Review of WWE Kofi Kingstom Boom! DVD (UK WWE Mag Exclusive)

April 3, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here’s a mini review of Kofi Kingstom: Boom! Boom! Boom! DVD which was released as a bonus on the May 2011 edition of WWE Magazine in the UK.

The DVD menu is very basic, just a graphic with “Play Movie” to select at the bottom but let’s keep in mind this is just a bonus disc on WWE Magazine.

The features starts off with very cool intro on Kofi Kingstom (you can watch this in the video below). Then we get Kofi briefly talking about growing up wanting to be a wrestler which was a nice little story of him achieving the dream he had as a youngster. There’s some talk about Jamaica, putting across that it was his gimmick initally because it had a big influence it had on his life. Then on to a look at his “high flying” ability. These are all very quick segments.

The first match on here is vs. Jericho at Night of Champions 2008. Right around when Jericho had turned heel (still wearing pants) and feuding with Michaels, he had this match with Kofi on PPV with his Intercontinental Championship on the line. Very enjoyable, fast paced, lots of great moves and HBK involvement at the end costing Y2J the win. This gave Kofi a great jump start. Jericho’s promo before the match is included here too which is cool, what a feud it was with Michaels. We should be talking about Kofi though..

Back to the segments with Kofi talking now and it’s quickly jumping to each different one. Firs up collection of replica belts of the championships he’s won, along with a belt he made growing up as a wrestling fan which is a nice touch. Shows his amazement at being on a T-Shirt, WWE Magazine and all the other merchandise. Talks how he and WWE came up with his logo. Wrestlemania 14 is referenced as being the moment he knew he wanted to be a WWE Superstar. The feature shows his Tough Enough tape where he talked of wanting to get in the ring with The Rock and Stone Cold amongst others. I didn’t know he had applied to that. Then a quick tour of his house and Kofi talks destroying Orton’s car, which nice to look back on.

Second match on the disc is vs. The Miz for the United States Championship at Breaking Point 2009. This is a decent match too. Back and forth showcasing the talents of both up and coming stars. Not breathtaking but enjoyable.

Next up, Kofi talks about brawling with Orton in the crowd at MSG (whilst he watches it again on a screen) which led to the “boom drop” through the table. This was a great moment and a very nice addition to this DVD to have Kofi give his thoughts on it. Kofi looks back on the history at MSG and getting his MSG “moment”.

The third and final match on this bonus DVD is from TLC 2009 vs. Randy Orton. Included here is the backstage promo before the match with Kofi, Legacy and Orton which looking back was quite an impactful one, nice to have with the match on here. On to the match and it’s certainly enjoyable. This was a great feud and Orton looking back, that I wish had gone further. It also does emphasise that Orton’s character is so much better as a heel, at least in my book.

It concludes with Kofi discussing his WWE future somewhat, in which he says he has a lot more goals yet to achieve and he’s only getting better.

The segments with Kofi talking are all good and somewhat intriguing but my gripe is that the DVD jumps from one to the other far too quickly. The matches are pretty good, can’t say they were bad matches, just that they are all available on PPV DVDs already. The DVD is short at 75 minutes and you definitely notice that when watching it but obviously it’s just a magazine bonus. Definitely still good to have in the collection.

Picture quality looked very good but in my opinion the sound quality may have been a little off, though I’m not entirely sure. Since it’s just a freebie don’t expect the production values usually seen on UK DVDs by Silvervision but it’s still good. In retrospect I would have liked to see the full 2-hour feature released on DVD (that was halted in 2010) and looking back on some of Kofi’s best moments on “Boom!”, it’s disappointing his big push was cut short like it was.

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  1. Daniel Bee says:

    I’ll test whether it’s region free or not at some point!

  2. Justin says:

    @ Jordan

    I believe you have to have a DVD player specific to the UK region. Playing the DVD on an American player won’t work.

  3. I enjoyed It for the Most part, They should do this More often where they give away Free Mini DVD’s Containing about 60 Minutes of an Original one, Encouraging you to buy the Actual DVD to see the rest. Unfortunatley though in this Case, Kingston has No full DVD that we can Purchase!

  4. Jordan says:

    Would you guys mind using this DVD as a win a WWE DVD for your contest because I am a huge Kofi fan, also, I am in America,would it play on a North America DVD player(Region 1 I believe?)

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