Review: WWE No Way Out 2009 DVD

March 17, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE No Way Out 2009 Review:




“For a 13th time, Triple H is Champion!….” Jim Ross



-WWE No Way Out 2009 took place on Sunday, February the 15th, 2009 from the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington in front of 12,500 fans.

-This event had 272,000 buys, down on the No Way Out 2008 figure of 329,000 buys.
-Special Features on this DVD include an Unsantioned Match between Randy Orton and Shane McMahon from the night after on Raw, as well as an interview with Todd Grisham and Edge after he wins the World title.

-Jim Ross and Tazz did commentary for the Smackdown! matches, Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the Raw matches. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker did the ECW match.

-This was the 11th Annual “No Way Out” PPV event produced by the WWE.

-Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, Melina (c) defeated Beth Phoenix in a Dark match for the WWE Women’s Title.

-Now onto the PPV……………



1) Opening Contest- Edge (c) vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs The Big Show vs Jeff Hardy vs Vladimir Kozlov in a Smackdown! Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship

Sticking with the “Chamber“ theme with No Way Out that worked out nicely last year.

It`s quite shocking to see any PPV open with a Gong and a Chamber already set up, but guess what, the title is on the line from the opening bell.

The Deadman gets a nice ovation as it`s quite clear already that the entrances will take up 10 of the first 40 minutes of this show.

Out next was Show, HHH, Hardy, Kozlov then Edge. HHH posed by the Pod Show was in and then humerously spat at him and posed which made the Giant angry. Good stuff.

The first two to be unlocked from the Chamber doors were none other then the currently feuding Heavyweight Champion, Edge and Jeff Hardy.

This is a great way to start this title match, let alone PPV, it made it pretty compelling but no one was ready for what was about to happen in just a few short minutes after the bell rang.

Jeff Hardy started the match immediately with Edge inside the Chamber as he struck quick with a few shots in the corner to Edge, a hiplock and then Edge sent Hardy to the ropes and he gave Jeff a boot to the face. Fans chanted Hardy as Edge stared at Taker in the corner. Edge went for a pin and got a two. Edge hammered down Jeff some more meausuring him up, the fans booed. Edge posed and dropped his bodyweight on top of Jeff at the side of the ring. Edge couldn’t get a three and then he slammed Jeff head first into the buckle by the Big Show. Edge dropped a big righthand to Jeff in the corner. Jeff Hardy looking vulnerable had tremendous crowd support, it was an opener afterall. A headscissors by Hardy to Edge out of the corner then a reverse atmoic drop, a low dropkick after spreading Edge’s legs dropping his bodyweight.

Jeff hit a twist of fate to Edge after reversing an Edge-A-Cution, and then Jeff missed a Swanton off the top as Edge rolled out of the way. Solid action here.
Edge was thinking spear and he went to pin Jeff but he reversed it!

Eliminated right away was shockingly Edge after he was Pinned by Jeff Hardy with a roll up at 2:59. Fans were blew away, some booed though.

Good for a shock as Tazz and Ross point out.

Edge was then told to leave as he couldn’t believe it.

Jeff Hardy continued from here on out and in next was Kozlov. He was undefeated here and he speared down Jeff driving the air out of him. Kozlov scooped up Jeff and overpowered him by driving his back into the Chamber wall, and then with a back throw tossing Jeff over the top landing hard on the mat, Jeff kicked out of a pinfall by Kozlov but he hammered away some more on Jeff. The Moscow Powerhouse then scooped up Jeff over his head in a torture rack type move and elevated him on top of the buckle, a unique offense saw Kozlov hammer at the kidney’s off Jeff and kick him in the mid-section.

Kozlov scooped up Jeff and again with a back throw and it still only scored him a two count.

Jeff Hardy was in my match of the year in 2008 with Triple H at No Mercy, thus far this match has been fantastic.

Kozlov with a nearfall and then a ground-control type maneuver by Kozlov as he held a waistlock on the mat to the Unique Enigma, and Jeff got to his vertical base and with crowd support he fired righthands at Kozlov but he hammered Jeff down off the ropes. Kozlov dropped an elbow to the sternum, scooped up Jeff Hardy and went to ram him into the corner but was rather dropkicked into the corner by Jeff Hardy and he lifted himself up in the corner hitting him with a high dropkick. Jeff bought himself some time to re-group. Jeff with a nearfall. Kozlov whipped Jeff Hardy into the corner but he flew back at Kozlov with a Whisper in the wind.

