WWE To Release Limited Edition VHS Version of WrestleMania 31 – Full Details!

April 1, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 31 - Seth Rollins Wins World Heavyweight Championship

A limited edition VHS of WrestleMania 31 will be produced and sold this year.

WWE has been known to treat collectors in the UK and Europe to an array of PPV exclusives in the form of Blu-ray editions over the past several years, but the news of a limited edition VHS version scheduled to hit the UK in small numbers this June comes as a shocker.

It has been close to a decade since the last VHS tapes were released by the company.

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WWE WrestleMania 31 on VHS - Limited Edition

WWEDVD.co.uk Presents – WrestleMania 31 VHS Limited Edition…








WWE WrestleMania 31 on DVD & Blu-ray






So, did you fall for that?


Would you have purchased a VHS for old times’ sake? Comment below this article.




As per usual, WWE will release WrestleMania 31 on DVD and Blu-ray formats.

Fans across the United States will get it from May 5th, fans in Australia also from May 5th, and lastly fans in the UK and elsewhere in Europe from June 1st via WWEDVD.co.uk.

The planned cover artwork (as of now), official synopsis and pre-order information for the WrestleMania 31 DVD and Blu-ray (not VHS!) where you are all follow below.
WWE WrestleMania 31 DVD Cover Artwork

WWE heads to the West Coast for its biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 31! This year in the brand new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, WWE Superstars compete to add their names to the list of WrestleMania legends.

The 2015 Royal Rumble winner, Roman Reigns, sets his sights on WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar! Can Reigns topple the beast and win his first ever World Heavyweight Championship or will Brock Lesnar add Roman Reigns to his growing list of conquests?

Meanwhile John Cena looks to reclaim the US title from Rusev, Sting’s first ever WWE match against Triple H, Bray Wyatt comes face to face with Undertaker plus action from Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, AJ Lee and many more! This 3 Disc set will feature all the action plus backstage footage AND the WWE 2015 Hall of Fame Ceremony!

Stay tuned, the extras list for the WM31 DVD and Blu-ray shouldn’t be far away!

Included in the extras of last year’s WrestleMania DVD/Blu-ray was the full Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the pre-show match, selected content from the “WrestleMania Today” shows broadcast on the WWE Network prior to the event, and more segments.

WWE WrestleMania 31 Blu-ray Cover Artwork

Pre-order WrestleMania 31 on DVD or Blu-ray (not VHS!)…


USA: May 5th. Pre-order now here on Amazon.com.

Australia: May 5th. Pre-order now via WWEDVD.com.au.

UK/Europe: June 1st. Pre-order now from WWEDVD.co.uk.


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  1. Johnny Blaze says:

    DON’T tempt me…..I CAN do that you know. I know people will buy it up as well. If I were to sell as a two-tape set, it will sell.

  2. Mark Markson says:

    I knew it was an April fools joke right away. I don’t think there are any places left that produce VHS tapes. Cassette tapes, they are still produced here in 2015 believe it or not, but there aren’t many places left that still produce them.

  3. RCS1988 says:

    The only way that it would fit in 3 hours is removing America the Beautiful, concert, video packages, backstage segments, and the preshow stuff. Only the 7 matches would fit on the 3 hour VHS tape.

  4. Jason Burks says:

    I totally would have considered getting a copy on vhs. I still have an operable vhs player that still plays great. VHS tapes are still quite collectable. It would have been a great one to have.

  5. sophie crane says:

    Oh God, They Sure Had Me Fooled.

  6. Richard W says:

    I actually still own a VHS machine and yes, I would have bought one but then once I saw it was a UK exclusive, then that kind of deflated that idea in a hurry for me.

  7. motorhead says:

    the “3-hour” line gave the joke away. just sayin…

  8. Charlie Brick says:

    Whether it was true or not, I did not take interest. Now had the announcement been they were releasing Wrestlemania 31 on BETA, that’d be messing with my emotions! I love BETA! Damn VHS for ending a good thing!

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      history seems to repeat itself in a way:

      BETA gave a much better picture and sound than VHS…but still VHS won…problaly because a BETA MAX machine was bigger and weighed a ton or so..

      today, we seem to have a similar situation regarding DVD vs Bluray, since appearently the demand for DVD’s is much bigger than Bluray, and the perception appearently is, that Bluray is not much better than DVD…which simply is NOT true, just like BETA MAX was classes better than VHS..

