WWE Studios “Inside Out” (Triple H) DVD & Blu-ray Cover Arts

September 17, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here’s a look at the planned DVD and Blu-ray cover artwork for the release of Inside Out, a WWE Studios movie production.

On September 27th Inside Out (starring Triple H) will be sold exclusively through Walmart in the USA until three months later when it will be released widely to all other retail outlets.


“After being released from prison after serving 13 years for manslaughter, AJ’s dreams of living a pleasant, crime-free life soon come to an end when he discovers his closest childhood friend, Jack, has been marked for death. Making matters worse, AJ (WWE Superstar Triple H) has been ordered to take out Jack. It turns out that not only has Jack been stealing from the local crime lord, Vic (AJ’s former boss), but he’s also a snitch to the FBI. With Vic wanting Jack dead for his actions, AJ reluctantly resorts back to his old ways in order to protect the people he loves.”

For fans in UK/Europe, it’s expected that Inside Out will be available to pre-order on both DVD and Blu-ray via Silvervision.co.uk shortly.

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  1. The King Of The Game says:

    I Like these Covers for ”Inside Out”!
    and the Critics can go…S*ck it!

  2. Drew says:

    I don’t pay attention to critcs cause they are nothing more than wannabe filmakers who couldn’t get in the movie industry plus critics tends to hate WWE cause it is a massive company. I will rent the movie to make up my own mind and ignore reviews from critics who get paid lots of money to watch a movie they will most likely bad mouth.

  3. brad attitude says:

    triple h has a history of having bad reviews for his movies.

    first it was blade trinity, then the chaperone which bombed so badly at the box office … now this crap movie with sucha bad title.

  4. thomas says:

    its ok movie did hidious at box office and got shitty reviews ill avoid this

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