Breaking: nWo – New World Order WWE DVD coming this year?

July 3, 2012 by Mark D

We have learned that WWE are currently producing a DVD and Blu-Ray set titled: WWE – New World Order.

The set is on the schedule for release in early November, looking at the New World Order (nWo) and their reign over WCW in the late 1990’s and WWE in the early 2000’s.

This won’t be the first DVD set which WWE have produced on the group “nWo Back in Black” was released in 2002 and featured a documentary with a handful of moments and matches.

We will have more details on this set in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

A little while ago, in ‘fantasy concept‘ we took a look at how we’d like a New World Order set to turn out, will it look like this?

How do you feel about an nWo DVD? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. howard says:

    I would like see all the match of the nwo

  2. ron says:

    2010 nwo wasnwo 2002 wade barrettskip darren young, sheffield, michael tarver, justin gabriel heath sleater,
    David Otunga,daniel bryan
    2011 kavin nash the miz r truth
    2013 3mb heath sleater , drew mctrye, jinder mahal
    they tryed


    HEY YO!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT CHICO’S

  4. Anonymous says:

    TOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nightmare says:

    I just hope this will be amazing set because everyone has wanted something like this for many years and while I don’t like Hogan at all I did enjoy the NWO .

  6. Abel Gutierrez says:

    I just pray to god that WWE extends the entire timeline of the nWo from when Scott Hall came to Nitro after appearing at the WWE show of MSG Sunday Night before towards the watered down version in WWE of 2002 and why it went dead after knowing that Kevin Nash had to go under knee surgery. I hope it includes all bios of former World Wrestling Federation players and what they brought to the group without leaving Giant, Bagwell, Norton, Konnan, Bischoff, Patrick and nWo Japan, best rivalries with WCW’s top players against nWo, Guaranteed contracts for the top players and Hogan’s creative control, the mastermind behind the paid Announcements, nWo celebrities like Dennis Rodman, Kyle Petty and others, Sean Waltman’s termination from WCW/nWo, Hollywood/Wolfpac split, Scott Hall issues with divorce, drugs and alcohol throughout his nWo timeline, Wolfpac Elite, nWo 2000 and nWo in WWE 2002. Extras should be nWo’s best matches and ALL of their nWo paid Announcements and best on-air promos. That would be a sweet package to purchase doesn’t matter how much it cost. My opinion, it’s what every die hard nWo fan deserves to receive in a DVD/Blu-Ray documentary presentation.

  7. Morgan says:

    Let’s hope this nWo set includes an ACTUAL biography with Scott Hall being one of the interviewees considering he was the one that took the initial shot at war against WCW!

  8. Anonymous says:

    this dvd set along with the Attitude era would be EPIC

  9. Human Torch36 says:

    This and the Attitude Era are those DVD/Blu-ray’s that come along once in a while and is a must own in your WWE collection just like Shawn Michaels My Journay is and The rise and fall of WCW.

  10. Mongoose Wizard says:

    I really hope they show the formation of the NWO in it’s entirity with the full match and Hogans speech afterwards coz for years we’ve seen nothing but bits and pieces of one of the greatest moments in Wrestling history!

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Its true, both the Back in Black and Hulk Hogan Anthology versions had some kind of editing. Its also a good match to include because of the names involved with Sting, Luger and Savage all being a big part of nWo history and one of the few times we saw just Hogan, Hall and Nash as a trio in a match.

      • ron says:

        2010 nwo wasnwo 2002 wade barrettskip darren young, sheffield, michael tarver, justin gabriel heath sleater,
        2011 kavin nash the miz r truth
        2013 3mb
        they tryed

  11. Wooo! says:

    I wouldn’t call their reign over WWE a good one or even show footage because it was crap, it didn’t have that nWo feel. Sure HBK joined and they let Goldust join plus Booker T.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      I don’t think Goldust was a member, he just wanted to be one, but I agree that once Hogan left it got silly. Shawn Michaels joining was cool but it didnt last very long at all before the whole thing ended. The dumbest thing I recall was Ric Flair working with the nWo, completely going against the entire history of WCW and from that point of view Booker being put in it (againt their wishes) was a silly storyline too. WWE has a habit of working against themselves with things like this. They wanted nWo and Goldberg to be a big as they were in WCW yet didnt want them to be dominant over their own home grown stars. A lot of people can be quite negative about the nWo, but any group that has Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage in its alumni can’t be bad can it?

