WWE Once In A Lifetime: The Rock vs. John Cena DVD Cover Revealed

July 5, 2012 by Mark D

Cover art for WWE Once in a Lifetime – The Rock vs. John Cena DVD has been released on Amazon.ca.

First revealed here, the 3 Disc DVD and 2 Disc Blu-Ray will hit stores on September 11th in the United States. “Once In A Lifetime” will chronicle the year-long feud between The Rock and John Cena which culminated in the epic ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter at WrestleMania XXVIII.

In the week leading up to WrestleMania XXVIII, a one-hour documentary aired on NBC Universal in America called ‘Once In A Lifetime: The Rock vs. John Cena’. This DVD collection is an expanded version of that documentary – giving the full one-year story of the build up to this epic match – from the very first promo. It also gives an insight into the preparation of body and mind that these two competitors went through before they met in the ring on April 1 in Miami. Once in A Lifetime explores the iconic Superstars long, emotional paths toward their match, and gives viewers a glimpse into The Rock and John Cena’s daily lives, training regiments, and the personal choices and histories that led them to the defining moment of their careers.

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  1. Dude Love(r) says:


    Forget this shitty DVD, forget this shitty company.

    Destination X just *destroyed* everything non-Undertaker related that WWE has done in the past 4 years!!!!

    Order the fucking replay, NOW!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave says:

      TNA is getting good but once they get out of the amusement park on a permanent basis then they could “possibly” be considered a threat…until then they are still bush league compared to WWE.

      Look at TNA DVDs…Christian, Angle, Foley got DVDs like 2 years after they debuted…again they were trying to cash in on the name value.

      Like it or not Cena vs Rock DVD will sell…don’t like it too bad…god forbid WWE making money like any other business.

      • Dude Love(r) says:

        So your enjoyment of a promotion is tied to their financial success, not the quality of their wrestling?

        Fucking sucks to be you and the rest of the ignorant, useless trolls on this board.

        I hope you have fun pretending to enjoy shitty wrestling just to spite people who rightly point out that it’s shitty.

        • Daniel Bee says:

          It’s not a troll who recognises that WWE need to produce titles that will sell, and that they will pursue the ones atop of that list for the most money. Rock/Cena was a huge deal for everyone, probably you included at the time. A couple of reasons for that, and one is that people never expected it to happen.

          Fact is this DVD will be entertaining. It’s not the rivalry people wanted to be a Greatest Rivalries DVD (or replace one of them) because it’s not, but a well produced doc (to be expected with WWE), and a compilation of matches/segments involving two of the top stars in the industry, documenting everything that happened between them, aint a bad idea to me. If you don’t like either guy or you thought all of the feud sucked, or you’re unhappy Rock and Cena won’t be face-to-face for it, then that’s okay too, you can skip this one.

          Last I checked people can buy the ones that interest them. Isn’t that the point? We’re the die hard collectors here who tend to buy them all or keep a close eye on everything on the way, and that’s not the norm consumer in the market.

          I will enjoy this release. You gotta accept people like different things and people have different opinions. Don’t call everybody here ignorant because they don’t share your ideals. It’s being a realist to see WWE will produce what sells, but only being a fan to enjoy a particular DVD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This dvd gonna suck ass.. it’s just marketing.. They should have put the rock and austin rivalries instead.. but they rather release that shit f*ck for ‘lil children to buy and so they could make more money!!

  3. your mom says:

    i guess this takes out them being in greatest rivalries 2

  4. oldschool says:

    three dvds for one match, I think I will pass on this one…

  5. Brad Attitude says:

    WOW … The Rock has perfect teeth.

  6. Justin F says:

    Didn’t notice it until now, but Cena sure does have thick eyebrows.

  7. NickP says:

    Year long my ass.. Here is the Year long Rock/Cena rivalry:

    April 2011 – Rock and Cena make the match for WM XXVIII

    June 2011 – Rock posts video trashing Cena, which part is shown on Raw during Punk/Cena segement

    November 2011 – WWE announces a Rock/Cena 5 on 5 Survivor Series match, which becomes a Rock/Cena vs Awesome Truth squash match

    March 2012 – Rock and Cena finally start building towards the match

    So 4 months out of 12 for a “year long rivalry”

    • Dave says:

      Maybe you should learn what “squash” actually means before throwing smark terms around.

      Miz/Truth vs Cena/Rock was no where near a squash match… It was around a 25 minute match with Truth/Miz getting a fair bit of offense. A “squash” is when the other gets no offense whatsoever.

      If you want to know squash matches watch Superstars from the 80s-90s, Wrestling Challenge or Prime Time Wrestling. Those shows we’re filled with 2-3 minute squash matches.

