Revealed: Cover Artwork for WWE ‘Monday Night War Vol. 1 – Shots Fired’ DVD

April 10, 2015 by Mark D

WWE Monday Night War Vol. 1 DVD Cover Artwork Revealed!

Fancy taking a look at the cover of another upcoming WWE DVD release?

How about “The Monday Night War Volume 1: Shots Fired” DVD? If that’s a yes, you’re in luck because today here at we have that very cover art!

The mammoth 4 disc DVD set (3 disc Blu-ray set) will be packed with the first 10 episodes of the popular WWE Network series and a collection of matches and moments to compliment them. A new synopsis, revealed below with the cover, refers to the episode on Stone Cold Steve Austin as episode 4, so it’s possible the order is different for Home Video release.

“The Monday Night War Volume 1: Shots Fired” will hit stores on July 7th for fans in the United States. The DVD and Blu-ray is also scheduled to release to Australia in July and is expected to follow on to fans in the UK and elsewhere in Europe this August.

Monday Night War WWE DVD Cover Artwork


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Official Synopsis…

Two companies. One goal – to be the only name in sports-entertainment. This 20-episode WWE Network series delivers the in-depth stories of both Vince McMahon’s WWE and Ted Turner’s WCW, as they battle head to head in a primetime power struggle that forever changed the face of sports entertainment.

Part four follows the path of Stone Cold Steve Austin from relative no-name in WCW to era-defining megastar in WWE. WCW unveils a potent new weapon, Goldberg. Plus, WCW cruiserweights take to the skies.


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Speaking of covers, the artwork for “It’s Good To Be The King: The Jerry Lawler Story” was revealed yesterday. The US version cover art came through today – so take another look!

WWE has the new Jerry Lawler DVD and Blu-ray set planned as their big Home Video offering in May, along with the release of WrestleMania 31 on DVD and Blu-ray also.

WWE Jerry Lawler - It's Good To Be The King DVD Cover

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  1. Anan says:

    Honestly not a fan of the cover. What it does (for me) is send the message that says during that time, DX was the most important thing. They were definitely important. But so was the nWo, Austin, Goldberg, Taker, Sting, Vince, Bischoff. The cover IMO should have incorporated the major aspect of each of the 10 episodes, namely the aforementioned talent as there were episodes dedicated on them as well as on the women and celebrity involvement during this time.

  2. Foley is Good says:

    Not a fan of this cover but maybe it will be reversible. Maybe it will come with a booklet to tell you the contents of DVD/Blu ray and the other side of cover will be a WCW cover. Lets you decide what cover you want.

  3. John says:

    That is an awful awful cover

  4. Ron says:

    I rarely post opinions regarding DVD covers, but this one is a complete joke.

    This set is dedicated entirely to the the Monday night wars with WCW, and yet between DX, Vince and the Raw ring, the cover is 100% WWE? Who did they go to war with?
    Where’s the nWo? Sting? Bischoff? Nitro logo? Anything?

    Also, with the episodes being readily available on the network, I highly doubt this will sell enough copies for them to actually justify producing a volume 2.
    This will probably end up being like the old “Raw – Best Of Seasons 1&2” which never had any subsequent volumes and that was well before the launch of the network. This is a completely redundant release.

    • Foley is Good says:

      They also say there will be extras and matches but between Best of Nitro, NWO, and all the releases of Attitude wrestler sets I can’t think of much that hasn’t already been released that is covered in Monday Night War miniseries.

  5. Kenny says:

    Ugh! I endured about 3 or 4 episodes (jumping around), and it was painful to watch. Between WWE making some things out to be more important than they were, the mis-leadings, the convenient absence of certain parts of the story, and the out-right blatant fabrications made in the spirit of “telling a story”… I threw in the towel after the Survivor Series episode.

    I’ll have to see the extras before making a final decision, but right now, I’m skipping this one.

  6. Bandit says:

    Wonder if they are going to include HHH vs Sting from Wrestlemania 31 as a Blu-Ray Extra? Probably be on the second volume.

  7. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Great cover. It’s funny when I read comments saying WWE “re-wrote history” for this documentary. Where? Can anyone provide proof of this? Examples? Who cares who’s on the cover, who won the WM31 match. To the winners go the spoils, right?