A new superstar joined the action and it was The Big Show. Show ripped off Jeff Hardy’s shirt straight away and scooped Hardy up and tossed him across the ring with a hiplock. All this damage after Jeff Hardy had sustained a beatdown from Kozlof of all people. Fans chanted for Hardy as Show headbutted Jeff, and then Kozlov did more of the same with forced power to the sternum of Hardy. Show smiled at Kozlov.

Show with a big right to the bruised sternum of Jeff, the fans boo in union. Kozlov drove his knees to Jeff. Show eyed Kozlov in the corner and then scooped up Jeff and slammed him to the mat. Kozlov slammed Jeff to the mat, fans got on there case in a big way here. Both took there time buying Jeff Hardy some time he hammered at Kozlov in the corner and then went after Show and he easily knocked him down. Kozlov dropped another elbow to Jeff. Show chopped down Jeff.

This part of the match was a tad slow, as the two heels disected the babyface and then Show with a vicious chop to the chest of Hardy in the corner. To spice things up, thankfully Kozlov took a run at Show. The Big Show got up and locked up with Kozlov and used his body weight to his advantage sending Kozlov down. Kozlov fought back with Big Show but Kozlov got rights and lefts. Show with a front facelock to Kozlov in the corner, went to charge towards him but Kozlov moved and Show hit the buckle.
HHH came in, JR claims it’s Game Time.

As expected HHH went after Show and hit a facebuster, and then a high knee to Kozlov. Triple H irishwhipped to the corner and then Hunter hit a big Spinebuster to Big Show. Jeff Hardy up and then clotheslined by Hunter.

HHH in control, Taker paced in his pod watching on. Kozlov charged after HHH and he elevated Kozlov to the outside on the steel. HHH went to ram Kozlov into the steel but he blocked it giving Hunter a knee. Kozlov charged into the steel as HHH avoided the attack and then HHH was about to slam Kozlov down on the steel and Show interupted it. Ross questions his logic as Show hammers HHH with bodyshots in the corner.

In the other corner Kozlov beats on a battered Jeff Hardy. Show got a kick by HHH off the ropes, but a second time Show connects with a sidewalk slam to Hunter. Kozlov still worked over Jeff. Taker was itching to come in, as we were guaranteed to crown a new WWE Champion in the opener.

Show chops HHH in the chest with his massive hand taking down the Game. Kozlov was still hammering away on Jeff, fans chant for The Undertaker. Show grabbed Hunter by the throat and he dropped out of it, landed rights to Show and then he press slammed Hunter down to the mat with massive strength, hitting a military press.

Show and HHH on the steel, Big Show elevated HHH into the side of the cage. Jeff hit a reversal on Kozlov in the ring. Show slammed Hunter into the chain. Big Show drove Jeff Hardy into the chain, with HHH and Jeff by the chain, Big Show ran himself into the side of the Chamber hitting the chain as both men moved.

Back inside the ring the fans roared as HHH and Jeff Hardy hit a double team, vertical suplex.

Whisper in the wind connected from Jeff Hardy on HHH.

The Deadman was the last man free and the place erupted, the title on the line.

Taker unloaded with rights and lefts to Show, in the ring he hit Kozlov with the same sending him into the corner. Taker hit a high boot to Kozlov and attacked both Hunter and Jeff in both corners. Taker with a high boot to Kozlov, and attempted a double chokeslam to HHH and Jeff Hardy but Big Show interupted it. Taker ducked a clothesline from Show and then off the ropes hit a giant one on Show.

Taker picked up fellow veteran HHH and hit an arm-ringer on him. Taker went for old school on Hunter then turned the tide and leaped up to the outside catching Show by surprise and hitting him with a DDT on the chain. Awesome.

Undertaker went back for an Old School on HHH and stilll managed to hit it. Taker then was speared down by Kozlov and he drove his bodyweight into Taker in the corner. Kozlov up high in the corner gave Taker some shots and elbows to the head. Taker then hit the last ride!

Eliminated second was Kozlov after he was Pinned by The Undertaker after Last Ride at 22:57.

Big Show then immediately silenced the crowd when he hit Taker with a chokeslam. A backbody drop by Show to HHH as he hit back first on the steel. Show scooped up Jeff Hardy and tossed him into HHH and both men landed on the steel, killing two birds with one stone.

Show looked on at the carnage, everyone down but him. Kozlov and Edge were gone. Four men remained, Show, HHH, Jeff Hardy and Taker. Show rammed HHH into side of the steel. Jeff from the top got tossed into the side wall by Show, from on top of a pod he fell down groin first. Show climbed up then to make things interesting. Show hammered Jeff with giant shots. Taker climbed up to the top turnbuckle and superplexed Big Show from the top rope, unreal.

