11 Episodes of WWE Raw Anniversary Box Set, Final Mid-South DVD Preview

September 7, 2013 by Daniel Bee

From the three synopses (two we received exclusively and one from Amazon.com) for the Raw 20th Anniversary DVD box set, over half of the episodes to be featured were revealed!

Using the information, 11 of the episodes can be identified. There are also 3 unknown/undated episodes referred to, which takes it to a possible 14 episodes of the final 20 chosen.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary DVD Box Set

The 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut Unedited. WWE presents the Raw 20th Anniversary Collection, a 12 DVD set packaged in a deluxe digipak. Includes 20 of the greatest episodes in full on DVD for the first time. Featuring classic matches and moments including Lita vs. Victoria in a Steel Cage Match, Undertaker, Triple H & Shane McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock & Mr McMahon with Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels, The Rock vs. Mankind in a No Disqualifications Match for the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam vs. Santino, CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy and much much more. (more details)

January 4, 1999 – Mankind Wins Championship

May 10, 1999 – Highest Rated Raw Ever?

November 24, 2003 – Raw Roulette

December 10, 2007 – 15th Anniversary


“CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy”
– 2008 King of the Ring (April 21, 2008) or the 2009 Draft (April 13, 2009).

Celebrate 20 years of nonstop entertainment with Raw 20th Anniversary Collection: The 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut & Unedited. With over 1000 episodes to its credit, Raw is by far the longest running episodic program in TV history. In this 12-disc DVD / 10-disc Blu-ray collection, WWE presents the 20 most timeless episodes for the first time in their entirety.

From landmark anniversaries, milestones, ratings bonanzas, and unforgettable shows that left a particular mark in WWE history, these episodes represent the rawest of Raw. Including: the highest rated Raw ever; Mania the night after WrestleMania; WWE takes over WCW and simulcasts Nitro; Dude Love interrupts Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon; the original ECW invasion; Homecoming, Raw Roulette, WrestleMania Rewind and so much more!

Featuring John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Mick Foley, CM Punk and all the greatest Superstars in the history of Raw! Plus, Michael Cole and the Bella’s present the detailed facts & figures behind the personalities, matches, venues and all the various quirks that have shaped Raw over the years. (more details)

February 24, 1997 – The Original ECW Invasion

April 13, 1998 – Dude Love Interrupts Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon

March 26, 2001 – The Raw & Nitro Simulcast

October 3, 2005 – Homecoming


“Mania the night after WrestleMania”

“WrestleMania Rewind”

Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Raw, WWE presents 20 of the most memorable Raw episodes in history all in one all-new collector’s set. For the first time ever, this collection will feature 20 COMPLETE EPISODES of Raw spread out over 12 DVD discs (10 Blu-ray). Each episode will be featured in chronological order, and were carefully selected to present a wide range that showcases all eras, several milestones and historic moments throughout Raw history. This collection is a must-own for WWE fans. Featured Episodes Include:

The first Raw
The original DX invasion
Austin vs. McMahon with Dude Love interruption
The highest rated Raw ever (8.1)
Raw 15th Anniversary
Bret Hart’s return in 2010 and More! (more details)

January 11, 1993 – First Ever Raw

April 27, 1998 – The Original DX Invasion

January 4, 2010 – Bret Hart’s Return to WWE

The “Raw 20th Anniversary Collection” box set boasts having the 20 greatest episodes of Raw uncut & unedited! Click here to pre-order yours. It’s on the way for December 3rd to the US, December 4th to Australia, and is expected to hit UK/Europe in January.

Legends of Mid-South Wrestling drops this coming Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray. You can order yours from $20.96 at this link or WWEShop.com. Below is a final preview clip before the release. Look out for Joe Israel’s review of the set in one of our next articles.

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nWo: Back in Black$15.00
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Triple H: The Game$3.75
Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?$5.25

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  1. wrestlerboy500 says:

    I’m hoping for one Raw and one Raw only.

    December 6, 2004

  2. Spritz1999 says:

    The Higher Power Revewl would be epic, now that someone has brought it up, I also want ( and I know this is probably a long shot!) But, the Christams episode of 1999! 🙂

  3. sikboy1029 says:

    Still hope we get the first Raw Roulette, there were some great matches & good comedy.

