Is WWE producing DVDs on Jerry “The King” Lawler & Gorgeous George?

February 3, 2011 by Daniel Bee

This week I spoke to a WWE employee working in their Home Entertainment Group, querying them on the recent reports of planned DVD releases on the careers of Jerry “The King” Lawler and Gorgeous George.

The answer was it’s the first they’ve heard of either of those being produced. That doesn’t mean there are not future plans for those titles but as of now they are not even close to being decided nor put together.

As you know if you follow, these are not on the planned full-year 2011 schedule and judging by this update they may not be added.

The reports of a Greg “The Hammer” Valentine DVD being produced by WWE have surfaced again. The news of a book/DVD deal dates back to July 2010 (read here) but as of last month there is no Hammer DVD scheduled for this year, so perhaps we’ll see this in 2012.

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  1. Informant4WWE says:

    The Gorgeous George DVD is in its infant stages. It IS being produced. Whoever has told you otherwise is fibbing

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    Thx for the update Anonymous 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went to comic-con in boston today ( Sunday, May 1, 2011) and talked with Greg ” the hammer” Valentine who was shilling autographed photos. He confirms that he does have a dvd/book deal with the wwf, but at this time, has not been contacted by them about producing either product. If the contract expires, without any activity from wwe, He stated that he will write a book and look for a publisher. So, the very latest is… no wwe greg valentine dvd or book is being produced at this time.

  4. Jesse Lanning says:

    I believe u anonymous but Owen was on the first 2 volumes a lot more than he was on the remaining volumes. He was only on the 97 version as he didn’t compete on the 98 event and passed away before the 99 event, but I hope that’s all the holdup is. I’m waiting to buy them all at once but don’t know how much longer I can wait

  5. Bryan says:

    thanks anonymous I for some reason actually thought it was the Chris Benoit footage that was holding it up because as I said before on the Classics on Demand channel any match involving him on Nirto has been removed however interviews with the Horsemen or Horsemen run ins have not and he can be seen in these

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just to follow up on the Survivor Series anthology, the reason why they havent released Vol.3 was it was due 2010 i believe and the Martha Hart lawsuit stopped any footage featuring Owen Hart being released following on from the Hart & Soul. Now the lawsuit has been cleared I’m sure they will be back on the schedule soon.

  7. WayneH1007 says:

    Pity that the Gorgeous George DVD isn’t on the future release schedule.tho i’ve only seen a couple of his matches,George was hugely influential in the early days of both pro wrestling and TV.It’d be nice to see his life done justice on a quality DVD. As far as the Lawler set goes,they really should get all of the relevent Memphis footage before putting it together. Done well that could be a belter of a set

  8. Adam says:

    From what I’ve heard the rights to the old Memphis footage is a mess. Even Lawler himself might claim to own some of it, I’m not sure. If WWE could clear it that would be great but otherwise it looks like bootlegs will be the only way to see any classic Lawler Memphis action.

  9. Jesse Lanning says:

    Thanks for the info guys. Looking forward to the survivor series anthology to complete my collection. This is a rocking site by the way and love the reviews. I wonder why they stopped after vol. 2. It can’t be the screwjob since that match has been released before and everyone’s made peace with it or Benoit since he was on the recent Elimination Chamber dvd or edits since there will be less especially with volume 4

  10. Scott says:

    Um, a Gorgeous George DVD might as well say 2 Girls, 1 Cup on it, because thats about as good as it would sell.

    I’m betting that they are doing a Gorgeous George episode of Hall of Fame for WWE Classics on Demand(used to be WWE 24/7). I’ve heard you guys in the UK don’t get Classics on Demand.

    But each month they do a different 45 to 55 minute program on a legend thats been inducted into the Hall of Fame. More than likely thats what they are doing for Gorgeous George.

  11. tim burrow says:


  12. Brett Mix says:

    Yes Jesse, apparently they are waiting so they can release a few more sets, whether that be up until 2011 or 2012 but they are definetely finishing the Anthology.

  13. Jesse Lanning says:

    Any talks of them completing the survivor series anthology? At least volume 3 since 97,98, and 99 were never relesased on DVD. Any infor would be greatly appreciated

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Jesse: The answer I got from the guy about continuing the Survivor Series Anthology was he’s hoping that will happen this year but he’s not expecting it will.

  14. Rob L says:

    I would pick up the Lawler set but I couldn’t give two sh*ts about a Gogeous George DVD. lol

  15. CJ says:

    If there is a Lawler DVD there should be a feature on him or other people trying to name all the titles he has won in his career.

  16. John31 says:

    A DVD might be a reason why WWE is adding Jerry Lawler at this years Wrestlemania and the Elimination Chamber main event!

  17. Calcifer says:

    I really want both dvds, especially Lawler’s. They have to get the Memphis footage before they can even think about making a good set for him though.

  18. Bob says:

    Boo! Jerry Lawler needs a DVD now dammit! Then again, they don’t own the Memphis footage so it would kinda suck without it…

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