Video: WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 Blu-ray Exists After All?

July 22, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Thanks to mctyler_86 and xRJx720 on Twitter, here’s a video which suggests the WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 Blu-ray was actually produced in the USA, and is being sold.

You may have followed recently that Capitol Punishment and Money in the Bank 2011 Blu-rays were removed from WWE’s Home Video schedule, whilst SummerSlam was not, so it appeared they were cancelled like is the case in the United Kingdom.

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  1. Giseppe says:

    This guy is a phoney, con artist liar. All he did was put the dvd cover into a blu ray case. Shame fell for this dastardly deed. Hope not to many people wasted gas, money, & time looking all over for this non existent piece. You should confirm stories before posting them, journalism 101.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I’ve explained lower down in the comments why I put this article up. Also apologised in the follow up article (click the News tab, you’ll find it) to anybody it may have misled. The video was here for all to see and make their own minds up on anyway. Personally I’m not sure how much this article could have mislead because if it’s so obviously a fake when watching the video like you say, then you won’t have actually been misled. Right? The article title/headline also ends with a question mark, so is not a statement.

  2. LP1 says:

    In this video the guy says some of his blu-rays are FYE exclusives. Really? When did FYE ever have exclusive blu-rays? I’m pretty sure Best Buy was the only place to have an exclusivity deal on blu-rays.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just received the Capitol Punishment 2011 DVD and is it me or is there really something wrong with the picture quality, as it isn’t always smooth?

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s fake check Anonymous says: July 25, 2011 at 5:42 pm and check the video urself. 100% fake. No question about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @Eric, how is it spreading false news when the title of this article is “Video: WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 Blu-ray Exists After All?”. <—Notice the question mark at the end. That means it's questioning the possibility of a Captiol Punishment Blu-ray, not confirming it.

  6. Eric says:

    You are spreading false information based on a CLEARLY faked video. I thought this was a news site.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Eric: It’s not a news site because I put up this video for everybody to see? There was always a chance this was real, plenty of indiciations it’s not but no definitive part of that video to confirm it. Would there have been this much debate about it if that were the case? I don’t think so. If this article is “spreading false information” then that’s probably the first time in this site’s existance.

      So if there was any chance at all the Blu-ray in this video was real, I felt the site readers should know about it. Don’t try to make it us vs Silvervision either, we have a good working relationship with them.

  7. Arnold says:
    Our information comes directly from WWE, I’d suggest that video is someone having a bit of fun.

  8. Arnold says:
    I can confirm, no matter what you read elsewhere, that Capitol Punishment 2011 is NOT being released on Blu-ray anywhere. NOT on general release and NOT as an exclusive.

  9. Anonymous says:

    this guy is full of garbage there is no sign of any other capital punishment blu ray on any site and he didnt show the back or spine of the blu ray this guys needs to get a life….

  10. thomas says:

    @lp1 personally i think he did it for exposure get a couple of views and subs though judging by comments in the vid he lost some lol sure it seems lame but i think in the beginning he just thought whatever its a small lie nobody will notice it and if they do screw them

  11. LP1 says:

    The real question is IF this guy has a bogus Capitol Punishment blu-ray… what’s the point? Why go through all the trouble of doctoring up a fake blu-ray and putting it on Youtube? What does he get out of it? Hits to his page? Big deal. Again, IF this is fake then it just goes to show how much free time people have and how sad their lives are that they have nothing better to do.

  12. thomas says:

    wow @anonymous very smart and now that i can see it myself i have to agree this is yet another proof that the blu ray he has is fake i have also to agree with others that mitbh DESERVES a blu ray no doubt in my mind

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the video closely, 0:03 into it, pause it and thats where u can see cenas knee, that’s where a typical blu ray cover would end (size wise) cuz they are smaller than a normal DVD cover. But the capital punishment front cover ends with cenas trainer. Now if he continued showing the bottom of the DVD he would of run out of the actual blu ray box as the cover would be to big for the blu ray box. if you know what i mean. Check it for urself and you will realise what i mean. There’s another video on YouTube showing the normal cp DVD if you wanna compare what I mean. If you haven’t got the normal DVD. 1 million % fake.

  14. Cody says:

    I have an order for the Capitol Punishment blu ray through best buy, sounds like it doesn’t and will not exist, just interested to see what happens.

