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October 5, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Courtesy of Wrestling Super Store, below is a look at the Blu-ray artwork for WWE Ladder Match 2: Crash and Burn.

Pre-order your copy for next Tuesday at

Next month Ladder Match 2 hits the UK at

JB and Dave in the comments section of WWEDVDNews have alerted us that three new WWE DVD/Blu-ray packages, exclusive to Amazon, are now available to order.

These are “Pay-Per-View Blu-Ray Collector Pack” for $118.99, “Best of Raw & SmackDown Collection” for $104.99 and “DX Collector’s Edition” for $62.99. Contents are shown below.

“Pay-Per-View Blu-Ray Collector Pack”View or buy on Amazon.

“Best of Raw & SmackDown Collection”View or buy on Amazon.

“DX Collector’s Edition”View or buy on Amazon.

Bret Hart had the opportunity to watched the finished version of WWE Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart this week, and had the following to say on Twitter (@BretHart):

Watched the DVD & I thought it was compelling, balanced, & honest. I’m very proud of everyone involved, especially Shawn Michaels and Jim Ross. I believe the fans will not only enjoy it but finally understand what pro wrestling is all about from a passionate wrestler’s perspective.

The feature is released first to the UK (in 9 days) when ordering with Silver Vision. The street date for the USA is later this month on October 29th, and you can pre-order it with Amazon here

More resurfaced, factory sealed WWF DVDs (priced at just $5-15) have again been listed on eBay by seller .

YouTube personality Stevie Breech took advantage of these rarities at steal prices.

Vengeance 2001, No Mercy 2001, Invasion 2001, SummerSlam 2001, Unforgiven 2001, Undertaker: My Yard, Stone Cold: Hell Yeah, Divas in Hedonism, Ringleaders Collection, Before they were Superstars and Action! are all now available to buy brand new .

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Daniel Bee says:

    They are packages for one price, and that packgage/price is exclusive to Amazon. Trust me 🙂

  2. tickc317 says:

    It’s not that odd, cuz they done it in the past. 2002/03 2001/02 from silvervision? I got feeling it will be in sum sorta box cuz it states amazon exclusive! Otherwise how is it exclusive?

  3. tickc317 says:

    That’s rubbish if they don’t come in some sorta box. Hopefully someone who gets it will let’s us know

    • Daniel Bee says:

      They are bundles of DVD titles for one price, not special box sets. It’d be a bit odd to hold some of 2010’s Blu-rays, and some of 2011’s Blu-rays in one box.

  4. Daniel Bee says:

    There won’t be a special box, just the DVDs in a bundle.

  5. Anton says:

    I WANT THE DX ONE!!! NOW!!!!!!

  6. tickc317 says:

    will the packages mentioned above be in special packaging? or will you just get the dvds? as i already have them all but if they come in sum sort of special box i would get them…do you know DB?

  7. Chris says:

    Cheers for the ebay links picked up Summerslam 01 and Before They Were Superstars. Down to 15 I need now to have all the WWF/E releases.

  8. Bollea's Bud says:

    (continued)… in its optimum quality. Since when does ‘longer’ equal ‘bigger & better’? If you stretch you 4:3 footage to fill you 16:9 tv you are just making everyone and everything appear shorter and fatter than they actually are. These guys spend a lot of time in the gym trying to achieve and maintain their physiques, and I’m sure they’d prefer them to be seen the way they actually are, as opposed to being ‘squished’. If you apply the settings properly to your television it will present 4:3 with the black bars and present 16:9 as full screen, and you will be viewing things as they are meant to be seen. By applying those decorative bars to their older footage, WWE is basically trying to save you from yourself and your need to distort the footage in the hopes of filling up your entire screen. TVs generally have a black frame and thus I’ve never really understood those who find the solid black bars to fill the extra space to be distracting and/or bothersome.

  9. Bollea's Bud says:

    Stretching or zooming the picture just to fill up your HD widescreen is moronic. It defeats the entire purpose of havingg a nice, high definition set… The picture definitely suffers, and while I too agree that some of the wwe’s recent ‘designer bars’ can be tacky and distracting, I applaud them for setting things up this way in an attempt to prevent people from distorted the picture. When we originally watched wrestling, up until WWE’s move to HD in late ’07, we watched it in a 4:3 presentation… That’s the way it was broadcast, filmed and is the only way it can be rewatched

  10. Daniel Bee says:

    I think somebody answered you when you asked this question last, Anonymous. They said try to find the “zoom” option on your remote.

    My advice would be to learn to live with those bars though. As I understand it they are there so that the older footage isn’t stretched out whilst at the same time the new HD/widescreen material is shown optimally too.

    So in the Randy Orton Predator documentary for example, the majority would be shown fully fitting your screen because it was a newly filmed feature but any flashbacks to older moments in his career the bars are present either side because that footage was and is not widescreen. So it’s just a way to best show both sets of material together.

    So if you zoom in, although you may see less of the bars, I’m thinking your visual of either footage type will suffer. Somebody who knows more about this feel free to jump in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Daniel i hope you can help me here,

    when i used to have my dvd players , some dvd’s that weren’t shot in hd i get bars on the left & side on the screen but i can easily get rid of those bars when i edit my tv settings on my dvd and choose 4:3 letterbox then i have the full image in the screen without those bars.

    now i got a blue ray player , so i played a blue ray that isn’t shot in hd & like usual i got those bars on left & right , but the problem when i edited my settings to 4:3 letterbox i still couldn’t get the full image on the screen & get rid of the bars !

    is there any way to make my blue ray operates like my dvd player & get rid of those bars when they occur ?

  12. Daniel Bee says:

    Your face on your favourite website. Doesn’t get any better than that 😉

  13. Hey looks thats me!

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