Exclusive: WWE DX: One Last Stand DVD Pre-Release Photos

March 24, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here’s a world first look at the next WWE DVD & Blu-ray release, DX: One Last Stand. The official release date to North America is April 5th and fans in Europe can also get it early April exclusively through Silvervision.co.uk.
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WWE DX: One Last Stand DVD Cover

WWE DX: One Last Stand DVD Triple H Shawn Michaels

As you can see the content listing is not printed on the packaging like it was recently for The True Story of WrestleMania. That was a short victory.

Read an in depth review of DX: One Last Stand and see screenshots from the feature here.

WWE DX: One Last Stand DVD - Photos

WWE DX: One Last Stand DVD 3 Disc Set

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  1. milica says:

    Triple h and Shawn Michaels
    is my life I say to back say you say my name milica vekic

  2. Steven says:

    Waiting for a response Brett.

  3. Steven says:

    I don’t think HBK faked that knee injury, in his book and first dvd Heartbreak and Triumph, he was really hurt that’s what I think and one time I watched that Bret Hart documentary and I disagree with what he said about how the WWE was changed Bret didn’t like the attitude era coming in with DX sophomore antics and Stone Cold flipping off Vince and whoever else but I thought WWE needed to have an edge on WCW by bring the attitude and the NWO was kicking ass in the ratings, like The Game said in HBK’s dvd, WCW wasn’t selling out shows but when WWE would go to a show where WCW was they would sell it out, because people liked seeing DX act a fool which the DX in 1997- till HBK got hurt is the best DX. I think that’s is also another reason Bret and Shawn disagreed on the way of the company going. It was good to see Shawn and Bret bury the beef on Raw in 2010, but I had a feeling HBK would do a sweet chin music, surprised me he did not lol, also I figured Bret would do a sharpshooter on Shawn lol.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Dave if you are referring to me, I am well over it. I was explaining the situation though. Those are two entirely different things.

  5. Dave says:

    Wow, will Bret Hart fans EVER get over the screwjob? Bret Hart has, but some of his fans haven’t. Sad and pathetic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This DVD is a waste of time. Good point about the sniffing though.

  7. Brett Mix says:

    Agreed about the Hall of Fame Steven, well as far as Drew Carrey goes its not the same as other wrestlers because its the Celebrity wing, I have no idea why so many fans complain about Pete Rose, it is the Celebrity Wing! Now Koko B. Ware….I understand that, hell I dont even think Cowboy Bob Orton should be a Hall of Famer or Rocky Johnson, they are both in because of their sons. Bruno, Owen, Backlund, Elizabeth, Demolition are other names that need to be in one day. As far as the screwjob goes, it still had more to do with being in your hometown. First of all that was not his hometown. Not even close, Montreal is on the other side of the country, but it was still his home-country where he was nationally ranked a Canadian Hero in our top 40 Canadians of all time. That is amazing. Also, Shawn refused to do the job for Bret at Wrestlemania 13 so he lost his smile and faked a knee injury. That is a FACT. (When Bret fairly put Shawn over at WM 12 the year before) So why the HELL would Bret in his final match put over an SOB he hates when he has creative control-legally in his contract to finish his career off in the WWF. (This is why Bret punched Vince, because while Vince could sue Bret for assault, Bret could counter by breaching the contract of his creative control) Not only did Vince double-cross him by lying, it was in his home-country to the guy he hated most, in his last match to a company he never really wanted to leave and never missed a show outside one due to travel problems. IN HIS OWN MOVE! Then Shawn lied about it, and Vince said Bret Screwed Bret. SO clearly a lot of people dont know the whole story. Anyways they have made peace and it does not matter anymore.

  8. Steven says:

    I know that situation between Bret and Vince was messed up but still you don’t refuse to lose just because your big in your hometown, I didn’t mean anything by what I said, Why couldn’t Bret just hand over the title belt and leave for WCW instead of forcing Vince’s hand in during the Screwjob. I think Vince has lost his mind with Drew Carrey in the Hall of Fame, that’s a slap in the face to Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Batista, and all the others that aren’t in the Hall of Fame.

  9. Johnny W. says:

    Yeah that WWE Shop sale really started to annoy me. Half the items listed were “out of stock.” So why aren’t they just quickly removed to avoid confusion? It’s on clearance, so it’s not like they are expecting more in stock. And then when they finally have something listed and you actually are able to order it, they just “cancel” the item with no notification instead of admitting their mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I love WWE Shop and their awesome sales, but I just think the site and orders need to be managed more efficiently. I’m a long time customer, and I don’t appreciate being jerked around like that. Rabble rabble!

  10. Brett Mix says:

    Yeah all that sounds good. If Steven is referring to me, I am not a hater, and I was over the screwjob in 1998. It was not about money to Bret Hart though, it was about loyalty, dignity and respect. So no he did not get the better of the deal since he was not greedy or money.

  11. Daniel Bee says:

    I ordered the Wrestlemania 25 zip hoody in the WWEShop blowout sale since it was so cheap. I checked my order yesterday and it had been quietly cancelled without even emailing me and the product taken off the site! Shame, I was looking forward to getting that. Looks like it’s all product lines with very limited stock in that sale.

  12. Steven says:

    Brett sounds like a hater, must still be jealous of the Screwjob, Bret got a better deal in WCW get over it.

  13. Rob L says:

    Thanks Dan.. I did order so I’m hoping I get it sooner than expected. I took advantage of the Blowout Clearance sale they had going on. I spent over $100 on myself and my son.

  14. Brett Mix says:

    In my opinion you have to be a HUGE fan of both guys to enjoy this DVD. I can not believe it has 3 Discs. Must be a lot of material.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Should read my review Brett 🙂 I’m not much of a HHH fan these days (though used to be), more HBK. I wasn’t too fond of the last DX run either but this DVD still was quite enjoyable. Particularly the new segments they made for the DVD, HBK’s farewell in full and any Jericho in there! I’d watch the Blu-ray again sometime but then it’ll probably stay in the collection.

  15. Steven says:

    I will probably pick this dvd up being a huge DX fan I am. Nothing compares to the DX of 1997- early 1998 till Shawn got hurt.

  16. Tim please note that some reviews will be posted with far less sniffing!! Promise

  17. Daniel Bee says:

    I do try to answer every comment I see and email I receive. Anyway I saw on Twitter people saying WWEShop is shipping early and the product page had no usual pre-order date on there so I took it as truth. Did you order?

  18. Rob L says:

    I love the way questions get acknowledged on this site.

  19. DanielBryan_SnapOrTap says:


  20. Tim says:

    @Anonymous I found those video reviews quite annoying. (There was far too much sniffing!)

    Anyways I hope we’ll get another cool custom insert for the DX set, the True WrestleMania one is really great. Coming off the printer as I type 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    what happened the the dvd youtube review guy? what a flake he quit already? that makes this website a boring. there is not enough dvd news each day. the vids were a nice suppliment to the website.

  22. APD says:

    Since Silvervision have had the masters and everything for this for a while I’d imagine the artwork was finalised for this before the Mania set.

  23. Rob L says:

    No insert I see… not even on the flap like in True Story of Wrestlemania. That’s a bit of a disappointment. I heard WWESHOP is shipping their copys out earlier than the release date? Any truth to that?

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