Cover Art for Kofi Kingston Boom! DVD Included In WWE UK Magazine

March 28, 2011 by Daniel Bee

As we reported on some time ago, WWE’s “Kofi Kingston: Boom! Boom Boom!” is making it on to DVD in the UK, included with the May 2011 edition of WWE Magazine.

This is a 75-min version of the feature which previously aired on PPV and Classics on Demand in the USA (2-hour runtime).

The magazine hits stores in the UK this coming Friday (April 1st) priced at £4.99 and the DVD will be included in a carboard sleeve, the cover art for which is revealed below!


According to WWE UK Magazine the matches featured on the DVD are: vs. Chris Jericho (Intercontinental Championship 2008), vs. The Miz (United States Championship 2009) & vs. Randy Orton (TLC 2009). Additionally the segments looking at Kofi’s childhood in Ghana, trophy collection, aerial ability, his stint in WWE so far and what the future holds are included. More info.


Below is a video preview we made of the Kofi DVD:  

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  1. hiten says:

    yeah im from the UK. im gonna try WHsmith tomorrow hopefully theres 1 there with a dvd in it….i just went to my local newsagent they had the magazine but no dvd in it…

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    As far as I’m aware it’s meant to be included with every copy. It’s only in the UK version of WWE Magazine though, do you know that?

  3. hiten says:

    will this dvd be inside every wwe issue or just a imited few? as i seen the magazine today in a shop and there was no dvd? so gonna go to another store to find one with a dvd??? i know it comes out 1st of April but they already have it in a few stores i guess

  4. Daniel Bee says:

    Got it then Mr McFarlace? 🙂

  5. Rob L says:

    That is one competition I would definitely be getting involved in. All the other competitions were good but I already had the DVD’s. And I would love to see some pics if you have them.

  6. You want a couple of Pictures of the Disc & Back of box Mr Bee?

  7. Daniel Bee says:

    No word I’m afraid. We may be running competitions soon for this one though and entry can be worldwide. The winners would just need the means to play a Region 2 DVD.

  8. Rob L says:

    Any word on an American release?

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