Jeff meanwhile waited on top of a pod, HHH was still out of it on the steel on the outside. Carnage everywhere, crowd was going wild. Fans get to there feet as Jeff was on top of the pod and hit a Swanton to Show.

The Big Show was then eliminated third when he was Pinned by Triple H after a Swanton Bomb from Hardy from the top of the Chamber at 26:09. Triple H took Jeff’s Swanton to his advantage.

HHH dropped Jeff Hardy and then hammered Undertaker with a series of shots in the corner. Taker then forced HHH into the corner and over the top and once again he tasted the steel.

Undertaker went for Old School on Jeff Hardy but the Game from the outside dropped Taker and he lost his balance hitting groin first on the top rope. Jeff Hardy and Taker were down on the mat inside the Chamber while HHH waited on the outside. Jeff then ran off the side ropes, and leaped over Taker to catapolt into HHH as he ONCE AGAIN hit the steel.

Taker then hit a picture perfect Tombstone to Jeff Hardy in mid-ring.

Jeff Hardy was then Pinned by The Undertaker after Tombstone Piledriver at 28:28.

We were down to two. Triple H and the Deadman who had a history together.

Should be a nice sequence to close this match with these two veterans.

Taker and HHH from both corners ready to strike it out to decide who’d leave No Way Out, the WWE Champion. Great Drama.

Taker with a righthand to HHH in the corner. The Undertaker with a strong shot to HHH in the corner. Taker headbutted Triple H and the he dropped to his knees, Taker’s shots elevated Hunter back into the corner, Taker ran towards Hunter and missed with a high boot and he hit his long leg onto the buckle, apparently ripping a hamstring Taker sold it outside on the steel. This bought Triple H time to get up and grab The Undertaker by the head ramming him headfirst into the side of the unforgiving steel structure.

Triple H went to the top rope and was caught by The Undertaker who hit a chokeslam in mid-ring.

A new champion was thought, but the Game’s left shoulder got up at the very last moment. Undertaker irishwhipped HHH into the corner and he got a boot up on Taker, but The Undertaker dropped him with Snake Eyes, and then off the ropes out of no where HHH hit a Double A spinebuster and got a two. The Undertaker and Triple H have great chemistry.

Undertaker was chanted, HHH’s name after him. HHH with a Pedigree attempt on the steel and HHH was then catapolted face first into the Steel by Taker. Undertaker scooped him up but HHH reversed it back over the top ropes, and Taker flipped Hunter over one more time, hitting the Tombstone, but HHH got his feet on the ropes.
Fans and The Undertaker couldn’t believe it.

HHH then hit a Pedigree in mid-ring on The Undertaker and Taker kicked out! Both men kicked out of each other’s finishers and now both men down on the mat. Taker in the corner grabbed ahold of HHH as his legs began to buckle underneath him. HHH with a hard shot in the corner to The Undertaker and he struck back. Taker and HHH broke out with a slugfest, The Undertaker got the better of it. Something has to give as HHH reversed The Undertaker hard back first into the corner.

HHH went on top of Taker and hammered him with right’s not remembering Wrestlemania X7 as Taker went for the Last Ride but in mid-air he had it scouted and he hit the Pedigree on Taker in mid-ring, hitting this move for the second time.

In the end Triple H Pinned The Undertaker after a Pedigree at 35:55 to become a 13 time Heavyweight Champion.

What a war.

Nothing but pure entertainment, a Classic opener here. Non-Stop fun, blew me away. Snowflakes wise, I am totally with the Meltz here.

**** 1/4




2) Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match

Lets face it, Shane-O-Mac has surprised on more then a number of occasions. His match with X-Pac at Wrestlemania 15, even Test at Summerslam 1999 were incredible because it passed expectations by far, not only was the in-ring stuff there done well, but it was the outside spots and the flow to his matches that impressed me the most.

He went the distance even with his old man, and then again his best match with Kurt Angle at the 2001 King of the Ring which is an all time classic for the brutality alone.
Here he was in a feud with Randy Orton that was personal, due to Orton recently putting down his sister, labelling her “Essentially Worthless” after she popped out a few kids, which was hilarious, and then of course the famous kick to the Chairman`s head, Shane`s father Vince.

So this was set to be an all-out brawl here at No Way Out with 09 Rumble Winner, Randy Orton and the Boss`s Son, Shane McMahon.

Decent video package we get before the match.

Will Shane do it again? I wasn’t paticularly a fan of his match on Saturday Night’s Main Event in 2006 with Shawn, but that could of been because of useless spots and the fact I didn’t feel the hatred.

Well the hatred seemed to be here. Orton cut a backstage promo before the match trying to stir the pot even more, saying he will not stop until he destroys the entire McMahon family, leaving a legacy as he says he will take his rightful place in the Main Event of wrestlemania.

