WWE’s Goldberg DVD On The Way, New Look At WCW War Games Set, More

June 11, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WCW Goldberg Entrance

We’ve now had some new confirmation on the upcoming Goldberg DVD set which further indicates that WWE are going ahead with the release.

The 3-DVD/2-BD set, slated to be a match compilation, is currently scheduled for release to the UK on September 30th, release to the US on October 8th, and release to Australia on October 16th. An official synopsis and final confirmation are forthcoming.


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The two new WWE DVD releases coming this month are Extreme Rules 2013 (June 18th) and War Games: WCW’s Most Notorious Matches (June 25th).

WWEShop now has Extreme Rules up for pre-order on this page of the site. Courtesy of WrestlingSuperStore.com, below are new shots of the artwork on both new sets.

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 DVD

WWE War Games WCW Most Notorious Matches DVD

Click to:   Pre-order Extreme Rules     /     Pre-order War Games

In Australia, Extreme Rules will be an “Australian Tour Edition” and include a free poster.

That’s available to order for July at WWEDVD.com.au, where you can currently get 15% off any order placed by using code “WWESALE15” and no minimum spend is required!

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 DVD with Poster

The Wrestlemania 29 DVD and Blu-ray has now been released to the UK!

WWE WrestleMania 29 DVD UK

It’s available now at WWEDVD.co.uk, and in store too at the following outlets:

– HMV (DVD and Blu-ray)
– Tesco (DVD)
– Sainsbury’s (DVD)
– Morrisons (DVD)
– ASDA (DVD, Dog Tag Pack version)

WWE WrestleMania 24 Blu-ray Quick deal for fans in Canada.


The WrestleMania 24 Blu-ray edition which is reportedly out of print and becoming increasing difficult to find for a decent price, is available on eBay at the link above for just $20.00 (CAD).

Worth a look!


New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Kenny says:

    I have to say I’m not excited. At the same time, I can’t say that I won’t pick it up. It won’t be a priority to me, so it’ll probably sit on the shelf at the store for a while before I get it, but there will be a point where I finally decide to grab it.

    Goldberg got big at a point when I had already given up on WCW and gone back to watching WWF exclusively (I saw the writing on the wall in mid-1997). So Goldberg, personally, was never really a big deal to me. I can’t tell you many of his matches outside of the couple of higher-profile ones he had with, say, his debut against Hugh Morris, Hogan, and DDP on the PPV that got cut off (which is the only reason I know about that one).

  2. Ryan says:

    I’d like to see:
    -the match where he jackhammered The Giant for the first time
    -The 4 Corners match from Nitro in April 99
    -3 way vs Hall vs Bam Bam
    -the 9 man battle royal from Road Wild
    -when him and Bret won the tag titles Dec. 99
    -Bad Blood vs Jericho
    -Raw Nov. 03 vs Mark Henry
    -Goldberg vs Shawn Michaels (can’t remember when, but it was in 03)
    -cage match from 03 vs Randy Orton(?)

    And as an extra, that time when he speared Christian to hell in April/May 03

  3. StingvsTaker says:

    i just wanna say F*** HULK HOGAN!! he riuned many great matches in wcw by his stupid interferences like the f***ing amazing nitro match between goldberg and sting! what a epic epic match that was f*** eric bitchoff…

    • King Shabazz says:

      Don’t hate on the biggest Icon in wrestling! Hate on some1 who deserves it, like whoever wrote that the Steiner Brothers theme song in wcw…

  4. Quick Draw says:

    i hope Goldberg’s wcw music wont be dubbed

  5. Mongoose Wizard says:

    I said earlier I would like to see what others would like to see on Goldbergs set and I see loads of good recommendations 🙂 I’d like to see Goldberg Vs Steiner from Fall Brawl 2000 and I need some help what was the match were Sting was champion and gave an open invatation and Goldberg came out??

