hope im proved wrong and gets back on schedule
    Otherwise i got 2 words for you VINCE ”F*** YOU”

    • AJ says:

      If you think the Attitude Era was what professional wrestling was and isn’t Vince entertainment, you don’t get the WWE.

  30. CrimeDawg says:

    For what is worth Mike Johnson over at Pwinsider talked to someone at WWE who said it wasn’t being pulled but would be released with a TV-PG rating.
    If they do that, then why bother putting the thing out.

    • Tony Kegger says:

      so they give a TV-14 rating to Punk’s DVD but they won’t give one to a DVD on the Attitude Era?! That doesn’t make sense. And the target market should be people who actually watched the Attitude Era and all of them are adults now.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m putting the BLAME where it belongs:
    1) WWE for not following through with what they continually claim. They say they have nothing to do with Linda’s campaign, yet they do this?!? I HOPE SHE LOSES!
    2) The MEDIA for continuing to have an agenda that’s against WWE and everything even remotely associated to it.
    3) The DEMOCRATS. While nobody in their right minds should vote for Linda, the fact is they shouldn’t call themselves wrestling fans and then support a party that is not only clearly a media favorite, but that also continues to attack wrestling and basically telling its fans they’re unrefined slobs who don’t matter. Not voting at all is better than voting for Linda or voting for the Democrats.

    This sucks! I was about to pre-order this one and I never do that.

  32. This is better.
    First of all, let’s make one thing clear: The WWE doesn’t enjoy this. Do you think Vince McMahon enjoys having to fire Abraham Washington over a funny joke? No, and he even had him appear on the next Raw, meaning the backlash finally caught up to him and his hands were tied. Do you think Vince McMahon enjoys having to remove edgier content, content that made him countless money, and continues to do so? No, he has to because Scott Brown, or whatever his name is, is determined to make Linda McMahon out to be Satan by bringing content that is quite frankly irrelevant to anything going on in 2012. Their campaign grossly exagerrates and mischaracterizes so much of what the WWE has done, and if you put as much money into a campaign as the McMahon’s have, you’re not going to sit idly by and lose because someone’s convincing people, most of whom only associate wrestling the Attitude Era anyway, that you’re still running this violent disgusting circus (And I should note that politically, I’m certainly more liberal than conservative.)

    You noticed that after the last election, combining with The Rock’s return, is when they started to allow language to fly again, begining with Cena saying “Ass” in a promo to Punk in late-’10, and culminating with Cena and Punk both saying “shit” in live promos during WrestleMania season, something that would have been unimaginable a year and a half prior. After around Extreme Rules is when Brown really stepped up his attacks on the WWE, and when you started to see a de-emphasis on the language.

    So again, I’m sure Vince McMahon doesn’t like having to censor his product, which will result in losing money on things like this planned DVD. I do think that we’ll once again see content a bit edgier once the election is over, though I’M under the impression that it won’t matter the result: If Linda wins, that means people are comfortable enough with her past that edgier content past and present won’t matter to them. I’d be stunned if we didn’t see this released down the road, it’s just that right now they don’t want to risk what they’ve fought so valiently for.

  33. Hot Rod says:

    IMO, it’s for the best they scrapped it.

    If they would have put it out this year, it would have been a TV-PG release, and that was not what the Attitude Era was all about.

    Make it a TV-14 and that would be acceptable.

  34. AJ says:

    I’m sure this we be taken as me loving the WWE some more. I first must say that I’m not happy about this announcement. I have no problem with what Linda McMahon wants to do and why shouldn’t be allowed to run for Senate? The reason this is being cancelled is the pressure by media in Connecticut. Who do you think informed the media? Because you know Linda’s opponent wasn’t looking at future WWE DVD’s about the product 15 years ago and certainly the media wasn’t. It was probably some Internet wrestling fan who told the reporter about the DVD. It’s like all of those fans who complain to Be A Star or GLADD when Punk, Cena, Lawler or Rock do something out of bounds. They think it’s their responsibility to report it those companies.

  35. John says:

    That is alright, if they are going to give the Attitude Era a PG rating, they should not bother producing the Blu-Ray/DVD! The $25 will go to the NWO Revolution Blu-Ray instead!

  36. RabidHeat says:

    Cowards. Why don’t they have some backbone and stand by their product and it’s history/legacy?!

  37. chris says:

    Thanks Linda!!! Great job!!!

  38. Giovanni says:

    All of this because of Linda’s bullshit campaign.

