WWE Producing New John Cena & Zack Ryder DVD Releases This Year?

April 9, 2012 by Daniel Bee

More potential new 2012 WWE DVD reveals!

It appears WWE might be planning to begin a new series of DVDs entitled “Superstar Collection” – each title to profile one WWE Superstar on the current talent roster, and released on DVD format as a single or double-disc set.

According to VideoETA’s schedule, WWE will release these two titles on July 10th:

WWE: Superstar Collection – John Cena [DVD]
WWE: Superstar Collection – Zack Ryder [DVD]


We’re hoping to have a verdict this week on whether or not these titles (and the Undertaker Streak DVD) are still scheduled to be incoming. Stay tuned.

As for the now rumored Brock Lesnar DVD, we know first hand that WWE were already considering releasing this last year. With Lesnar back in the fold, perhaps it’s now only a matter of time.


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  1. G. Shire says:


    Make sure you buy my book on AWA wrestling for Spring Break.

    Thanks for the support!

  2. Ed says:

    i Can make better suggestions for dvd’s than what them guys at the headquarters can

  3. NickP says:

    As a Cena hater and WWE dvd collecter, I will keep a promise I made to myself to never buy a Cena dvd… Ryder however, what matches besides his matches with Ziggler are noteworthy to have on a dvd

  4. RabidHeat says:

    * Eddie and Goldberg, I meant, lol.

  5. RabidHeat says:

    I can’t really see the point of releasing a new Brock DVD…yet. When he’s been back quite a while, maybe. Or at the end of the year when his contract runs out.

    Seriously, can they really show MUCH more than is mentioned on the Here Comes The Pain DVD? Only rematches with Angle, UT and his losses to Eddie and Brock.

    I just think a 3-disc set should cover his first AND second runs.

  6. SRB says:

    I’m sorry to have to say this and begin an attack, but those of you who think Zack Ryder deserves a DVD are truly nuts. Not only do they have 12 year olds working at WWE there must be 12 year olds wanting this DVD also. To want and encourage a Ryder DVD ignores WWE history all together. If Ryder was a TNA talent and since their company is fairly new I would understand the need to release stuff on up and coming stars. However, WWE claims they have been in production for over 50 years, therefore they should dig a little deep. I would understand if Ryder had accomplished more, but he really hasn’t done much. I can see newer guys like Kofi, Swagger, Ziggler and Del Rio getting sets way before Ryder does. His matches are forgettable and lately they’ve been making him look like a fool on television. I cannot even believe that this garbage actually passes through WWE’s creative department.

  7. John Peterson says:

    How about a DVD on booker t.they enough stuff of him for a 3disc set.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the Ryder DVD will tell the story of how he worked his ass off to get over and once he did the company completely buried him. Even though when you ask pieces of shit like HHH why he never puts anyone over he says something like “the young guys need to get themselves over”.

    Ryder *did* get himself over, really over, with ZERO help and HHH (and Vince, I guess) fucking buried him. Now nobody gives a fuck about Ryder and as such nobody will buy this DVD. SO when the numbers come in and the Ryder DVD sales suck HHH can use it to justify destroying Ryders career before it ever got off the ground. Even though if they just supported Ryder and made him a BIGGER star he could have made money for them…

  9. captain planet says:

    Let’s be honest – Ryder is a fad, and he could very well evolve beyond that, but at the moment, he’s a fad. And if that fad dies and he never goes beyond the glass ceiling (management clearly doesn’t “get” him), so does any chance of him ever having a DVD retrospective. Ryder’s had a match with Undertaker, a tag match against Flair and HBK, numerous tag team title matches, his ECW match with Christian, his WWE title match against Sheamus (lol), and his recent stuff with the US title, against Kane, etc. A good portion of stuff for a single disc DVD release (like Morrison’s). It only makes sense to do this.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What ?!? they’re releasing a Zack Ryder DVD and not for Braden Walker???

  11. james says:

    All you who are complaining are really missing the point. This isn’t “replacing” classic superstars DVDs, anthologies, etc. They used to do this stuff ALL THE TIME with Coliseum Video releases. Take a relatively popular superstar and release a small featurette on him with a few matches. In fact, they did this not too long ago with John Morrison. It’s not targeted towards the hardcore fanbase, but kids and casual fans eat this stuff up. Nothing wrong with targeting that demographic. It also makes the talent profiled look important, so it’s win-win. Im 100% sure that WWE has plenty of things planned for “hardcore” fans this year.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Perfectly said. Good comparison to John Morrisons DVD release. Thats probably exactly how they will produce it.