    • LP1 says:

      Scroll down and read a reply I made to someone else. It explains some of the revisionist history that WWE created during the documentary.

      • Vicenzzzzzo says:

        What you listed could have been on a WWE vs WCW rivals DVD, but not for the Monday Night War. I know what you’re saying and all, but Black Saturday, the 88 Rumble and so on had nothing to do with the Monday Night War. I guess they could have used that as a catalyst of things to come, but instead they touched on Ted Turners and Vince McMahons prior business partnerships without mentioning all of that.

        • LP1 says:

          All of those incidents I mentioned have everything to do with the Monday Night War. Those were the events that laid the ground work, all the hostility, the bad blood, the corporate shenanigans that went on, between WWF and WCW. Without all those incidents the war wouldn’t have happened. The whole reason Nitro was created was because of the heat between Vince and Turner that went back over a decade. Without talking about the history that lead to the war, it doesn’t give a full and proper perspective of why the war was important. Why was Vince and Turner so mad at eachother? Why did Turner decide to put Nitro on Mondays at 9pm when he could’ve chose any other day and time. Knowing that history between them and the games that were played with eachother, like Vince airing the Survivor Series 87 against Starrcade 87 and Rumble 88 directly against The Bunkhouse Stampede Finals ppv makes people go “Oh ok. Now I understand why Turner went head to head. Because Vince played the same game with him.” There’s a lot of instances like that that could’ve and should’ve been mentioned in the documentary that weren’t.

          • Kenny says:

            I agree.

            While it doesn’t need a lot of time, a solid (and honest) backstory is necessary to tell the story of Nitro vs. Raw.

            The big issue here, in a nutshell, is that WWE, in telling the “story” (that’s key, because stories don’t have to be real), they leave out important information, they overplay certain aspects, and they don’t give a full perspective about the story they’re telling.

            Sure, “to the victor goes the spoils” and “the winner gets to re-write history” and all of those tired clichés, but they are producing this drivel for those of us who lived through and experienced that time as it was going on. We KNOW what we saw, we know when we saw it, and we know what we didn’t see.

            There was liberal use of “creative license” in this “documentary” (their word), and, to borrow a phrase used almost 20 years ago by Vince McMahon, this series insults my intelligence.

            “Vicenzzzzzo”: Out of curiosity, were you a wrestling fan during the mid-to-late 90s?

  8. RabidHeat says:

    I would like to see Madusa’s trashing of the WWF Women’s belt being made the subject of the second volume – with Bischoff’s eyes over the top of it! That would make it the perfect companion cover. But this being WWE, they’ll probably just do a picture of Shane on the next one or something, lol.

  9. Joe Young says:

    The only good episodes were Bret Hart (as they put him in a more positive light this time around by showing footage from “Wrestling With Shadows”) and Bill Goldberg since it was basically his documentary.

  10. Oxf says:

    Damn…I thought those were DDP’s eyes. Never mind, that might’ve made sense.

  11. RanidHeat says:

    Am I the only one who thinks dragging this story out over 20 one-hour episodes was just way too much, spreading it way to thin? There was A LOT of repetition in this series, and I can’t imagine many people re-watching it regularly on DVD. I’d rather just stick with the 2004 ‘Monday Night War’ documentary DVD!

    • Vintage Simon says:

      Agreed. I watched the first one on the Network, but I have absolutely no appetite to see a full 20 hours’ worth. The 2004 documentary was great, and I’ll gladly stick to that.

      That said, if this set includes a load of previously unreleased matches, I might well part with my cash.

    • Shut Up Complaining Smarks says:

      What a bunch of whiners! And complainers! That documentary from 2004 was rushed! There wasn’t much detail to it at all. A lot of key players in the MNW were not interviewed for it either. For TRUE fans of the MNW, a 20 Hour Documentary series is what most of us wanted, and WWE did a phenomenal job covering the MNW in great detail. By breaking the episodes down into topics, they were able to focus on more detail for each topic being discussed. As a fan who actually watched the MNW as it happened, I’m very the way this series turned out. Of course in todays society where most people don’t want to read anything longer then a Twitter comment “because it takes to long” or don’t have the patience to watch a lengthy video series, I can see how you would thing a great series like this is “too long”

      • Paul says:

        It was too long though, I’d basically had enough by episode 4 of them whining and complaining about Nash and Hall jumping ship. Gheez, get over it already.

