Releases Dates for WWE Best of King of the Ring & PPV Matches DVDs

September 11, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Amazon have put up the next WWE DVDs on the horizon, all to be released in December to North America.

As expected, these are:
Best of King of the Ring,
Survivor Series 2011,
Best PPV Matches of 2011.

First up, the King of the Ring themed DVD is to be released on December 13th. According to the retail site this one is being produced on both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

For Survivor Series 2011 this looks to be another case of a WWE PPV only being released on DVD format. This is down for December 20th.

Lastly, Best PPV Matches 2011 will be released on December 27th on both DVD and Blu-ray.
We expect to have further details on each of these DVDs this coming Monday or Tuesday.

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  1. Parick Dykes says:

    i hope these matches are on the best ppvs dvd
    edge vs dolph ziggler(royal rumble)
    hhh vs taker(wrestlemnaia 27)
    randy orton vs cm punk(extreme rules)
    triple threat steel cage(extreme rules)
    i quit match(over the limit)
    cm punk vs rey mysterio(capitol punishment)
    cm punk vs john cena(money in the bank)
    smackdown money in the bank ladder match(money in the bank)
    christian vs randy orton(summerslam)
    hhh vs cm punk(night of champions)
    cena vs del rio vs punk(hell in a cell)
    the otheers will be the best matches from vengeance,survivor series,and maybe tlc

  2. alvaro says:

    I heard bluray is failing, most people keep buying dvds like the unnecesary 3D thing that is failing too. If it aint broken dont fixed dvd is fine stop messing with it.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    I think it’s obvious the company doesen’t want to be embarassed by releasing the 1995 King of the Ring. It was so bad just thinking about releasing it gives them the chills. I have it reviewed 0.5/10 in the King of the Ring section on Reviews on this site. If you have never seen the show check out that review, it’s literally THAT bad. In saying this I will say that the entire 1993 show is a ton of fun. I love owning that on tagged classic’s.

  4. FRS says:

    Wish Survivor Series was going to be on blu, mostly cuz I am going to the show at MSG and would want to own the event in HD.

  5. Bryan says:

    Would you rather have them release some, or none at all? I just hope it’s 3 discs and covers more than just the tournament, like Austin/HBK 97, Diesel/Bret 94, Angle/Shane 01.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Man wish Survivor Series was coming out on blu, since I’m going to it and would like to own it in HD. Weird how they stopped doing ppv blus cuz they don’t sell enough, yet put their biography/collection sets in blu as well as dvd.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s FUCKING sucks, why release the best of? Why not the entire set?it aint the Benoit case, they released the Summerslam anthology with Benoit, no problem there, or was it the 1994 horrible commentary?

  8. dt says:

    Why would WWE put survivor series on Blu Ray if the Rock is only appearing on the event, I could see it if he is wrestling. I would not buy it

  9. Greg says:

    Yes! Ive been waiting for some kind of King Of The Ring DVD for years! I sure hope its a complete collection 93-02 and not a clip show.

  10. LP1 says:

    @Supersonic, most(if not all) HDTV’s have the option to adjust the screen size to remove the borders on the sides of the screen.

    @’Anonymous’, footage from the early King Of The Ring events(1985-1991) does not exist as the WWF didn’t tape those shows. To the best of my knowledge the only KOTR event from those years that exists on tape is the 1991 event that was recorded on a fan handheld camera.

  11. Supersonic says:

    Thank goodness for the PPV matches confirmation on blu ray. CENA VS. PUNK PLEASE.

    Pillar boxes can be turned off on DVD, but I’ve been unable to do so on blu ray discs.

  12. Dave says:

    @ Brad Attitude: Regardless of being on DVD or Blu-ray, the pillar boxes on the sides will be intact, they have been doing this on 4:3 footage since last year starting with the Ricky Steamboat DVD.

    The only King if the Ring footage that will be shown in HD are the 2008 and 2010 ones from RAW (if those will be on).

  13. The Champ says:

    I wonder if Best of King of the Ring is the best of the tournaments or the Pay Per Views….

  14. Anonymous says:

    hope to see the missing king of the ring winners from 1985-1991 which is magnificent muraco,harley race,macho man,million dollar man,tito santana,and bret hart. if so then i’m good.

  15. Anonymous says:

    LP1 I couldn’t have said it better myself. They are so ass backwards it’s ridiculous. How they went from putting ppv’s on Blu Ray to not is beyond me. But it’s just like there product it’s completely out of touch.

  16. brad attitude says:

    i hope the king of the ring matches wont have stupid borders on the sides.

  17. LP1 says:

    So the King Of The Ring DVD gets the Blu-ra treatment, but Survivor Series doesn’t. This makes perfect sense considering none of the King Of The Ring ppv’s were recorded in HD. Plus The Rock returning at Madison Square Garden won’t be worthy of a Blu-ray release? I’m pretty sure that show will sell much more than the average ppv release. Another genius move by WWE.