Randy came out first to a chorus of boo’s.

Shane then did with his sister looking on backstage. Shane with a cople of jabs to Orton and he surprisingly didn’t go all out attacking him. Shane just hit a few hard shots to Orton which backed him off to the corner of the ring. Orton with a high knee to Shane and then he landed a series of righthands to Shane levelling him down in the corner. Shane then threw a shot or two from his knees to Orton. An awkward right by Shane to Randy took him outside the ring. Shane O Mac hit a baseball slide to Orton outside the ring.

Shane grabbed a wooden table. Shane set up a garbage can in the corner of the ring, his favourite spot. This took time so Randy Orton re-grouped and dropped Shane’s head to the side and then rammed Shane’s back into the ring apron.

Orton threw a battered Shane back into the ring as he slowly looked on at him and then the fans.

Randy grabbed Shane by the throat in the middle of the ring.

Orton with a kick to the chest and a back suplex to Shane. Orton began to untie the top turnbuckle pad and he threw it to the floor exposing the steel which of course was completely legal in this environment. Orton irishwhipped Shane back first into the exposed steel. Orton slowly kicked at Shane and his sore back which Orton was focusing in on.
Shane rolled to the outside, Orton simply put his hand out as if to say “What now?”
Shane grabbed a Kendo stick from the outside and out of desperation and no where he hit a few hard shots to Orton. Orton on his knees and in agony as Shane hit a few hard shots to Orton, still selling the back when he came back in. Shane with another hard shot to Orton in the sternum area. Shane O Mac with another hard stick shot to Orton’s back for payback. Orton on his knees on the outside selling the injuries, got to his feet and Shane hit a hard running clothesline to Orton on the outside.

Shane then removed the monitor’s off the announce table, King calls it “Vintage Shane McMahon” as if he was Micheal Cole. Shane then hit Orton in the temple with a TV monitor. Orton blades and lays back on the table. Shane then gets set for one of his signature spots and with Orton laying bloodied on the table, Shane went for a big elbow from the top, and Legacy ran out.

DiBiase and Rhodes attacked Shane which gained boo’s and DiBiase landed righthands to Shane in the corner. DiBiase grabbed a steel chair and hit DiBiase in the back as Shane turned him around. Shane McMahon hit a ddt in the middle of the ring to Rhodes on a chair in the middle of the ring. They cut to Stephanie again as if we’re supposed to care.
Orton at this point is bleeding considerably on the table on the outside buying himself time. Meanwhile Shane was taking care of Legacy in the ring. Shane O Mac from the top turnbuckle hit coast to coast into the trashcan, dropkicking Rhodes in the face with the trashcan. Shane O Mac got to his feet and then went for another big aerial spot. Shane from up high on the top turnbuckle went for his flying elbow drop and he hit nothing but the announce table, which didn’t give in all the way. Orton had moved out of the way, a bloodied Randy Orton bought himself time due to Legacy distracting Shane for several minutes.

Shane crashed and burned through the table, he got rid of Legacy but it ended up being costly as Orton now crawled back into the ring a bloodied mess. Orton instructed DiBiase to take Rhodes out of here.

Randy Orton had Shane from inside the ring apron, with his legs parked on the middle ropes dropped his head with a DDT and he got just a two count, and another count and Shane kicked out. He did a third time and a bloodied Orton was furious. Fans chanted for a table and Orton looked at it and grabbed it. Orton kicked at Shane to make sure he stayed down after his DDT which was hit about a minute ago.

Randy Orton still feeling the earlier effects took his time setting up the wooden table but eventually did in the corner just behind Shane. As Shane got to his vertical base, Orton dropped him with a hard forearm shot to the injured back. Orton then scooped up Shane placing him on the top turnbuckle. Orton went for a superplx from the top to Shane through a table and he hit it despite it taking him awhile. Usually in that spot you’d figure since it took a lot of time Shane to recover and push Orton back first through the table, but no.

Orton succesfully drove Shane through a table with a Superplex from the top through a table, and despite him going through that table on the outside, the DDT to the mat, and now the table on the inside, Shane still managed to kick out. Orton ruthlessly stomped on Shane in the middle of the ring. Orton kicked a piece of the broken wood out of the way. Orton with yet another cover but Shane still managed to get out.

Orton viciously stared at the crowd and went for his big punt to put Shane away but a desperation spear exploded towards Orton taking him down at full speed. Both men down, this bought Shane O Mac some much needed recovery time. Shane smacked Orton in the skull with the chair, and then the ankle. Orton sold it in a major way and then Shane again dropped a chairshot to Orton. Shane to his feet dropped another chairshot to Orton’s injured ankle. Shane hesitated hitting Orton with the chair as he begged from his knees, but he then smacked Orton in the skull for retribution for his family.