      Internet fans these days really are killing the wrestling business thinking they know what’s best just because they know smark terms and post ramblings on message boards.
      But have no clue what’s right for business. WWE is a business of making money…a Cena vs Rock DVD will make them a shitload of money…get the picture?!

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Dave, you, Sir have received a standing ovation from me. Half the people who comment here don’t even know what Wrestling Challenge, the original Superstars, Action Zone, Mania, or All American Wrestling are.

        In fact, if you ask them, they still don’t think there ever was a WWE before the Attitude Era. How dare a company want to make money. Shame on them I guess, right?

        Watch out though Dave. Not only do they think they have the “inside scoop” because they know a bunch of backstage insider terms, but they’ll also call you a troll and petition to have you banned if you don’t agree with their sheepish ideas….. just like me. LOL!

  8. Anonymous says:

    LMFAO typical fans never happy. How pathetic

  9. SRB says:

    How can you really make a 2 disc blu-ray about this set? I’m beyond confused. Their SS match and WM match will be there and what else? Everything from Raw leading up to this? I like the idea but these guys really didn’t do much and Rock hasn’t been seen since WM.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      They are going to fill it up with almost every single thing they did. They will treat it like they did the return of DX in 2006, as if every momonet was precious and needed to be covered in detail. That doesn’t bother me until I think of how light they were on Mr. Perfect for example. Personally, I don’t really like the concept or the cover but if others like it good for them. There have certainly been worse concepts in recent years. At least it has a well defined focus, even if they are stretching it.

      • SRB says:

        I guess I questioned it because people and WWE alike have been suggesting this is the next set of Greatest Rivalries. Now I guess technically this is a good rivalry since it went on for over a year. But, it was a bunch of name calling, cheap shots and interviews and really ONE MATCH, a great match at that, but only one match. If WWE wants to suggest this is the next Greatest Rivalries set they need to be prepared for people to compare it to their first Greatest Rivalries DVD and at least on HBK/Bret you had tons of great matches on there. On this set I fear you will get 3 discs of about an hour each of footage mostly of repeats.

        • WWEBluFan says:

          I think it’s pretty clear from the artwork & title that they don’t intend to brand this as part of the “Greatest Rivalries” line. This seems to be its own thing.

      • WWEBluFan says:

        If they include everything they did since Rock’s 2/14/11 return + a 2-hour doc, they should have zero problem filling up 9 hours of disc space. In fact, they could probably go over if they really wanted to.

        • SRB says:

          I think it’s pretty clear from the artwork and title that it’s a failed attempt at the next round of a “Greatest Rivalries” set. WWE knew they couldn’t do better than HBK/Bret so they comfortably went with this instead. Even writers on this very site have speculated that this will replace Greatest Rivalries as the next reoccuring theme, so it does indeed follow. To say this it’s own thing completely apart from Greatest Rivalries and has absolutly no similarity is a bit of a mistake. It appears the format will be different, but two WWE guys’ rivalry being made into a set follows the same Greatest Rivalries idea, which began last year with HBK/Bret. Maybe next year we can get Punk/AJ/Bryan “Greatest Fued” set.

          • WWEBluFan says:

            It’s possible. However, Hart/Michaels was branded with a giant “Greatest Rivalries” on the cover, indicating that was the name of a new line/series (and not unique to that one title). That branding is absent here. It’s possible this is indicative of a change in strategy to abandon making rivalries a “series,” and instead have each individual title sink or swim on its own merits. I kind of liked the idea of a cohesive line of titles all under the “Greatest Rivalries” umbrella, but this is fine too.

  10. LPEVO says:

    Reminds me of Wayne’s World WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH garth wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WAYNE WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  11. Anonymous says:

    cover sucks, not buying this, cant look at the cover

  12. mason says:

    im not buying this i have their tag match at survivor series on dvd

    i have their match at wm on dvd i have seen all their promos

    this cover looks like a bad fight poster

  13. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I can’t wait to pick up the blu-ray. I wonder what the extras will be on there. 2012 has been a fantastic year for WWE DVD releases so far, and more to come.

  14. SRB says:

    I feel like I can come to every article on this site with the same approach, “Do not buy it if you dont like it.” That idea works with the Undertaker streak set, so why not here?

    • NickP says:

      For the longtime dvd collector and longtime Wrestling fan it can.. for Cenation groupies and those who never saw a WWF Red White and Blue roped ring it can’t

  15. Joe Israel says:

    In regards to thoughts on doing this set in place of another Greatest Rivalries like last year, I think this makes a lot of sense. It will be a different style of set, so it won’t have to constantly be compared to Hart/Michaels. There aren’t any possibilities to a Greatest Rivalries set that would live up to last years (quite frankly, a Rock/Austin set would be fun to watch, but wouldn’t bring anything new to the table). Something like Hogan Vs. McMahon would be VERY interesting, but sets like this just won’t happen for political reasons. I’m behind this idea for a DVD set; I also like the idea of putting an entire feud on one DVD (like highspots and RF Video have been doing with some ECW feuds).

