WWE Hardcore Giveaway, WrestleMania DVD Goes Out-Of-Print, More Updates

July 8, 2014 by Daniel Bee

What’s your favorite “hardcore” moment in WWE history? Tell us in the comments section for your chance to win the DVD!

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It’s a new month and we’ve just sent out all prizes to previous winners, so it’s time for a brand new giveaway. Up for grabs this time is the original print WWF Hardcore DVD.

The winner of our giveaway will get the DVD in either Region 1 (US/Canada) format or Region 2 (UK/Europe) format. Both are still in their new, factory sealed condition!

WWF Hardcore DVD Giveaway - Rare


Leave a comment below stating your favorite “hardcore” style match or moment!

Just for fun and discussion – the winners of the giveaway will be chosen at random from all comments. Make sure to use your real email address so we have a means of contacting you should you be our selected winner. Your email will not be displayed with comments.


· Entries close on July 20th, 2014.
· Strictly one entry per person (this will be checked).
· Only real email addresses will be eligible.
· Winner to be chosen at random from all entries.
· Worldwide entry is allowed.


WWE’s new Great American Bash DVD is released 1 week today – click here to get yours!

We recently showed some photos of the Blu-ray edition. Below is a first look at the DVD version, with thanks to WrestlingSuperStore. Also, heads up to UK fans, “United We Slam” is available to you slightly before the US when buying through WWEDVD.co.uk.

WWE United We Slam - Best of Great American Bash DVD

Also coming next Tuesday is the “YouShoot: Shane Helms” DVD, a shoot interview conducted with fan questions. Head to KayfabeCommentaries.com next week to get your copy.

YouShoot Shane Helms Interview - Kayfabe Commentaries

We noted previously of new additions to WWE titles streaming on Netflix, which included the content of the newest Ultimate Warrior DVD. The full list of those is as follows:

– Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection
– Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania
– The Best of RAW and Smackdown 2013
– TLC 2013

WWE DVDs on Netflix

New information this week suggests that the “Greatest Superstars Of WrestleMania” DVD was recently taken out-of-print in the United States market.

The DVD was released in various forms since 2008 when it was originally a Walmart exclusive. It was doubled up with WrestleMania 26 as a K-Mart pack in 2010, re-released in new packaging through Walmart in 2012, and was last year spotted for sale in the $5 bins. This one would therefore be unlikely to ever really become too difficult to find!

WWE Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania DVD - Walmart Exclusive

If that’s prompted you to add the “Greatest Superstars Of WrestleMania” DVD to your collection, the best prices online for it in brand new condition can be found here on Amazon.com (for $5.97 shipped) and here on eBay.com (for $6.32 shipped).

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. jamie taylor says:

    Edge vs. Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22 when the table got set on fire and Mick Foley got speared through it! I also enjoyed Headbangers vs. Crash at fun time in USA.

  2. Although the “extreme rules match” was an obnoxious phrase for a tortured concept, I did enjoy many “new ECW” hardcore matches, like Big Show vs. Ric Flair, RVD vs. Bob Holly, Originals vs. New Breed, and Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer.
    Nothing beats the danger of a ladder match, though. Just ask Joey Mercury. That being said, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince & Shane McMahon.

  3. Stephen offeedi says:

    In the words of tommy dreamer I’ll take them both on I’m hardcore.

  4. legendhitter93 says:

    Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle street fight from King of the Ring 2001.

  5. Patrick R says:

    I was never a huge fan of “hardcore” matches. Having said that I enjoyed all of the Hardcore title incidents at WrestleMania 18 in Toronto. Probably the most memorable hardcore style match would be the Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker & Mankind. Still can’t believe what I was watching.

  6. Tyler says:

    This wasn’t a hardcore match but the hell in a cell match at King of the Ring between Taker and Foley was brutal too Foley. He went through the top of the cell, onto thumb tacks, and there was the throw off of the top of the cell through the announcers table.

  7. George says:

    Every single title change.

  8. Ryan Mc says:

    Spear through the table at wrestlemania 22 edge vs foley

  9. Yes Yes Yes says:

    My Favorite moment was when crash and the headbangers were at Fun Time USA. So Funny!

  10. Andrew Richards says:

    wrestlemania when it changed hands after virtually every match until the lady left the building so couldn’t b pinned.

  11. Ryan Hooker says:

    Cactus Jack vs HHH street fight 2000 royal rumble, amazing match!

  12. TraskVancity says:

    Crash Holly defending his belt in a Chuck E. Cheese!

  13. JCMENDEZ13 says:

    My favorite hardcore moment I gotta say Shane McMahon VS Steve Blackman SummerSlam 2000 Blackman brought it to Shane with the Singapore cane and Shane’s trying to run from the match he’s hardcore champion to escape from Blackman climbs the Titan tron of the set of SummerSlam with Blackman beneath him just repeatedly caning him then Shane falls about 50 feet down into the equipment Blackman finishes Shane off as he takes a leap as well beating Shane 1 2 3 new Hardcore Champion

  14. Will Amsbery says:

    It would have to be for me, St Valentines Day Masacre 1999 with Al Snow and Hradcore Holly. That match defines hardcore and went everywhere and anywhere.