  15. Andreas says:

    i was really annoyed when i asked silvervision if they were doing a MITB11 Blu-ray and they said no. that great PPV needs to be on blu!

  16. thomas says:

    so if silvervision is reporting that which is probably true then why in the blue hell does best buy list that both cp and mitb will be also on blu ray! can someone explain me that??

  17. Adam Gunnell says:

    Silvervision the official supplier for WWE Blu Ray & DVD’s in Europe have confirmed Capitol Punishment and Money in the Bank 2011 will not be released on Blu Ray anywhere, not as exclusives or anything. This video is now confirmed as fake!

  18. Kevin Halliwell says:

    How about The Best of Smackdown Vs Raw Blu ray that came with the video game a few years back and the UK exclusives including Royal Rumble 2009 on Blu ray? I am personally not buying that Capitol Punishment Blu ray, it looks like a trimmed down DVD sleeve put into a Blu ray case.

  19. Tommy says:

    I think that the wwe won’t stop with the BD releases maybe keep them only for big events or DVDs wm,ss etc. Now personally I am not a big BD collector I prefer the good old DVDs but I would love to see them do what they did this year with the royal rumble and elimination chamber DVDs both DVD and BD in one case for 20 bucks ( now that was awesome).

  20. Daniel Bee says:

    Caught that aswell Pup. The CP Blu-ray was originally planned to be 2-Discs though (later changed to 1 disc on the schedule) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The guy said to me said he’d make a new video on it soon. Whether he does or not…

  21. Cool Pup says:

    To add more plight to this situation, he said the extras contained “the Raw the week before and Smackdown highlights as usual.” R1 WWE Blu-rays haven’t had Smackdowns included since WM26. Looking more and more bogus.

  22. Anonymous says:

    No follow up video just proves its fake, I’m asking him to post s video of the full front full back inside the box the disc from and back plus I want him to put it in his blu ray player and show me the menu. And guess what he won’t do it cuz it’s fake lol…. Good try tho

  23. TheChamp617 says:

    The youtube guy has over 1500 sbuscribers, but yet he only has less than 200 views

  24. Captain Hammer says:

    That might be good for you guys in the US, but what about us in good old Europe? Silvervision also canceled most of the Blu Rays and US-BDs won’t run here on most players :/
    I asked Silvervision about making a limited Blu Ray release, but they never responded to this ๐Ÿ™
    This situation right now really sucks…

  25. awesomeone22 says:

    what website did you go to that list all of them

  26. Paul says:

    Hopefully WWE Blu-rays will continue via Best Buy Exclusive. It would make business sense to go back to that route because there are only a select few of us who actually buy them. Best Buy exclusives with limited quantities will not hurt WWE because the majority will sell.

  27. Daniel Bee says:

    Anonymous: I put this video up because it seemed more legit to me than not, given that it’s amongst a bunch of other Blu-rays he said he picked up. He didn’t seem aware there was any news on cancelled BDs, so I question why he’d try to fake it. Judging by his other vids he collects all official WWE titles.

    Obviously the fact the guy isn’t really giving a follow up on this is getting suspicious, or that he hasn’t shown it closely in the video to begin with. You are all helping to prove or debunk it so I don’t regret showing it on this site.

  28. dan says:

    oh god….. please don’t be one of those people that claim they got it and supply no proof.

  29. Blake says:

    which store?

  30. Anonymous says:

    i seen this at the store today picked it up thanks for all the help i didnt know i could get it on blu ray but i did ๐Ÿ™‚ its real

  31. Anonymous says:

    I went and checked at my best buy.nothing

  32. Anonymous says:

    Lmao that is so fake, I hav no idea why you hav even posted it on this reputable website dan bee?

  33. Cool Pup says:

    Well, just for precautions I went ahead and ordered a copy of Capitol Punishment Blu-ray on I guess we’ll find out if it’s legitimate or not.

  34. Blake says:

    Went to both of the FYE’s in Indy and neither one have it or have even had it. I know the manager at one of them and he is a pretty big wrestling fan and he said that the Blu Rays were selling horribly and WWE was considering dropping the platform. However, he said the corporate FYE has no idea when or if it is being released and that if someone got it from an FYE in Indiana they are lying.

  35. jack666 says:

    Both are real.

