More Details on WWE Main Event DVD (Get it Worldwide), SummerSlam Spoiler?

June 25, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Best of Main Event DVD - UK Magazine Exclusive

As mentioned, a new “Best of WWE Main Event” DVD comes with the latest WWE Magazine in the United Kingdom, available this week through newsagents and selected supermarkets.

If you’re outside of the UK and cannot get your hands on it, here are a few ways to get one:

• Enter our giveaway which started yesterday here to win a FREE copy!
This eBay seller has them for US $24.99 shipped worldwide.
This eBay seller is offering them for the same price.

Below are a few screenshots from the DVD. The current plan (subject to change) is for this to be the first volume in a series of four Main Event themed DVDs with the UK magazine.

The Best of WWE Main Event DVD - Screenshot

The Best of WWE Main Event DVD - Screenshot

The Best of WWE Main Event DVD - Screenshot

Speaking of UK exclusives, below is the cover artwork for the Undertaker and Kane “Brothers of Destruction” Blu-ray edition, slated for September release. Fans in the UK and Europe, look out for a chance to pre-order it in the coming weeks through

Extra matches for the Blu-ray will be revealed soon!

WWE Brothers of Destruction - Undertaker & Kane Blu-ray Cover

Found here on in the SummerSlam 2014 DVD listing is new poster artwork for the PPV event, potentially spoiling a John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar main event.

Also of note is that the release date of the SummerSlam DVD/Blu-ray looks to have been moved from September 2nd to September 16th for the United States market.

WWE SummerSlam 2014 PPV Poster - Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

The new WWE DVD releases planned for July – Payback 2014 and “United We Slam: The Best of Great American Bash” have now been listed for pre-order here on

Those two titles join the “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman” DVD/Blu-ray which had already been listed there recently, and is to be released in August.

New Paul Heyman WWE DVD at WWEShop

Now available is “Timeline: The History of ECW – 2000”, with special guest Justin Credible!

That was released earlier this week by Kayfabe Commentaries. You can get a copy on DVD or stream it instantly over at Check out the trailer below.


New WWE DVDs on

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  1. THOMAS says:

    So I believe that the new artwork PPV Poster for SummerSlam 2014 will be used as the Promotional PPV Poster for the WWE SummerSlam event & for the artwork for the dvd as well.

  2. Thomas Goodearl says:

    Just bought 2, one for me and the other for eBay on a rainy day 🙂

    Sometimes I love living in the UK 🙂

  3. THOMAS says:

    @KING111 I agree with you, the new WWE logo is awful looking, a temporary mistake for the Poster artwork for WWE SummerSlam 2014 event from

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I’m sure the poster is intended to be as is. Whether the plan of Cena/Brock sticks remains to be seen. Guessing it probably will happen.

  4. Justin F says:

    I’m hoping WWE starts to price the PPV DVDs at $10.

  5. Luke Jordan says:

    Does anyone know how come the Brothers of Destruction BD has the new WWE logo on the front but the old one for the WWE home video?

  6. King1111 says:

    The new WWE Logo is awful

  7. THOMAS says:

    I hope that will be the actual Promotional PPV Poster for the 27th Annual WWE SummerSlam event in August

  8. LP1 says:

    September 16th makes more sense for the SummerSlam release. As I mentioned when the original release date was first announced, it didn’t make sense that SummerSlam would be released on the 2nd. That’s only 2 weeks after the PPV. I guess they finally caught the mistake.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Yeah, I think it was you who speculated that WWE may now be getting the PPV DVDs out a bit quicker after the events as one way to tackle them being on the Network instantly. Shame that’s not the case.

      • LP1 says:

        Yup. It would’ve been really cool to have them out earlier. I believe the fact they’re still airing on traditional PPV is what is holding them back. Most PPV providers have that 30 day window of exclusivity. Then again with the events airing on the Network I don’t know how that exclusivity deal is still in play.

  9. Mrwhisler08 says:

    All they did was photoshop Cena where Triple H was on the 2012 Summer Slam poster.

  10. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Great Brothers of Destruction on Blu Ray is gonna be a UK Exclusive >_< thanks WWE no offense UK residents….

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