WWE DVDs & Blu Rays to iTunes? HD PPV Events & New Documentaries

August 25, 2010 by Daniel Bee

WWE has started putting their home video releases on iTunes. At this time they have Over The Limit 2010, Fatal 4 Way 2010 and Money In The Bank 2010 at $12.99 per event.

The events are also available in HD video on there at a cost of $17.99 per event. This is interesting because these PPV events were not released on Blu Ray, yet there is now another means to own them in HD quality as they were originally shot. Alternatively you can get individual matches from the shows for $1.99 each or $2.99 in HD.

Also it looks like they are selling the documentaries from Ricky Steamboat: The Life Story of the Dragon and The Rise and Fall of WCW on there too. Whilst as collectors here we appreciate the physical media of WWE DVDs in their cases for collection purposes, it definitely makes sense for the WWE to offer these services to the ever growing download market.

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Luis says:

    And the matches are just that, the matches. Some you will see the PPV opener or PPV closing if that’s where the match ended up on the card, but you will not see backstage segments or in between match segments.

  2. Luis says:

    @Gerry They do not include extras. Right now, it is just the documentary ‘Title’ from the DVD releases, not the matches, or other bonus content.

  3. Gerry says:

    Yeah, but do they include bonus features on there too? Just crurious.

  4. Taker31 says:

    Thats Great, I hope they add alot more classics!!!