Exclusive: WWE Network ‘Destruction of The Shield’ Coming to DVD – Extended!

November 18, 2014 by Daniel Bee

The Shield 2015 WWE DVD

WrestlingDVDNews.com can now exclusively reveal that “The Destruction of The Shield”, a WWE Network documentary which followed Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on their individual paths to SummerSlam this year, will be released on DVD in 2015.

Early indications are that it looks to be slated for a 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray release, including an extended version of the original 56 minute documentary from the Network, in addition to a selection of full length Shield matches as extras to the main feature.

A release date for The Shield’s DVD and Blu-ray set is not yet known but we can see that the title is in the works for early next year, possibly around about mid February or March.


The Destruction of The Shield

Follow a behind the scenes journey in the life of WWE’s newest and most prolific trio The Shield, on their road to SummerSlam. They were the most dominant faction inside the ring, taking the entire WWE by storm. Now, the Hounds of Justice have disbanded, and roads now lead to SummerSlam.

Witness the journeys of the three superstars – Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns from their humble beginnings en-route to the biggest event of the summer!

The program will include even more exclusive content than originally aired on the WWE Network, along with hours of The Shield’s greatest matches.


WWE Destruction of the Shield DVD

The new “Randy Savage Story” DVD is out today! Get your copy by clicking here.

The latest “First Look” on the WWE Network is a preview of the documentary portion from the DVD, essentially the first 25 minutes of the documentary with some of the intro cut out.

WDN reader Nicolas Hébert sends word of a possible Easter Egg on the Blu-ray edition:

EASTER EGG ALERT!!!! I found an Easter Egg in the Blu-ray Exclusive named “A Safety Net”. Ted DiBiase talks about a fan who interfered in a Steel Cage Match against Savage. Just press right once to see that 39 second Easter Egg.

WWE Network - First Look
WWE Macho Man - The Randy Savage Story Blu-ray

Below is the planned cover artwork for the first installment of Jim Cornette’s “Back to the Territories” DVD series, which covers Mid-South Wrestling with special guest “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. The DVD releases next Tuesday through KayfabeCommentaries.com.

Kayfabe Commentaries - Back to the Territories Jim Duggan DVD

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  1. Wonderllama says:

    WWE.com made a list of their best six-man tags. They seem like good choices


    I also like Reigns/Rollins vs. Usos from MITB 2013, and vs. the Rhodes Brothers from Battleground. Some solo matches too. Rollins/Ambrose and Reigns/Orton from SummerSlam seem appropriate given the doc. And you can end it with the Hell in a Cell match between Rollins and Ambrose.

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      not having their epic clash against the wyatts at elimination chamber as no. 1 is a joke.. the feud with evolution was no way near as great..

  2. Bill says:

    Definitely must buy

  3. Susan Mitchell says:

    I, can’t wait 2 see this Must DVD of The Shield ever

  4. Carlos says:

    The shield is the greatest faction ever, will definitely buy this one!!!!!

  5. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Really good news about this DVD set on The Shield. That was a great documentary on the Network and looking forward to additional footage. There are plenty of matches that can fill the DVD/Blu-ray. In 2013, The Shield were wrestling 6 man tags every week on SmackDown. I hope they have some NXT matches when Seth Rollins was the champion.

  6. Leonard says:

    Their 6-man tag matches alone could probably fill an entire disc before they even get to any solo or regular tag team highlight matches.

    The Must matches:
    TLC 2012 debut vs Team Hell No & Ryback
    All 3 matches vs. the Wyatts (Elimination Chamber, Raw, Main Event. The EC one is still my MOTY at the moment)
    Both Evolution matches

  7. LP1 says:

    This should be a great release. Really looking forward to it. And to answer questions about the Shield not having enough matches to fill up 2 blu-rays, there’s way more than enough. Between singles matches, tag matches and 6 man tag matches that happened on PPV, Raw, SmackDown and Main Event during the last 2 years they can load this thing up with no problem. Not to mention the documentary alone should fill up most of disc 1.

  8. Barry J says:

    Why not just call it The Self Destruction of The Shield? And have they done enough to warrant 3 discs filled with many matches? I can’t think of a good match with any of them

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      while I agree with you regarding the amount of discs that can be filled, the statement that the Hounds of Justice has not having good matches, is simply not true.