Shane went for a punt of his own but Orton in awesome fashion reversed it mid-air into an RKO.

In the end at 18:16 of the match, Orton put away Shane McMahon with his finisher.

This one was slower, truth be told. It didn’t have a good pace at all as it consisted of one man slowly beating on the other, I expected an all-out brawl like we’d briefly see on Raw from time to time.

Either way the spots were done well and they seemed to drag this match out quite nicely for it to near the twenty minute mark.

There was a lot of quality stuff in this match, so it was definitely good.

** 3/4





3) Jack Swagger (c) vs Finlay (with Hornswoggle) for the ECW Championship


Two mat-based wrestler`s getting PPV time to go to work with one another always sounds like a good time to me.

Jack Swagger was the All American, American coming out as ECW Champion.
Finlay’s theme song sounds extremely lame and he barely got an ovation here.

Both these tremendous wrestlers got set to go, the bell rang and Swagger tied up with Finlay. Finlay backed him up in the corner and Finlay locked on a halfcrab. Fans chanted for Christian. Finlay slapped on the halfcrab and leaned back on Swagger.

Swagger in mid-ring was in a considerable amount of pain and Finlay stomped down on the leg of Swagger. Finlay goes back into the same halfcrab. Finlay lifted up the boot and dropped his boot into the lower back of Swagger. Jack Swagger was hammered in the corner by Finlay as he lifted his sore leg above and went for a big kick, in time Swagger moved out of the way and then Jack Swagger drove Finlay shoulder first into the corner.
Swagger still selling the knee limped towards Finlay and drove his good knee into the abdomen of Finlay who had just hit the corner ring post. Swagger with a behind the back wristlock, locking the fingers of Finlay and he drove the boot ino his hands. Swagger then scooped up Finlay and dropped him onto the mat. Swagger stretched back with a wristlock. Swagger kicked at Finlay’s head leverage on his wrist lock, stretching the arm. Finlay temporarily had his back against the mat and got a two count, Swagger with a counter as Finlay got up, into a go-behind waistlock into an armbar. Swagger drove his knee into the head of Finlay and then he stretched on the arm of Finlay.

Swagger dropped his weight on Finlay’s arm. Finlay reversed a high impact move and fell backwards dropping Swagger scoring himself a two. Jack Swagger who had out wrestled Finlay with fine chain wrestling drove Finlay into the corner. Swagger charged towards Finlay and he rolled up Swagger and got a two count. Finlay drove back first into the corner by Swagger. Swagger with a righthand a couple of times setting Finlay up high on the top turnbuckle. Finlay pushed Swagger off the top and he fell back to the mat. Finlay with an armringer and then a clothesline to Swagger which looked sloppy.

Finlay began to climb and then hit a crossbody off the top to Swagger and he got a two. Finlay with a series of clotheslines to Swagger and then he dropped the bodyweight to Swagger. Finlay speared Swagger in the abdomen twice in both corners. Finlay lifted up Jack Swagger and then he got out of that predicament pushing Finlay into Hornswoggle who Striker can’t stand and neither can I. Swagger got a go-behind waistlock on the mat to regain control and then Swagger put Finlay away after a gutwrench powerbomb.
In the end, Swagger retained the title over Finlay at 7:53.


This one was pretty decent. Definitely not the best either man could do together. Some sloppy parts in the middle and a dead crowd. I didn’t appreciate that at all, we were seeing some great chain-wrestling and not only did the crowd sit on there ass, there were disrespectful boo’s and small boring chants. Perhaps these fans should learn what Pro-Wrestling is, then buy a ticket.

** 1/4



4) “The HeartBreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield in a Singles match; “If JBL wins, he will become the owner of Michaels’ name and likeness“

This was a decent little story to give both Shawn and John something to work with before there Wrestlemania programs, with Shawn selling his soul for money because of the economy.

Anyway this match was the final payoff.
Shawn’s wife sat at ringside as she watched JBL talk some trash as he came out first.


Shawn was shown praying before he came out, but he was back in form as he came out to a good pop and was set to go with Bradshaw.

JBL used his weight to send Shawn to the corner on the initial tie-up. JBL said all he needed was one mistake. Then Michaels unloaded on JBL.

Michaels on top of Bradshaw giving him a lot of shots, venting out a ton of aggression building up over time.

HBK had all he could stand of that smirk of JBL and the crowd roared as JBL went for a breather. Bradshaw smiled on the outside.

