Breaking: CM Punk DVD in the Works at WWE for 2012?

November 14, 2011 by Daniel Bee

According to a Chicago Tribune article posted last night, WWE is working on a CM Punk DVD/Blu-ray for next year.

The snippet of news in the said article reads:

Heads up: WWE is filming a straight-to-DVD documentary on WWE superstar and Chicago resident CM Punk. The documentary, which doesn’t have a name yet, will be released some time in 2012.”

Our guess is if the news proves true, the CM Punk release will follow a similar year-in-the-life format to that which The John Cena Experience and Randy Orton: Evolution of a Predator had.

When we hear more on this, you’ll be the first to know.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i would like to see his match vs chris jericho in the king of the ring semi finals 2008. great match. and his ic title win over william regal. another great match as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Should have all his title wins &
    1 vs Jeff Hardy Steel Cage Match
    2 vs Undertaker Submission Match
    3 vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell
    4 Hair vs SES Pledge vs Rey Mysterio
    5 vs John Cena Raw (Mason Ryan Debut)
    6 vs Randy Orton Last Man Standing
    7 vs Rey Mysterio Capitol Punishiment
    8 vs John Cena Triple H is Referee
    9 & HHH vs Awesome Truth
    10 Champion vs Champion vs Dolph Ziggler
    17 matches plus a doc sounds good

  3. CMPunkFAN#1 says:

    I agree with both patrick and Anonymous but CJ has a good point because that truly was the match (CM Punk vs John Cena Money in the Bank) that launched Punk to the stars but doesn’t anybody agree that his survivor series tittle win also should be included? Plus it be nice to see his ECW tittle run from 2007!

  4. Anonymous says:

    well cj i didn’t list it because it will be on ppvs of 2011 dvd and i don’ wont it to be overused(even though it is one of the best matches ever

  5. Anonymous says:

    Possible matches:
    Punk Vs. Morrison-Summerslam 07
    Punk Vs.Hardy-Smackdown (hardys last match)
    Punk Vs. Cena MITB 2011
    Punk Vs. Del Rio Survivor Series 2011
    Punk Vs.Rey hair vs. mask match Extreme Rules 2010
    MITB Matches WM 24 and 25
    Punk Vs. Hardy Summerslam 09
    Punk Vs.Cena Summerslam 2011
    Punk Vs. Undertaker Hell In a Cell 09
    Punk Vs. Orton WM 27
    Punk Vs. HHH Night of Champs 2011
    Punk Vs. Rey WM 26

    and probally on the blue ray extras they will have the Edge Vs. Punk Vs. Hardy and that was a great match @anonymous

  6. KirbbDogg says:

    I want to see this dvd too. But for someone like Punk. You have to think outside of the box. even he said it would have to tell his story if he got his own DVD. If WWE do this right. try to make a deal with Ring of Honor and get some of Punks match’s from when he was at ROH. Treat it like when they got matches from Chris Benoit’s time in New Japan when they did Chris’s DVD. Why not do that with Punk’s time in ROH

  7. CJ says:

    patrick and anonymous: how did you guys not list the huge Money in the Bank match against Cena from the summer that launched Punk to the stars????

  8. Anonymous says:

    please put cm punk vs jeff hardy vs edge from raw 09, great underrated match for the world title.

  9. patrick says:

    mathes could be
    1.punk vs morrison- summerslam 07
    2.punk vs morrison vs miz-survivor series 07
    3.punk vs batista-great american bash 08
    4.punk vs jbl-summerslam 08
    5.punk vs rey-armaggedon 08
    6.punk vs umaga- judgement day 09
    7.punk vs hardy-bash 09
    8.punk vs taker-hell in a cell 09
    9.punk vs rey-wrestlemania 10
    10.punk vs orton-extreme rules 11
    11.punk vs cena-summerslam 11
    12.punk&hhh vs awesome truth-vengeance 11

