Cover Artwork for WWE ‘OMG! Vol. 2: Top 50 Incidents in WCW History’ DVD

June 10, 2014 by Mark D

Today we can show you the planned cover art for: OMG! Vol. 2 – The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History DVD and Blu-ray.

WWE - OMG Vol. 2 Top 50 Incidents in WCW History

This 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray set follows up on the 2011 OMG DVD/Blu-ray which looked at WWE’s Top 50 Incidents by this time looking at the Top 50 Incidents in the history of World Championship Wrestling.

OMG! Vol. 2: The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History will hit stores across the United States on August 12th [click here to pre-order].

WWE - OMG WCW Top 50 Incidents DVD Cover Art

OMG! Volume 2 counts down the Top 50 incidents in WCW. Volume 1 focused on the Top 50 Incidents in WWE history, but now we turn back the clock and look at WCW history. Relive iconic moments such as Hogan forms NWO with Outsiders at Bash at the Beach WCW Closes Shane Mr. McMahon appear on WCW TV Goldberg wins the Title from Hogan at Georgia Dome Dennis Rodman Joins the N.W.O. – and dozens of other exciting moments in this countdown. Hear stories from the Superstars and Legends who lived these moments, including Tony Schiavone, Booker T, Vince Russo, Big Show, Diamond Dallas Page, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash and more.

WWE - OMG WCW Top 50 Incidents DVD Cover Art

The complete content listing for “OMG Vol. 2 – The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History” should be available very soon here at, but if you are already pumped up about it, you can pre-order your copy of the DVD or Blu-ray now with by clicking here or using the links below.


OMG Vol. 2 will be released in the United Kingdom & Europe just two weeks later on August 25th at and for fans in Australia on September 12th via

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    It isn’t WWF’s fault WCW made a laughing stock out of the company! I think the cover makes perfect sense… I mean it is the #1 most shocking moment/incident in WCW History… especially with Shane showing up on WCW TV in Florida. What’s the big deal here?

  2. LJN Bobby Heenan says:

    Even though the cover probably depicts the most shocking moment, I agree with everyone that Vince &Shane’s faces shouldn’t be the only thing seen on the cover of a “wcw” dvd. BTW, I’m looking at my copy of the first OMG dvd and the full title is ‘OMG! The top 50 INCIDENTS in WWE history’. Humanoid!

  3. Mr Hesse says:

    Cover is an insult.

  4. @IMDJLUIS says:

    1. I don’t like the cover because it doesn’t say WCW to me, it just says WWE, no matter the situation.
    2. I don’t understand the word Incident being in the title. I remember the original title for Vol. 1 being something else originally, which made more sense. There were no “incidents” in vol. 1, it was more about shocking moments, or just moments in general. I’m sure this will be the same.

  5. Fox says:

    Awful cover! Old WCW fans would pass this one right by. Maybe the Ultimate Warrior will be on the cover of the upcoming Sting DVD!

  6. David says:

    Thanks for information

    Let’s see if they dive this one a deserved collection

  7. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    HORRIBLE COVER….unbelievable, not at all what I expected.

  8. ekkoes4life says:

    WWF won the war.. WWF had the best product over all.. WWF had the balls to fight, win and buy a competition, something you never seen before, at least not with the wrestling product.. I do believe, to this day still is a top 5 OMG least. But.. we’ll see in a few months.

    • R&REXPRESS#1 says:

      Still doesn’t justify it being on the cover…face it, it doesn’t belong.

      • ekkoes4life says:

        turn the cover inlay, so you don’t have to look on it.. the content will surely be fun and great like the vol. 1, which is the main thing for most watchers of wrestling, I assume..

    • LP1 says:

      WWF had the balls to fight? WWF are the ones that started the war in 1984 when they went national. Also don’t fall into the WWE hype that they are the reasons that WCW went out of business. The reason WCW went out of business is because the executives at TBS and TNT decided they wanted to go in a direction with their networks and they didn’t want any wrestling on it, even though Nitro(while it was way behind Raw) was still one of the highest rated shows on TNT. WCW was being sold to Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media. It was a done deal. Everything was agreed upon except a signature. Once Turner dropped the programming, Fusient backed out because without a TV deal the company was worth nothing. That’s when WWE swooped in and bought the entire company and all of its assets for 2.5 million dollars. Just because WWE ended up buying them doesn’t mean that they’re the sole reason WCW went out of business. WWE’s distorted re-writing of history has really fooled a lot of people.

