WWE Raw: Best of 2010 DVD Preview Video, Tidbits & Opinions

January 19, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Yesterday we posted photos of the new Best of Raw 2010 DVD to be released on January 25th.

Now here’s an exclusive preview video and a list of stand out points from watching through it.

– Bret Hart’s return to the WWE is shown in FULL (the segment with Shawn Michaels).

– The Shawn Michaels/Undertaker build up video is on here (you know the one!) but the track “Placebo – Running up that Hill” that was originally on it has been dubbed over with a new music. Still a great video but sadly no longer quite as fantastic!

– HBK/Taker in-ring promo after Elimination Chamber is here in full, in which Undertaker accepts his challenge and lays down the career stipulation for Mania. Good to have.

– Batista and Cena’s “Name and face of WWE” verbal joust promo is on here in full which is cool.

– Shawn Michaels’ final match on Raw (vs Kane) is on the set.

– HBK’s farewell speech after WrestleMania is NOT in full – it’s a video package again. This is the one with the song “Verve Pipe – Colorful” playing in the background.

– Showmiz vs The Hart Dynasty where Hart Dynasty won the tag titles with Bret in their corner is on here with the Miz/Bret Hart promo before it in full too.

– Cutting Edge with Randy Orton and Wayne Brady is the full segment which is a nice addition.

– Batista “I Quit” promo is full. Batista’s enteraining heel ranting and Bret Hart being announced as the new Raw GM, leading to Batista quitting WWE, is all here.

– Video package for June shows highlights of the Nexus attacks on Cena, Hart Steamboat & McMahon. Then it focuses on the first attack to Cena in more detail but it’s still highlights. No Daniel Bryan choking Justin Roberts with a tie to be seen.

– Segment where Cena & WWE locker room stand up to the Nexus (a week after first attack?) is shown in full or near enough.

– The Randy Orton vs Edge match where Jericho & Evan Bourne interferred, has the end on there with Evan being RKO’d in mid air as a counter to his “Air Bourne”.

– Some matches worth owning here like the tag match of Cena/Hart vs Edge/Jericho (where they all ended up chasing down Nexus together before SummerSlam) and mentor facing rookie in Jericho vs Barrett.

– The powerful promo by The Miz where he goes through each stage of his career and how put the naysayers to rest, leading to being on the cover of WWE Magazine, is shown in full.

– Jericho listing all the wrestlers he’s beat (in a “1004 holds” fashion) is included here before his match with Orton, although sadly not showing us which stars he said in the commercial break. This is the match that leads to him being punted and put “out of action”.

– The Barett/Cena interactions including Nexus giving Cena the armband etc are shown as highlight video packages unfortunately.

– Can’t go wrong with a Bryan/Ziggler match.

– Highlight video of “Old School Raw” is shown. The fantastic Piper’s Pit segment from that night with Cena, Barrett & Orton is in full though.

– All of “Tea Time with Santino” is on here, with the match after it.

– The Miz cashing in MITB is also shown in full, just without the Orton match before it (highlights for that).

– Highlights of Lawler/Cole interaction is shown amongst other things like the Slammy Awards, but the only full content for December on the DVD is the fatal four way match for the tag titles won by Santino & Kozlov.

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  1. tyman15 says:

    What was the music at the end of the DVD

  2. wasnt that music in the background the survivor series 2003 theme song?
    Just sayin

  3. tnawwejosh says:

    Disapointing that Nexus first attack/HBK farewell is highlights and the lack of content on the december part.

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