  16. Ronnnn says:

    Ha!! Love the moaning!! YoU realise that WWE sells DVDs as part of it’s media outlet to make money? John Cena, WWE’s biggest cash cow. The Rock- huge former star and massive name in Hollywood. Just because this DVD and rivalry isn’t aimed at the oh so important IWC doesnt mean a thing. This will sell by the bucketload. Personally looking forward to it, enjoyed their rivalry, their promos, the pre mania doc was pit together brilliantly and can’t wait for this one.

    • Dude Love(r) says:

      You realize their DVD sales are in the toilet? Why? Because most of the people buying these sets are older fans with their own incomes. And they aren’t making sets that would appeal to those fans. Pretty simple math. Well, simple to some.

      Flies and maggots, enjoy defending your shit pile.

  17. yoshi says:

    another pass

  18. MrV says:

    what a shit release that no body gives a crap about.if they are going to do rivarly series why not, piper/snuka, hulk/dibiase, rock/austin, UT/Mankind, sting/flair, and yes i know some of these pricks r at tna..im thinking about the future here.

    • Ronnnn says:

      No one gives a crap about? It generated 1.21 million buys. And you suggest a piper/snuka release? Very mainstream! I forget how amazing Snuka was on the stick bruddah

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Actually, I give a crap about it, so, your theory on “nobody” cares about it, is clearly flawed.

  19. Steve says:

    We bitch because we collect DVD’s and want original & rare material. Everything on this set except the 1 hour special was released last year.

  20. Joe Israel says:

    Don’t love the photo of the Rock they used on the cover. Doesn’t fit his character well. Other than that, it should pop off the shelves, which is important.

  21. Hollywood says:

    There is a lot of material if you start with the lead up to WM 27, the Miz vs Cena match, the next night on Raw. Then Survivor Series match followed by all the promos b4 WM 28.

  22. legendhitter93 says:

    I can do without this

  23. Vincenzzzzo says:

    I see the crybabies are out again tonight. And, of course, it’s the same ones as always. I should have known.

  24. UKWWEFAN says:

    Lol why is this a 3 disc set, the documentary is probs guna be like 1hour or 1hour n half add the survivor series 2011 tag match against awesometruth and thats another 35 mins and then the rock vs cena match at mania 28 is like 40-45 mins long inc entrances but they wont add the live performance by flo-rida and MGK so that totals to nearly 2hours and 50 mins add the fact they should include all promos on another disc so this should really be a 2 disc set, they might add stuff from when raw went off air, they will include the rock concert etc, what else can they add to be honest, it will be a good set as i want to see more of both the rock and cena did leading up to the match at mania!!

  25. Scsa says:

    Cover sucks! DVD sucks! How many matches did these guys have? 4? 5? Where’s Rock Vs Austin?

  26. captain planet says:

    Hope the fact that they’re still pushing this as being “once in a lifetime” means we won’t see a rematch next year. My dream main event for WM29 would be The Rock vs John Cena vs Cm Punk vs Stone Cold. Freakin’ star power, man.

    • captain planet says:

      Which would of course splinter into a Austin/Punk solo feud post-WM…but I digress. :p

  27. Geolink says:

    Why is The Rock like never does the People’s Eyebrows in pictures in anymore?

    Anyone notice that?

  28. nightmare says:

    Don’t care about this one Pass I feel WWE could and should release better I mean yea do we really need this I mean the match I feel asleep watching .

  29. R&REXPRESSFAN says:

    Really guys….really? Do we really need ANOTHER DVD of these two overrated glory hogs?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Not a bad cover at all. I would have used the WrestleMania 28 poster picture for this cover though. Oh well. Gonna be a great DVD nonetheless.

  31. Bill says:

    Here we go again, people like Simon bitching about the cover

  32. Anonymous says:

    forget the cover, it’s the match listing i’m worried about.

  33. Simon says:

    They had total creative license on this one, and decided to feature white text on a black background? Why, how interesting. Also, that photo of The Rock is probably too aggressive for the average joe who may have tuned in purely for this feud. For a set like this, it needs to be more ‘Hollywood’ and less ‘fighting’.

  34. Mark D says:

    I kinda like it. It’s got a movie poster vibe about it.

  35. Zach says:

    Looks horrible.

  36. Geolink says:

    EWW WTF That cover looks dumb as hell. Why not stick to Cena and Rock staredown from the banner?

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