  15. Dillon Curren says:

    My favorite hardcore match was Edge vs Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22. Very brutal

  16. Clover24 says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was Kurt angle vs Shane McMahon in a street match at king of the ring. Shane really took a beating

  17. number1jf says:

    Favorite hardcore moment:
    The many chair shots to the head from The Rock to Mick Foley at Royal Rumble 1999.

  18. Thomas says:

    My favorite hardcore moment would be Lesnar/ Big Show super plex that broke the ring on Smackdown

  19. Justin says:

    Shane Mcmahon jumping off the titantron on Big Show.

  20. Johnathan says:

    Rock and Mankind from Royal Rumble 99. Those chair shots were brutal. The reactions of Foley’s kids in the crowd that was shown in Beyond the Mat really stuck with me.

  21. Zachary Hammett says:

    My favorite hardcore monment is when john cen put edge though 2 tables.

  22. Sonny says:

    The time Bob Holly was backdroped over the ropes by Billy Gunn and landed on JR’s private announce table.

  23. Brett says:

    Oooh, a tough one, but for me when someone gets busted open and breaks the muta scale that’s pretty hardcore. Like when Eddie Guerrero got busted open at judgement day or undertaker vs Lesnar in Hell in a Cell.

    Another hardcore moment I’d call my favorite is whenever someone goes off the tron.

    But my favorite of all time is Edge spearing a dangling Jeff Hardy in the second TLC match.

  24. Jeremie says:

    My favorite hardcore match ever has to be Edge vs Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22.I don’t know how many times I said OMG during this one!

  25. Haroon says:

    Favourite hardcore match would be Mick Foley versus Randy Orton at Backlash 2004, just had appropriate amount of gore and blood, not too much and not too less.

  26. Rick says:

    Steve Blackman vs Shane o Mac Summerslam 2000

  27. djackson12 says:

    I loved the Cactus/HHH cell match.

  28. Steven says:

    Triple H vs. Cactus Jack in a street fight in Madison Square Garden.
    Fantastic brawling match.

  29. corey f says:

    Really, for me the most hardcore moment and match are rolled into one. Bad blood 1997. Undertaker and shawn michaels. Hbk took a ton of punishment and a tumble off the cell structure and still wins thanks to the debut of kane.

    Hardcore moments before they became hardcore, back then they were just crazy! The winner walks out with the crimson mask!

  30. Brandon S says:

    Favorite hardcore moment is by far the empty arena match between the Rock and Mankind. The match still makes me laugh out loud.

  31. Dan says:

    Gotta be Orton Vs Foley (Backlash 2004) – That match is just incredible, One of my fav all time matches – Both guys go all out and push everything to the limit. A Must watch For Hardcore WWE fans

  32. Metee says:

    Kane vs. Raven vs. Big Show Triple threat Match for Hardcore title at Wrestlemania X7

  33. Ben says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the Hardcore title match between RVD and The Undertaker at Vengeance 2001.

  34. Toni says:

    I loved the Orton vs Foley match at Backlash 2004

  35. Richard says:

    My favorite hardcore moment is the empty arena match from the half time Super Bowl show when The Rock faced Mankind for the WWF championship. I can watch that a million times and never get tired of it.

  36. Carlos says:

    At ECW one night stand 2006

  37. Carlos says:

    My favorite will always be mick foley and edge vs tommy dreamer and terry funk, they had the most blood, barbed wire and fire I’ve ever seen!!

  38. Chris says:

    Backlash randy orton vs cactus jack is my favorite

  39. Drew Whitaker says:

    Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels Badd Blood 1997. The first ever Hell in a Cell and I was there live baby!!!

  40. Dan says:

    Undertaker vs Mankind from KOTR 98′ still stands out as a great hardcore style match to me.

  41. Jérémy says:

    Sabu vs terry funk at ECW Born to be wired in a Barbed wire match

  42. alex says:

    jeff hardy swanton bombs matt hardy through 2 tables or something from a massive ladder

  43. Rashawn Craddock says:

    when the undertaker chokeslammed shane from the ring apron through the announce table.


  44. Carson Timar says:

    When edge speared mick foley into the flaming table at wrestlemania

  45. Jake Mandell says:

    Randy Orton getting thrown into thumbtacks at Backlash 2004.

  46. Pat says:

    I loved Attitude Era Hardcore matches. They even made me want the Hardcore Championship more than the WWE Championship! lol

  47. Anthony says:

    Best hardcore moment was mankind getting thrown over the top of the cage by undertaker!!! What a moment!!!

  48. My favorite hardcore match was Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen vs The Funks in AJPW, the one where Terry gets all tangled up in the streamers on the outside, just a great, great match.

