Exclusive: Huge, Controversial WWE DVDs Under Consideration – Brock Lesnar?

February 26, 2011 by Daniel Bee

On the latest full year DVD schedule we received from WWE this month there is an empty slot for a new release in November.

Right now there are three DVD titles being considered for this slot and we can exclusively reveal them now. It’s not at all certain WWE will choose one of these but we can 100% confirm they are being talked about within the company.

Edge – If this was chosen it would be the second WWE DVD released on Edge. Since the first, Decade of Decadence, was a match compliation we could assume if this goes ahead it would include a biographical type featue on this whole career. With rumors out there that Edge is soon retiring from WWE a new DVD may make sense.

Best of War Games – A multi-disc NWA/WCW themed DVD release showcasing the War Games match (1987-1998) is the second option for the “TBD” slot as of now. As we know WCW related content on WWE DVDs tends to prove very popular, so bringing out a set compiling matches with a gimmick synonymous with WCW may just happen.

Brock Lesnar – This is a very controversial one since Lesnar has not been associated with WWE since leaving in 2004, and eventually moving on to mixed martial arts in UFC. We’re not sure how likely this is to actually happen but it’s down on WWE’s schedule right now as being considered for release. It would be their second Brock DVD.

This would no doubt be a way of capitalizing on the recent success and notoriety of the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, whilst putting their footage of his short professional wrestling career in WWE to good use. Bound to sell well, but would they do it?

When WWE decides on the DVD for this schedule slot, we’ll let you know first here on the site!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I think that if WWE is making a DVD on Lesnar, It will just give UFC more attention.

  2. Steven says:

    WWE is crazy to do another DVD on Brock Lesner, he’s in UFC let them do a dvd on him.

  3. matthew says:

    How about 3 disc set of AWA Super Clash, I think there was only 3.

  4. Alan says:

    I’d sooner have a three-disc ‘Best of In Your House’ set than an anthology. As for the article above, I’d go with the Edge set – so long as it has a lengthy documentary.

  5. matthew says:

    I would love the War Games on DVD, thanks to Classics on demand I have most of them taped. there are so many more DVDs I would rather see than another Edge one, I have been wanting a history of the WWE to go with my other DVDs about the promotions, and a DVD about the old territories would be cool.

  6. Steven says:

    I wonder on if they make a War Games dvd set, will they show Curt Henning slamming the cage door on Flair’s head, remember Tony Schanvole freaked out over that, NWO was in control and NWO was great.

  7. Jesse Lanning says:

    I like the idea of an Angle set or HELLO WWE since it would be November it would be a perfect time to release the rest of the survivor series anthology. I know I’m beating a dead horse on this one but I”m not ok with only finishing half of it

  8. Mark Markson says:

    Of the titles mentioned here, I hope for a War Games DVD set. I own all of Lesnars PPV matches on DVD already, and it’s a bit too soon for a new Edge DVD. I’d rather have another legend DVD set, such as Harley Race, Sting or Vader.

  9. SRB says:

    In your house Anthology, King of the Ring Anthology, Great American Bash Anthology, Halloween Havoc Anthology, Survivor Series Anthology… Any of these will do just fine.

  10. Nate says:

    Was I the only one who thought Chris Benoit when I saw the word controversial in the headline?

    My vote would go to the War Games one, although I wonder if they won’t stick one of those matches on the steel cage compilation that is supposed to be coming out in July.

  11. thomas says:

    all of them looks great edge i would be very interested since the documentary and the new matches that are going to be added and ofc brock as huge ufc and wrestling fan i would love to see it sure the next big thing dvd they realesed a couple of years back was good i want a new one

  12. richie says:

    Edge ok. War Games not WWE thing but ok. Sting awesome. In Your House, I might wanna think that over a bit. US title, as long they give NWA and WCW credit where it is due like they did with the World Heavyweight title dvd. Rock, with a doc ok. Savage, never liked him but ok. Survivor Series anthology, 3, 4 and 5. good. The Miz, no way. JR, it depends. McMahon family, good. Tag Titles, include both versions of tag titles. Goldberg, hell no.

  13. CJ says:

    Sorry Nathan but a King of the Ring anthology I wouldn’t buy since a majority of those events sucked, and 3 tournaments since then were not PPVs.
    I’d like to see them finishing the Survivor Series anthology.

    War Games is a long time coming. The mid 90s and up matches in WCW were not good, but the 80s and early 90s were good.

    How about some match compilations on AWA or WCCW?

  14. Nathan Leach says:

    I Think Another Brock Lesnar DVD Will Be Great And Another Edge But I Don’t Have The First One And War Games Would Be Good And Anyone

    Who Would Like To See A King Of The Ring Anthology Anywho Big From WWE Read This I Would Like To See One On King Of The Ring

  15. Bowers says:

    i’m not sure i’m ready for another Edge release, War Games is a definite buy. would probably pick up brock. The definitely need to bring back The Best of Raw”. I recentlypicked up 93-94 and it’s been awesome looking back.

  16. chris says:

    edge or war games for sure and brock wasn’t that great cuz he’d go against those who don’t belong in the heavyweight divison like hardy, rey m, etc

  17. gavinotts says:

    edge with a bio bout time bet edgeisthebestv1 is markin out now lol brock lasner who the hell he dont deserve one

  18. Daniel Bee says:

    If I were WWE I’d put out the Brock DVD as he’s “current” and it’d be good business. Wouldn’t be a bad DVD either, it need only be matches across 3 discs. Could market it as a collector’s set.

  19. cody says:

    Its a silm chance but I hope they go for the lesnar dvd because he had a lot of great matches on smackdown that have not been put out yet & I really want that ironman match with kurt angle & this would be the perfect set to put it on.

  20. Charisma says:

    I would rather it be the edge set. I’ve never been into wcw (cruiserweight division excluded) and Lesnar doesn’t have a lot of wwe footage that wasn’t covered in his previous set

  21. Rocko says:

    O.O WARGAMES?!?!?! Oh please let this happen! Save the Edge doc for a few years down the road (inevitable HoF induction). I’m on the fence about Lesnar. Maybe wait a few years when he’s faded from the MMA spotlight so maybe he’d be involved with it himself. But please do a Wargames set. It’ll go nicely next to the other gimmick match dvd sets.

  22. Mac says:

    Wargames would be cool, I already own the HIAC and Elimination chamber dvds which are both dvds I pull out regularly so I would defiantly add Wargames to my collection.

  23. Chris says:

    Please let it be Brock, too soon for Edge save his second one till after he’s been retired a while and the war games matches were mostly over rated never saw anything special in them.

    If we do get Brock I’d love to see the complete Iron Man match included.

  24. Jacob says:

    Edge documentary please!

  25. SRB says:

    Ill take the war games set. How about sets on Luger, Bulldog, Rick Rude and/or Angle? Angle’s in TNA? I don’t care. He deserves it. Long overdue.

  26. wiilliam says:

    if there willing to do a lesner they need to do a kurt angle plus brock was there 2 years what could possably be on there

  27. Daniel says:

    And yet they cancel best of Raw! Do the fans want another Edge DVD? (some do lol) but want we want is the best of Raw to continue!!

  28. Bob says:

    It seriously better NOT be the Edge set. Lesnar and War Games would be AWESOME, and would have potential to be one of the best sets they have ever released. Honestly Edge doesn’t have much greatness to go on DVD that aren’t already on his first set, and the Ladder match set.

    But since this IS WWE… I guess we can assume Edge is getting a second set…

  29. Anonymous says:

    WAR GAMES!!! It’s got to be War Games, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

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