      • Steven says:

        I didn’t think about the alumni like but that is amazing thinking about from Hogan to Bret Hart to Shawn Michaels to Kevin Nash to Randy Savage to Big Show all members of the nWo. The last nWo lacked that takeover feel like they had in wcw.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          True. Just calling it ‘a lethal dose of poison’ was no substitute for the realism it had the first time around. I’m very excited about this one!

        • IronMan17 says:

          Even Disco Inferno was in the nWo at one time and look at ecw copying the nWo with the bWo and WCW doing the lWo that was stupid.

  12. Deadpool12 says:

    This and the Attitude Era will be the two best DVD’s of the year, both will probably sell out first day or week.

    • Scsa says:

      I SO TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! If only if they had added a ‘D-X’ set from start – finish & the ‘Greatest Rivlary 2′ set of Austin Vs Rock’, then this would have completed my dream list this year!!!

  13. Paul Zimo says:

    nWo was amazing the whole concept of taking over WCW and the WCW announcers hated the nWo.

  14. Redneck Baller says:

    nWo just 2 sweet! Everyone knows that including AJ Styles.

  15. Redneck Baller says:

    nWo was and stil is my favorite wrestling group and I still have my nWo shirt after all these years. They better include the formation of the nWo at Bash at the Beach 96. Historical and total omg moment.

  16. Vintage Sucks says:

    That’s Vintage nWo right there, attacking the 4 Horsemen. They should put War Games 1997 on this set.

  17. Jay says:

    Please show more of the NWO and the Ultimate Warrior. He is one of my favorite wrestler.

  18. The Icon says:

    They have tons of matches and moments that can go on this DVD/Blu-ray and I guarnatee that the DVD will get the shaft because the Blu-ray will have extra stuff and moments on it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i hope they finally show goldberg vs scott hall taser ladder match from souled out 99 and hulk hogan vs ric flair steel cage match from uncensored 99. awesome matches.

  20. The Icon says:

    Brad19 comment sounds like HBK when he told Stone Cold that he was the champ and don’t you forget it pal!! It was hilarious how he said it in a cocky way.

  21. Brad19 says:

    What a jackass the last comment, nWo was the best pal and don’t you forget it.

  22. G. Schire says:

    New Old Order LOL.

  23. Brad19 says:

    I loved the nWo growing up during the best time to be a wrestling fan, Attitude Era. We had nWo doing their thing in WCW and DX in WWF/E. This is a must own for nWo fans and wrestling fans in general.

  24. YeahBuddy says:

    Fist pump for the nWo YeahBuddy! Big fan of Kevin Nash cool guy.

  25. Human Torch 36 says:

    This will be a longshot but they should have Shawn Michaels as host, he was part of the last nWo.

  26. Wooooo says:

    I wonder if they will include the nWo mocking the 4 Horsemen on this, I say Yes! but it’s already on best of nitro.

  27. Hulk Smash You says:

    Hollywood Hogan vs Macho Man the nitro after Spring Stampede 1998 should be on this nWo set.

  28. Big Bill says:

    nWo was the reason I watched WCW and I’m pumped for this realse come November. I would flip back and forth to see what antics DX were up to lol.

  29. Mongoose Wizard says:

    When Back in Black came out all those years ago if you were a huge NWO fan you would had been highly disappointed. WCW put out a VHS tape years earlier entitled NWO 4 Life that was put together better than the Back in Black release. I just hope this time WWE puts together a NWO dvd that will take you throgh the beginning, the split into Hollywood and Wolfpac, the end of the WCW when you thought NWO was over all the way to NWO arriving to the WWF(E) as Vince McMahons poison and then the final days of the New World Order.