JBL handed Shawn a chair trying to get him to DQ himself, but Shawn didn’t have any of that and dropped the chair. Shawn battled back with some rights, inside the ring he went for a backslide on JBL and he rolled right through using some momentum, and off the ropes he drops an elbow which gets him a two count.

Bradshaw picked up Shawn and went for a scoop slam, but the veteran instinct let him drop behind him with cut him down to size as he hit the ankle and then slapped on a figure four which gets Woo’s. JBL grabbed the ropes. Shawn then puts on the Crossface which gets a good applause which puts a smile on my face.

Shawn then chopped at by JBL from the corner, and outside ring John drives Shawn back first into the apron as he has a history of back problems throughout his career. JBL backed Shawn into the ring apron back first again. JBL kept driving elbow shots into Shawn as Rebecca looked on and JBL kept repeating this move over and over to a chorus of boo`s.
JBL unloaded with more shots in the corner and then JBL drove his knee into Shawn again. Bradshaw goes back to work on the back with a mid-ring bearhug. This put more pressure to Shawn`s lowerback which had sustained a ton of punishment not only in this match but in his career.

Both men tied up and Bradshaw squeezed his lower back. Shawn chops JBL and then off the ropes hit a swinging neckbreaker to JBL. Both men down, but Shawn needed a big move such as that to get his game back. An inverted atomic drop twice to slow down the bigger JBL as he hit a couple more chops. JBL though out of no where sent Shawn back first into the ring post and he swung upside down. JBL looking to exploit the injured back, and up top John hammered rights at Shawn. JBL climbed the top ring rope and went for a superplex to Shawn which would obviously, virtually kill Shawn`s back. Shawn blocked it and hammered JBL with a couple blows from up top.

Shawn then with a bad back up, went up for an elbow drop, and the veteran Bradshaw this time sensed the elbow coming and scouted that move well. Bradshaw off the side ropes hit a clothesline from hell was then hit, and Shawn Michaels kicked out. JBL looked on angry at Michaels. Fans chanted HBK as he slowly started to rise. JBL clotheslined him down and the punishment continued as John tossed Shawn out of the ring to the floor.

Why on earth does Jerry Lawler lower his voice in attempt to make himself come off more serious, it doesen`t work and it doesen`t sound good.

Rebecca slapped JBL from the crowd and then Shawn feeded off the emotion. He hit a flying forearm to JBL and then a Lou Thesz press. Shawn bodyslammed JBL and hit a elbow off the top. Shawn with momentum started to rile up the crowd and then tune up the band from the corner. Lawler called it Vintage Shawn Michaels yet again, he needs to stop using that word.

In the end Shawn put JBL away at 13:17 when he put away JBL with the Sweet Chin Music as Rebecca looked on happy.

This one was pretty good. A little slow in the middle, but it had a good story with a standard Michaels formula.

** 1/2


5) Main Event- John Cena (c) vs Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho vs Mike Knox vs Kane in a Raw Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

The show ends just as it starts, with a World title on the line inside an Elimination Chamber.


Edge was a mystery man here, having lost the WWE title earlier in the night he was added to the Raw Elimination Chamber match. A lot of people could see another inevitable title switch when they saw Edge`s name being added to this one.

Still it made this match more intriguing with his addition.

Cena came out first, then Mike Knox proceeded to and then Kane. Two big men after Cena. Kane made his third appearance in a Chamber match. Cena had already defended his title in a Chamber match before, before of course losing it in a matter of seconds to Edge at New Years Revolution in 2006. Jericho was making his fifth appearance. Rey making his first. On Kofi Kingston`s way to the ring Edge took him apart with a steel chair. Edge slammed Kofi`s head with a chair against the steps to a chorus of boo`s. Edge then leaped in a pod and the crowd cheered. Rey came out to no entrance and asked for support from the medic team.

Jericho then was the last person to enter. Mysterio tried to get at Edge inside a pod.

Mysterio and Jericho started the match, they`d go on to have a number of great matches later in the year 2009 together, and this was just the start of things. Rey gets set to put on a great performance here as he begins the match in an environment he doesen`t exactly have a lot of experience in which is unique and added a dynamic aspect to the match.
Jericho is a natural fit here and anytime you got these two it together it sounds like a good formula.

The medic team got rid of the odd man out here, Kofi Kingston. Edge was allowed to stay apparently.

Chris Jericho then was locked inside the Chamber with Rey and set to get it underway.
Jericho tied up with Rey pushing him off. Jericho hit a side headlock to Rey grounding him. Rey hit a high knee to Jericho, and then a sunset flip to Jericho over the top rope onto the steel hurting him in the process.