  10. Anonymous says:

    matches could be
    1. punk vs morrison(summerslam,2007)
    2. punk vs morrison vs miz(survivor series,2007)
    3.punk vs batista(great american bash,2008)
    4.punk vs jbl(summerslam,2008)
    5.punk vs mysterio(armaggedon,2008)
    6.punk vs umaga(judgrment day,2009)
    7.punk vs hardy(bash,2009)
    8.punk vs taker(hell in a cell,2009)
    9.punk vs mysterio(wrestlemania,2010)
    10.punk vs myterio(extreme rules,2010)
    11.punk & ryan vs kan & big show(over the limit,2011)
    12.punk vs cena(summerslam,2011)
    13. punk & hhh vs miz & truth(vrngeance,2011)

  11. CMPunkFAN#1 says:

    F*ck yeah! CM Punk won THE TITTLE last night at SURVIVOR SERIES! AND I was there live in attendance. Best frickin night of my life 😀

  12. Punkholic says:

    Great to see that the WWE is finally focusing more on CM Punk! Hopefully this DVD will have some great matches on it. Definitely going to buy it. LET’S GO PUNK!

  13. CMPunkFAN#1 says:


    I know that 2012 is not the final year of the earth. I was just kidding, don’t you see the smiley face with a wink 😉

  14. Simon says:

    Looking forward to seeing Punk vs. Hardy from Summerslam ’09 for the hundredth time. C’mon WWE Home Video department, don’t disappoint me!

  15. Thomas says:

    @CMPunkFAN#1 2012 will not be the Final year for the Earth at all because whatever you read about that news, it is rubbish where ever you read it from but I hope CM Punk will be getting a real documentary story like Randy Orton & Bret Hart documentaries on their dvd set

  16. Mabel says:

    times have changed. wrestlers nowadays aren’t the same as the ones from the past. they aren’t as quick to learn as there aren’t many veterans around to invest that time and training and to help them with their psychology aspect of it. and the fact that many wrestlers can just come and quickly leave wwe, i think its probably why wwe prefers to wait a few years to make a certain superstar dvd until they’re established themselves as a major star.

  17. LP1 says:

    Jericho also had a video release in 2000, only a year after he debuted. You strike while the iron is hot. That’s just smart business. In my opinion Punk should’ve had a DVD release years ago. He did have that 30 minute DVD release that came with the Toys R Us action figures last year, but not many people saw that.

  18. LP1 says:

    Did someone really say Punk has only been in WWE for 5 or 6 years? Really?

    Does nobody remember that Austin’s first video came out in 1997, a year after he debuted? Hogan’s first video came out in 1985, again only a year after he came back to the WWF.

  19. agtdark2023 says:

    I think CMPunkFAN#1 actually just named the set. “Best In The World”.

  20. CMPunkFAN#1 says:


  21. Brad Attitude says:

    i hope the matches on the set will be picked wisely, not randomly. i wanna see all his matches where he won the world titles from all three brands, matches vs. Elijah Burke & John Morrison on ECW, his ic & tag team championship win with Kofi Kingston and possibly his WrestleMania 24 MITB match =p

  22. agtdark2023 says:

    I CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR THIS SET!!!! Too bad they cant include shit like Dragon Gate and ROH. Some of his best all around talent has been showcased on the indy scene. Still, this is going to be great.

  23. Anonymous says:

    i hope will see his match vs batista from the bash. good match.

  24. Nate says:

    Yeah, I think will sell a few copies 😉

  25. Anonymous says:

    indt, da een
    money in the bank
    rey mystyrio
    backstage problems
    bug time
    whwts next

  26. indyfan says:

    I hope they include some of his early stuff from ECW. He had some great matches back then with Morrison and Elijah. DVD will be great. For those saying to early… Its better they release one now and then they can release another later on. I also hope they include his stuff from OVW. His promos leading up to his match with Shad Gaspar were amazing. And WWE will never get indy footage from IWS. His matches then were outstanding and they will over shadow his WWE run.

