More WWE DVDs Rated 12 in UK, Win WrestleMania 27, WWE/Digital Update

July 5, 2011 by Daniel Bee

– You may have read recently that the WrestleMania 27 DVD was released to the UK with a 12 rating. That’s not alone, as the upcoming WWE DVD releases Rey Mysterio: Life of a Masked Man and Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century will also be rated 12, according to BBFC.

– Speaking of the WrestleMania 27 DVD, our next WWE DVD giveaway (beginning next Saturday) will include three copies of the “Collector’s Edition” 3-Disc set as prizes. Check back to win!

– WWE’s latest Home Video release Greatest Cage Matches of All Time will be released digitally to the USA via Zune on 7/26/2011, a month after the DVD release date. This is yet another change in strategy from WWE for their digital releases. It will have a runtime of 1 hr 57mins and include only a selection of matches from the DVD – featuring Bob Backlund, Pat Patterson, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, The Rock, Triple H, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy.

– Jim Ross recently talked about the planned Ted DiBiase DVD on his website, again confirming he was interviewed for the feature several months ago. However he hasn’t heard any new updates regarding it’s release, though he expects it to be. We revealed WWE had this DVD planned for 2011, and last word was it’s scheduled for December. Updates as we get them.

– Another auction for the rare Trish Stratus DVD (FYE Exclusive Collector’s Edition) has been listed on eBay . The last one ended at a whopping $297!

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  1. the iwc (US vers.) says:

    Those DVDs are rated 12? out of 20? I’m not buying those then, even if they do have extras