      But, guess, it is depending on, how much you focus on details.. but, I’m with you there..I miss the BETA too.. πŸ™‚

      • Charlie Brick says:

        Bring back the BETA! Can you imagine the beautiful “hissing” of that beta tape as it plays Wrestlemania 31?! That sound alone was the original surround sound if you ask me!

      • Fox says:

        VHS actually only won out because they made the format available to the pornography industry, where as Beta did not…and that turned out to be a HUGE chunk of $$$ in the 80’s. Oops Beta!

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          damn skin-job industry.. -lol-

        • Shane C. Montgomery says:

          No Kidding, I never knew that and I always wondered why VHS beat out Beta. I had a Laser Disc player years ago that had a good picture but the movies were the size of large LPs.

  9. Revenge of the Seth says:

    Ha ha ha. Nice one. You literally got me there. Grew up in the VHS era, saw the transition to DVD in my teenage years. I still wish everything was VHS!

    • no says:

      you wish everything was on a worse format that broke faster?


      • Revenge of the Seth says:

        The exclamation mark at the end of the sentence was used to indicate that I was joking. But obvious isn’t obvious enough for you.

  10. Charles says:

    Is there some video games tips at the end of the feature presentation?

  11. Justin Clinger says:

    I was hoping it was real. I would have got it.

  12. Happy Harry Brunswick says:

    While vhs is slowly gaining popularity among horror fans, I highly doubted any wrestling fan would buy a bus copy….nice try old chap, nice try

  13. Laine says:

    It was simple and believable. Nice job WDN!! WELL DONE!

  14. Kenny says:

    The Coliseum Video of WrestleMania IV was 4 hours, and they made it a double cassette package. Would’ve been cool to have done that with this, too.

  15. THOMAS says:

    @DanielBee, I hope you are carrying on with me dude, you tell me the reason why they’re doing a limited edition of WrestleMania XXXI on VHS for anyway

  16. THOMAS says:

    I will reconsider of buying the Limited Edition of WrestleMania 31 on VHS & buy the 3 dvd set as well

  17. THOMAS says:

    I don’t see the point of me buying the Limited Edition of WrestleMania 31 on VHS at all

  18. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Well played, WDN, well played.

    Do you have an inside track on what the extras might be? I would like to see them go back to Raw and Smackdown highlights.

  19. Dale says:

    I would’ve preferred a VHS to a DVD or Blu-Ray, only problem is I don’t have anything to play it on, but yeah, I would buy a VHS of wrestlemania 31

  20. attitude.era.4life says:

    WWEDVD.co.uk already changed it from 3 hours to 4 hours on the cassette cover.. maybe, if you could ad an -Approx.- to the 3 hours, it would be really like good old times, only, this time, we get more, and not like back then, less, than the Approx. runtimes. -lol-

  21. Kenny says:

    The tab on the back of the tape is still intact, meaning you can even record over it if you were so inclined. I thought that was odd, but otherwise, you definitely got me. Lol!

  22. HoboHealy says:

    Had me right up until the image itself saying “The entire 3 hour show!”… Considering Wrestlemania was 4 hours πŸ˜›

  23. Wonderllama says:

    Ugh. April Fools is so lame!

  24. Steve says:

    I fell for it hook line and sinker. In the few moments before I scrolled down I was wondering if I still had a VHS player, but then figured it would just be a nice homage to all the WWF videos I owned and worked with at SV. Damn you πŸ˜‰

  25. RabidHeat says:

    I actually believed it then – obviously I didn’t believe anybody would watch a VHS (or even have the equipment to do so now), but I still thought it could be produced in small quantities as a collector’s item – daft thing is I believe it would actually sell quite well amongst hardcore collectors!

  26. attitude.era.4life says:

    niiiice one, Daniel and rest of WDN team.. admitted, you got me there for a second or two, untill I scrolled down the site.. -lol-

    but, naaaah.. I would’nt get a VHS version of something that is avaliable on DVD/Bluray..unless, it had exciting content only to be avaliable on the good old Play-Rewind-Tape stuck in Player – media. πŸ˜‰

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