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m pretty sure the match you’re referring to is from Halloween Havoc 1999. I’ve included it in a list of what I’m hopeful will be released in this Goldberg set. Outside of also including his title wins and perhaps a couple of WWE matches, I can’t imagine anything else of any interest to come out. Frankly, I’m shocked I’ve come up with a list of 17 must-have type Goldberg matches as seen below:
      2/9/98 Nitro vs. Regal
      8/8/98 Road Wild Battle Royal won by Goldberg
      9/14/98 Nitro vs. Sting
      10/12/98 Nitro vs. The Giant
      1/17/99 Souled Out vs. Scott Hall
      1/18/99 Nitro vs. Scott Hall vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
      3/8/99 Nitro vs. Ric Flair
      4/5/99 Nitro vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan
      5/9/99 Slamboree vs. Sting
      10/18/99 Nitro vs. Lex Luger
      10/24/99 Halloween Havoc vs. Sting
      11/8/99 NItro vs. Sting
      12/6/99 Nitro vs. Jeff Jarrett
      7/24/00 Nitro vs. Booker T
      9/17/00 Fall Brawl vs. Scott Steiner
      9/25/00 Nitro vs. Scott Steiner
      12/17/00 Starrcade vs. Lex Luger

      • David says:

        I also would add his match with Sid from either Halloween Havoc 99 or Mayhem 99, both were surprisingly good. I remember the buildup to HH 99 on Nitro with Sid’s car getting crushed into a cube and Sid yelling “WHY ME, WHY ME”…his reaction was priceless.

  6. Bill says:

    Anyone else thinking WWE is just capitalizing on the crowd chanting “Goldberg” during Ryback’s matches?

  7. victory73 says:

    I have no problem with Goldberg getting a set. Not my thing but I can see why others would like it.

    I’m hoping for a volume 2 best of The Clash of Champions eventually.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. I’d like to see:
      -Best of Clash of the Champions #2
      -Best of World Championship Wrestling Saturday Night at 6:05
      -Unreleased Ric Flair set
      -Unreleased Shawn Michaels set
      -Unreleased Steve Austin set
      -Unreleased Undertaker set
      -Unreleased Four Horsemen set
      -Best of Sting
      -The Storied History of Jim Crockett Promotions

  8. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    WWE should use the footage from Goldberg’s “WCW Superstar Series” VHS release from back in 1999 as a mini documentary on disc 1. I was never a Goldberg fan but I’ll buy this anyway on Blu-ray when it comes out.

  9. Marty says:

    The Goldberg set is intruiging. There will be some obvious inclusions (title win over Hogan, title win over Hunter, HH98 vs DDP) but he had some forgotten gems too. There was some PPV match he had with Saturn when he was feuding with the Flock that got good reviews at the time. Really good match on RAW in Oct. 2003 against Mark Henry right around the time Henry started getting good, but before he has the rep he has now. I don’t know if those specifically will be included, but Goldberg has an underrated resume of good matches from what memory serves.

  10. Lemo says:

    Got the wargames dvd few days ago. Jesse’s commentary is edited out of 1992 match 🙁

  11. THOMAS says:

    Hopefully I will get a chance to purchase WWE Extreme Rules 2013 when the event comes out on dvd on 29th July 2013

  12. John Peterson says:

    Also they should put the Goldberg vs Scott Hall Stun Gun Ladder Match even though it isn’t that great

  13. thejmp187 says:

    I see a lot of Goldberg hate. What? He had lots of very cool matches. Think said Nash Steiner raven luger hogan sting Bret lots more. He had a very legendary career and lots of people underrate him. He had sweet moves. Power moves. Quickness. Submissions. He was legit painful. Can’t wait. I just hope his match with the rock is excluded…I want mostly wcw stuff but I’d say 7 we matches would be fair if there are 18 wcw matches.