      • AJ says:

        They were completely devalued and were losing tens of millions a year due to terrible management. WWE has never said they were solely responsible. WCW was putting a terrible product and undependable in 2000. They were bad, TNT didn’t want their garbage, WWE bought WCW for pocket change.

    • Spritz1999 says:

      Thank you! Cover makes sense to me… but that’s my opinion I guess.

  9. zac says:

    Don’t like the cover at all bit of a mockery of WCW. Don’t get me wrong won’t stop me from buying it but yeah don’t like that you have the mcmahons and not WCW wrestlers.

    • David says:

      Mockery? Sorry to say but WCW were the ones that made the company a joke, especially the last few years.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the DVD was dedicated to making fun of WCW.

  10. RabidHeat says:

    I don’t usually get bitchy about covers, but I must admit this is a bit ridiculous. You shouldn’t slap two members of the McMahon family on ANY DVD set which focuses on a company that had nothing to do with them. That one shocking moment was just that…ONE moment. It can’t be the definining image for the entire countdown! It’s like putting Mankind’s title win on the cover just because WCW spoiled it.

  11. SRB says:

    I hope the content (and I’m sure it will) can save the set. Bad cover to start with.

  12. some guy says:

    Great cover, outside of Judy Bagwell on a forklift this was the #1 craziest moment I’ve ever seen!

  13. CW says:

    I’m fine with the cover except they didn’t even use a picture of Shane from that night!

  14. David says:

    Cover looks good. No matter what people say Vince buying WCW was the most shocking moment in wrestling.

    I don’t think anyone ever expected that to happen.

    • LP1 says:

      Actually anyone that was paying attention to the business at the time pretty much saw it coming. If you’re talking about any time prior to 1999, then yes, no one would have expected it. But Vince was in talks with WCW about buying them in September of 2000. When he found out that as part of the deal he had to keep the WCW shows on Turner’s networks and he couldn’t bring them over to Viacom’s channels (TNN, MTV, etc.) he backed out. It wasn’t until Jamie Kellner came on board in early 2001 and decided that he wanted to take Turner’s networks in a new direction and eliminate wrestling from the channels(even though Nitro while still one of the highest rated shows on TNT), that’s when Vince was made the offer again.

  15. a arron says:

    worst cover ever, I can understand it a shocking moment but could have added something else

  16. Mr Disc says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the #1 moment in the countdown.

    • Bandit says:

      It probably will be #1 – only other ones I could think of that would top it would be are NWO like – Hall and Nash showing up or Hogan turning on WCW and joining the NWO. And even though this is a WCW DVD, Vince would definiately want something WWE to still be #1 and this would be it.

  17. Mr Smith says:

    Wi there be another Fantasy Concept soon, Mark?

    • Mark D says:

      Yeah, I think we’ll have one soon, it’s been a while ain’t it?

      • ekkoes4life says:

        yesssss.. a Fulfill your Fantasy Divas Battle Royal like Taboo Tuesday 2004! 😉

        okay okaaaaay.. Settle with Marks usually Fantastic great Fantasy concepts.. 🙂

        Bring it on.. and I think you still should apply for WWE dvd concept development department. 🙂

  18. Eric says:

    The artwork could be better. I would probably put the formation of the NWO on there, but I don’t care that much about the DVD artwork. It won’t make or break the DVD. I am a buyer on this one.

  19. Jakki Steal says:

    The most shocking moment in WCW history is having those 2 fools on the cover of a DVD all about WCW!

  20. Erik G. says:

    I’m really upset about Vince and Shane being on the cover. I don’t want to see Vince McMahon’s face on a DVD about WCW. I was really hoping for something striking and cool looking like the Great American Bash cover. Hopefully the inside and back cover artwork, and most importantly the content will make up for it.

    • David says:

      Vince buying WCW was pretty damn shocking and i don’t think anyone every predicted it would happen.