  30. Hawkeye says:

    nWo fans if Hogan didn’t join up with Hall and Nash, I think it would’ve worked with Macho Man or Shawn Michaels. Shawn was miserable in wwe during that time.

  31. BigBaller says:

    Can’t wait for this and this will be great.

  32. Lemo says:

    This is gonna be epic. Definitely will be dvd of the year.

  33. Ballin28 says:

    Wow this comments is now in 5th place all time with 100 comments, six more to tie the next one with 106 and I’m guessing this will finally end up with 136 comments.

  34. Deadpool22 says:

    Hulk Hogan and Bischoff should sign a one day contract or something to be included on this DVD/Blu ray. Be awesome if they have Hogan, Bischoff, Nash, Hall (if he’s not drunk), and Syxx to do a sit down interview about the nWo.

  35. Charles says:

    It was about time, that’s all I have to say.

  36. R&REXPRESSFAN says:

    We’re here to see the N….W……O……survey says… more for the good guys!!

  37. Winning says:

    I hope they will put the Hog Wild match of where Hogan beat Big Show aka The Giant to win the WCW heavyweight championship and then spray painted nWo on it, historical right there.

  38. IronMan30 says:

    Disc 1 should start with the formation of the nWo and end with the last one in 2002. Around the middle of Disc 1 include nWo Wolfpack and end with nWo 2000.

  39. GhostRider7 says:

    This will be a good DVD best seller of 2012 or all time for WWE.

  40. Nick says:

    I hope it’s a FULL PESPECTIVE of the nWo….like a 3 disc set with a full documentary & some of the best moments of the nWo! The 2002 was good but it just focused on the 3 original guys, this set should talk about all of the members & how they ran wild in WCW!! Hopefully some moments that have NOT already been released on DVD as well, like Rick Rude showing up on Nitro & Raw on the same night (the full version) etc.
    If they do it right, this could be a best seller for them for sure!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Please WWE Put Goldberg vs Sting First Match For The WCW Title When Sting Was With The NWO Wolfpac On Here.

  42. Doug Bradshaw says:

    Since commented once and the guy who started this Human Torch 36, I just had to comment again, I kinda of liked the nWo 2000 with Slapnuts Jeff Jarrett. I liked it but not nearly as I did with the first nWo from 96-98 before it became nWo white and black and nWo Wolfpack.

  43. tom says:

    please, don’t include anything from the nWo’s WWF run of the early 2000’s.
    include every part of the build up ( scott hall’s invasion and nash’s first few appearances ) right up the the end of the original nWo ( not the version with jeff jarrett ). heck, even show a bit of razor ramon’s and diesel’s history in the WWF leading up to their defections/invasion to WCW.

  44. Deadpool22 says:

    Maybe Daniel Bee knows what is the most commented DVD or post on here? I still have my Outsiders shirt after all these years lol and my nWo Macho Man one too, that’s just 2 sweet!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      List of most commented posts here. This nWo post might make the top 3 but it aint gonna take the top spot. 😉

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      Breaking: nWo – New World Order WWE DVD coming this year? (86)

      • Deadpool22 says:

        Awesome making history and it could get more, top 5 maybe? Were you an nWo fan? I still think if Hogan didn’t turn heel to be the leader of the nWo, I think Shawn Michaels would’ve been the leader.

  45. Human Torch 36 says:

    nWo fans lets set a record as this will be with the most comments its at 84 right now so keep talking about nWo and I want to thank Nash and Macho Man for being awesome in the nWo and just starting this commentsmania. What match does everyone want on this DVD/Blu ray? I want Halloween Havoc Street Fight of Macho Man and DDP also an Outsiders match too.

  46. Brad Attitude says:

    I hope they don’t show the finger poke of doom in its full where the nWo reunited. A clipping of it is fine.

