Exclusive: Pics of WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 DVD Released In 2 Weeks

October 20, 2011 by Daniel Bee

WWEDVDNews can now exclusively bring you a first look at the WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 DVD, which is released in two weeks time on November 1st (get yours).


DVD Special Features

JR interviews Mark Henry
Monday Night Raw 19th September, 2011

Home Video Exclusive
Matt Striker interviews Alberto Del Rio
Hell in a Cell 2nd October, 2011

You can buy your copy of Hell in a Cell 2011 for November 1st in the US, over here.

The UK gets it on DVD and Blu-ray formats in December when ordering at Silvervision.co.uk.

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. @WWESuperFan#1 says:

    Go back and look at the runtime for the show for Survivor Series 2008, I timed it out at only 2 hours and 43 mins…so that would leave at least 15mins for extras, that is why we got a full smackdown match. Just like Hell in a Cell 2011, they had extra time to fill.
    Which goes back to my point I’ve made many times before. They can only fit 3 hours with the new HD format of the shows!
    Back in the day when everything was shot in SD they didn’t have to compress it as much to fit it on a DVD so they could add more extras and go over the 3 hour mark. But since everything is shot in HD and they have to downconvert it and compress it for DVD they can only fit 3 hours worth of footage otherwise the more you compress it the crappier it looks.
    Sure they can add more extras and go over the 3 hour mark now, but the video would like crap!

  2. @williamwwe says:


    I know but dont you remember survivor series 2008 they added a smackdown full match, plus they always use to do it anyways, look up wwe ppvs from 07 and 08.

  3. WWESuperFan#1 says:

    I like how people still don’t notice that the amount of extras depend on the length of the PPV. Their DVDs only hold 3 hours worth of content, and when you add in the trailers, DVD Menu and the PPV itself that doesn’t leave much time for extras. And since Hell in a Cell ran shorter then most PPVs they were able to add an extra special feature.

  4. @Williamwwe says:

    I want wwe to put matches on the dvds special features, not always interviews or segments.

  5. vince says:

    I like how wwe is slowly adding one more specia feature to the dvds

  6. Jamie says:

    Sick and Badass looks cool

  7. Bill says:

    That is cool looking