  49. Darren Lyall says:

    My favourite Hardcore Moment in WWE was the match between Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho at No Mercy that match was match of the night to me as RVD was the only thing I liked about the Invasion Storyline

  50. Milan says:

    Summerslam 1999 produced a very underrated Hardcore moment when the big boss man faced Al Snow and they fought all over the arena and even across the street from the target centre all the while road dogg was following around doing his commentary Special moment the drunk guys at the bar cheering them on outside.

  51. John Marston says:

    I posted a comment on here earlier but I don’t think it actually counted so only count one of my comments for the contest if two show up.

    Anyway, for pure violence my favourite hardcore match are Edge/Foley/WM 22, the ONS 06 mixed tag match, and Big Show defends the ECW title against Ric Flair. Keep in mind I haven’t seen much of the original ECW.

    Now for moments that relate to the title, I like Crash Holly’s defenses under the 24/7 rule, such as in airports and Funtime USA.

  52. Raven says:

    My favorite Hardcore match was: Kane vs. Raven vs. Big Show for the Hardcore Championship at WrestleMania X-Seven

  53. Michael Buzzard says:

    My favorite hardcore moment in WWE would be the debut of Cactus Jack. Between the set up, the pop of the crowd, triple hs reaction, and jrs call, it was magical.

  54. Jamie says:

    My favourite hardcore moment has to be when the Road Dogg and Al Snow fought in the snow outside of the arena on the jan 4/99 Raw.

  55. Steven Jackson says:

    My favourite Hardcore moment has to be the Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley match for the IC title at Backlash 2004. Just absolutely brutal to watch and has me on the edge of my seat every time I see it.

    The moment which stands out most though it Randy getting thrown back first into the thumbtacks and the genuine expression of agony his face shows.

    That’s my choice anyway 🙂

  56. jeff says:

    My favorite hardcore moment has to be the entire Al Snow vs Bob Holly match at St valentine’s massacre

  57. Brandon says:

    Joey Mercury getting his face destroyed by the ladder at Armageddon 2006, still makes me cringe!

  58. Andrew Mayhew says:

    Shane McMahon’s Leap of Faith onto The Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman from the top of the titantron in a WWF Hardcore Championship at Summerslam 2000

  59. Favourite hardcore moment – anything to do with Crash Holly defending the title 24/7! Classic!

  60. Shaine Marcel Campany says:

    When Molly Holly hit hurricane in the head with a frying pan to become HC Champ!

  61. Eddie says:

    My favorite hardcore match was Mick Foley vs Edge at Wrestlemania 22.

  62. thejmp187 says:

    I’m gonna go with Masato Tanaka vs mike awesome from ecw one night stand 2005

  63. Jeremy rapoza says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was triple h vs cactus jack at royal rumble 2000.

  64. Chris says:

    My favourite hardcore match is Mick Foley vs Edge from Wrestlemania 22

  65. Cereal says:

    My favourite hardcore moment was Maven riding off out of the Skydome at Wrestlemania X-8 in Toronto as Harccore Champion by hitting Christian with a roll-up and taking his cab.

  66. Matthew says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was when Edge speared Mick Foley off the ring apron through the flaming table at WrestleMania 22. Man that was awesome!

  67. Ilse says:

    My favorite hardcore match is a very underrated match between tommy dreamer, terry funk and beulah against edge, mick foley and lita. The match had like thousands of cool spots. The match whas from ECW One Night Stand 2006.

  68. Dylan says:

    my favorite hardcore moment would probably when Mick Foley tossed Randy Orton off the stage at Backlash 2004

  69. RK Morton says:

    One of my most memorable hardcore moments is the Ladder Match from Summerslam 2001 between Jeff Hardy and RVD for the HC Championship. SS ’01 was the first PPV I watched on WWE Home Video (VHS), and I thought it was just one of the great moments in an awesome show.

  70. Ryan Parker says:

    I always liked the Al Snow vs Hardcore Holly match from St. Valentines Day Massacre.

  71. Triman says:

    Mankind vs taker at KOR 1998 was my favourite hardcore momment

  72. Thomas says:

    Mankind vs Taker, HIAC at KOR 1998, so brutal, it beats every non scripted fight.

    If I win, I need PAL/RC2 (Europe). 🙂

  73. Darren Bongiovanni says:

    My favorite Hardcore angle was the stuff with Crash Holly defending the title 24/7. I loved the stuff when he was being chased by The Headbangers in an indoor amusement park, going down the slide. Also, his escape on the baggage carousel in the airport. All of that stuff with him against guys like The Headbangers & The Mean Street Posse was fun.

  74. Fabio says:

    Foley Vs. Funk from RAW, the first technical hardcore match, very underrated, nobody talks about it.