    • Mr Z says:

      Legit painful? I’m sure Bret would agree.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, Bret would agree. In fact, if WWE is smart about this, they’ll leave off any Bret Hart matches from this set because, in light of the injury, any Hart matches could easily be seen as WWE taking a shot at Goldberg’s lack of training/skill.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A Goldberg release won’t exactly feature any great matches, but if it has the following, I’ll buy it.
    2/9/98 Nitro vs. Regal
    8/8/98 Road Wild Battle Royal won by Goldberg
    9/14/98 Nitro vs. Sting
    1/17/99 Souled Out vs. Scott Hall
    3/15/99 Nitro vs. Ric Flair
    5/9/99 Slamboree vs. Sting
    10/18/99 Nitro vs. Lex Luger
    11/8/99 NItro vs. Sting
    12/6/99 Nitro vs. Jeff Jarrett
    7/24/00 Nitro vs. Booker T
    9/25/00 Nitro vs. Scott Steiner
    12/17/00 Starrcade vs. Lex Luger

    This is clearly a release aimed at WCW. Hopefully they don’t fill it with WWE matches. Realistically, along with his title victories, the only other must-have matches are the Sting and Flair matches. A WCW-themed release without Flair and Sting WCW matches would be a wasted effort.

    • Anonymous says:

      I found a few more must-have type matches for the Goldberg match:
      10/12/98 Nitro vs. The Giant
      1/18/99 Nitro vs. Scott Hall vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
      *3/8/99 Nitro vs. Ric Flair (Corrected date)
      4/5/99 Nitro vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan

      Add in at least two of the Sting matches listed above and his title matches, and you have the major cornerstones that basically have to be on this set, especially considering that you know they’ll want to include some WWE stuff.

  15. Brett MIx says:

    Hey everyone, Brett MIx here the old reviewer of this site if anyone enjoyed my reviews or still reads them please subscribe to my Youtube Channel, thats what Im doing now, Wrestling Topics and I need to get bigger with more subsrcribers. MY CHannel is BSabres87. Or just search my name on YOutube. PLease SUbscribe, and Danny Keep up the Good work, I Will be getting the War Games DVD for sure. What good matches could be on Goldbergs Set. Versus Nash Starrcade, vs DDP Havoc, vs STeiner Fall Brawl, versus Bret, Versus Jericho Bad Blood, SUmmerslam 03 Chamber, Unforgiven 03 HHH….what else

  16. mark foster says:

    Real fans know how great goldberg was.Matches sting,scott steiner,sid vicous,the big show,hulk hogan,scott hall,kevin nash ,bret hart,and bamm bam bigalow.Wwe ,the rock ,triple h,mark henry,cris jerico,ric flair,kane,a great wrestling compared to what we have now.

  17. mark foster says:

    Real wrestling fans know how great goldberg was.matches i have a list wcw scott steiner,sting,bret hart,kevin nash,the big show,lex lugar,scott hall,and bam bam bigalow.Ok wwe,the rock,triple h,mark henry,rick flair,kane,cris jerico.Great matches,if your going to comment learn your wrestling history.Oh yeah i forgot the i quit match sid vicious

  18. Scott says:

    I didn’t think he has enough matches for a set
    So Goldberg gets a set before Anderson or Windham what a crock
    Whats next hacksaw or Koko get a set too

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s be real here. An Arn Anderson or Barry Windham set isn’t going to sell well and might not even break even. Somebody like Goldberg’s will. That’s just how it is.

      • Scott says:

        I guarantee a Windham or Anderson set would sell at least 85,000 units which would be better than the last Rock’s set
        Both guys are way more over than Goldberg ever was and some fans who watched JCP/WCW and haven’t watched wrestling since 2003 would buy these sets as well

    • Anonymous says:

      I AGREE. Give us another Horsemen set. Make it the first-ever 4 Blu-Ray set and it will sell in huge numbers.

  19. Jeff Copeland says:

    man thank god i found wm 24 on bluray for 8 bucks few months ago at fye 😀 i am telling ya if u got fyes and they nomraly got some good used dvds on sale

  20. Rip Savage says:

    Goldberg? Really? Come on, Goldberg! I’ll say it again, Goldberg! Why? Why not a DVD of PN News, the WCW years!