  47. Anonymous says:

    wwe needs to have sting vs scott hall from uncensored 98, and the rock vs scott hall and the rock vs kevin nash both from smackdown 2002 on this set.

  48. BreakTheWallsDown says:

    Syxx vs Chris Jericho for the TV title was a great match or was it the cruiseweight title. I hope they add a match or two from nWo Souled Out.

  49. Spider-Man 16 says:

    80th comment yeah buddy, best news of the day and I totally can’t wait for this to come out in November. I will be first in line to get this nWo was just 2 Sweet survey saids another one for the good guys. Kevin Nash and Syxx should host this dvd. If Macho Man was still alive he should do it.

  50. Steven says:

    This is the only DVD that interested me the rest are either blah or maybes, the 50 finishing moves might be good but I will probably wait for this and get the Shawn Michaels DVD because I’m one of his biggest fans.

  51. Larry Fireworks says:

    I’m 89% sure they will have the nitro where Rick Rude joined the nWo.

  52. Gambit29 says:

    This will be good and I hope Nash and Syxx can host this, Hall too if he’s too hammered out of his mind.

  53. yoshi says:

    i was just thinking yesterday to myself “why doesn’t wwe make another NWO dvd” i guess one of my dreams just became real. great news indeed.

  54. The Outsiders 4 Life says:

    Wow on the fantasy concept for nWo it only had 33 comments and this has 76, glad to see there is still nWo fans out there. Just 2 sweet!

  55. IronMan30 says:

    Even though he was a goofball but I was a fan of Buff Bagwell in the nWo. Should include one or two matches of his on this set. I wonder if they will do anything on the nWo Wolfpack or is it just nWo black and white, 1996-1999. nWo 2000 was a cool concept but everyone was tired of it.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I want Macho vs Sting – Spring Stampede 98, and Macho vs Hogan from the next night on Nitro!

  57. DrFever says:

    I hope they include the match that ends with a non finish run in and spray painting…..that NEVER EVER got old.

  58. frank d says:

    yes yes yes yes yes

  59. Captain America 1 says:

    I hope on Disc 2 or 3 they include the Halloween Havoc street fight of Macho Man vs DDP. Should include Macho Man winning the title but he should’ve held it longer but jealous got Hogan, like Scott Norton said its back in the nWo and Hogan was an jackass.

    • HumanTorch27 says:

      That was one of the best matches between DDP and Macho Man I thought just my opionion. Even Liz and Kimberly got involved during the match something you didn’t see in the other great matches between them.

    • tom says:

      the machoman/DDP street fight is on the randy savage collection. no need to have it repeated here.

      • Doug Bradshaw says:

        That was from Great American Bash 97 not Halloween Havoc 97. The match at Halloween Havoc was a last man standing match.

  60. NashWorldOrder says:

    WWE could’ve done this a few years back say 2007, or 2008. They could’ve had Hogan, Easy E, Savage and Liz, Hall, Nash, Syxx, Scott Steiner all in a sit down interview about the nWo that would’ve been great. Hear why Hogan and Bishcoff fired Syxx and the beef Syxx had with Hogan.

  61. Dom Cage says:

    This is great not only am I a huge nWo fan and Syxx fan but overall wrestling fans can remember some of the antics of the nWo. nWo and DX two sinilair things but two different, nWo was a hostile takeover of WCW in my Scott Hall’s voice and DX was more I don’t give a fuck and more attitude.

    • NashWorldOrder says:

      Totally agree with you there, that’s why everyone loved DX and nWo best two wrestling groups ever, 90’s people will get it but the tradition of the horsemen from the 80’s fans will think them but 90’s are nWo and DX.

  62. YesMan says:

    They could do a whole chapter on nWo Sting lol.

  63. KirbbDogg says:

    It should be hall and nash to host if that happens. if this set comes out. ten to one i think back in black will be sold with the new nwo dvd set at f.y.e. I myself want to see a Kevin Nash Scott Hall DVD set. DVD sett for each or both. And if they did it like the hardys boys DVD set. I think it would work.

