WWE Network Adds Lots of RAW-esome Content – FULL YEARS AVAILABLE NOW!

January 5, 2016 by Mark D

WWE Network - Complete Years of Monday Night RAW Attitude Era!

The WWE Network has continued to quietly add more episodes of Monday Night RAW, up to the point where the years 1999 and 2001 have now been completely uploaded!

WWE Network - Complete Years of Monday Night RAW Attitude Era!

The year 2000 follows closely behind with (as of writing) only two episodes missing:
#347 (1/17/2000) and #366 (5/29/2000).

The addition of those two episodes would mean that the entire run of RAW from January 1993 to December 2001 is available on the WWE Network for your viewing pleasure.

WWE Network - Complete Years of Monday Night RAW Attitude Era!

Here’s a quick rundown of RAW’s added so far today, as seen on WWE Network Updates:

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  1. hafffa says:

    Could anyone here please send me links for the Raws n Smackdown in year 00 in order. I just ordered for WWE network and it looks like they hardly have any Raws from 2000, it was said they have complete Show years of that years. please help me

  2. Mike says:

    The 12/31/2001 episode of RAW is still missing as well. Anyone remember what that one was?

  3. reggy says:

    They are missing Thursday Raw Thursday from 1996 and 1996. 96 one had Shawn Michaels vs Goldust in main event. 97 was where Shawn Michaels “lost his smile”

    • LP1 says:

      There was only one Thursday Raw Thursday. The February 13, 1997 episode, which is still missing from the Network. The one you’re thinking of with Shawn vs Goldust was Raw Championship Friday. That’s on the Network. September 6, 1996.

      But there are two other episodes still missing. The “Countdown To The Crowning” episode from June 13, 1994 and the “Raw Bowl” episode from January 1, 1996. So in total there are 5 episodes missing from 1993-2001.

      • David says:

        Some reason based on the episode numbering WWE don’t consider Thursday RAW Thursday as a RAW show but rather a special. Kind of like how WWE didn’t include the Pilot SD episode – even though did upload it during 12 Days of Attitude and took it down.

        Don’t think we can expect RAW Bowl anytime soon I think due to licensing issues with NFL as they used NFL films copyright music during the opening with Vince and King. I also heard “The Superbowl” is trademarked by NFL and was said throughout the broadcast. It probably would be edited and butchered and likely not worth the upload.

        The March 12, 2012 episode is also missing due to the Rock Concert, even though they were parodies

  4. Col says:

    Good news, although I still don’t get why they constantly upload all random episodes instead of doing large blocks in order. Surely that would make more sense?

    Also with the random episodes that end up missing, is there some specific reason like something they don’t want to show?

    Also I’d personally like to see them start adding stuff like NXT from the beginning of the current show format. If you go back then you can start just before Arrival in 2014, but I can’t be alone in wanting to watch right from when they changed to this format of the show and had the original NXT title tournament etc. I don’t see why they haven’t already thrown all those episodes onto the network too.

    • d.p. says:

      They used to have all the NXT seasons & even the last 2 years of their ECW brand on Hulu for free until around a month ago.

  5. Eric says:

    One of the most exciting parts about the network for me is being able to watch the RAW and SD’s I attended live. This most recent upload gives me another chance to do so. 🙂

  6. paulo rangel says:

    It´s quite interesting the 29th of may episode from 2000 missing! Apparently WWE still has a problem with the American Badd Ass! Or maybe Kid Rock!

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