  36. thomas says:

    well it seems like the blu ray after all exists will get a best buy gift card to order both capitol punishment and mitb plus for ppl that are interested you can preorder from now the regural dvd mitb and night of champions 2011 from walmart so i guees that indicates that night of champions wont be on blu ray ๐Ÿ™

  37. Mike Elmo says:

    I called and asked if the WWE Money In The Bank 2011 bluray is still set to be released on 8/16/2011 as advertised on their website, and they said yes. I asked if their information is updated daily to reflect changes in plans, and they said yes.

    I think it will be released. I hope it will be released. I pre-ordered three days ago. I was at MITB live and I can’t watch it on any other format than bluray.

  38. Ryan says:

    I ordered the Capitol Punishment blu ray online from and they sent me an email saying it will ship between August 4 and August 11.. and they already took my money so I think it will.. and in the past Best Buy has always gotten the Blu Ray exclusives

  39. dan says:

    Ya don’t piss off the dvd community. Nuff’ Said.

    But yeah…. something is clearly going on with that artwork. Bubble much?

  40. brian says:

    lmao i love how everyone is trying to find out if this guy is being real. he will be exposed!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I currently live in Indy and there are only two malls here that have an FYE in them. I was at one of them on Tuesday and they did not have the blu ray…and i was there almost at opening. I am going to check out the other one today and will let everyone know what I find out.

  42. thomas says:

    @will excellent cant wait to see what happens with you buddie if it works for you ill do it myself also

  43. Will says:

    I placed an order for Capitol Punishment and MITB from Best Buy. I got an email about Capitol Punishment, telling me it was backordered but would be shipped in about a week. I wouldn’t think they’d have an SKU this close to the release if it wasn’t actually coming to them.

    I’ll let you guys know what happens.

  44. thomas says:

    ok best buy atm has 2 versions of capitol punishment online one dvd and one blu ray for 25 bucks so i suppose it might be possible that a blu ray exists but someone has to order it so we can find out

  45. thomas says:

    wow this has become a csi investigation lol after watching the vid several times i have to say i believe its fake he probably printed the cover and put it in a blu ray case or bought a bootleg online i know people create custom dvds and they sell them

  46. Alan says:

    In any event, I hate the way he slams them down. And that he knows nothing about wrestling. And that he bought the Cena Blu Ray (although the last two probably go hand-in-hand).

  47. Paul says:

    Yeah but FYEs are usually (always really) located in the mall. I still think he is lying g though. I disliked his video and left a bad comment calling him a liar.

  48. Cool Pup says:

    He’s definitely lying about it. If you read the comments he said he got it at to one person that asked, and then said he got it at “the mall in Indy” when someone else asked. If there were more copies available they’d be reported elsewhere and online.

  49. Chris says:

    Looks fake to me, look at the top edge it isn’t flat as if it’s too big for the case.

  50. Paul says:

    Definetly looks suspicious. We should bombard his video posting on YouTube with bad comments!

  51. brian says:

    i think he is trying to pull a fast one.. i thought about doing the same thing for MITB 2011. i hate the look of dvd cases these days.

  52. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    I notice the samething with his BDs still shrink wrapped. Looks like Best Buy’s website has Capitol Punishment backordered for a couple weeks and has MITB still listed for 8/16. I too would like a clarification on the whole WWE PPV BD release thing. Guess I’ll have to get me a Best Buy card in order to get both Capitol Punishment and MITB on Blu-ray.

  53. Jeffrey says:

    He said he got the blu ray at FYE. I just checked and it lists a 2 disc Capitol punishment blu ray for a release date of 12/31/11. Maybe you can clarify this whole blu ray situation Dan lol

  54. Dave says:


    Interesting point, all his blu-rays were still in packaging except for Capitol Punishment and he avoid having a full front shot of the cover…maybe he is pulling our leg to create this buzz. I guess i will start to believe once another guy confirms with pictures of the front, back and inside.

  55. Andy says:

    did ye notice the Capitol punishment “Blu-Ray” wasnt in it’s plastic wrapper, I think the guy just printed the Capitol punishment wallpaper and put it into a blu-ray box.

  56. Dave says:

    Damn! now i have to hunt for it. Looks like this might fetch big bucks on ebay like HIAC 2010 did initially.

  57. thomas says:

    cool wont pick it up though but i will pick up mitb blu ray

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