  21. hbkid718 says:

    I didn’t really like Goldberg and I don’t like Match Compilation DVDs, so I’ll probably skip this one. Like mentioned below, Goldberg didn’t really have that many great matches, so it should be interesting to see what they put on the DVD. I think they should include his matches before the streak began. Wasn’t he part of a tag team that Roddy Piper set up for War Games against the nWo? Maybe include that match.

  22. KarlKayfabian says:

    This set will be worth every dime if they include his match vs. Scott Steiner from Fall Brawl ’00.

  23. Goldberg says:

    For those of you asking what matches could be on here, I have quite a few:

    a bunch of squashes
    US Title Win
    World Title Win
    vs Hennig BATB 98
    nwo vs nwo vs Goldberg battle royal Road Wild 98
    one of the three Nitro matches vs The Giant…there was one where he jackhammered Giant and got a huge pop
    Goldberg/Nash vs Hogan/Giant 8/24/98 Nitro (I have no idea if this is good but it would break up the monotony of singles matches and it was one of the few tag matches I could find)
    Goldberg vs Flair vs DDP vs Hogan 4/5/99 (once again don’t know anything about this one but it has some big names in it and could spice things up by having a four way)
    Hogan and Goldberg vs Sid, DDP and Rick Steiner in a cage 9/6/99 (Hogan and Goldberg teaming up in a cage sounds good)
    vs DDP Havoc 98
    vs Nash Starrcade 98 and/or Spring Stampede 99
    vs Hall Souled Out 99
    vs Nash vs Steiner New Blood Rising
    w/Sarge vs Bagwell and Luger Sin 01(his last WCW match)

    and of course his WWE run, which has a decent amount of unreleased matches. Most of Goldberg’s WCW stint is unreleased. The person who said that disc one should be the streak, disc two should be 99-01 and disc three should be WWE made a great point.

    • Mr Z says:

      Obviously if you liked Goldberg you think this is a good idea, if you didn’t like him it seems like a bad idea.

      Personally, I wasn’t a fan. With all due respect when the list of matches you have includes the line “I have no idea if this is good but it would break up the monotony” that’s a bad sign. If his work was good enough for a three disc set his singles matches ought to be more exciting. Can’t say I’d buy a set with “a bunch of squashes” either.

  24. SRB says:

    I think WWE are releasing a Goldberg set simply to solidify the memory of him. I can agree with some comments here saying his matches weren’t memorable and that’s because of how Goldberg was marketed at the time. He was like Ultimate Warrior. Tons of power, quick matches, limited amount of offensive moves. He was basically designed to leave a presence and then leave you wondering. At the same time, the guy could work. He had plenty of matches where the rivalries were memorable. I’m sure the set won’t disappoint. It will likely contain a lot of his WWE work, including his title win and WM20 match. That’s a disc right there.

    • King Shabazz says:

      I agree with you, but take it a step further. I believe another reason for this release is to cash in heavily on this guy. You are absolutely right: Golberg was a page ripped out of Vince Mcmahon’s penned “Ultimate Warrior” playbook. He was a great draw, but a limited worker (I am being nice here). Memorable matches? Not many (Thank you, Hogan, for putting him over in great fashion, but your real reasons behind this still sound a bit self-serving). Personally, I think the “streak” lasted too long and as a result “caged” him into the predicatable “punch kick squash” monster he became over the period of his 40 second matches. This leads to the fan’s patented YAWN. His most memorable moments I feel were not even his: Bret Hart knocking him out with his own spear, Hogan putting him over,Scott Hall zapping him, and The Rock putting him over. Don’t get me wrong, i like him and will buy the set. But I know this set needs to be released ASAP they want the current wwe universe to remember him (if not meet him for the first time)-that’s where the money is at. I would have loved a documentary instead-I can’t sit thru 99 and whatever it was again…i got babies now.

