Exclusive: 2 New WWE DVDs Added to 2011 Schedule, Orton DVD Latest

February 24, 2011 by Daniel Bee

As we revealed on WWEDVDNews.com this week two titles were dropped by WWE from this year’s Home Video schedule, namely Raw Seasons 3 & 4 and the Triple H set. We can now exclusively break the news of two new WWE DVDs that have been added.

Rey Mysterio – As of now WWE plan to release another DVD set on Rey Mysterio DVD (his third) in July of this year. It’s down as DVD only right now, no Blu-ray, but it’s early days and that could change later. Love it or hate it, it’s bound to sell well.

Greatest Stars of the New Millenium – In a follow up to past 3-Disc DVD sets Greatest Stars of the 80s and Greatest Stars of the 90s, WWE plan on continuing the series with this volume covering top stars since the year 2000 like Cena and Orton. This is down as a DVD only release too and is scheduled for July also.

Speaking of Randy Orton, his planned DVD/Blu-ray set for 2011 remains on WWE’s schedule for September. However it looks like WWE are having a rethink on it’s format.

It’s no longer down as “The Randy Orton Experience” so we could speculate it will probably not be presented in the same way as John Cena’s DVD in 2010 which had a behind-the-scenes style documentary as the main feature.

It’s a while away now but as soon as we know more we’ll let you know.

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  1. Clarice says:

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  2. 2011 the best wrestling the randyorton

  3. Sougesh says:

    cannot wait until september…too good this dvd i’ve waited so many years for this;)….

  4. Joe says:

    Here’s my hopeful superstar listing for the New Millenium DVD:

    Shawn Michaels
    Triple H
    Stone Cold
    The Rock
    John Cena
    Rey Mysterio
    Jeff Hardy
    Randy Orton
    Brock Lesnar
    Kurt Angle
    Big Show
    Chris Jericho
    Eddie Guerrero
    The Divas
    McMahon Family

  5. tim burrow says:

    seems like some interesting dvds coming out

  6. Jonathan says:

    My guest for the New Millenium DVD. I’m sure it will feature 15 stars again: Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Batista, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, John Morrisson, Big Show, Triple H, Chris Jericho and others….Sounds good, but a “Greatest stars of the 70’s” DVD would have been awesome, featuring Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkel, Verne Gagné, Jack Brisco, The Funks and others. Not enough old school DVD this year, what a shame.

  7. Daniel Bee says:

    Removed now. There’s always one person acting the idiot.

  8. Brett Mix says:

    Daniel will delete his comment soon

  9. Brett Mix says:

    Will Do, Deleted.

  10. Upset at racial slur... says:

    WWEDVDNEWS please remove the ignorant comment made by wetback killa…this site should not tolerate racial slurs and ignornat behavior in their forum.

  11. Steven says:

    The 90’s dvd was great and I expect this one to be as good or great as the 90’s one, but everyone knows the Late 90’s was the best time to be a wrestling fan, DX,NWO, Stone Cold, Rock, Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, and all the other people I left out, but it was an awesome time to be a wrestling fan and it was cool to be bad DX and NWO are two great examples.

  12. Daniel Bee says:

    nougat: Is that image problem still happening or has it resolved now? No problems my end.

  13. gavinotts says:

    like the sound of these but wow would who will be included in that superstars dvd due to most are in tna (shit compony) but who else agrees they shud start a divas set in this trending or superstars goin back to the like 50s upwards it be ace to show how wwe once was but still cheesed off bout the tripe h dvd not coming out but i hope orton dvd has a bio please let there be

  14. Steven says:

    The Greatest Stars of the New Millennium might be alright, the Greatest Stars of the 90’s was a great dvd. I would have the 90’s guys like HBK, The Game Triple H, Rock, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho and have new guys Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Miz, and others.

  15. Haseo says:

    Randy Orton’s DVD should be named: Randy Orton The Viper

  16. nougat says:

    Hi how come all of the images said DOMAIN UNREGISTERED to view them register at bit.ly/imageshack-domain?

