Will Every 2012 WWE PPV Be Released on Blu-ray Disc?

December 13, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Will every WWE pay-per-view in 2012 make it to Blu-ray?

Nope, at least not in North America anyway.

Elimination Chamber 2012 has now been added to the US schedule we have access to, and it’s planned as of now to be released exclusively on DVD format in March.

Therefore it looks like WWE will continue this trend throughout 2012, with the exception of a Royal Rumble 2012 Blu-ray confirmed for February and of course WrestleMania 28 later in the year.

As you may have been following, Silvervision.co.uk in Europe have been releasing more WWE PPVs on Blu-ray Disc, so we can assume sales performance of the titles is better in that region.

Night of Champions 2011 saw a Blu-ray release recently, exclusively to the UK and Europe, which Shaun Blackford reviews in the video below.

The Best of King of the Ring DVD/Blu-ray has now been released to the US – get yours.

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  1. Dave says:

    @ Evan McFarlane

    I’m wondering that too…seems like Silvervision is releasing all ppvs from Summerslam onwards on Blu-ray…wonder why they didn’t release Over the Limit, Capitol Punishment and Money in the Bank on blu in UK…it clearly shows silvervision could do it, but must be another reason.

  2. I suppose one good thing about being a WWE Fan in the UK is Silvervision, I prefer Blu Ray’s to DVD so not being able to get them for a PPV I enjoyed would begin to piss me off, Thankfully silvervision release all of the ones I’m looking for. (With the exception of Money in the Bank 2011, which still baffles me to this day as of to why it was not released on blu Ray)

  3. LP1 says:

    If WWE is basing their North American Blu-Ray sales on the poor sales performance of Extreme Rules and Over The Limit, that’s not because of the Blu-Ray format, it’s because both of those shows sucked. I’m sure WrestleMania 27 on Blu-Ray didn’t have any sales problems in North America. It’s the quality of the event that sells, not the disc format. If the show is great, it will sell. If the show sucks, it won’t. Which is a shame when it comes to shows like Money In The Bank and Survivor Series from this year.

    According to the Wrestling Observer, there were people in WWE who were very surprised that Survivor Series wasn’t being made available on Blu-Ray especially since The Rock was on it. By the time the brain surgeons figured out that Survivor Series wasn’t available on Blu-Ray in North America it was too late to make the change since the release date was too soon. Although that sounds idiotic to me since they could always release the Blu-Ray down the road if they wanted to. Not sure what difference the release date has to do with anything. They’ve done that in the past where the Blu-Ray release date was several months after the DVD release.

  4. Paul says:

    If they could do the BD/DVD combo packs for under $20 regularly then they’d sell a lot better. One day WWE will only release in Blu-ray format, when everything else is only BD as well. Probably around 2015.

  5. WWEBluFan says:

    Disappointing. When the TV product is broadcast in HD, it’s very difficult for me to justify spending money on a non-HD format (the obvious exception being DVD compilations of pre-2008 material).

    Perhaps someone on this site could write an article explaining EXACTLY what USA fans would have to do in order to play the UK blus here. Perhaps recommend certain players, where to buy them, etc.

    I was tempted by the exclusive extras on the UK Mania 27 blu, but ultimately resisted going the region free player route. However, Survivor Series 2011 not being available on blu in the USA is the final straw. Time to take the plunge… but where to start???

  6. Dave says:

    Makes sense…WWE is pretty behind when it comes to switching formats. They didn’t start to release every ppv of the year on DVD til 2002(2001 they didn’t release No Way Out and started with Backlash onwards) and this was way after DVD became the dominant format, they were still releasing VHS til 2004.

    With blu-ray still relatively new, WWE don’t want to take the chance of saturating every ppv on blu-ray with odds of possibly not selling…that must have put a stop this year when they realized ppvs like Extreme Rules and Over the limit were selling terribly since i remember reading WWE was intending on releasing all ppvs for 2011 in blu-ray format.

    When people get mad about WWE adding exclusive content, it’s a way to increase sales. If people are going to pay premium over the DVD, they better add more stuff…doesn’t make sense for both versions to have the exact same content with one having the higher price.

    I’m sure the safe side for WWE are continuing with RR, WM and the superstar/compilations.

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