  75. Trev says:

    Man I had so many. But the biggest Holy S#!t moment in hardcore history has to be Mankind and Taker in the Hell In A Cell. Foley getting thrown off and slammed through the cell and still putting up a legit fight still gives me goosebumps and appreciation for this business of pro wrestling

  76. Johnny D says:

    Angle vs Shane o Mac from KOTR 2001, when Shane received the first belly to belly and took that head bump, and then the angle slam off the top rope.

  77. matt mcshane says:

    my favorite moment was when edge speared mick foley through a flaming table at wrestlemania awesome!!

  78. LiLoia says:

    One of my favorites has to be from King of the Ring 2001. In the street fight between Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon, Kurt tried to throw Shane through the glass window part of the entrance. After a belly to belly suplex didn’t send him through, Kurt tried again with all his force and sent him through. Kurt went to throw him through again, and failed. This time, Kurt jus took Shane by the head and ran him through the glass.

  79. rocky245 says:

    Triple h vs cactus jack at rumble 2000 is my favourite match of all time but my favourite hardcore moment has to be from no way out 1998 in the 8 man tag when austin picks up a trash can and launches it as hard as ge can right on to billy gunn’s head I laugh so much everytime I see that

  80. Dave Jackson says:

    I remember a few moments I could call my favorite. The first one I saw that had me go wow was when Kane smacked Vader with a wrench at No Way out 98. Next you have the HIAC match with mankind and undertaker at KOTR 98 which is a match I still love today and finally there was Al Snow Vs Hardcore Holly at St valentine’s day Massacre. In that match they fought out into the Mississippi river in Memphis!

  81. Billy Jones says:

    My favorite hardcore moment would be Sabu jumping off the big RAW letters. It was the first “hardcore” moment I can ever remember seeing.

  82. Matt says:

    My favorite hardcore moment is when Kurt Angle threw Shane McMahon through two glass partitions at King of the Ring 2001.

  83. Rajdeep Maan says:

    My favourite hardcore moment in WWE was when Undertaker threw mankind from the top of the cell through the announce table! Obviously the most hardcore and extreme moment ever!

  84. Ricky rana says:

    When I think of my favourite hard-core match, wrestlemania 22 comes to mind. The match between edge and Mick Foley was a brilliant match. The moment that stands out for me was when Edge speared Mick Foley through a flaming table. #epic

  85. Anders D says:

    My favorite hardcore match was Cactus Jack vs Triple H in a Street Fight at Royal Rumble 2000. That match had every hardcore spot that a Hardcore Match needs!

  86. Simon says:

    Cactus Jack + Triple H Royal Rumble 2000

  87. Irvin M says:

    My favorite Hardcore moment occurred during Mick Foley vs Ric flair at SummerSam 06 when ric flair did his famous cross chop to Mick Foley’ Bare Chest with Foley’s Mr Socko wrapped in barbed wire he needed 25 stitches to close that wound. it was awesome to a human being take such pain and a wrestler to take a extreme version of the cross crop that match alone shows the definition of hardcore

  88. Daniel M says:

    My favourite would be CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho in a Chicago Street Fight (Extreme Rules 2012).

  89. Dakota Briggs says:

    My favorite hardcore moment has to be a tie between; Cactus Jack vs Triple H at the Royal Rumble 2000 Street Fight and also in my opinion the best wrestling match; RVD vs Jerry Lynn at ECW Living Dangerously. A 30 minute counter match ending with the Van-Daminator

  90. David B, says:

    I would have to say WM X7 triple threat hardcore match. Also the big bossman vs al snow hardcore matches.

  91. Thomas Goodearl says:

    My favourite hardcore match or moment, tough one. I’ll have to go for Mick Foley VS Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship from Baclash 2004. This match was brutal, fast paced and it is still Orton’s best match and Foley’s in my opinion. And the shocked look on Orton’s face when he is dropped onto those thumb tacts still makes me shudder!!!

  92. Derick says:

    My favorite Hardcore Moment was the Hardcore Championship Match between Steve Blackman and Shane McMahon at Summer Slam. It had everything that made the Hardcore Division awesome and more.

  93. Keith Young says:

    My favorite hardcore moment is when mick foley was thrown off the hell in a cell

  94. josh says:

    My favorite hardcore match was terry funk vs sabu barbed wire match in 1997. Sabu won the ecw world title.

  95. James Williams says:

    Edge vs Foley Wrestlemania 22…..good times

  96. Ben Badger says:

    My favorite hardcore moment in WWE history is when Cactus Jack countered Randy Orton’s RKO and Orton landed on thumbtacks.

  97. Martin Salas says:

    All the Hardcore title changes during WrestleMania X8.

  98. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    There are so many good hardcore matches out there but I will have to go with Cactus Jack vs Randy Orton 2004 Backlash PPV. That was pretty intense.

  99. ERICK says:

    My favorite Hardcore moment is when Crash was playing in the arcade and was attacked by Mosh & Thrasher and they ended up in the Play Land section, too funny!!!! lol

  100. Mongoose Wizard says:

    One of my all time favorites has to be WM X Seven! Raven VS Kane VS Big Show everything about that match was great!