Rey had Jericho against the ropes and he clotheslined him over the top rope as Jericho landed back in the ring. Rey irishwhipped Jericho to the corner of the ring. Jericho then sent Rey hard into Kane`s chamber door and Rey literally smacked with enormous impact. Jericho lifted up Mysterio and hit a powerful standing vertical suplex, and Rey somehow kicked out. Y2J slapped on a sleeper to Mysterio. Rey elbowed out of it and kicked Jericho in the abdomen. Rey charged towards Jericho by the ropes and he backdropped him onto the steel.

Jericho on the steel catapolted Rey into the side of the cage and began to climb to the top of the Chamber and he sprung off with a hurricanrauna and that sent Jericho down onto the steel by the ropes. A senton off the wall back into the ring got a two count on Jericho.
Both Rey and Jericho in the ring, Rey kicked at Jericho`s legs and landed a running bulldog. Edge, Cena, Knox and Kane were in the chamber doors.

Kane enters. Kane throws down Rey and then throws down Jericho and stares at Edge in the Chamber door as he ducked. Rey off the side ropes gets a sidewalk slam by Kane, a man he had met a lot before this. Kane with an uppercut to Chris Jericho in the corner, followed by a series of hard shots. Kane hit a snapmare to Mysterio followed by a dropkick to Rey`s face off the side ropes. Nice agility by the big man. Chris Jericho then followed up on Kane dishing some punishment to him, Jericho got a shot blocked and Kane hit a hard few righthands to Jericho. Kane managed to clothesline Jericho over the top onto the steel. Jericho outside on the steel, Rey then fought back at Kane giving him a few shots. Rey grounding Kane and digging deep, he hit a baseball slide to Kane which drove him from canvas to the outside steel. Mysterio got his knees up on Kane who charged towards him and he countered a high impact move from Kane as he landed on top of him.

Chris Jericho missed a Lionsault on Kane and he slammed him down, Rey sent Kane into the corner. Rey got Jericho and Kane down and went for a double 619 on both men but Kane got up and right away grabbed Rey Mysterio by the throat stopping him. Jericho then got up and Kane grabbed him also by the throat. Kane then with both men by the throat threw Jericho off with his strength and Mysterio dropped Kane down and hit a 619 to Kane, then Jericho hit a codebreaker to Kane. Rey with a headscissors to Jericho up and over landing hard on the steel.

Rey from up high with a senton, successfully hit. So a good pop as Kane who entered third was Pinned by Mysterio after a seated senton from the top of a pod at 9:37 of the match.

Down to Jericho and Mysterio in the ring, Edge, Cena and Knox waited out and came Mike Knox as the fourth man.

Mike Knox would join Rey and Jericho in the ring, the crowd groaned as he was clearly the least interesting party left available. Knox choked out Rey at the side of the ring with his big boot. Knox was seeing his first action in the Chamber and he had Jericho up high, Chris was actually getting Y2J chants but Knox drove him back first against the Steel. Mysterio fought off Knox as he leaped on his back, but he then too was drove into the steel wall by Knox. Mysterio hung upside down on the steel and then Knox drove his body into the body of Rey, targetting his abdomen.

Knox scooped up Jericho and tossed him over the top rope with a nasty landing back first, in the middle of the ring. Cena`s eyes weren`t going off of Knox who as inside the Chamber door. Knox dropped a double axehandle to Rey, and then he slid under Knox. Rey kicked at Knox and met him with a high boot from the corner, Knox then hit a backbreaker to Rey and Jericho hit a codebreaker out of no where to Knox.
Knox who had entered fourth was then Pinned by Jericho after a Codebreaker at 14:42 to make him the second man eliminated in the match, this got a good pop.

Now just four men remained, two inside the ring were the first two in the match, then the Chamber door opened and the ultimate oppurtunist came in, Edge entered but Rey attacked him in the pod before he could get in the ring. Action about to get quick with these three exciting wrestler`s in the ring. Edge was a 7 time Champion by this point, he was going for his 8th World title here. It`s a joke, but it is what it is.

Rey off the ropes got hit with a clothesline out of no where by Jericho and he smiled while the fans booed. Jericho dropped Rey and lifted him up with a belly to back suplex. Jericho attacked Edge and then hit a running bulldog on him. Jericho with a high elbow to Rey, Edge from behind dropped Jericho and got a two count. Cena was pacing non-stop as he couldn`t wait to enter. Edge then went for a spear on Rey in the corner but he leapfrogged him, Jericho went for a codebreaker and couldn`t hit it, Rey sent Edge to the ropes and Jericho again intercepted Rey`s 619 attempt and hit a spear. Jericho then with an inziguri to Edge.

