WWE Extending ‘Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan’ For DVD & Blu-Ray Set

February 10, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Jerry Lawler vs. Daniel Bryan

We reported last month that WWE has new Jerry Lawler and Daniel Bryan DVD/Blu-ray releases on the schedule for later this year, and that’s still the case – the Jerry “The King” Lawler set is expected in May and the Daniel Bryan set is expected in June.

As speculated, the Jerry Lawler WWE DVD is planned to feature a documentary portion as its main feature and we have that confirmed. The Daniel Bryan DVD will no longer solely be a match compilation but instead also feature an extended version of the “Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan” documentary from WWE Network, first aired in April 2014.

Below are the first official synopses for the upcoming releases.

It’s Good To Be The King – The Jerry Lawler Story

An in-depth look at wrestling royalty with one of the most iconic men to grace the squared circle. Featuring the greatest matches and moments from the legendary career of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Daniel Bryan – Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!

Relive Daniel Bryan’s historic Journey to WrestleMania as he prepares for the biggest night of his career.

Now with an extended cut, follow the leader of the Yes Movement into New Orleans for the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 30. Witness the rise of one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time from his humble beginnings into WWE Champion. Also includes an all-new interview with Daniel Bryan discussing some of the most important matches of his career as well as some exclusive matches in their entirety.

WWE Daniel Bryan Yes! Entrance with Crowd

We’re now 1 week away from WWE releasing the “Destruction of The Shield” DVD/Blu-ray!

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Two deleted scenes from the documentary main feature were mentioned as DVD extras in the original content listing. We reported that these extras didn’t make it to the final DVD content.

However, they are now planned to be Blu-ray exclusives. “The Dean Ambrose/William Regal Rivalry” runs for approximately 5 minutes, while “Leakee” runs for just under 2 minutes.

Dean Ambrose/William Regal Deleted Scene - WWE Destruction of the Shield DVD

Dean Ambrose/William Regal Deleted Scene - WWE Destruction of the Shield DVD


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HEADS UP FOR UK FANS: WWEDVD.co.uk has this week released the “WWE Live in the UK – November 2014” and “The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2014” DVDs. They’ve also added the new Chris Jericho DVD and Blu-ray to the site for March pre-order.

WDN reader Steve Stubbington in the UK sent word that he found the newly released “Best of RAW & SmackDown 2014” DVD set for only £10 at a local ASDA store!

UK ASDA Deal - WWE Best of RAW & Smackdown 2014 DVD

NETWORK OR DVD?: As you may have heard, the next episode of WWE 24 on the Network will be a mini-documentary titled “Booker T: Sentenced to Greatness” and that will air in just under 2 week’s time, immediately following RAW on Monday, February 23rd.

A possible Booker T WWE DVD was reported in the works by PWInsider last month, speculating a documentary feature on Booker. It’s possible that they confused this with the upcoming Network special, but it is also plausible that WWE is still making a DVD/Blu-ray set.

Since the WWE 24 documentaries are short (the first on WrestleMania XXX ran for less than 30 minutes), the interview footage with Booker that WWE show in the special may just be some of that which could be used in a full length documentary for Home Video release.

Booker T Sentenced to Greatness Logo - WWE Network

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  1. attitude.era.4life says:

    I looove that viscious devious evil look on Reagal.. 😉 Anyone else thinks, it would be great to see a career perspective release on him, or is it just me? And a place in the HOF certaintly..

    • Joseph Klunk says:

      When Regal’s bio came out (and is in my list of Top 5 wrestling biographies ever), I naturally thought a DVD release would follow (since HBK and Eddy got ones that corresponded with their books). Of course it didn’t happen and i felt that was kind of a F-You from the powers to be. Maybe not intentional but its not like a DVD set would be hard to compile on him. A bio on his life (and redemption from drugs), an early match or two of his, some matches of him as TV champ, his match series with Flair, some other WCW matches (the brawls with Finlay, etc.), maybe a Man’s Man match for context purposes, matches with Jericho and Edge (if they found that one from Japan that he says is his favorite, even better), tag matches with Tajiri, his brawl with HHH, the match with Cesaro from NXT. There. 3 discs easily. Your welcome, WWE. 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    ^^^^ This release wil most likely end at WM30, as the Network special did. If they wanted to include WM31 and his comeback, it would likely push the release back to the fall.

    I think they’ll stick with what they already have (the “Journey” doc), Bryan’s newly recorded comments on his favorite/.best WWE matches and likely bluray features where he discusses his injury, maybe his wedding on Total Divas and possibly the loss of his Dad.

  3. Revenge of the Seth says:

    The Daniel Bryan release could be premature, especially given the fact that he MIGHT be headlining Wrestlemania 31. It will be disappointing if he doesn’t talk about the rehab and injury that destroyed his title run, which given the title of the documentary, looks likely. Nevertheless, Bryan deserves a DVD/Blu-ray release given how incredible he is as a performer inside the ring.

    • Mike says:

      It could be possible that if Bryan does go to main event Wrestlemania, that may delay the release, so they could include the events of the past year.

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