New WWE Network Subscriber Numbers, More WCW Nitro Content In The Works?

July 30, 2015 by Jon Potter

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For those unaware, WWE released their second quarter earnings report today. While the filing covers all aspects of WWE’s business, here are the key numbers in regards to the WWE Network. The below quotes are taken directly from the report itself.


The Numbers

WWE Network total subscribers increased 75% to more than 1.2 million from the second quarter 2014; average paid subscribers increased 31% to approximately 1.2 million from the first quarter 2015.

Network segment revenue reached a record of $131.0 million on a trailing 12-month basis.

WWE Network had 1,156,000 paid subscribers at quarter end, and averaged approximately 1,216,000 paid subscribers during the quarter, representing an 83% increase from the prior year quarter and a 31% increase from the first quarter 2015 average. At quarter-end, WWE Network had approximately 217,000 international subscribers.

Beast in the East, a live event special produced in Japan on July 4th, has become the network’s most watched program to date (excluding pay-per-views).

WWE Beast in the East Poster - Brock Lesnar


Overall, the numbers come out as fairly strong for WWE. While there was an expected post-WrestleMania drop in the subscriber numbers, they’ve still managed to average out higher than most expected. The fact that they achieved over 1.1 million subscribers during a “soft” period is fairly promising. It should also be noted that there were also over 200k regular PPV buys during this quarter. Furthermore, the record $131 million WWE Network revenue surpasses 2014’s PPV earnings total – in fact, the revenue surpasses any year of PPV in the company’s history, an all-time record. All told, WWE Network can now be labeled as a solid success, as evidenced by Wall Street’s warm reception to the news with the stock price up over 19% as of writing.

Content News:

There were numerous other interesting morsels throughout the report today as relates to new content. This included the announcement of two new original series. The first being an unnamed NXT reality show chronicling the trials of NXT stars. The second being “Table for 3”, where fans get to spend time with Superstars and Divas. The previously announced “Camp WWE” was also now slated for 2016, and finally, the long-awaited studio show was mentioned once again.

In more vague news, WWE also announced 180 more hours of Network content on the way by the end of the year. While they made it clear that this included all programming, fans of older content were appeased with the announcement of the following 3 “themed collections”:

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  • Raw Attitude Era 2: Austin/McMahon
  • WCW Nitro: Accelerating The War
  • The 20th Anniversary of WCW Nitro

Details were very vague on what time frames these collections would cover and it’s also possible that the recent flood of retro RAW episodes (as seen on our WWE Network Updates page) is already tied into one of these collections. We could very well see separate dedicated sections on the Network, similar to Raw Attitude Era (as the title of one collection suggests). Be sure to check back with for exclusive news scoops as they break.

There you have the big WWE Network news coming out of today’s earnings report! What are your thoughts on the latest numbers? Are you excited for any of the newly announced content?


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  1. Azura Benson says:

    Not interested in Nitro revisions that pretend Hogan never existed. We get it…he said some nasty shit in private that came from a dark place in a dark time of his life. Vince just wanted an excuse to lose Hulk’s number; he never totally got over him signing with WCW or the government trial either (and before you say “Well then why did Vince bring him back?”… Because Vince loves to fleece Hogan fans of their money). So he is using this scandal to Benoit him. I would love to see a Raw show with every fan in the building showing up in Hogan shirts, hijacking the show CM Punk style. WWE’s actions are worse than Hogan’s IMO.

    • Paul says:

      I totally agree with this finally someone who gets it! NEWS FLASH TO THE IDIOTS people so say things they later regret in dark places in their lives and the treatment of Hogan is reprehensibe by WWE! They have almost lost me as a fan and I’ve been one since age 10! WWE/VINCE MCMAHON is on the map bcuz of Hulk Hogan and he helped put the Network on the map!I’m not gonna cancel network though due to the other content like nitro episodes, Monday night war and I love NXT! I’m happy to hear about the numbers but not for Vince McMahon! That is all but I’m happy to have seen that MOST fans and people in general agree with me and me with them! Love you Hulk and I hope Hogan cleans up in all these lawsuits he’s filed! He should win every single one of them:)

  2. nick says:

    Would be cool to see a nitro 20th anniversary set ala the raw 12 disker

  3. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Very happy to hear that the Network has been successful. I hope this continues obviously. For just the PPV’s alone you can’t beat the price. There’s so many possibilities they have with the Network and the content. I’m excited to see what they do in the future. I’d like to see more WCCW, and some AWA content added.

  4. Eric says:

    They lost me over Hogan. Severing ties is one thing. Benoiting him is another. It’s an absurd, over-the-top, knee-jerk reaction which is indicative of everything that is wrong with the modern WWE. “He MIGHT have said something in private years ago that someone finds offensive? Well obviously we have to pull the cartoon and remove the reason our company made it out of the 80s from the HOF.” I’ve been thinking a lot about this. There’s only 1 thing every successful wrestling company in history shares: a single vision driving it. From ECW to WWF to AWA etc. That is not currently true of the WWE, and I’m not just talking management. Publicly traded companies have to answer to shareholders. Shareholders are stupid (seriously, read the minutes from ANY company’s shareholders meetings). Wrestling is a tricky enough business as is. A publicly trading wrestling company simply can not work. You are trying to do too many things to please too many people and you end up offering a product no one wants to see.

    • Paul says:

      I agree about hogan however wwe is the #1 wrestling company in the world with millions of dollars behind it! The WWE NETWORK NUMBERS are more successful than they have ever been, and it def wants to be seen otherwise it would have went under long ago and Network subscribers wouldn’t continue to go up so those comments make absolutely no sense whatsoever lol not upset just saying! Major props on your Hogan comments though I feel every bit like u do about WWE treatment of Hogan and hope he cleans up from all his lawsuits ESPECIALLY WITH GAWKER!

  5. @IMDJLUIS says:

    I would be more excited to hear about more older content being added, that’s the main reason I’m a subscriber. The more they focus on producing 1 new show that has to be filmed, the less they focus on prepping older content to be added.

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