Jericho had Rey by the head and from the top rope he got Rey up. Jericho grabbed onto the pod with another hand. Rey with Jericho up high, Edge climbed up from behind and Jericho then hit a sunset flip to Rey which flipped Edge over slamming Rey hard to the mat. A good three man spot was received well by the audience and all three men were down.

Edge cornered Jericho and he hit a number of shots to him and followed it up with an irishwhip that sent him towards the steel, Rey followed him.
This opened the last Chamber door to John Cena who the crowd were chanting for.

Edge went for a clothesline but Cena ducked and he hit a series of shoulder blocks. Cena with a belly to belly to Edge, hooked the tights of Jericho and hit a Fisherman suplex. Jericho slammed Edge`s head down to the mat. Cena tossed Chris Jericho over the top rope to the steel, then hit a sidewalk slam to Edge. Fans cheered Cena`s offense while some booed.

Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle to Edge and hit it. Cena went for the attitude adjustment to Edge and Jericho hit the codebreaker out of no where again! Cena then went to the middle ropes, Rey hit a 619, and Edge hit the spear.

So Cena who entered last was Pinned by Edge after a Codebreaker from Jericho, a 619 from Mysterio, and then finally a Spear from Edge at 22:22 of the match, making it a gaurantee we`d see another new World Champion in a Chamber match here at No Way Out. Shocking elements like this mid-match made the Chamber match more entertaining with the swerves, let alone the non-stop entertainment. The fans roared in approval after some initial booing and Edge`s face said the story.

The final three were Jericho, Edge and Rey Mysterio. Chris Jericho was attacked by Rey on both sides and then Rey hit a dropkick to Edge. Rey irishwhipped by Jericho and then he hit a headscissors to both men. Jericho dropkicked alongside Edge as Rey hit a 619 to Jericho, Edge moved out of the way. Rey sent Edge head first into the buckle, Rey springboarded off the ropes onto Jericho and hit a roll-up on Jericho and got the three, after Jericho was initially going for the Walls.

So not long after the last elimination at 23:54, Jericho was put away by Mysterio with a roll-up which made the fans happy.

Rey Mysterio had been the MVP of this entire match and was now left with the ultimate oppurtunist in Edge. Edge speared the corner and Mysterio rolled up Edge and he just kicked out. Rey down on the canvas with Edge and the fans chanted for Rey. Rey with a crossbody after springboarding off the far ropes and he got a two count.

Edge off the ropes hit a sunset flip to Rey but he flipped over and hit a dropkick to Edge getting a third nearfall. Rey Mysterio had Edge down and the crowd chanted for a 619. Rey sent to the ropes hung onto the top ropes for leverage, kicked at Edge and then attatched himself to Edge to allow him to hit a nice DDT. Mysterio kept getting two count after two count. Rey started to climb to the top of the Chamber but Edge bought himself some time dragging him down, and getting the aerial based high flyer down onto the steel where Edge needed him.

Edge stalked Rey on the steel. Edge set up Rey up high and went for a powerbomb but Rey out of no where in mid-air hit an X-Factor hitting Edge head first. Rey hit a backwards 619, calling it a 916. Rey then had Edge ouside the ring and Edge elevated him headfirst into the pod door, as he charged towards him. Ouch. Cole yells Oh My God!
Edge hit a spear in mid-ring to Rey and got the three.

With Edge and Rey being the final two left, Edge finished off Mysterio with a spear at 29:46 to become the New 8 time World Heavyweight Champion. Edge goes from losing a WWE title in the opening Chamber match, to winning another World Title in ANOTHER Chamber match…on the same night. This whole ultimate oppurtunist thing got taken to another level with this thing here, and if Edge wasn`t injured every so often I`m convinced he`d break Flair`s World title record with how he`s been booked in just three years of this writing, as he is a current nine time World Champion. Something I don`t approve of but it is what it is.

This Chamber match was another Fantastic match.

Rey Mysterio deserves a ton of credit.





Final Rating for WWE No Way Out 2009 = 7.5/10

-It`s clear they should keep the Chamber concept because as evident from this years PPV alone, it`s working quite well. Both Chamber matches were Classic`s in the genre, and the opening match was one of the best to any PPV ever. This was a great show because of them, and the fact there wasn`t one bad match on the card. Solid show, pick it up if you can. Just like last year the show is a 7.5 out of 10. Two solid PPV events.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The WWE championship and world heavyweight championship elimination chamber matches were of a high quality.

  2. James says:

    Did Orton blade himself cos whn i watched it the corner of the monitor hit his top left-hand side of his head

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