    • LP1 says:

      The nWo Back In Black DVD would have to be completely re-edited in order to be re-released since the WWF attitude logo is shown all over it.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Wwe needs to make a deal with TNA again so hogan and bishoff can be in it cause this will make mney if them two guys are in it

  65. YesMan says:

    I still think Hall and Nash was the heart and soul of the nWo, Hogan was the leader but it was shocking to see him as a heel and I think if WWE turns Cena heel like that it would wild all the Little Jimmy’s hero will be the bad guy.

  66. Doug Bradshaw says:

    I was always an nWo fan and still am today but this is going to be amazing. I hope they add the match of Macho Man vs Prince Igauka where Nash came out with him and said right back at you HBK. I would like to know the Raw of 97 where Shawn Michaels did the Kliq hand signal and Nash did it the following week.

    • LP1 says:

      It was actually WrestleMania 13 where Shawn did hand signal really quick while entering the ring and Nash did it back to him on Nitro the next night. So the would’ve been the March 24, 1997 episode.

      • Captain America 1 says:

        Might of been that but i think it happened during November or December of 1997 when both nWo and DX were flying high, killing it in the ratings.

  67. GhostRider3 says:

    I agree with nWo&Dx Fan that Nash and Syxx should host this DVD/Blu ray. I wish Macho Man was still alive to do an interview about his time in the nWo, they could’ve had everyone in the nWo do an interview about why it was so badass to be black and white. Sorry to any nWo Wolfpack red and black not the Wolfpack of Nash hall and Syxx, but nWo for me was black and white.

  68. Rip says:

    Please, no DDP as host! How about the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

  69. nWo&DX fan says:

    This is going to be epic like the Avengers was. They should include the Hog Wild or Road Wild match of Nash Hall and Syxx vs Naitch Pipper and Kevin Greene. I hope they include some nWo 2000 stuff too, even Brett Mix’s all mighty Bret Hart was a member of the nWo.

  70. HumanTorch 36 says:

    nWo 4 Life, they should do disc 1 documentary and history disc 2 and 3 matches and moments. I hope they have tons of Macho Man nWo footage and they should include the match of him vs Disco Inferno and Miss Liz even beat Disco also. Many nWo fans will get this and nWo was 200 billion times better than that ECW crap.

  71. HumanTorch 36 says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! This will be WWE’s biggest seller of the year, move over Mania 28 and make room for nWo. Can’t wait for this.

  72. m,blier says:

    who knew that wwe still needs wcw after 11 years.

  73. Steve says:

    Finally a DVD on a good concept! I really thought the Best of the Brooklyn Brawler was going to be the next release!

  74. Dave says:

    Awesome news! hope we get some rare matches yet to be released. Like Joe Israel said, a 3 Disc like Best of Nitro would probably work better with matches and moments, since guys like Hall, Hogan, Bischoff, wouldn’t be able to provide their thoughts unless they use archive footage from Back in Black and Monday Night Wars.

  75. I hope this DVD will happen brah.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Please WWE Put Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper From Superbrawl 7 On This Set Because That’s The Epic Match Where Macho Man Joins The NWO. A Lost Long Overdue Classic.

  77. Bill says:

    I liked the Back in Black DVD WWE produced for the nWo in 2002

  78. Joe Israel says:

    I have to say, after thinking this over, this may be better as a three-disc retrospective of matches and moments like Best of Nitro rather than featuring a documentary, because so many key names wouldn’t be able to contribute new interviews. Hogan, Hall, Sting, etc.

  79. Anonymous says:

    i would love to see sting vs hogan the night after starrcade on nitro,hogan and nash vs piper and giant in a bat match from spring stampede 98,hogan and bret vs piper and macho man from the great american bash 98,goldberg vs nwo hollywood vs nwo wolfpac from road wild 98,and stone cold vs scott hall from wrestlemania 18. rare GEMS.

  80. kwl says:

    Just too sweeeeet!!! Hope this sees the light of day, cannot wait.