      But honestly, most of WCW’s OMG moments were basically “WTF where they thinking sort of way”. I guess Nash, Hall, Hogan formation was good shocker.

      I feel most of the content on this set will make fun of WCW, minus a few good ones like nWo formation and possibly cruiserweight stuff.

  21. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s on this set as far as matches and moments. Looking forward to it.

    • Erik G. says:

      I think it will. I have huge expectations for this. It will actually take significant effort to mess this up.

  22. LP1 says:

    I’m usually not one that cares too much about covers, but this one is just so comical. 13 years later and Vince is still fighting the war in his mind.

    I wonder if they do a “50 Most Shocking Moments In ECW History” if the cover will have Vince winning the ECW Title.

  23. AJ says:

    The first one had a singular moment with Edge spearing Foley and that was not #1, just like I think this is a huge moment, but isn’t #1

  24. ekkoes4life says:

    no matter what turns out to be no. will not be on level as WWF’s no. 1..or even some of the others on list.

    Difficult to top Hell in a Cell gigantic bumps…or a streetfight containing at least 6 hardcore spots. Or Tim White’s End it all trip.. 🙂

    But.. still excited to get this,,

    • Erik G. says:

      Hogan turning heel was huge.

      • ekkoes4life says:

        I agree.. had huge impact on changing the direction of wrestling.. so did Scott Hall’s appearence and promo on Nitro.. difference is – imho – that the HIAC match and Angel/Shane streetfight was so unique in the way they were excecuted, that nothing ever came close to similar, those significant spots in those matches.

        The Hogan heel turn and the Hall shocking Nitro appearence, however well staged and important for the turn of things to come, they are both “harmless” in excecution and have been repeated in various ways since.

        The highlighted spots on the HIAC and Streetfight matches never been close to be duplicated.

  25. Joey Bag of Donuts says:

    @ttt WCW getting sold to WWF on simulcast could be the number 1 OMG, but i agree with @Alex, Hogan joining nWo will probably be number 1 because Hogans bigger than both companies. 🙂 without Hogan there would be no “wwe universe” 😀

  26. ekkoes4life says:

    if following in the footsteps of vol. 1, the cover should then not be hinting the no. 1;

    vol. 1’s European cover from Silvervision has Cena with Edge and Big Show preparing for a FU at WM 25.. the US and Freemantles editions has Edge spearing Foley,WM 22 as cover.

  27. Kevin says:

    It has to be a rib that Vince and Shane are on the cover of a WCW themed DVD.

  28. Justin F says:

    This should be the last volume because they are going to run out of moments to include sooner or later.

    • GEOLINK says:

      Not really.

      • Justin F says:

        I said sooner or later. A Vol 3 will happen, but after that? There might not be enough to cover another volume.

    • Erik G. says:

      ECW, if it can be done under PG guidelines. After that, something for the territories but that probably wouldn’t sell well. Maybe something like “even more OMG moments!” with all promotions.

  29. Alex says:

    Wow. Vince and Shane on the cover of a WCW DVD. Shouldn’t be shocked but still am. Yes – definitely a top 5 shocking moment, maybe number 1 (though I think Hogan joining the nWo should top the list). I’m fine with it being on the cover, if you had some other WCW stars on the cover at all. Maybe we’re supposed to think it’s the top 50 shocking incidents in the WWF’s version of WCW!

  30. ttt says:

    @lillth it’s the biggest WCW moment of all time. The company folded, it was sold to their biggest rival on live TV. Why wouldn’t it the biggest OMG moment??

  31. Dave says:

    Why edit the picture of Shane? :/

  32. ekkoes4life says:

    Along with Factions and the Heyman sets, this is the one I await most with excitement. OMG vol. 1 is my favorite of the countdown sets, and in general a top 10 Bluray release for me.

    Cover is “so-so”.. but at least better than the European Silvervision cover of vol. 1.

    Apart from the obvious ones already teased in the description, I hope to get some funny, laughable, silly and Shock(Master)ing moments. 🙂

  33. Lilith says:

    Most infuriating cover they’ve ever made. Disgusting ego trip. Shame on WWE.

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