  12. Roly says:

    The cover looks like one of those cheap, straight to dvd films you see in pound shops.

  13. attitude.era.4life says:

    Vince knows there is still money to be made on the Monday night Wars.. and he can pretty much tell the story the way he likes..wheather we dig it or not, cos he won..

    I myself can not wait to check out these episodes, since I voluntary chooses not to be forever and ever paying part of the Network era, so it was a pleasent surprise to find out, that they release it on multiple discs bluray.

    I do not expect anything but a more in depth version of the 1-disc release dvd from 2004..I do not expect any kind of documentaries coming from the land of WWE to be 100 % real..

    this is wrestling charachters in a fictisious’s realism, blended beautifully into a world created where almost anything could and would happen..

    the Era of Monday Night Wars will forever be the best prove of’s like Hollywood, no more, no less.. I for one, can not wait to check out these 2 releases, and especially what crazy stuff for extras they put on.. 🙂

  14. GEOLINK says:

    Anyone get weird Freddy Kruger vibes with Vince on the top there?

  15. LP1 says:

    Honestly, I have zero interest in the Monday Night War release. I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes on the Network and it was just brutal. WWE’s rewriting of history is just too much. I get that they “won” the war, but I lived through that era as it was happening and I don’t like when BS is thrown at me.

    Vince just can’t get over the Monday Night Wars. WrestleMania 31 was a perfect example. I was at Mania, and the Sting vs Triple H match was an excellent match seeing it live, at least until the ridiculous finish. But once I got home and watched the replay on the Network, oh my god, the commentating during that match just made me hate the match. The whole “Us vs Them” thing that JBL and Cole kept going on about was horrible. “Sting wasn’t a major player”, “Big fish-small pond”, “Welcome to the big leagues”, “The war is FINALLY over”. Ugh! It was terrible. The war was over 14 years ago! Vince just can’t let it go for whatever reason. And of course Triple H had to win because we can’t let a WCW guy beat a WWE guy. That was the story they were telling. Being there live we couldn’t hear any of that garbage and it made the match so much better.

    I’m usually not one to complain about covers, but this cover is another of example of Vince still holding a grudge against a ghost. It’s been a decade and a half since the Monday Night Wars and Vince seriously needs to let it go.

    • SRB says:

      I thought WM31 was the best mania in several years. Besides the Sting/HHH finish, it was almost perfect.

      • LP1 says:

        SRB, I agree completely. It was a fantastic show. Easily in the top 3 Manias ever for me. Rock and Ronda tore the house down and it took a while for the crowd to bounce back after that. The Sting-HHH match is what it is, but everything else was great.

    • Shut Up Complaining Smarks says:

      What exactly did they rewrite history about?

      It’s the fans who can’t get over the MNW era. Rightfully so, since it was the funnest wrestling era ever. I don’t understand you complainers. WWE is giving the fans what they want with WWE Network….A very affordable price (since most of you are cheap or poor) with tons of video content from the archives, awesome originally produced video content such as the Rivalries series and this MNW series, the PPVs every month, and tons more. Yet you Malcontents still find reason to complain, whether its dvd cover art of just about anything you miserables can come up with.

      • LP1 says:

        I usually don’t respond to people like this because there’s no point. It’s like beating your head against the wall. But I’ll make an exception here.

        “WWE is giving the fans what they want with WWE Network.” – Who’s complaining about the WWE Network? I have the Network and I’m very happy with it. Not sure why you felt the need to mention people hating the Network when nobody else did.

        “…most of you are cheap or poor” – Obviously you didn’t read my comment. I flew all the way to California for Mania weekend, just like I fly to Mania every year. Yeah, that’s real cheap.

        “…you Malcontents still find reason to complain, whether its dvd cover art of just about anything you miserables can come up with.” – So you’re gonna make a blanket statement about all people who complain about anything and categorize them into one group of people who “hate everything”? Instead of paying attention to the specific topic they were talking about. Ok then.

        “What exactly did they rewrite history about?” – Finally, an intelligent question.

        1) For starters, there was no mention of Black Saturday from 1984 at all during the MNW series. Not one that I noticed.