  81. jasongoldsmith says:

    the whole nWo angle was great for sure until bischoff didnt know where to go with it and put everybody but flair,goldberg and ddp in the nWo then made the wolfpac and black and white.

  82. Anonymous says:


  83. jasongoldsmith says:

    Say what you guys will about not liking WCW or the nWo but they brought a lot of fans back to wrestling in 1996 and brought about the biggest boom the business has ever seen and one that willm probably never be seen again–cant argue that.
    as far as us WCW fans watching the WWE product now–i do not like vince at all but have watched his product since 1984 because i watch wrestling–just as i watched WCCW,WCW,AWA,ECW,UWF and watch TNA now.
    i prefer any promotion to vince but will always watch as they have good matches the same as the rest do.

  84. Eric says:

    Your fantasy version of this looks fantastic. Your version with a doc would be something I would totally buy. Who am I kidding, I am going to end up buying it anyway 🙂

  85. BANE says:

    I am with you Ricky! I never watched WCW back then as I was a WWE loyalist. Still am. It kills me that the WCW crowd has switched over to the WWE while claiming McMahon is the devil etc. Sounds like hypocrisy to me. If you think someone is the Devil and always put them down while watching WCW in the Monday Night Wars then why be a hypocrite now and watch Vince´s product?

    • Eric says:

      I have watched Raw for every Monday night. I do love these WCW DVD’s because there is some great stuff that I did miss.

    • Aaron says:

      the majority of the wcw crowd never switched over to wwe

    • LP1 says:

      Actually if you look at the numbers most of the WCW audience did not in fact switch over to the WWF after the buyout. At the very end of WCW they were getting a 2.0 rating on average for Nitro(which at the time was considered terrible, but today would be a huge success.) Raw was averaging a 5.2 at the time. Combined both Raw and Nitro were doing over a 7.2 rating on Monday nights.

      So if the WCW audience had followed over to the WWF after the buyout you would think that Raw’s rating would have increased drastically. It didn’t. In fact, not only did Raw not pick up the majority of WCW fans, they also ended up losing some of their own fans in 2001-2002. Raw went from averaging around a 5.2 in March 2001 to averaging a 4.0 in 2002. I remember reports back in 2002 that Vince was blowing a gasketq whenever Raw would drop under a 4.0. The irony is 10 years later Vince would throw a celebration if he got a 4.0 today.

      Anyway the point being that the majority of WCW never did switch over to the WWF after the buyout. The death of WCW, whether you liked them or you didnt, was without question one of the worst things to ever happen to the wrestling business.

  86. Ricky says:

    I didn’t like the nWo when I was a kid, still can’t stand them now. Doubt I’d even give this DVD a look.

  87. Daniel says:

    How do I feel? My mouth is still open!

  88. SRB says:

    YES YES YES YES!!!! please make this a 62 disc set

  89. ALK says:

    There’s gold in dem WCW archives. ;P

  90. NickP says:

    This set is gonna be just 2 SWEEEEEEEEEEET!

  91. Ed says:


  92. oldschool says:

    yeah I will buy for sure… I hope it is good

  93. nightmare says:

    I can’t wait for this one I hope it’s load with alot of stuff and if it is this will be a must buy on Blu ray

  94. Harry Faversham says:

    The most overdue and obviously essential dvd concept of them all with the possible exception of Andre The Giant that has yet to be profiled. The first one wasn’t a serious attempt at telling the story of the nWo, it only covered the first few months then jumped to 2001 and was mainly done to cash in / promote their 2002 run which was done and dusted by the time the dvd came out really. A lot of big nWo moments were on the Nitro DVD but a lot were not.