    No Images are shown on this site just a yellow frog trapped in an ice cube.

  17. Todd says:

    Correction..Meant to say Best of Raw: Season 3-4

  18. Todd says:

    LOL @ Alan- you rule man!! Could not have said it better myself. The 2 WWE DVDS I was looking forward to the most were Best of Nitro and Raw: Seasons 2 & 3. I also don’t understand why WWE is saying they will still release the Best of RAW sets someday. Why wait..do it now. The most hardcore fans are the ones you should be trying to please and that’s the one DVD many of us wanted.

  19. Frank perez says:

    Hopefully in the new rey dvd they actually show him in the dying WCW days 1999-2001 (without his mask) , He had some classics with Billy kidman during that era

  20. Bryan says:

    this in no way shape or form makes up for Raw Seasons 3 & 4 not even close

  21. Steve says:

    Edge vs jericho cage match in 2002 should be added it was so awesome.

  22. wiilliam says:

    Took some time to think of some matchs for this what do you think. I would have a match frome everyone.
    hhh – vs cactus jack royal rumble 00
    hbk – vs hhh summer slam 02
    kurt angle – vs lesner summerslam 03
    edge – vs jerich cage 02 smackdown
    i added jericho i forgot it when i commented so vs hbk raw 03 wrestlemania 19 rematch
    eddie vs brock no way out 04 those are some

  23. Steve says:

    Another thing is they should cram the first disc of the greatest stars of 00’s DVD with lots of extras latley there has been a huge lack of extras it would be a let down due to 80’s an 90’s version being packed with extras.

  24. Jacob says:

    Rlly excited for Greatest Stars of the New Millenium as i loved the 80’s and 90’s version

  25. straightedge47 says:

    I prefer what they were going to release before, but both of these still sound good to me

  26. wiilliam says:

    how i would do the greatest superstars of the 00 is
    Triple H
    Randy Ortan
    if they do a team
    dudley boys Hardys
    Kurt Angle
    Rey Mysterio
    eddie gueraero
    booker t
    rock and austin maybe
    and jim ross sence they threw in the owners in the 90s why not a commentater

  27. Ramon says:

    They could easily make another DVD of Rey. I bet there are tons of WCW matches they could include, but here is a sample WWE match listing off the top of my head:

    Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho – Judgment Day 2009
    Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho – The Bash 2009
    Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler – SummerSlam 2009
    Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison – Smackdown 2009 (for the IC title)
    Rey Mysterio vs. Batista (Cage Match) – Smackdown 2010
    Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker – Royal Rumble 2010
    Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk – Extreme Rules 2010
    Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk – Over The Limit 2010
    Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger – Money in the Bank 2010
    Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio – Smackdown 2010 (their second match when Rey comes back from injury)

    That would make a pretty good set IMO

  28. Steve says:

    Greatest stars of 00’s (As i would like to call it) will be good i will be getting that for sure. Rey Mysterio uh no thanks.

    My greatst stars of 00’s list.

    John Cena
    Randy Orton
    Eddie Guerrero
    Chris Jericho
    The Rock (Maybe but you can’t ignore how popular he was in 2000-2002 they could talk about his heel run.)
    Stone Cold (Maybe but his run from 00-03 is a bit short as he was gone for most of time and 2001 being the only full year he did)
    The Miz (Probally to get someone who is new)
    Jeff Hardy

  29. wiilliam says:

    Thanks for this update why do we need another mysterio dvd but i do like the greatest stars of the millioum i wonder if beniot makes the cut i know he wont but he should

  30. Ramon says:

    The last Rey Mysterio set was jam-packed with matches on all three discs. I think this one will include a documentary and focus on his most recent rivalries, like his matches with Chris Jericho and CM Punk.

  31. Daniel says:

    They dropped best of Raw for this, of course best of 2000’s will have Cena. Why would they bring out a Raw DVD that doesn’t have Cena on!

  32. Alan says:

    Rey Mysterio in place of Best of Raw 3 & 4? Fuck off WWE.