Exclusive: WWE Extreme Rules 2014 DVD Cover – Featuring Kane & Daniel Bryan

May 9, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Logo

We can now reveal the Extreme Rules 2014 DVD cover artwork, featuring WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and a fiery Kane!

The DVD will hit stores next month on Tuesday, June 3rd.

Following the usual trend, it’s right now scheduled to be a DVD only release in North America and Australia, while there’s a Blu-ray edition planned for the UK and Europe.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 DVD Cover

Match Listing

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Six-Man Tag Team Match
The Shield vs. Evolution

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E vs. Bad News Barrett

Triple Threat Elimination Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger

Two-On-One Handicap Match
Xavier Woods & R-Truth vs. Alexander Rusev

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige vs. Tamina Snuka


The extras for the Extreme Rules 2014 DVD were revealed yesterday. Check this link:

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 DVD & Blu-ray Extras Revealed

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 DVD Cover

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  1. Carlos says:

    I hate that almost all of these covers give away the endings to the actual ppv just look at summerslam 2013 this one does the same

  2. Justin F says:

    That has to take the cake as the weirdest looking PPV cover ever.

  3. captainplanet says:

    God, that cover is horrible. So is the new ER logo. Evolution/Shield should’ve been the focus here. That’s the big match people wanted to see, no disrespect to Bryan or anything but yeah.

  4. THOMAS says:

    should have put 6 superstars on the front of Extreme Rules 2014 dvd especially Evolution vs The Shield instead of Kane & Daniel Bryan.

  5. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    I wonder if extreme rules 2014 pre-order is apart of this 75% off sale

  6. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    Im blown away from the cover and I’m glad i went to extreme rules So this dvd is a definite get on my list!

  7. J says:

    F**k Blu Rays

  8. David says:

    Honestly, people that have the Network, why would you still want to buy PPV DVDs?

    Its only worth it if they release the Blu-ray, because its in 1080i uncompressed, whereas the Network is in 720p.

    • LP1 says:

      I don’t think anyone will buy them to watch them at this point anymore. For the collector’s who buy every DVD, now it’s just a force of habit. And to complete the collection. Nothing more.

    • Mr Disc says:

      Seriously do you ever get bored about talking about how crap HD looks on DVD? Sure these days i would only buy a stand alone PPV on Blu-ray. But some people in the USA might still like to own a copy of the PPV on disc even if they do have the Network.

      • Vintage Simon says:

        @David: If you buy the DVD for $10 today, you can watch it for free anytime you like for the rest of your life. You can only watch it on the Network via the assumption that you continue paying the $120 a year. As I’ve said before, it’s akin to buying a house, rather than renting it. You could subscribe to the Network for five years, pay $600 (or more) in the process, and be left with nothing at the end of it. Or, you could pay $10 for each DVD, and have a collection for life that doesn’t require future payments.

  9. David says:

    Meh, its already on the Network and better much quality than on DVD.

    To me no Blu-ray = no buy

    • David says:

      *much better* i meant.

    • Mr Disc says:

      At the end of the day you can rip everything that’s on the Network and keep it on your own external hard drives.

      • WWE-WWE says:

        Haha thats what i do, got a massive collection of network material on my ext hard drive, if it can be done then there is nothing wrong with that, its the internet so take the opp, if you do this then your one awesome dude 🙂

        • Mark D says:

          Just because it’s possible to do something does not make it right or ethical to do it, that’s a bullshit justification.

          You can get child pornography on the internet, so it’s okay to get that too? No of course it’s not.

          That might be the dumbest thing I’ve read ever posted in our comments.

  10. P says:

    Looks like an interesting cover. Why is it not released in Aisa… :/

  11. I’m glad I attended this PPV, the cover looks great. I can’t wait to get this on DVD along with the extra features!

  12. @imdjluis says:

    Man I hate covers like that. They’re so lazy and rarely good. This is a great example of that. Why not the event poster?

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