  4. Carl says:

    I hope the episode with The Rock’s “This Is Your Life” segment is on this, It’s not been released on Blu Ray and it’s a damn shame

  5. Simon says:

    Generally looking good, but I could’ve done without the January 4, 2010 episode. I already have the DX/JeriShow match on two Blu-Rays, and the opening/closing segments with Bret Hart are out there on Blu Ray too.

    I’d like to add my voice to those calling for the pre-WrestleMania 13 Raw. The cage match between Bret Hart and Sid was epic, and has never been released. The post-match angle with McMahon was a turning point in the company’s history, too.

    My only other request would be the April 18, 2005 episode from MSG, which featured the Triple H vs. Jim Ross main event, Hogan making a surprise returning to help out Michaels, the crowd turning on Lita during a segment with Trish Stratus, a decent brawl between Edge and Benoit, and Vince McMahon’s unexpected return too.

  6. Marty says:

    Good article organizing everything about the Raw set that we know now.

    My thoughts on the unknowns:

    I’m guessing the KOTR 2008 show will be there. I don’t remember anything spectacular about the 2009 draft show. KOTR had a fun tournament, a good multiman main event and Barack and Hillary. This is definitely the type of thing they’d include. I can’t see many draft shows making the cut. Most memorable is the brand split draft and that’s doubtful as it has Vince of all people speaking of that Benoit guy positively.

    I know it breaks the 20 years rule slightly, but I’m guessing this year’s Raw after Mania gets on. They usually like to include something recent for these things, so this fits right in. Crowd was so much fun and we get a cash in, among other things.

    Mania Rewind is tough to call but I’ll bet on the one in 2010. 3 fun rematches, and a fun Hart-McMahon-Austin angle.

    December can’t come soon enough!

  7. Patrick says:

    I’m guessing the 20th Anniversary will be in the collection despite it being not a very good episode. I’m hoping the Higher Power Reveal episode will be included.

  8. shank says:

    3/10/08 is the WrestleMania Rewind RAW:

  9. Matt says:

    Found a whole bunch of dvds at Walmart packaged with a rumbler action figure. Titles include: Stone Cold 4 Disc, ECW Unrealeased Volume 1, Undertaker: The Streak and more.

  10. Aaron says:

    I know we’ll likely get the first draft in 2002, but I wouldn’t mind a Draft Compilation or anthology. Another episode I wouldn’t mind is the RAW Family Reunion in 2006, main evented by John Cena vs Undertaker.

  11. legendhitter93 says:

    I wish they would add these:
    Flag Match 97
    Night after WM 14
    Last Raw before WM 15
    Night after Judgment Day 00/Undertaker returns
    Night after WM 17
    ECW join invasion
    Rock challenges Hogan
    2002 Draft
    Trish vs Lita main event

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Yeah, I hope the episode where The Rock challenges Hulk Hogan makes it on the RAW set too. I really don’t remember much from that show, but I like the nWo attack on The Rock in the ambulance.

  12. ZJ says:

    As for recent episodes, the recent one where Lesnar first attacked Punk and the post WM28 show would be great additions.

    • David says:

      Since this is a 20th Anniversary set, they likely won’t include episodes after January 2013.

      As for the post-WM28 RAW, i don’t even know whats so memorable about that show besides Lesnar’s return and the crowd.

      • Aaron says:

        Crowd was still pretty great, but over-shadowed this year. The Rock had a memorable promo. I do think the night after Mania always provides great historical context.

  13. Jake T. says:

    I’m wondering what the Blu-ray extras will be with such a giant set. I hope they include even more behind the scenes footage from each Raw. I really have no idea what the Blu-ray extras could be, if they’re including any at all.

  14. Domenic says:

    Please add the 8/26/02 Episode WWE!!!!!!

  15. Roaster says:

    I would prefer episodes from 2008 and back since they’ve released best of raw and smackdown sets from 2009-2012 and surely there will be a 2013 set. Although with the episodes revealed I’m sold. Blu ray version all the way.

  16. Johnny says:

    The Raw prior to Extreme Rules ’12 where Lesnar/Cena signed the official contract for the match.

