BREAKING: WWE’s ‘ECW Craziest Moments’ DVD Replaced on 2016 Schedule, New Title to be Named

July 14, 2016 by Daniel Bee


OMG — WWE has scrapped the 2016 ECW DVD release!

We’ve just received word that “OMG! ECW’s Top 50 Craziest Moments”, previously scheduled for November, has been replaced with an all-new Home Video title. At this time we cannot confirm the outright cancellation of “OMG! ECW”, but it is no longer coming this year as of right now.

The ECW DVD/Blu-ray set has been in the works since at least September of last year when it was first announced and interviews began with ECW originals Tazz, Tommy Dreamer and Joel Gertner. As production of the feature has long been completed, we speculate that it will eventually see the light of day, whether that’s on physical media or as a WWE Network offering.

As for what’s replacing it, that’s still to be named – but here’s a clue:


The new, to-be-announced DVD/Blu-ray was NOT listed on the most recent 2017 WWE DVD surveys with all of these…

Which **TWO** of these potential 2017 WWE DVD sets would you most like to see released?

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WWE DVD 2017 Survey - Kurt Angle

Which **THREE** of these WWE DVD concepts would you most like to see actually made in 2017?

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WWE DVD 2017 Survey - NXT Greatest Matches Vol. 2

…but it WAS listed on a WWE DVD survey just last year!

Any guesses? Then leave a comment below this article.

Find out the WWE DVD/Blu-ray release that will replace “OMG! ECW’s Top 50 Craziest Moments” tomorrow, right here at, or keep checking the existing Amazon listings (linked to again below) in case those are updated first!

WWE: OMG! ECW’s Top 50 Craziest Moments (DVD)
WWE: OMG! ECW’s Top 50 Craziest Moments (BD)

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  1. Cyvus Vail says:

    Glad this ECW garbage has come to an end.

  2. Cherie Smith says:

    An Ultimate Warrior unreleased set would be interesting because as much as we’ve seen on other sets I know of other matches we have yet to see then I’ve always thought a Lex Luger documentary or even a Vader documentary would be awesome

    • Colt Farrell says:

      There’s already been two ultimate warrior sets released within the last two years so just purchase them. There’s no need for a “unreleased” set when there so many guys that are way more deserving of one.

    • Anan says:

      The thing about Warrior and this s not a knock on him as I am a fan of his is aside from the fact that he’s had two sets out recently as stated by Colt Farrell, he had great charisma, energy, etc. But he didn’t really have many, if any wrestling skills. I think Warriors best has already been released, at least for the most part. Is there enough unreleased Warrior content to warrant another set? Maybe. But that should be given time and in the meantime, release sets on talent that have not yet gotten a set. You mentioned two great ones in Lex Luger and Vader and I suspect Sting would be part of the Luger doc. Rick Rude, Rick Martel, Tito Santana, Ted Dibiase Sr, Goldust, Rock-N-Roll Express, Midnight Express, Goldberg, JBL, Ron Simmons, Booker T, DDP, Charles Wright, Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, Sid, Bulldog, Dynamite Kid, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Bob Holly, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Chyna, just to name some others.

      As for non wrestling talent, JR is just one long career in wrestling that should be documented and same goes for the entertaining James E Cornette and Vince Russo.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    I absolutely loathe the OMG sets with a passion anyway, and that infuriating, repetitive hip-hop theme song: “Oh My God!” The sets do not talk about anything in enough detail, race through the moments, and usually include bonus matches that are available on countless other sets. Glad it’s been cancelled.

    Anybody who disagrees will I’m sure now deny me the right to have that opinion.

  4. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Hard to replace an Extremely hardcore concept, that it likely would be.. 🙁

    OMG vol. 3 better come early then in 2017, and make it a TV MA, uncut and unedited!

    Shane O’Mac or Iron Man matches anthology would be my poor but still best choices of replacements..

    I doubt the Undertaker doc is been processed.. that is likely something WDN team would have heard of and it would only make sense from a business point of view that WWE has revealed bits and pieces of it over time. It WILL come to life, eventually..and so will OMG vol. 3! 🙂

  5. indyfan says:

    Please be Dreamer vs Raven…Please be Dreamer vs Raven

  6. Justin F says:

    watch them replace it with a stupid John Cena DVD…

  7. Nick says:

    Gonna guess the Shane McMahon Doc/Comp set. That was on last year’s list before his return and would make all the sense nowadays anyway.

  8. Scott says:

    Maybe they secretly signed Angle and now we’re getting a blu ray?!?

  9. Shane Montgomery says:

    It will be a Kurt Angle release that will coincide with his surprise return to WWE. Then he will quickly be relegated to jobbing to NXT call-ups just like the Dudley Boyz.

  10. Shane Montgomery says:

    I was very much looking forward to this release, going to be hard to replace it on the schedule.

  11. Brad Attitude says:

    OH MY GOD!!!

  12. SCSA says:

    An ‘Undertaker’ Or a ‘Shawn Michaels’ 3Disc Blu-Ray set sounds awesome! Something like the ‘Stone Cold’ edition! Or even the ‘True story of SummerSlam’ w/matches from 1992 like Bret Hart Vs British Bulldog, Shawn Michaels Vs Rick Martel, etc!

  13. Big Jon says:

    Finally the Andre the Giant bluray we have always wanted?

  14. martin skrtels turtle was purple says:

    The best of ECW on ppv DVD volume 1.

  15. ChadWWE says:

    Nice to see I had a 1% in each vote. I am glad my tastes aren’t like others.

  16. Nicolas Hébert says:

    AAAARRGGHHHH! I wanted this Blu-Ray Set to complete the series. Bad move WWE Home Video.