Exclusive Photos of WWE Extreme Rules 2012 DVD – Brock Lesnar

May 24, 2012 by Daniel Bee

We can now show you some sneak peek pics of the incoming WWE Extreme Rules 2012 DVD ahead of next week’s release [pre-order yours].

After eight years away from WWE, one of the most destructive forces in history, Brock Lesnar, has re-emerged to bring the pain to hustle, loyalty & respect – but John Cena refuses to be intimidated. Anything goes when the two wage an all-out brawl to prove who is the true “Face of WWE”. Plus, Chicago’s own CM Punk returns home to defend the WWE Championship and his family’s honor against Chris Jericho in a deeply personal Chicago Street Fight. And Daniel Bryan gets a chance to avenge his record-setting loss at WrestleMania when he faces The “Great White” Sheamus in a grueling 2 out of 3 Falls Match! It’s time to toss out the rule book as WWE presents Extreme Rules!

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 [DVD]
Catalog: WWE95049
UPC: 651191950492

Special Feature: Matt Striker Interviews CM Punk

Extreme Rules will be released on DVD format only in North America. You can get yours for $11.99 by getting a pre-order in for May 29th over here.

It follows to Australia in June. Keep checking Silvervision.co.uk for UK/Europe details.


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  1. FRS says:

    And here we are a week later and this finally showed up in my BB store (along with the ecw dvd/blu, still no sight of the clash blu version)

  2. FRS says:

    so lo and behold I went to work today and we do not have this in stock at Best Buy. Checked inventory and while its listed we have 0 in stock and 0 in transit as do all the other stores in our district. It will prob eventually show up but this is the first time since hell in a cell that a wwe ppv dvd hasnt been in stock on release date. (rumble had the dvd but no blu until that 7.99 sale then we got rumble blus)

  3. tyler says:

    does this have the ryback match?

  4. FUCK says:

    11.99 for this shit?

  5. Tony Kegger says:


    • Nate says:

      Finally, TV-14 on a recent wwe ppv. Shows that the times are changing, and we are starting to get back to what wwe was and should have stayed

      • Dave says:

        The rating has nothing to do with the product…WWE has been PG since the 80s and 90s…SD has been PG since 1999, it all depends on how WWE writes their storylines and characters.

        Even up to early 98 WWE were PG and only started to get edgier with TV 14 around WM14 up until July 2008.

        WCW Nitro has always been PG up until 98-99. In recent interviews (Austin’s new DVD for one) said Vince didn’t even want to go through the attitude era and have his TV programs become raunchy with over the top storylines, but WCW was kicking their ass with edgier characters with nWo and storylines so Vince had to retaliate.

  6. Brad Attitude says:

    wwe need to do more backstage interviews during ppvs, on raw and smackdown rather than leave it as an extra for the dvd sets.

  7. Dave says:

    This was an awesome ppv! definitely picking up the DVD.

    People hated the ending, but i believe it didn’t hurt Lesnar at all. Lesnar beat the crap out of Cena for 20 minutes using his hands, busting him open the first minute of the match. Cena had to resort to a steel chain and AA on the steps to beat him.

    Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan was an absolute classic, this was the match we should have had at Wrestlemania.

  8. Anonymous says:

    love the no holds barred card in the dvd, that’s worth it alone, get it autographed & framed.

  9. Thomas says:

    Unbelieveable front sleeve for Extreme Rules 2012

  10. nightmare says:

    This was much better than I thought it would be but I hated the fact that now because of Blood they stop the match and super glue the cut I mean come on this is ridiculous.Still it one I would not buy once was enough for me .

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I kind of disagree with you. The ref stopping the match and patching Cena back together actually added to the drama, in my opinion. It really had a legit feel to it, like they’re were really going to fight each other.

      I also loved the fact that after Cena got stitched back up, Lesnar went right back at the cut, trying to make him bleed again, lol. Awesome.

      • SRB says:

        The ref stopping the fight, checking on things and patching up some cuts plays off of the MMA/boxing aspect that WWE is still using with Lesnar. WWE I dont think had ever done this before. Lesnar/Cena looked like a boxing/MMA fight and a good one at that

  11. jason says:

    i preordered mine from best buy for 11.99 plus tax thats a deal

  12. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    really wish this released to usa in blu ray format. And the pre show as a blu ray extra would have been golden.

  13. Tommy D says:

    Does this include the Pre Show match with Santino/Miz?

  14. Geolink says:

    DVD artwork looks nice but the features are lacking as hell, as usual these days… God I just hate these barebone releases.

    • Anonymous says:

      people just don’t understand. This has been discussed numerous times on here. With the new format of down converted HD footage on WWE DVDs they can only put around 3hrs of footage on a disc. So when the PPV is close to 3hrs and you include the DVD menu there is only time for one small extra.
      They have put more extras on PPV DVDs in the past few years since going HD, but if you time out the PPV program itself, it’s shorter then 3 hours and that’s why they can fit more.

  15. SRB says:

    The back looks great. Very nice

  16. UKWWEFAN says:

    Nice hope its get UK Release espically on blu-ray 🙁 shame as it might not be released, Silvervision are still keeping their mouth shut about the situation with no pre-orders of upcoming dvds which is sad sight, amazon, play and hmv are not taking pre-orders of this aswell!!

  17. @imdjluis says:

    Interesting, TV 14. Guess they’re leaving blood in.

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