  17. Nicolas Hébert says:

    The night after Wrestlemania X-8 in Montreal in 2002 was one of my favorite RAW episode. The big ovation for Hulk Hogan (Almost 10 minutes!) and the debut of Brock Lesnar.

  18. ChadWWE says:

    Well the WWE Homecoming DVD will take a hit on the 2nd hand market now.

  19. Johnny says:

    Hey I would love to see certain episodes not sure what ones from 2006 – 2013. New Years’s Day Raw 1/1/07 is a good one. 2/21/11 Raw. The CM Punk contract negotiation 7/11/11. AJ as RAW GM perhaps. Cena’s Raw after the royal rumble 2008 I suppose. 2009 not sure I suppose the Nexus debut June 2010.

    The raw where Cena retained his WWE Title shot with The Rock at WM 29 by defeating CM Punk.

    Cm Punk/Cena 2011 I guess. CM Punk “pipebomb” 2011 raw. Brock Returns 2012 but some releases have that one. Xmas ’12/New Years ’13 raws. Not sure what to think right now of what else something with the Shield it’s hard to choose and pick I think I did all right. Will try to think of other stuff.

    • WWEFan2013 says:

      lol if those were the last episodes on the set I would cancel my pre-order. X-mas 2012 RAW was one of the biggest pile of poop I’ve ever seen.

  20. WWEFan2013 says:

    Agree or disagree guys?

    Pre WM13 RAW – Bret Hart snaps/Cage match main event/One of the first major Attitude Era moments
    MSG 1997 – Cactus Jack WWF debut/Austin stuns McMahon
    July 9th 2001 – ECW join the invasion
    Draft 2002
    Post WM28 RAW

    • David says:

      Agree with those.

      Another MSG episode i would add is from August 26, 2002. Some of the highlights were:

      – UnAmerican’s threatening to burn the US flag
      – Kane returns
      – RVD vs. Tommy Dreamer – Hardcore Unification match
      – Undertaker vs. HHH – #1 contender match for the Undisputed Title
      – Stephanie McMahon reveals Brock Lesnar and the WWE Undisputed Title are exclusive to SD

      I remember watching this episode and it was quite a show.

      • WWEFan2013 says:

        Wow that’s quite stacked. I calculated how many episodes we have so far (14 with 3 unconfirmed episode dates) so that episode could fit in as well.

        WWE have to make a Vol 2 for sure. Some episodes just aren’t gonna make the cut 🙁

    • Mark D says:

      Agree 100% I had all those on my personal wish list.

  21. Big Jon says:

    Kicking my self in the ass for not preordering blu ray when it was $83, arghhh.

  22. Alec Rider says:

    It would be absolutely ridiculous if they didn’t have 9/22/1997

  23. Tom says:

    I wonder if the two man powertrip vs. Jericho and Benoit will be included (the match where Triple H tore his quad and highlights of which appeared on Sportscenter afterwords). I know this is wishful thinking, but hopefully the Triple H vs. Beniot ironman watch will show up too.

  24. NickP says:

    I wonder with the Homecoming Raw being released on this set, if the Homecoming dvd will decrease in value. This is great for those who don’t want to pay a high price for that rare dvd.

  25. David says:

    The RAW set looks amazing so far. Definitely a must have for any wrestling fan.

  26. Jamyn Blanton says:

    More and more information on the new RAW set…thanks WDN[BEST WEBSITE EVER] I can’t wait until it comes out. Hopefully the price goes down.

  27. Jake E says:

    They better bring out loads more full raw episode and same for smackdown although I’m very excited to buy this, great selection of episodes so far.

    I shall be buying the Blu-Ray version but i hope they have blu-ray extras (more full episode e.g. 10 or more atleast one extra per disc).

    • David says:

      I hope they include couple bonus episodes as Blu-ray exclusives too. I doubt they will include 10, probably 2-3 from 93-early 97 since they were 45 minutes in length without commercials.

  28. Mr Disc says:

    Come on WWE put us out of our misery and give us the full 20 episode list. I’m quite happy with this list so far. Wrestling fans are hard to please just like myself but this set gets the thumbs up from me already. 🙂