    • SRB says:

      I agree 100% here. Great points. I look back at the NWO set and am so glad it was released and if you look closely you will see that Austin/Hogan were in the ring together for a bit haha. But, the set was poorly done, but was necessary. A real 3 disc has been long overdue and I couldnt be happier that it’s coming out. Content will be a tricky one. There’s almost too many moments and matches that could go on there especially since NWO had pretty much the entire WCW roster on its side at one time. Just like the 4 disc Austin set you really could make this a 4 disc release considering how large NWO was and how long they ran the show. The set could be 4 discs and would still be missing countless pieces including segments and matches. With a gem of a release like this I really hope repeats don’t run all over this set, although some are inevitable and necessary.

  95. Hollywood says:

    Hopefully we can get some great unreleased nwo matches. Hogan vs Savage from Halloween Havoc 96. Hogan vs Lugar from Road Wild 97. Hogan/Rodman vs Lugar / Giant from Bash at the Beach 97. The match where Savage beats Sting for the World Title. Maybe even the Bret Hart vs Goldberg match where the nWo 2000 is formed. Or Hogan, Rock, Kane vs Hall, Nash, Syxx from Smackdown

    • Hollywood says:

      Also the Hogan vs Savage Title match from Nitro in 98 should be on here. That was the match that singled the spilt into 2 nWo’s. To bad War Games 98 won’t be on there.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      I’d like to see Savage vs. Sting at Spring Stampede 1998 and Savage vs. Hogan the following night as well as Bret Hart’s subsequent feud with Savage at Slamboree and the tag match from the Great American Bash. As well as all the big moments from Nitro and Starrcade etc. Some stuff from Thunder would be great too.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        Hollywood I didnt even realise you’d written that second part but we seem to be on the same page Brotherrrrrrr!

        • Hollywood says:

          Hopefully these matches won’t be on there. Bash at the Beach 96, War Games 96, Hogan vs Sting from Starrcade 97, and Nash vs Goldberg. Each of these matches have been on 2 DVD sets, some even have been 3 different DVD sets.

          • Harry Faversham says:

            Fair point. But I personally like the idea of a definitive nWo set. So I wouldn’t mind the repeats if they are an important part of the history.

          • LP1 says:

            Guaranteed the 6 Man Tag from Bash At The Beach 96 will be on it. You can’t have an nWo DVD without the match where the nWo was formed.

  96. Jon says:

    Was hoping for a bigger suprise maybe like 7’4 520. The NWO are well documented I already know everything about them, except what was the final WCW match of the NWO which I could probably google…hmmmmm couldn’t find it:( damnit now I am looking forward to the DVD to find that answer.

  97. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Great news! An awesome DVD and blu-ray set to look forward to this year.

  98. Dude Love(r) says:

    The state is all powerful and all good. The state is all powerful and all good. The state is all powerful and all good. The state is all powerful and all good.

  99. I’m very happy about this. I always thought the first DVD was lacking something, but if they are getting interviews with the members, how are they going to interview Hogan or Hall?

  100. Scsa says:

    Finally… Something great to look in to.. Something from the past! Just as long as its on BLU-RAY too!

    I’d be even more Happy if WWE would make a set on the original n later DX too! That including HBK/HHH/Chyna n Rick Rude n later HHH/X-Pac/Chyna & The Outlaws!

  101. Big Cal says:

    I kinda like the idea, simply because a documentary on the group has massive potential to be great (based on the WCW documentaries, 2002 NWO DVD and the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable on the NWO). Just a shame Hogan won’t be able to talk on it (could use archive footage I guess…), same for Hall (too fucked up probably), leaving just Nash, Big Show, maybe HBK, and X-Pac (if they even include him). Then most of the other members over the years are either dead, in TNA or just not worth mentioning.

    Plus what is there left to tell about the NWO story? Multiple documentaries have gone over it so many times over the years.

  102. Joe says:

    Hell Yes! It’s about time!!

  103. Dan Mader says:

    If done correctly, could be amazing documentary.

  104. Joe Israel says:

    Great news! Of course, WWE DVD’s have changed a lot since the Back in Black DVD came out in 2002, so hopefully this set has a documentary that includes the entire history.

  105. Markus says:

    Sounds great. One of the greatest Groups in Wrestling history.

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