Exclusive: WWE The Ladder Match 2: Crash and Burn DVD Cover Revealed

August 13, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Back with another WWEDVDNews.com exclusive reveal, here’s the official cover artwork for the sequel to the first Ladder Match DVD, WWE The Ladder Match 2: Crash and Burn!

A 3-Disc DVD (2-Disc Blu-ray) compilation packed with matches and highlights from one of WWE’s most popular and brutal match types. The much anticipated sequel to the extremely successful original Ladder Match set, one of the biggest selling DVDs in WWE history.


It’s the veritable definition of “high risk, high reward” in sports entertainment—a rich reward hangs high above the ring and a superstar must climb a ladder to win the match and retrieve the prize. But the falls from the ladders can be devastating, and the punishment one can inflict when using the cold steel ladders as weapons can be brutal. The first Ladder Match DVD in 2007 was one of the biggest-selling DVDs in WWE History, and now the Ladder Match is back with an all-new collection of memorable bouts from WWE, WCW, ECW, and more in The Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn.

WWE The Ladder Match 2: Crash and Burn will hit stores first in the USA on October 11th.

The latest from Silvervision.co.uk in Europe is that they will stock this one after the Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD. An estimate would be November or December.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great cover!One of the best no doubt!

  2. Steven says:

    The only match I want on this set is Money in the Bank from WM23, where Jeff Hardy did that sick legdrop on Edge on the ladder that was amazing.

  3. TfreakingK says:

    I hope ther arn’t repeat matches from the last dvd. And, I would like to see more matches from Raw’s and Smackdown’s than matches from PPV’s

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome cover!

  5. John says:

    That is a nice cover! I already pre-ordered the Blu-Ray!

  6. Anonymous says:

    i like to see GOLDBERG vs SCOTT HALL,SID vs GOLDBERG vs SCOTT HALL vs BRET HART from nitro for the u.s title.and CHRISTIAN vs SHELTON BENJAMIN.also DUSTY RHODES vs TULLY BLANCHARD from great american bash 87,will be cool to see because it’s super rare.

  7. william says:

    bret hart vs bad news allen stampede
    big boss man vs mankind raw98
    e&c vs hardys raw 00
    eddie tajiri vs wgtt judgementday03
    rvd vs christian 03
    hardys vs wgtt ons07
    edge vs hardy ons09
    eliminators vs sabu rvd
    eddie vs syxx sold out 97
    mcmahons vs austin kotr 99
    sheamus vs morrison tlc10
    dont see how they can make 9 hours out of this

  8. Brad Attitude says:

    i know ppl have already mentioned them but i would like to see the following matches on the dvd set as they are lost/forgotten gems:

    eddie guerrero & tajiri vs benjamin & haas – judgment day 2003
    money in the bank #2 – wrestlemania 22
    christian vs. rob van dam – raw 2003
    money in the bank #4 – wrestlemania 24 (great match)

  9. Anonymous says:

    please wwe put dusty rhodes vs tully blanchard barbwire ladder match on this set.another lost classic gem.

  10. Dave says:


    The RVD/Christian match is on the RVD One of a Kind DVD and the Austin vs. McMahons is on the McMahon DVD.

    Never knew there was a Mysterio vs. Ultimo Dragon ladder match from Nitro. Highly doubt Benoit vs. Jarrett will make, it was a great match but i don’t think WWE will include it. I could see Hall/Goldberg being in.

  11. LovexYouxLotsx says:

    they are the only ones i could think of it wud be better to have the jericho hbk and egde and jeff ladder matches on this set i doubt people are going to buy those 2 sets just for the those 2 ladder matches when they could just buy this releases with both of those matches in the set ur saving time space and money and its more convitent and they both great matches that deserve to be on the set.
    By the way the list was unreleased matches that have never been realesed thats why the list was small if were to include other matches they are already on other sets!!

  12. Anonymous says:


    Actually both the Jericho/HBK and Edge/Hardy ladder matches were released already, on Jericho’s and the History of the World title DVDs. The list of noteworthy unreleased matches is actually pretty small.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see Bret Hart vs. Bad News Allen from stampede wrestling, to show the roots of the ladder match and the Money in the Bank from Wresltmania 22. Anything with RVD would be cool. But most of the recent stuff just bores the hell out of me and a volume 2 will probably be overkill for one type of match. Maybe its worth noting that Volume 1 did not include the Wrestlemania X match, but I’m sure everybody is sick of even hearing about that one.

  14. LovexYouxLotsx says:

    Heres is a list of unreleased Ladder Matches that they could put in:

    ECW Cyberslam 1997 – The Eliminators vs Rob Van Dam and Sabu Tables and Ladder Match for The Tag Team Championship.
    ECW Guilty as Charged 2001 – Sandman vs Corino vs Credible Ladder Match for The ECW Championship.
    ECW 2006 – RVD vs Sabu Ladder Match.
    ECW 2006 – The Big Show vs RVD Ladder Match.

