WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 DVD Released – Pic, Bundles, Extra, Deals

March 20, 2012 by Daniel Bee

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 hits stores on DVD today (3/20) across the United States. [Get yours].

Catalog: WWE95032, UPC: 651191950324.

There’s no Blu-ray planned for North America. Instead it’s an exclusive to Europe (look here).

The sole “special feature” on the DVD released today is…

Home Video Exclusive
Josh Mathews Interviews Daniel Bryan following his victory in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match.

WWEShop is offering the DVD in an exclusive package with event T-Shirt ($21.99).

Elimination Chamber DVD is shipping for $11.50 via Amazon at this link.

The UK gets it on both DVD & Blu-ray in May from £10.99 when pre-ordering here.


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  1. ben says:

    wwe you me dvd

  2. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t a terrible event, but not as good as 2011 or 2010

  3. Bill says:


    I too collect all the ppv dvds, it’s a fun hobby

  4. Geolink says:

    Daniel Bryan gets all the exclusive DVD interviews.

  5. $11.50 for a brand new DVD is a pretty slick deal. Take advantage of that!

  6. jasongoldsmith says:

    not a stupid comment at all–i will do the same and buy it for my collection as well since i love keeping up with the product no matter how bad the ppv or dvd is and i enjoy having every WWE dvd and blu ray and every TNA and ECW dvd and others do as well–a big bunch of the WWF and WCW vhs tapes were a waste of 30-45 minutes but i buy all of them i can get because i enjoy wrestling if it’s bad or not.
    it amazes me that no matter what anyone says on any wrestling website they get bashed as stupid.

  7. WTF? says:

    “true, but I’ll probably still get it for the collection.”

    that’s the stupidest comment i ever read. no wonder WWE keeps his product the way it is for people like you. i have 95% of dvds from 2001-2008 including documentaries and match compilations after that i don’t buy shit from WWE even though i’d like to have a complete collection but why bother if they product sucks.

  8. Dave says:

    I think this was the first PPV to have the WWEHD logo replaced on the top left to #Chamber…i’m sure WWE put the WWEHD logo for the DVD release correct?

  9. nightmare says:

    This PPV was terrible and boring nothing special ever thing they did in that Chamber RVD did it already .I hated this ppv .The Kane match was a joke I mean come on back in the day this would have been a great match but now with the BS PG crap it was just lame .

  10. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    @jeff copeland

    true, but I’ll probably still get it for the collection.

  11. Bill says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the back covers for TLC, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber all look the same?

  12. jeff copeland says:

    this ppv kinda sucked ex for wwe title chamber match everything else blaaaa

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