  12. HHHfan1999 says:

    Why another Cena dvd? It hasn’t been that long since the last one? We don’t need another one? What happened to the Triple H DVD, or another Kane, or maybe Christian? (He never has had one?) And we should definitely wait on Zack Ryder? There wouldn’t be enough to make a DVD, he hasn’t been a main-eventer long enough??? And The Undertaker Streak DVD didn’t provide much the first time… Unless he is retiring now, there is no sense in it really… ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    love the cena & ryder dvds, keep those types of sets coming, could live without the undertaker streak dvd though..

  14. ratedrpoed says:

    wtf would be on the ryder dvd?
    him winning the us title & what else?
    another cena dvd? faceplam.

  15. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I actually disagree with most of you. I think Zack Ryder should get a DVD treatment of some sorts. Even if its an hour long feature with a couple bonus matches on it… whatever. Maybe not another Cena set though.

  16. nxtishorrible says:

    zack ryder has not done enough to get a dvd its like that john morrison dvd in 2009 which was not needed

  17. m.blier says:

    dumb idea ,here comes a jtg dvd and a j.mahal dvd set.

  18. Isrs4life says:

    Now! this is pretty cool, however I do own mostly every match
    that Cena has had on PPV since 2010 but if they throw in some Raw bouts
    I would probably buy it anyway. Now is this for US and Canada! finally?

    I would accually not buy a Zack Ryder DVD because i’m not a fan of his
    sorry. But Superstar Collections Series seems to be tremendous to me.

  19. MadMike says:

    @Anonymous – that well thougt out…maybe too good to be true…Anon must be ZACK RYDER LOL

  20. Steve says:

    Might as well put out a Brookyn Brawler 4 disc set next. Do they have 12 year olds working over there or something?

  21. nightmare says:

    Wow what a wast of time and money why can’t WWE release something better like the NWO series or something

  22. Harry Faversham says:

    I think Blackford is probably right about this one. That would make sense. Probably just a couple of cheap budget releases for the kids.

  23. Anonymous says:

    For the Ryder DVD:
    -His debut w/ Hawkins as the Major Brothers in WWECW
    -The dropping of the Major Brothers name
    -Becoming Edgeheads
    -Some footage from their days with Edge
    -Ryder’s return to ECW and debut of the LI gimmick
    -His two matches against Christian, once for ECW title; would love for those to be on the DVD.
    -I’m sure he’s had some good Superstars matches
    -Z! True Long Island Story episodes
    -Ryder Revolution
    -Rise on RAW
    -Feud with Dolph Ziggler
    -Survivor Series appearance
    -Winning the US title at TLC

    Plenty of content for a Ryder DVD.

  24. Supersonic says:

    How to not Live Like a Man: The Legacy of Zack Ryder

  25. N says:

    well it seems WWE wont be getting my money this time.

  26. im willing to bet this is the us version of our very lame superstar collection we got a few years back. expect about 4 matches and thats it

  27. Mark D says:

    Oh no, next weeks fantasy concept is ruined now. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. BrianH1970 says:

    Wow, another John Cena DVD…

  29. James says:

    Of course they have time for Zack Ryder to get a DVD but not Ted DiBiase Sr., Rick Rude or The Dangerous Alliance, Jerry Lawler, Bob Backlundand many others.

  30. SRB says:

    “Over at WWE we’re going to tell you about a great new set of DVD releases coming your way in the future. Expect to see A Superstar Collection Series, an Unreleased Collection Series, a Rarities Collector Set, the rest of Survivor Series, more Raw DVD sets, several box sets, more Greatest Rivalries, as well as many new interactive DVD formats. Nevermind actually. None of that was true. Thanks”

  31. Dan Mader says:

    I would actually enjoy this type of collection as long as they don’t try to force 2 discs for the superstars that are most current. 1 disc for Ryder makes sense, and 2 for Cena makes sense but they only can achieve success with this if they have material that has not been released before.

  32. scsa says:

    I only care 4, n buy Blu-Ray’s ๐Ÿ™

  33. Harry Faversham says:

    Terrible, terrible news. A dark day for DVD players everywhere.

  34. Big Cal says:

    I can’t think of anything worse than a Zack Ryder DVD. What the hell would they put on it? His classic matches with… and ummm… there was that time…???

    • Daniel Bee says:

      If it happens (probably will), aside from matches, I bet there’s a far bit of Z! True Long Island Story on there. Plus some background on how it turned around his career.

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