    WCW Nitro – Rey Mysterio Jr vs Ultimo Dragon Ladder Match.
    WCW Nitro 1999 – Scott Hall vs Bam Bam Bigelow Ladder Match.
    WCW Starrcade 1999 – Chris Benoit vs Jeff Jarrett Ladder Match
    for The United States Championship.
    WCW Souled Out 1999 – Goldberg vs Scott Hall Ladder/Tazer Match.

    WWF House Show 1996 – Shawn Michaels vs Goldust Ladder Match for
    The WWF Championship.
    WWF Raw 1998 – Big Bossman vs Mankind Ladder Match for
    The WWF Hardcore Championship
    WWF King Of The Ring 1999 – Vince and Shane McMahon vs Stone Cold Ladder Match for The Total Control of WWF.
    WWF Raw 2000 – Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz Ladder Match
    For The WWF Tag Team Championship.

    WWE Judgement Day 2003 – Eddie Guerrero And Tajiri vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team Ladder Match for The Tag Team Championship.
    WWE Raw 2003 – RVD vs Christian Ladder Match.
    WWE No Mercy 2008 – Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels Ladder Match for
    The World Heavyweight Championship.
    WWE Extreme Rules 2009 – Edge vs Jeff Hardy Ladder Match for
    The World Heavyweight Championship.
    WWE TLC 2010 – John Morrison vs Sheamus Ladder Match.
    WWE Extreme Rules 2011 – Christian vs Alberto Del Rio Ladder Match for
    The World Heavyweight Championship.

    Let me Know what you think and what needs to be added to the list if i missed out 🙂

  15. Paul says:

    The cover looks awesome but it looks photoshopped to me. Look how high Kofi is above the ladder! I don’t recall a match in which Kofi was that high from the ring! Still great looking cover though..

  16. shacmasta says:

    Hope they’ve dug up some hidden gems from the past that we may not know about. Besides the bunch of Ladder matches that have taken place since the last dvd set.

  17. indyfan says:

    they need to put on stairway to hell matches from ECW. And matches from WCW. I don’t want just recent ladder matches and MITB matches. This is going to be hard for them to pull off. One thing is for sure this won’t be 9 hours of footage like teh first DVD set.

  18. SRB says:

    I have to agree with Dan. I really like that WWE is playing off of the first DVD release. Since WWE really does not do sequels with their DVDs too much I am glad they are going with this as a very obvious sequel. I also have a fear that a lot of these matches will be filled with MITB stuff, especially since the cover is revealing a MITB match itself. As far as the cover itself goes I do like the logo but am not 100% on the picture chosen.

  19. Anonymous says:

    awesome cover.probably the second best cover this year next to randy orton’s dvd cover.i hope they put goldberg vs scott hall taser/ladder match on this set.

  20. Shawn says:

    Ladder matches that I want to see on here – sure, the recent ones from PPVs like Christian-Del Rio, Morrison-Sheamus and the Fatal 4-Way TLC with Edge, Mysterio, Del Rio, and Kane, but also how about RVD-Christian from 2003? Hardys-E&C from 2000 which I believe was the night after the Cage match at Unforgiven, Eddie & Tajiri vs Haas & Benjamin from Judgment Day ’03, Hardys vs Haas & Benjamin from ONS ’07, and of course Jericho-HBK from No Mercy. Just don’t get lazy and fill it up with Money in the Bank. I think there are a few WWE matches that can dot the lineup in addition to the WCW/ECW matches.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ya unlike the hbk/hart DVD cover this is good I like it

  22. Ricky Schmidt says:

    I’ll pick this up, but what the hell can they put on it that’s not already on the first one?

  23. stestaman says:

    Beautiful cover, I hope that the content is it so well, but I have little hope, many of the best ladder match are already on the first collection

  24. The Champ says:

    I agree.

    Good cover.

  25. Daniel Bee says:

    This cover does the job, playing off the same style as the original DVD.

  26. teamDeXtreme says:

    This should be awesome!!!!!!! definately getting this!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jamie says:

    Looks cool

  28. The Champ says:

    Hope this DVD features lots of WCW and ECW ladder matches, because I can’t think of many WWE ladder matches yet to be released

  29. Anonymous says:

    I would go bananas if they included the Corino/Sandman/Credible ladder match from GAC 2001. PLEASE WWE! IM BEGGING YOU!

  30. william says:

    i dont know about the cover and the matchs most likely will be newer like edge taker hbk y2h morrison sheamus and del rio christian so dont really know about this set

  31. There have been so many wrestlers who have defined the ladder matches. To name a few, Edge, Christian, Hardys, Dudleys, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, the list goes on forever. Yet, the cover features Kofi Kingston, who’s not even that good a high flier if you compare him to some high flying legends, doing a boom drop which appears to have gained a lot more height on the cover than it actually did. That’s just pathetic.

  32. matthew says:

    the cover looks cool to me…..can’t wait

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