  101. Cody D says:

    My fave hardcore moment would have to be Crash Holly in the funtime playhouse thing. Really anything Crash did with the 24/7 rule was amazing.

  102. Heath says:

    My favorite hardcore match is the tables match with master of the tables the Dudley’s

  103. Alex says:

    It was WM18, Al Snow with a ref in a golf cart. They crash into tons of boxes.

  104. Calvin Heikkila says:

    My favorite Hardcore match is the Hardcore triple threat match at Wrestlemania 17.

  105. Justin says:

    ONE of my favorite hardcore moments/matches is Rhyno vs Raven, when Rhyno missed the Gore and went through the shopping cart.

  106. Ted says:

    Rhyno vs Raven Backlash 2001

  107. Simon says:

    Actually, they should be more Hardcore matches or they could bring back a Hardcore division or simply a belt that represent Hardcore matches 😛 as for matches my two favorite hardcore matches are Road Dogg vs Al Snow and Road Dogg vs Gangrel, I don’t know back in the Attitude Era I was a fan of these kind of matches!!

  108. ryan says:

    mick foley vs randy orton from backlash 2004 that match made randy orton great hardcore match deputydepril91@yahoo.com

  109. Matthew says:

    The “24/7” period, with Crash Holly as champion

  110. David says:

    Mankind off the Cell caught my imagination!

  111. Cesar Albino says:

    There’s a lot to list but I’ll name one forgotten spot. One of my favorites was Carlito and Mr. Kennedy pushing a ladder Shelton Benjamin was on and he flipped over and landed on a ladder!

  112. Brendon Mckenzie says:

    One I witnessed live bigshow choke slamming john cena through a spot light

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      must have been a blast to watch live, cos I think it saved that quite slow dragging LMS match.. a fresh and original way to end a LMS match at the dawning of the PG era.

  113. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Mick Foley vs Randy Orton match from Backlash a few years back.

  114. Dan Marren says:

    Favorite hardcore moment would have to be when Foley lost his ear or Joey Mercury getting busted open in the ladder match at Armageddon

  115. Leonard says:

    Hardcore moment? Shane falling from the scaffolding

  116. Christian Robinson says:

    Favorite wwe moment Shane McMahon getting hit by the kendo stick and falling 50 feet.
    Favorite all time moment Great muta vs Hiroshi Hase the worst blade match

  117. Kenneth Pereira says:

    Mankind getting thrown off the top of the Hell in the Cell by the Undertaker.

  118. J says:

    Favorite hardcore moment was Randy Orton vs Foley Hardcore match at Backlash 04 with tacks.

  119. Justin East says:

    Mick Foley vs Rick Flair in wwe when flair chopped Foley in the chest with barbed wire wrapped around his hand.

  120. Jack says:

    My favourite hardcore moment is from the Triple Threat Hardcore Championship match at Wrestlemania 17, when Kane knocked Raven and Big Show off the stage and followed it up with a diving leg drop. Classic.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Favorite hardcore moment is the entirety of Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka at ECW One Night Stand 2005.

  122. Erik says:

    My fav even hardcore style match would have to be Eddie Guerrero vs JBL a hard hitting bullrope match at the Great American Bash 2004 that had a driven storyline that had all the fans wanting to see JBL get his ass kicked very emotional match aswell when eddie was split open a great match and that is my hardcore style match

  123. robert emons says:

    My favoite hardore memory was when rikishi was thrown from thrown off the six man hell In a cell match onto a truck bed of hay..:)

  124. Jason says:

    I used to love the 24/7 rule that they used to have for Hardcore Title defenses. Made every show much-watch television. Never knew who or what was going to happen each episode.

  125. Chris says:

    My favorite hardcore memory is when Mankind was awarded the Hardcore title by Vince McMahon in 1998.

  126. Tyler says:

    My favourite hardcore moment was when Kurt Angle tried to put Shane McMahon through the glass at King of the Ring 2001, and Shane literally landed on his head.

  127. Shehzad Lakhani says:

    My favorite memories of Hardcore action is when Crash used to defend the title 24/7 and would defend in airports, hotels, etc.

  128. stestaman says:

    Fav hardocre moment, easy Undertaker throws Foley from the Cell

  129. Vintage Simon says:

    Favourite hardcore match was Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy from Invasion. Was refreshing to see the title being taken seriously after all the 24/7 antics the year before. They went on to have a great feud over the title, but this bout was the best of the lot, in my view.

  130. Aaron says:

    Fav hardcore moment was when Edge speared Mick Foley through the flaming table at wrestlemania.

  131. Ashlee says:

    Rhino vs raven backlash 2001

  132. Mark Storey says:

    In terms if the Hardcore Title it has to be the ridiculousness of WMX8 surrounding the title!