    • KarlKayfabian says:

      I also tend to think that WCW themed releases seem to do pretty well in terms of sales.

      • King Shabazz says:

        You’re right about wcw doing good sales especially since most wwe DVDs being released now are mostly “rerun” matches already released on prior DVDs. I am even aching for the midsouth release just cuz it has all new content not available on DVD before.

        • SRB says:

          I think it’s great to watch a guy like Ryback get Goldberg chants each time he gets on the mic or is in the ring. We have seen the large guy in the ring too many times and the character is a recycle of others. I’d say that one of the few big guys who could “do moves” was Lesnar, but for some reason that seems to be in the past since as of late I’ve seen nothing but arm bars and shoulder thrusts. Goldberg fits under the same bill as guys like Warrior, Batista, Lesnar, Ryback and I’m sure there’s others. As far as a set goes, WCW had plenty of guys who were at one point considered their top performer. I can’t necessarily say Goldberg was always on top because the top spot always seemed like a revolving door to me with main events sometimes being a few minutes long and titles changing in weird ways. I think WWE can dig up some matches we likely forgot about, but I do expect at least an entire disc to go to WWE matches only, which everyone should expect also. But, I always crave WCW releases and am hoping to get a pay per view anthology of some kind at some point. But, this release is better than nothing. I also think it might be hard for them not to draw repeats. We have already gotten Nitro sets 1 and 2 and have the rise and fall of WCW along with the best of Starrcade. It will remain to be seen.

  25. David says:

    Not sure how they are really going to fill a 3 Disc DVD & 2 Disc Blu-ray plus exclusives on Goldberg without a documentary. He hardly had any memorable matches, i think only about a dozen or so good matches. Most were just 2 minute squashes on Nitro and Thunder and few ppvs.

    But i did enjoy some of his WCW matches such as:

    vs. Perry Saturn – Spring Stampede 98
    vs. Raven – Nitro 98 (Goldberg wins US title)
    vs. Sting – Nitro 98 (night after Fall Brawl)
    vs. DDP – Halloween Havoc 98
    vs. Scott Hall – Souled Out 99
    vs. Nash – Spring Stampede 99
    vs. Sting – Slamboree 99
    vs. Sid – Halloween Havoc 99
    vs. Sid – Mayhem 99
    vs. Bret Hart – Starrcade 99
    vs. Scott Steiner – Fall Brawl 2000
    vs. Booker T – Nitro 2000

    Hope all those or some make it. Also wouldn’t mind the match with William Regal on Nitro where Regal put Goldberg to work – it was suppose to be a quick squash but turned into a 5 minute wrestling match.

    • Brian Kraemer says:

      Completely agree… and especially if he isn’t going to be interviewed to talk about matches…

      …well he does have all of his amazing promos and interviews…. ugh… nevermind

  26. dubbaseedubba says:

    Disc 1 The Streak
    Disc 2 99-01 (top star in wcw)
    Disc 3 WWE

  27. Brian Kraemer says:

    Ok… add the match vs DDP… maybe when vs. Raven when he wins the US Title…?thats 8

  28. Brian Kraemer says:

    How many matches honestly are they going to have?

    vs. Hugh Morris 1st wcw match on tv
    vs. Hogan nitro for the title
    vs nash at starrcade
    vs rock at backlash
    vs lesnar at wm xx
    elimination chamber?

    How many memorable goldberg matches are there…honestly? 10??

  29. Alan says:

    Isn’t the WM 24 DVD also out of print? Anyone know why?

  30. Mongoose Wizard says:

    This Goldberg set could be really interesting gotta question for everyone. What Goldberg matches would you like to see on this set coming out?

    • King Shabazz says:

      I would love to see the match against the man who showed no fear against Goldberg, the man who went balls out against Goldberg, the man that ended the streak before it even started: Hector Guerrero. He beat him in a dark match. It’s true…it’s damn true.

    • ck says:

      His Monday Night Raw matches against Shawn Michaels and Batista

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