      I will go to the length and state that they are part of the absolute best match that has been taking place this year, namely their clash of factions against the Wyats at Elimination Chamber.. the only thing wrong with this match was, that it did not happen at WrestleMania.. but, man oh man, the energy that night made it feel like it was on the grandest stage..

      Like I stated in an earlier post, I really hope they put that match on bluray, cos it really deserves to be seen in a best possible way.

      Also, their debut match at TLC 2012 was great, and the feud with the light-version of Evolution had a few cool spots here and there, like Rollins diving into the Evolution..

      I have to say, for me, the Shield and the Wyats stand out for me as the few cool things that has saved 2014 for me. I wellcome this release, but I still think that a multiple discs release is a bit too soon, unless they stuff it with junk like squash matches. But, let’s see.. 🙂

  9. Philip says:

    Hopefully they do the same with the Ultimate Warrior documentary plus HOF induction, speech at MNR, bonus features etc….

  10. RCS1988 says:

    Any news on a Bruno Sammartino DVD/Blu-ray for 2015?

    • The A-Man says:

      And when are we going to get a real documentary about Hulk Hogan???

      • Kenny says:

        We’ve had a real documentary on Hogan. They just didn’t have the AWA footage at the time.

        • The A-Man says:

          If you’re talking about Hulk Still Rules, that wasn’t a complete documentary. It missed out a very big chunk. It went from Wrestlemania III straight to WCW. It skipped the Mega-Powers and Wrestlemania V, the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI and Sgt Slaughter at Wrestlemania VII. The whole documentary was barely an hour long, and the missing parts that I just mentioned could have added a good half hour. So no, NOT a real documentary as far as I’m concerned!!

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        13 DVD discs, if you count the NwO releases,12 discs if you have one of the NwO releases on Bluray version..

        while the Hulkster has had huge impact on wrestling, the Hollywood Hogan is still here release and the interview segments on the other releases in between matches, should be enough..

        I really can not think of any matches that has not been released.. if we absolutely must have anything, because the socalled Immortal one has come home, put it on the 9.99 network..

        • The A-Man says:

          Unfortunately I can’t get the network as a UK resident.

          • attitude.era.4life says:

            yeah., talk bout a screw-job, there you have it…unplugging, 20 minutes before the advertised launch.. :-/

            On a personal note, I am not that keen on the Network, I will not continue my subscription after the free trial period, cos it is no way near as great, as it could be.

            I just hope, it will indeed launch…and for a very extensive free trial period for you UK / British fans, cos with 2 launch dates being cancelled, you deserve at least 2 months of free trial.

  11. TheManInBlu says:

    Great news about The Shield. And I’m glad it won’t be DVD only!

  12. Justin McDonald says:

    This is great. They need to do this more with exclusives on the network. Like the D-Bryan piece. It will be a day 1 buy since I haven’t watched that special yet. been watching Monday Night War.

    • Kenny says:

      The Daniel Bryan special won’t sell as a stand-alone DVD. It would have been better as a bonus feature on the Mania Blu-Ray. I’d say it could go on a Daniel Bryan DVD, but with his status right now, I can’t imagine them even entertaining that idea. :\

  13. attitude.era.4life says:

    sounds great with a Shield release.. I can however have a bit doubt, how 2 discs Bluray can be filled.. on the other hand, with the runtimes these days.. 😉

    anyway, for the fans out of Europa I really pray and hope for the Bluray release of the epic battle of supremacy of factions against the Wyatts from Elimination Chamber this year.. if there was ever a match to be experienced on blue, there you have it..

    • Cody Schields says:

      I think they can fill 2 discs for this with matches and doc portion. These guys worked the main event for a year and a half, so there’s plenty of matches to choose from. Maybe toward the end they can have their matches against each other. Hoping a blu-ray exclusive is a triple threat match they had down in FCW.

      • David says:

        Thats actually a great idea including FCW matches featuring all three. Rollins vs. Ambrose had a great series in FCW, would be great if they included couple of those matches.

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        while the Shield have had a huge impact on the scene in their time they existed, I can not quite recall any charachter getting a multiple discs release after that relative short time.

        And with the errors and mistakes lately from wwe, I would not feel to comfort with this news that it might be a multiple discs release.

        But, we’ll have to see in due time..

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