        2)Also there was no mention at all of Vince McMahon purposely sabotaging Crockett’s ppv’s by creating the Survivor Series in 1987 to intentionally hurt Crockett’s very first ppv Starrcade ’87. No mention of Vince also going to cable companies and threatening them by telling them they would not be allowed to carry WrestleMania 4 if they carried Starrcade 87. That threat is the main reason that Crockett wound up being sold to Turner the following year because Crockett lost their ass on that ppv.

        3)Also no mention of the Royal Rumble running head to head on USA Network in 1988 against the NWA’s second ppv The Bunkhouse Stampede Finals. Neither of those incidents were mentioned. Yet when Crockett finally had enough and decided to run his own show, the Clash Of Champions, against Mania 4 that’s when “They were targeting us. They were trying to compete with us. Blah blah blah.”

        5) What about Vince putting all the territories out of business by taking all of their established stars and bringing them into the WWF from 84-87? No mention of that. The exact thing WWE accused WCW of doing through the MNW documentary.

        6) Not one mention of Alundra Blayze being fired by the WWF the week before she showed up on Nitro with the Women’s Title. They never asked her for the belt back either. But that doesn’t make for a good story.

        And I can go on and on, but I stopped around episode 5 or 6, so I didn’t get to see what else was rewritten.

        • LP1 says:

          Number 4) is supposed to be Crockett putting the Clash against Mania 4.

        • Shut Up Complaining Smarks says:

          All that stuff you mentioned happened way before the MNW…back in the 80s.

          This documentary series was focused on the actual MNW from 1995 through 2001.

          Now, I have not watched every second of all 20 episodes, so they might have mentioned some of the topics you talked about that took place back in the 80’s. I think other dvd releases have mentioned some of those topics though, but I mean this was about the MNW… need for them to dwell on stuff that happened many years prior to it.

          “Re-writing history” to me, means blatantly telling a lie about the way something did or did not happen….and I have not seen much of that from WWE, even though it’s hip for smarks and bitter ex employees to accuse them of revisionist history.

          There is a big difference between doing that and simply not talking about a certain topic.

          And all those incidents you talked about from the 80’s would make for a great video series on the battles they had before the MNW….but I mean, it was a very competitive time between the two companies. I’m sure there was some devious tactics used against WWE back then as well, since it was such a competitive time in the business.

          • LP1 says:

            All of those things I mentioned were the foundation of what caused the Monday Night War. Without all those incidents taking place there wouldn’t be a Monday Night War. And WWE did talk about stuff from the 80’s during the MNW documentary. A lot of the entire first episode of the series is based on the history between Vince and Crockett/Turner that lead to the beginning of the war.

            It’s important to know all the facts that happened beforehand so you can understand what the war was all about and why it was so important. By leaving out very important details like the ones I mentioned, it completely changes the story. In the documentary they constantly talk about how WWF were the victims when Bischoff decided to raid all of Vince’s talent and bring them to WCW. But it was ok when Vince did the exact same thing a decade earlier? Oh that’s right. That part of the story isn’t mentioned because it would make Vince look like a hypocrite.

            When they talk about the Alundra Blayze belt incident on Nitro, they talk about how it was a cheap shot and WWF had no idea she would show up on Nitro and how it caught everyone by surprise and how it was wrong for her to do that to the WWF. That’s all a bunch of BS. Vince decided he didn’t want a women’s division anymore so he fired her. And then never asked for the belt back. So Bischoff found out he was available to work and offered her a job and told her to bring the belt. That’s the real story. But by not mentioning the firing part, it completely changes the story and makes it look like Madusa was the bad guy in the situation. That’s what you call “blatantly telling a lie about the way something happened.”

            • LP1 says:

              Also, by using “SHUT UP COMPLAINING SMARKS” as your name it just looks like you’re here to troll people. You seem like a reasonable person, so you might want to use a less abrasive name.

  16. AD Degreez says:

    Terrible!!! It’s OMG Vol 2 all over again….. If the is an omg vol 3 (ecw) I bet it will have Paul heyman….. Announcing on raw from 2001. but just remember its wwe universe for a reason

  17. zac says:

    I liked the cover till you pointed out there was no wcw on it…. though could be cool if the next one was complete wcw wrestlers and events.

  18. SRB says:

    That cover is incredible! Love it.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I thought the same… then Mark pointed out there’s zero WCW representation on it. Ha.

      Oops – I might be complaining about a cover. 😉

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