WWE DVD Announcements to ‘Mark’ Out For – New Site, Payback Gets a DVD, SummerSlam Cover Art

August 26, 2020 by Daniel Bee

WWE DVD UK - New Website & Re-Design

The clock officially ran out on the mysterious countdown and a newly-designed WWEDVD.co.uk website was unveiled — with the promise of new WWE DVD pre-orders, 24-hour-only deals (a new one posted every day), and an all-round friendlier shopping experience for fans.

Added to the new site so far are pre-order listings for SummerSlam 2020 (including the usual Blu-ray edition exclusive to the UK and Europe) and today, Payback 2020, the last-minute Pay-Per-View event that’s set to take place this Sunday.

Speaking of which, SummerSlam may have cover artwork already! The design of the DVD (and Blu-ray in the UK) may follow the artwork you see below; a modified version of the PPV poster featuring “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, with the removal of the “You’ll Never See It Coming” tagline and a change in placement for the SummerSlam logo. We’ll let you know once it’s confirmed.

WWE SummerSlam 2020 DVD - Cover Artwork Featuring The Fiend

WWE will release the SummerSlam 2020 DVD to the United States and Canada on September 22nd (grab yours from Amazon.com). It follows to the UK and Europe on both DVD and Blu-ray in early October.

Australia, like the U.S., will get SummerSlam as a DVD only, and that’s coming in October too.

At this time, Payback 2020 will only be making it to Home Video in the UK and Europe, therefore it appears that the UK WWE DVD licensee Fremantle have gone the extra mile to make that happen, since a Payback DVD is not found on the domestic schedule for the United States.

WWE Payback 2020 PPV Poster - Featuring Roman Reigns

The Payback 2020 DVD, which we can safely say will be a UK exclusive, can be pre-ordered now for October 19th.

Airing this Sunday (30/08/2020) Payback will be the second PPV from WWE’s brand new ThunderDome! And here at WWEDVD.co.uk you can now pre-order Payback 2020 on DVD! Please note that this title will not receive a release in the USA, so we are incredibly lucky to have it made available to our UK & European customers.

Payback 2020 – Officially Announced Match Card:
– Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns vs. “The Monster” Braun Strowman (No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match)

– WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

– Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton

– United States Champion Apollo Crews vs. Bobby Lashley

Inevitably joining the new site’s line-up will soon be the new Ruthless Aggression DVD revealed here last week, collecting together all of the episodes so far of the Ruthless Aggression docu-series.

And something entirely new looks to be dropping this Friday, according to hints like this:

WWE DVD Announcement Tweet - Mark?

We doubt they are talking about the creator of the Fantasy Concept at WrestlingDVDNetwork.com, Mark D, nor do we think they are reminiscing about the mascot of the former Silver Vision website, so can you think of another Mark they might be referring to? 😉

Until Friday, check out a list of upcoming WWE DVDs for 2020 on our Release Dates page:

WWE DVD Release Dates

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. MikeS87 says:

    Really not liking the new website here in the uk. Slow and awkward to navigate. Did anybody else notice that a lot of titles (including 3 disc sets and other recent releases) were listed at £6.99 on Monday yet the prices increased back to their normal prices on Tuesday? I managed to grab WM36 on blu-ray for £6.99 but it’s now back to £23.99 Was that an intentional unadvertised sale or did someone screw up on that one?!

  2. me says:

    Mark Henry?

  3. DDT says:

    I hate the new website is it designted more for people who acess the internet on smart phones?

  4. LP1 says:

    It’s about time we’re getting that Mark Canterbury DVD. The best of The Godwinns has long been on my wishlist.

  5. BAS says:

    With Payback being as last minute as it is, I’m not surprised about the event either being released UK only, or not at all based on recent last minute events getting similar treatment.

    Elimination Chamber ’15: announced last minute and released on Home Video in the UK only as a stand alone release. If I remember correctly, I think Australia got Money in the Bank ’15 as a 2-disc set which includes Elimination Chamber. I could be wrong about it being Australia, but I do remember somewhere having Money in the Bank and Elimination Chamber being in a double pack.

    Backlash/No Mercy ’16: added to the PPV schedule last minute and didn’t get released at all, anywhere.

    Crown Jewel ’18 went unreleased for obvious reasons due to the controversial circumstances leading into the event, who knows why the 2019 event was UK only though.

    Chamber ’15 I can kinda understand due to the fact that it was technically a Network exclusive event in the U.S. therefore WWE was probably trying to stick with it being “network exclusive” only. Even though it did air via traditional PPV satellites in other territories. Still doesn’t really explain why the U.S. didn’t get it on home video though.

    • Micko says:

      Yep Chamber 15 was a 2 disc inside the mitb in australia as I have it in my collection

    • BAS says:

      Just remembered/realized that Roadblock: End of the Line was a last minute event as well, except that actually did get a video release. Never made sense to me why Backlash/No Mercy ’16 didn’t get released, even if it ended up being long after the fact. I don’t see why they couldn’t have released all 3 of these events at the same time.

      And before someone mentions the Roadblock event that happened on the road to WrestleMania that year, yes, that didn’t see a video release either, but that was a network event and not a PPV event.

      • LP1 says:

        Back in the day there were several other PPVs that didn’t get a US release on video.

        No Holds Barred: The Match/The Movie from December ‘89 never got released anywhere, and it’s not even on the Network.

        In Your House from October ‘95 never got a US release.

        In Your House from December ‘95 never got a US release either. Instead they released a compilation video of a couple of matches from both the October and December events, it was called “Winter Combat”, but the full events with all the matches weren’t released.

        D-Generation X: In Your House from December ‘97 also never received a US release. No idea why.

        And of course Over The Edge ‘99 never got a release anywhere, for obvious reasons.

  6. Kevin Ford says:

    Hope that tease means a Last Ride documentary collection!

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah it’s likely Mark as in Calloway. I hope it’s Undertaker unreleased, but it will likely be the Last Ride Docuseries. Hey maybe that will have rare matches as extras!

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