  39. Chris says:

    This is great news! I’d much rather it be cancelled than to get some PG rewrite of the Attitude era history.

  40. mommy says:

    cena only appeals to kids and he’s in his late 30s, punk is 33 and will retire probably within the next couple of years

    maybe its time to put time/money into there own product, lets watch how low the raw rating gets, its just going to go lower and lower

    we need another ted turner to save wrestling

  41. mommy says:

    it would be like releasing a horror movie like saw without gore, whats the point

    this whole PG linda thing is idiotic, who cares if they release a dvd based on a edgy time period

    the mcmahons should just stop wasting tens of millions into this campaign and put it into, i don’t know, maybe there company wwe

    when they released those ecw dvds like bloodsport they were all tv-ma

  42. Anonymous says:

    this is funkin stupid i was looking forward to it

  43. pmdmf says:

    Guess I just saved $25 whether I wanted to or not (I’d rather not).

  44. Anonymous says:

    Linda, shame on you. I hope wwe have a backup dvd for the holidays.

  45. Jonathan M says:

    I am kind not suprised. I knew this may happen. You Know if WWE already know that Linda was running again for senate that should have not though of releasing the attitude era DVD in the first place. I think the senate should not even worry about Linda mcmahon past as CEO in WWE. They should be concern the current product WWE is now. If linda does lose i hope they release the Attitude era DVD sometime next year for sure I hope.

  46. HankHill says:

    Meh, don’t care. I have every RAW from 98, 99 and 2001 on DVD and every PPV from 98, 99 and 2001

  47. LP1 says:

    Thanks Linda!

  48. John rega says:

    Linda please stop running. Its ruining or wrestling experience. I can’t see stuff on youtube anymore and now a dvd that I would pay for. Someone should say something during the next stockholders/ investors meeting about this kind of stuff.

  49. indyfan says:

    If you vote for Linda, you are a fool.

    Anyway , i don’t care that much, You an easily watch best of RAW 15 th year anniversary dvd set. This upcomming release was going to be 3/4 repeats anyway.

  50. micheal j rotch says:

    WWE is an entertainment company.

    I dont think its a secret that ppl over the age of 14 actually watch wrestling. It seems extremely ticky-tacky to not release a dvd b/c of one person.

    if the DVD wasnt going to be good, then dont release it. fine. canceling it for any other reason is bogus.

  51. Markus says:

    Absolutly bad news for the WWE and I don’t understand it. Linda will loose and with this DVD the WWE could print money.

  52. Fred says:

    Awesome news! Let the Attitude Era stay buried in the past 😀

  53. warresg says:

    its bye bye attitute era fans.

  54. Steven says:

    This sucks but I’m totally shocked about this but what can we do with this PG era crap and Linda running for re-election. I guess we could get all crazy like Brett Mix and not watch WWE till the Attitude Era DVD comes out. At least the nWo DVD is going to happen.

  55. they have clearly made the project and i do see it coming out one day in the future #LicenceToPrintMoney

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE just postpone it to 2013 ’til the dust settles. Then again, I also wouldn’t be surprised if they kept to this decision for the good of their current PG image, and made sure future DVD releases are more tame.

      I’ll take option A.

    • Joe Israel says:

      I agree with Shaun 100%. There’s no way this DVD doesn’t come out some day with it this far into production.

  56. Scott says:

    Meh, probably would have been lame, censored, and full of stuff I already have on other older collections. But I do feel bad for those of you youngins who were looking forward to it. Probably isn’t the right time to release it anyway since we’re in the PG era right now. Maybe in a few years when Cena finally turns and middle fingers are acceptable again.

  57. Dave says:

    It does seem like its been postponed…the content would have been out by now or at least the cover art. The cover art and content for nWo were already released couple weeks back and it comes out two weeks before the Attitude era DVD.

  58. Mark D says:

    WWE Attitude Era DVD
    July 12, 2012 – September 28, 2012
    “You were never truly understood”

  59. CrimeDawg says:

    What a crock of @$#, hey Linda I hope you lose..AGAIN…and then never run for office again. I think I read somewhere that she has spent over 100 million of the WWE war chest trying to get into public office.
    There I feel better now.

  60. Ralf88 says:

    This is a piece of WWE history, they should stand behind what that era represented and how great it was for the company at the time.


    Good! Wait untill linda is done with all of her political bs.

  62. Anonymous says:

    How freaking lame is that!!!!!!!!!!