  133. sean says:

    My fav was wrestlemania 17 kane vs big show vs raven

  134. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    My favorite hardcore moment in WWE was bubba ray dudley power bombed mae young off the stage onto the table

  135. Mike says:

    My favorite hardcore moment in wwe would have to be the infamous throw/fall from the Hell in a Cell by Undertaker to Mick Foley. Omg.

  136. Stoopid Head says:

    My fave hardcore moment was the Hardcore Championship Battle Royal at WrestleMania 2000.

  137. Rick V says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was when The Dudleys put Tommy Dreamer through a flaming table at One Night Stand 2005

  138. Sandow4President2016 says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was when Al Snow and Bob Holly fought into the good ol Mississippi River!

  139. Nick says:

    My favorite hardcore moment has to be when Mick Foley dumped Randy Orton onto that huge pile of thumbtacks and the priceless reaction on Orton’s face when he landed on them!

  140. Joe says:

    Foley vs Orton Backlash 04

  141. Ryan says:

    Definitely Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon at the King of the Ring. Great match, but I wonder if it would’ve been better or worse if the glass they used was sugar cane like it was supposed to be. There certainly would’ve been less blood.

  142. Brad Attitude says:

    Randy Orton falling bare back on thumbtacks.

  143. Paul says:

    Interesting that so many of the favourite moments mentioned involve Mick Foley – guess he really is the Hardcore Legend!

    I’ve got a few favourite moments and most of then involve Mick! The KOTR HIAC has to be at or near the top of everyone’s list as does the RR Street Fight with HHH. The Edge match and the Randy Orton matches are favourites as well.

    Some moments that don’t involve Mick include Crash Holly and the 24/7 rule. I’m thinking mainly of shortly after the 24/7 rule was introduced and in a match with Hardcore Holly a number of other wrestlers turned up with their own referees and I believe Funaki pinched a referee’s shirt at one point!

    There’s also the Al Snow/Bob Holly battle into the Mississippi River and any number of Shane McMahon’s insane leaps from height.

    But my favourite moment is probably the New Age Outlaws shoving Mick Foley and Terry Funk off the stage in a dumpster. Shocking in its brutality, amazing call from JR (there’s people in there!!!) and it led to the hilarious sight of Terry Funk running down the ramp later on in the evening in a hospital gown. Loved it!

  144. Gary Toner says:

    My favourite hardcore match was the Road Dogg vs Al Snow in the late ’90s when they made their way outside and chilled out in the snow!

  145. Mike Lanzalotti says:

    The late great Crash Holly being chased thru the kids pizza place by the Mean St Posse

  146. attitude.era.4lfe says:

    no wonder that The rise and Fall of ECW DVD won the March Mania survey…with all these hardcore fans in here, if ya get it.. 😉

    let us all in one hardcore voice give WWE dvd development a hardcore message:

    ECW unreleased vol. 3 + Falls count anyway… vol. 2 needs to come alive. 🙂

  147. Jeremiah Cone-Wyant says:

    My favorite Hardcore matches were Mick Foley vs. Edge at WrestleMania 22 and Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton at Backlash 2004.

    Also Triple H vs Cactus Jack at No Way Out 2000

  148. Quin Voet says:

    Edge vs Mick Foley at wrestlemania 22 personally being it’s the first hardcore match I ever saw as a wrestling fan

  149. David says:

    My favorite hardcore moment would be anything involving Crash Holly and the 24/7 rule. Just funny, awesome stuff.

  150. Carl says:

    Taker at his age falling off a 20 foot ladder and going through four tables at Extreme Rules 08, Edge spearing Jeff 16ft in the air at WM 17, Bubba powerbombing Mae through a table and the Armageddon 2006 injury to Joey Mercury and (if I had to choose just one of Shane’s jumps) I would say when Shane jumped off the stage at unforgiven 03.

  151. Adam says:

    triple H vs Cactus jack Hell In a Cell epic match. unforgettable!!!

  152. attitude.era.4lfe says:

    If the original US and UK editions of the price is like the Silver Vision Tagged Classics edition that I own, it is running way over 3 hours and is full of harcore moments goodies.

  153. cmvag says:

    Edge Vs Foley WM 22 was a thing! God that Spear on the flaming table is unforgettable!

  154. Carl says:

    When I think about it now, it isn’t very extreme but at the time, I thought Chavo attacking Reys injured leg repeatedly with the chair, while his leg was stuck in the frame during their 2006 I Quit match was one of the most vicious things I would ever see.

    • attitude.era.4lfe says:

      the way it was performed and excecuted, I agree with you. had a very brutal feel to it, the way Chavo kept smashing the legs of mr. 619. Great story telling..

  155. Jerico kunsman says:

    The hardcore battle royal at wrestlemaina 16.

  156. Nathan Powell says:

    Edge vs Mick Foley Wrestlemania 22

  157. Kenny says:

    Hunter vs. Austin, 2 out of 3 falls – No Way Out 2001

  158. Joseph Kelley says:

    Cactus Jack vs terry funk on Japan and foley vs edge wrestlmania 22

  159. attitude.era.4lfe says:

    Terry Funk “loosing” an eye at One night stand 2006.. done very shocking..

