Release Date for WWE Paul Heyman DVD, New WCW Countdown DVD

April 5, 2014 by Mark D

Earlier today updated their schedule with two new WWE DVD and Blu-Ray sets to be released this August.


Firstly August 5th 2014 looks to be the release date for the anticipated Paul Heyman documentary; the documentary will be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray.

Over the past few weeks a number of individuals have been interviewed for the set including: Joey Styles, Tommy Dreamer and even famed wrestling journalist Bill Apter. The Amazon listing does not have an official title or synopsis, we expect this will be announced soon. Pre-order your copy of the Paul Heyman DVD/Blu-ray now…

The other DVD/Blu-Ray set will be released one week later and is a sequel to the 2011 “OMG!” countdown, this time looking at the top 50 incidents in WCW history. OMG 2: The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History will be released on August 12, 2014, click here pre-order yours.

WCW OMG - Top 50 Incidents Countdown DVD Announced

Both WCW OMG and the Paul Heyman documentary were originally included as part of the October 2013 Fan Council Survey, other titles from this survey: Best of Great American Bash, Batista, Factions, Ultimate Warrior and After Raw are all currently set for (or have been) released in 2014. Could this mean we are possibly looking at: Attitude Era 2, Sting, Bruno Sammartino or even a new John Cena match compilation to round out 2014?

Which of the remaining DVDs from the 2013 survey would you most like to see?

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The Wrestling Road Diaries Too! DVD Available to order now is the follow up to the 2011, The Wrestling Road Diaries documentary. The original feature followed Bryan Danielson (now WWE’s Daniel Bryan), Colt Cabana and Sal Rinauro as they traveled working independent shows in the run up to Danielson’s final ROH appearances before joining WWE.

The sequel: The Wrestling Road Diaries too, this time follows Colt Cabana, Cliff Compton and Luke Gallows as they travel down the road.

Check out the trailer for Wrestling Road Diaries Too below or order your copy of “too” or the original via where you will also find special edition versions, each featuring more than an hour of deleted scenes.

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  1. H.M. Nilsson says:

    I went with Bruno Sammartino Bio. Hope there’s film footage out there from his first title reign.
    I’d also like to see Best Of WCCW. The matches I would like to see the most are when Kerry Von Erich defeated Ric Flair for The NWA Heavyweight Championship at Texas Stadium, as well as The Scaffold Match between The Fantastics, Shaun & Steve Simpson & The Rock “n” Roll RPMs, as well as the original Tower Of Doom Match and some Gino Hernandez matches, maybe even Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams (The Dynamic Duo) vs. Kerry & Kevin Von Erich in the infamous Hair vs. Hair match at The Cotton Bowl.

  2. Shane A. says:

    I would like to see the Daniel Bryan and Rhodes Family set. And Chris Jericho (Matches)

  3. Voctory73 says:

    I went with Sting. I’ve been hoping for a set for him. I would be fine with a Bruno or a Best of WCCW one as well.

    I can see the appeal for the upcoming OMG top 50 moments of WCW, just not my thing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I voted Sting. I really have no interest in ever seeing any more Bruno footage. I really believe his legendary status grew largely based on the fact that he was the champion of a regional territory who crapped on the company relentlessly and then proceeded to sell out for big cash to join the WWE Hall of Fame. Besides, they have very little pre 1970s footage anyway, so if they intend on showing stuff from the 60s/70s, I’d rather see footage of legitimate worldwide legends such as Buddy Rogers, Pat O’Connor, Billy Watson, Killer Kowalski, Jack Brisco, Ray Stevens and especially Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and the Funks.

  5. Archangel says:

    For me, the Bruno Sammartino DVD ever so slightly edges out the Sting DVD. While Sting is one of my top five favorite wrestlers of all time, I already have quite a few matches of his in my collection. I would definitely love to see more Bruno, though.

  6. ALK says:

    For the love of god, please don’t use that OMG music again ….. @_@

  7. AD Degreez says:

    ECW Unreleased Vol 3 has to be made there are still lots of raven and dreamer classics to be used!!!

