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May 21, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Here to watch is the new WrestleMania 29 DVD trailer, which has been airing on WWE programming as of late.

The WrestleMania 29 DVD and Blu-ray are available now in the US via, and hit Canada tomorrow through

Next month will release WrestleMania to the UK and Europe.

WWE Mid South Wrestling UWF

Jim Ross has shared some more updates on the upcoming Mid-South Wrestling DVD in a recent blog entry. He confirms that WWE will be releasing the feature in September, as a 3 disc set. JR reiterated that the DVD will not contain a documentary as such, but will feature new interviews with stars involved in the promotion.

Some of the biz’ biggest stars will be highlighted when they were just getting started including the duo of the Bladerunners, Sting and Rock aka the Ultimate Warrior, young Rob Ricksteiner who became the incomparable Dog Face Gremlin Rick Steiner, the Midnight Express vs. Rock n Roll Express rivalry which was as good as it gets in tag team wrestling that I ever witnessed, and even some RARE footage of yours truly going to a Muslim Church with Muhammad Ali and my poolside interviews with “The Champ” at this LA home prior to him coming to Mid South for a Super Dome show, and SO much more.

Congratulations to @jericok, the winner of 4 WWE DVDs in our giveaway yesterday!

There’s another chance to win a prize tonight – during Monday Night Raw you can win a copy of the Best of Monday Nitro Vol. 2 Blu-ray. All you’ve got to do is follow us on Twitter (@WWEDVDNews) and any time during Raw tweet with hashtag #WINBLURAY.

WWE Best of WCW Nitro Volume 2 Blu-ray

When Raw finishes we’ll choose a winner at random! Entry is open worldwide.

Linda McMahon shared some more photos on her Facebook of her spent time at WWE Studios last week, where she was interviewed for multiple WWE DVD projects. We speculate that these are the History of WWE and Triple H biography sets, which as you know are on the schedule for later this year.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the interviews I did for some future DVDs. Such a talented team and a state-of-the-art facility. What an enjoyable day at WWE!

WWE Linda McMahon at WWE Studios

WWE Linda McMahon at WWE Studios

Which WWE DVD/Blu-ray are you looking forward to the most - History of WWE or Triple H?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d rather see proper and impartial History of WCW and History of Mid-Atlantic/JCP DVD sets than see either the History of the WWE or History of Mid-South.

    I really wonder what market there truly is for the Mid-South set when you consider that the footage sold such limited numbers over the last 10 years on the free market that the Watts family finally decided to sell it.

    These people who are acting like they want to see it probably have no idea what the promotion is about. Mid South featured as two of their top performers Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Who in their right mind wants to pay to watch anything with these two being the headliners? Those who say they do are likely confusing it with either the Memphis promotion that held their major crowds in the Mid-South Coliseum or with Mid-Atlantic wrestling, the precursor to the NWA Jim Crockett Promotions territory that had all of the greats and was probably the best promotion in the beginning around 1976 through to its last day.

    • Calcifer says:

      To be fair, when Watt’s ex sold it, there was no publicity for it and a single TV taping was $25. Of course it wasn’t going to sell.

      This, on the other hand, will be mine the first day. Mid South was an amazing territory and rightfully should have lasted longer, if not for circumstance.

  2. Asaf says:

    History of WWE could be the greatest DVD ever if they go into darker days of the company, like Vince McMahon’s trial and sex scandals, doing shows in Germany and Israel because US business were poor, etc. If it’s just a commercial for the company it won’t sell much.

    • Anonymous says:

      It will be a commercial with a very light discussion on the steroid scandal, as well as the WBF and XFL. My guess is that there’ll be no Benoit nor sex scandal.

      Honestly, who cares about these repeat-filled sets? Like I really care to watch their propaganda documentaries. Those haven’t been anywhere near close to being impartial since around 2009. Since that time it’s become noticeably propaganda filled.

  3. John Peterson says:

    I never do stuff like this,But for anyone who collects TNA Dvds,heres some big news.For those who have been trying to get TNA No Surrender 2005,It is now on SHOPTNA.COM For 7.49.Thought I would pass on this news if its ok.Also Genesis 2013 is available as well

  4. Kenny says:

    For the record, I voted for the History of WWE over the Hunter DVD, but I’m VERY MUCH looking forward to the Hunter DVD as well. I think that’s going to be a very fascinating and intriguing documentary.

  5. Kane's Mother says:

    How does one get the job of interviewing Vince’s wife? I’d have a few questions of my own…

    • Kenny says:

      Lol! Yeah, I would too…but you know they’re not going for the honest and confrontational route here. 😉

  6. Velvita says:

    Got To Look Forward With Triple H’s DVD I’ve been waiting for his 3 disk set for WAY to long

  7. indyfan says:

    Heres History of the WWE featuring repeats and clipped matches from the 60s!! I really hope im wrong.

    • Dude says:

      You’re right. They should definitely put never before seen random hidden matches to represent the HISTORY OF THE WWE. I’m sure there will be some new stuf, but how do you do history and not include some classics? Cmon. plus the doc will be the main selling point anyway if everyone talks about steroids and xfl and benoit

      • David says:

        Yea, i feel this set will include some matches that were significant – some repeats i could think of that will likely make this set are:

        Hulk Hogan vs. Iron Sheik – Hogan wins WWF title (birth of Hulkamania)
        Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant – Wrestlemania 3
        Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels – Survivor Series 1997
        Stone Cold vs. Shawn Michaels – Wrestlemania 14
        Stone Cold vs. The Rock – Wrestlemania 17

        But i agree with what you said, i think the documentary will be the main selling point. WWE has a rich history and hopefully it will be about 3 hours like the Rise and Fall of ECW.

        But people not expecting repeats are really kidding themselves and have unrealistic expectations. A set like this WWE can get away from with releasing those big significant matches that were included on prior sets. At least this time references to WWF will not be edited and blurred.

    • Kenny says:

      Not to make excuses, but I have a feeling that some of the significant 60s and 70s footage may be pretty beat up and may require being clipped to make it broadcast-friendly. Not that I’d argue seeing the entire Bruno vs. Koloff title change, but if they feel it’s better to clip it up, I understand.

      As far as repeats, I have a feeling that this is a set that will REQUIRE it. What matches would you expect on a DVD chronicling the history and significant points in WWE? Everything that you would expect to see from the national expansion through today will require a good number of repeats. But that’s fine. I expect that with a piece on this topic. I would be rather perplexed if we didn’t have Hogan vs. Andre, Rock vs. Austin, Bret vs. Shawn match from Montreal, etc. But hey, ya never know!

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