  160. attitude.era.4lfe says:

    never watched it, but if I had, I might have picked the Funk vs. Foley Barbed Wire with C4 explosives match, that Mick mentions on his great Bluray. Also, a nice candidate is the clip shown in same Bluray, of Mick loosing his ear agains Vader, although it is’nt that good quality in pict and sound.

  161. David Schlichtig says:

    My favorite has to be between Edge vs. Foley at WrestleMania 22 & Orton vs. Foley at Backlash 2004.

  162. Donald says:

    My favorite hardcore match or moment would have to be the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood 2004 as well as the Last Man Standing at the Royal Rumble in the same year, both matches were incredible! Triple H was and still is.. the man!

  163. Jay Potter says:

    My favorite Hardcore Moment is when the Undertaker threw Mankind through the Hell In The Cell Roof on to the Announce Table and then through the Roof and a chair busted on Mankind’s face and to me that was Hardcore

  164. TommyB says:

    Foley. Edge. WrestleMania. Fire. Table.
    That is all.

  165. Junior Rice says:

    My Favorite Hardcore Moment was when Randy Orton went for an RKO and Cactus Jack reversed it into THUMB-TACKS!!!!!!!! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY (Backlash 2004)

  166. Joseph Klunk says:

    Road Dogg. Al Snow. In the snow. Great brawl you don’t see much of any more.

  167. Johnny W. says:

    The Hardcore Era was one of my favorite times to be a wrestling fan. You really never knew how far they would go next. Whether it was Crash Holly desperate to keep his title, outrageous backstage brawls where anything, and I mean anything, could be a weapon, to the hardcore title shenanigans at WrestleMania X8, it was just so entetaining. However, my favorite moment has to be when hardcore came full circle at WrestleMania 22, when Edge and Mick Foley had a hardcore classic. Edge was cemented as a true badass and main eventer, while Mick finally had his WrestleMania moment. It was one of the few times we actually saw fire in a WWE ring! It will always stand out as possibly the greatest singles hardcore match of all time.

  168. attitude.era.4lfe says:

    hmmm.. does this nice cool give-away maybe indicate that there might be some rumors to WDN guys, that a volume 2 of Falls Count anywhere… and a vol. 3 of ECW unreleased might be going in production!?! *jumping up and down in excitement* 😉

  169. Alan Donahue says:

    Anything with thumb tacks like the Foley and Orton match from WWE Backlash.

  170. Matt says:

    My favorite hardcore moment would have to be the Hardcore Championship match at Wrestlemania 17. The golf cart chase, throwing Raven through a window, and the elbow drop from Kane off the stage to win the match. And the commentary from Jim Ross and Paul Heyman make it that much better.

  171. Kris Martin says:

    Orton vs Foley from Backlash 2004. The match that put Orton on the map and showed that Foley could still go. I’m kinda torn on my favorite spot in the match though. I don’t know if I like Orton hitting the thumbtacks or Foley eating an RKO on the barb-wired baseball bat. Either way, it’s just an incredible match.

    • attitude.era.4lfe says:

      one of the best, absolutely.. first half of 2004 is one of my favorite ppv-periode of the 2000’s, and especially Backlash with that hardcore match and the Finale Encounter match is a favorite of mine.

  172. weman says:

    My favorite Hardcore moment ever is the triple threath between Raven, Big Show and Kane. I loved the match so much. It was the definition of a hardcore match in the attitude era. Destruction, Destruction and Destruction

  173. My favorite hardcore style match or moment would have to be when Shane McMahon fell off the side titantron at Summerslam 2000.

  174. Brian says:

    I liked Crash Holly defending the title in the amusement park!

  175. attitude.era.4lfe says:

    For me, Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon at King of the Ring 2001 is THE hardcore match of WWF/WWE.. the 5 times Shane O’mac have contact with the glass.. 3 of those times the glass did not break… it is just out of this world how he…and for that matter Kurt also, finished that match after over a half hour.

    Don’t get me wrong: I love the obvious classics: Foley vs. HHH at Rumble 2000, Foley vs. Undertaker HIAC.. Foley vs. Rock in first half of 1999. Brutal in their own rights, all..

    What I particular love about Angle vs. Shane is the amazing story telling in the ring, and Kurt in a street fight, which he..together with Shane, constructs phantastic balace between mat/ground wrestling and a regulare street brawl.

    And after that before mentioned 5 times ulra hardcore moments ( to this day, I don’t understand how Shane still has a neck with that bump on a steel floor), how they ended that match, is just pure amazement and as close as WWF get to have a ECW rush. What an epic encounter, and truly one of my top 5 matches, not just as a hardcore match. If you have not listened to both gladiators comments to this masterpiece of a match, check it out on the King of The Ring 2001 DVD; I do not know if it is on Network as some kind of extra, like DVD’s have.