  27. scsa says:

    Kewl wrestler, but I think they should make a 3Disc DVD/2Disc Blu-Ray on The Game now! Come on! When is Triple H gonna have his own Documentary or should I say his own FULL proper set!

  28. Anonymous says:

    hope we see his matches with undertaker,john cena from money in the bank and his match vs triple classics.

  29. Supersonic says:

    Gimme some rare shit that ain’t available commercially or on blu ray yet:

    vs. Orton – Extreme Rules
    vs. Rey – Armageddon 2008, February 2010, Extreme Rules 2010, Over the Limit 2010, Capital Punishment
    vs. Cena – whichever match isn’t includes on the PPV Matces 2011 set
    vs. Jericho – December 2008
    the summer 2009 goodness on Smackdown (matches involving Jeff, Jericho, Morrison, Edge, etc.)
    vs. Edge – April 2008
    vs. Eddie Guerrero – IWA Mid South, February 2002 (I’m sure WWE could work something out with Smart Mark Video or IWA-MS)

  30. Marty says:

    “This one really depends on the matches included. As great as his current run is, he’s had a lot of easily forgettable matches in WWE. ”

    Agreed. His initial babyface run is not exactly everyone’s favourite, but he had some forgotten gems during that time. (JBL at SummerSlam 08, Regal for IC title on RAW, some of the Morrison matches, etc.)

  31. Ed says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    This one really depends on the matches included. As great as his current run is, he’s had a lot of easily forgettable matches in WWE.

  33. Roaster says:

    It’s not too early. If Punk continues to have a great career he may get another 3 disc set in the future. Cena had a single disc in 2004 and a 3 disc in 2007 only 5 years into his career. I’m glad to hear this news. If it’s done right I’ll be buying it day one.

  34. Adam says:

    Hopefully WWE can pick up one or two of Punk’s early indy matches and some OVW footage is included.
    BTW, Is it just me or does Punk look naked in that picture up there? Thank goodness for crop! LOL

  35. Anonymous RAW GM! says:

    About bloody time!

  36. Bryan says:

    great news 10x better than a Goldust documentary set

  37. Steve says:

    im a huge punk fan, following his career since the early ROH days. super excited to hear about this

  38. TripleN says:

    The matches on this dvd could not disappoint.. Punk can have a good match with anyone.. his Survivor Series match with Del Rio can be a classic if WWE gives them the time

  39. Marty says:

    “Seems a bit early. He’s only been in WWE for 5 or 6 years.
    I mean it makes sense now when CM Punk has been red hot for most of the year and I’m thrilled for this DVD, but I would’ve waited a few more years so the DVD could have a much more storied career to cover.”

    I look at it as a positive sign that they want to push the guy or at least keep him in the limelight. Still lots of Punk footage from the past six years they can use. Are there any OVW matches of his that are forgotten good/great matches? Shame that any ROH stuff won’t be there. Also wonder if his really early stuff is available for use.

  40. cmvag says:

    it was about time!!! WE <3 PUNK!!!

  41. ALK says:

    There’s plenty you could put on there. A nice long doc, his ECW stuff, heel turn, SES, running what was left of Nexus and then fill the rest with his gold stuff from this year.

  42. Chris Smith says:

    Seems a bit early. He’s only been in WWE for 5 or 6 years.
    I mean it makes sense now when CM Punk has been red hot for most of the year and I’m thrilled for this DVD, but I would’ve waited a few more years so the DVD could have a much more storied career to cover.

  43. John31 says:

    This is cool, CM Punk is a very interesting person, I want to know more about him outside the ring. Hell Yeah!

  44. stacey says:

    the matches im hoping on this include obviously the cena vs punk match from money in the bank, one of his matches when he was fueding with Morrison in 2007, his TLC match vs Jeff Hardy, a few raw or smackdown matches and Punk vs Mysterio at Armageddon 08 or Wrestlemania 26

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