  8. Kenny says:

    I have the strange (but understandable) feeling that the OMG WCW stuff will be another burial piece.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Yeah, WWE really buried WCW on Best of Nitro Vol. 1 and 2, Best of Clash of the Champions, War Games, etc. Do you even know what the term burial even means? Internet wrestling fans have been misusing insider wrestling terms for as long as I can remember.

      You probably thought Daniel Bryan got buried at WM30 last night, didn’t you? I know you did.

  9. Kenny says:

    I’ve been against the Attitude Era stuff for a long time, and judging by the reaction I’ve been hearing from a bunch of people from the Network, the Attitude Era, Volume 2 idea is sounding even worse.

    The Nexus idea has to be a rib. HAS TO BE!

    The Bruno bio would be an awesome one. I’m willing to wait, though, so they can do the best job. I don’t want them to rush it just form the sake of putting it out for the holidays.

    I’m still into the idea of the Top Giants set. I’m old school.

    Speaking of old school, a Best of World Class DVD would be pretty bad-ass!

    • Jakki Steal says:

      The Attitude Era was just plain awful.
      I can’t fathom why people would want another set.

      I bought the first set because people never shut up about how “great the attitude era was”.
      That was hands down the worst WWE DVD I ever bought.
      People like to say they threw DVD’s in the trash (knowing full well they just sold them) for dramatic effect, but I really did.
      It gave me physical pleasure & released endorphins in my body to snap those awful Attitude DVD’s in half.

      The Attitude era was the beginning of the end & the reason the WWE has been so awful for the last 18 years.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        You’re so cool Jakki Steal. I bet you really taught WWE a lesson when you threw out your own DVD. LOL. You bought the set because OTHER people said how much they liked the Attitude Era. Next time, try to buy something because YOU like it.

        It really is so pathetic the people who sit on pro wrestling, or just WWE, fan sites saying how much they dislike the product. I don’t like basketball. Never did and never will. I hate the sport of basketball as well as the players. Do you know what??? Because I dislike the sport, I simply DON’T watch. At all.

        I don’t watch basketball games on TV saying how much I despise the game. I don’t actually watch the games and talk about how much I hate the players. And I sure as hell don’t go to basketball fan sites and say how much I dislike the sport. I simply do NOT watch! Its pretty simple when you think about it, right?

  10. Adam says:

    I pre-ordered the WCW, OMG! blu ray within seconds of reading this. I loved the first one but hope it doesnt have that annoying omg after each segement

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I always enjoyed OMG! volume 1 and it’s very good to hear about a WCW themed one. Maybe even an ECW OMG one day, too. Looking forward to picking it up.

  12. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Sweet….. I love the pickup in the frequency of wcw dvd’s. Come on now, give us that ” stinger” set!!

  13. Erik G. says:

    Wow! Two WCW DVD’s in back to back months?! I have to wonder if one will be delayed. If not what a treat. Unlike many of you I really liked the first OMG and I am looking forward to this one. I also enjoy the countdowns. I have a list of over 100 things I’d like to see. If I even get some of them I’ll be happy.

  14. ekkoes4life says:

    I hope that as a deal for the WWE to make that Paul Heyman dvd/blu-ray, that there will be a ECW unreleased vol. 3 to go along with. Would fit perfectly as the 20th anniversary for the one hour Three way dance match that put the company on the map of wrestling world is this year.

    In the survey there should have been option to choose a third volume of ECW, so my vote goes for Attitude Era vol.2. Alot needs to be captured on FULL HD, hence Blu-ray.

    Also would had love a Falls count anywhere vol.2. Many complaint bout vol.1; I loved many of the matches, but I agree that the execution of the production could have been done better: hence, bring on vol. 2. 🙂

    • Erik G. says:

      I agree about Falls Count Anywhere. That was a good one. There is still plenty they could show for a sequel.

    • KarlKayfabian says:

      I think ECW vol 3 is going to be done, regardless of Paul Heyman’s standing with the company.