  176. Giovanni says:

    Al Snow vs. Bob (Hardcore) Holly at St. Valentine’s Massacre. Just a fun match to go back and watch.

  177. Blatz Krov says:

    When Randy Orton gets dumped on thumbtacks with an exposed back by Mick Foley in 2004.His reaction was priceless!

  178. Lucas Tompkins says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was Foley v. Edge, Wrestlemania 22! Filled with awesome spots, especially the spear through the flaming table!

  179. SRB says:

    Ivory vs. Tori 9/6/99 hilarious!

  180. Kenneth Baer says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was in ECW when Taz and Bam Bam Bigelow fell through the entrance ramp.

  181. MrHesse says:

    Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome at One Night Stand 2005. Just brutality personified.

  182. Bart says:

    Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H – Non-sanctioned Match from SummerSlam 2002

  183. Jacob Fysh says:

    The Rock and Mankind with Foley taking 11 unprotected head shots as his wife, Dewey and Noelle look on

  184. David says:

    Fonzie vs. Beullah from ECW. It’s the most unique hardcore match ever and will never be duplicated.

  185. Vinny M says:

    Terry Funk vs. Norman Smiley from Spring Stampede 2000…what?

  186. theJawas says:

    Don’t know if it totally counts, but nothing will ever be as hardcore as Mick Foley’s two falls off of the Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring ’98. The fact the one through the cage wasn’t planned is even more amazing.

  187. Tyler says:

    Not a hardcore match per se, but Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz elimination tables match at RR2000 was awesome

  188. Shane Richardson says:

    Rock and Foley Super Bowl empty arena match

  189. Matin says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was ecw one night stand 2005 Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome. Those two always put on great matches. That match shows that you can have a great hardcore match with just chairs and tables and buckets of blood is not necessary.

  190. Robert Johnson says:

    The thumbtack pedigree to finish the Cactus Jack-Triple H match at Royal Rumble 2000. I think the match was comparable to the Magnum-Tully I Quit, told a fantastic story as part of a great feud, and legitimized HHH as a main eventer.

  191. Michael Melton says:

    Heck, there is a lot of good moments but one of my favorites is when crash holly was running away from people and he ended up climbing through a play place area. I forgot who was running after him but I will always remember him going through the tubes and slides.

  192. Daniel says:

    Triple h vs cactus jack in the Hell In A Cell match at No Way Out! Epic!!

  193. amanda peeper says:

    Mick Foley against the one and.only Sabu. Sabu is da man! #BringBackSabu

  194. brandon goulette says:

    Edge, Mick Foley and Lita vs Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk and Beulah.

  195. al holzworth says:

    Taker/Foley hell in a cell . When Foley took the bump off the cell.

  196. Matt P says:

    It wasn’t even a hardcore match but he greatest hardcore thing ever was Taker VS Mankind in HIAC the spots Foley did will never be forgotten!

  197. Andrew Botsakos says:

    My favorite hardcore moment is when hhh attacked Ric Flair with a screwdriver at survivor series 2005.

  198. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Any wrestler who gets dumped on thumbtacks with an exposed back, a la Randy Orton 2004 and Edge 2006. Their reactions were priceless.

  199. Luke favell says:

    My favorite hardcore moment is when rvd gave the van-daminator to jeff hardy at invasion and he fell of the stage

  200. gutpocket says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was Brawl For All …… wait…

  201. William says:

    My favorite hardcore moment is the Orton/Cactus Jack match at Backlash

  202. Wesley Stover says:

    My favorite hardcore moment was at wrestlemania 22 when edge speared mick foley through the flaming table

  203. Bernard says:

    My favorite Hardcore moment was Edge’s reaction to his first encounter with thumbtacks against Mick Foley

  204. Matt says:

    My favorite hardcore moment is the barbed wire match between Terry Funk and Sabu, that was insane!

  205. Kevin says:

    My favorite hardcore match was Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka at ECW One Night Stand 2005. That was the first time I was really exposed to ECW, and in those short ten minutes, those guys brutalized each other to a degree that I wondered how in the world they were upright and operating human beings. Then I found out that they had a decade of prior experience with one another doing the same things over and over again.

  206. Liam says:

    My favorite moment was when Mick Foley slammed Randy Orton on the tacks and backlash. Great match that proved Randy can be tough!

  207. Jack says:

    My favorite HARDCORE moment was at ECW One Night Stand 2005 in the main event when Bubba Dudley used a cheese grader on the face of Tommy Dreamer and the 3D on to the flaming table at the end to Tommy Dreamer!

  208. My favorite hardcore moment was when WWE & WCW each had their own Hardcore Championships during the Monday Night Wars.

  209. RWW2010 says:

    my favorite “hardcore” moment is when steve blackman knocked shane mcmahon off the summerslam 2000 titantron.

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