WWE Re-Releasing WrestleMania DVDs, War Games Upcoming, New Blu-Rays

February 22, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania Stage

It looks like WWE could be re-releasing some classic WrestleMania events on DVD in the run up to this year’s extravaganza. New listings have recently showed up at a few retail sites including today at Amazon (view them here) for single disc releases priced at around $10 each.

We are not yet certain of a full list of events but individual DVDs for WrestleMania 1 to 15 are currently up on Amazon for March 12th release, while WrestleMania 23 and 25 are also listed on importcds.com. There remains a chance they might be pulled, given that the stated release date is just a few short weeks away. We’ll keep you posted.

Andy ?sent word that while at an FYE store this week buying WrestleMania DVDs they all rang up for just $5.99 each, confusing both he and the clerk working there. This could be an indication of a new sale starting, or perhaps even related to the possible new re-releases.

Dusty Rhodes confirmed on his Twitter that he was working with WWE yesterday on the Best of War Games DVD. It’s slated for June 25th release and Dusty will be hosting.

Below, watch Dan Mader’s guest video review of The Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2 DVD.


Here are photos of two new WWE Blu-rays to be released soon by FremantleMedia in the UK – Best PPV Matches 2012 and Survivor Series 2012. If you’re in the UK or Europe you can pre-order either title right now at WWEDVD.co.uk.

UK WWE Blu-rays

UK WWE Blu-rays

UK WWE Blu-rays

Release Dates (WWEDVD.co.uk):
Best PPV Matches 2012 – March 4th
Survivor Series 2012 – March 11th

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Rick Eby says:

    Would like to see all WrestleMania classics come out unedited and restored video. Big WrestleMania DVD collector. Can’t find any beyond WM XX that aren’t edited. I think they would make $$$ from us wrestling junkies. Whether or not they feel the fans or not, give em some love.

  2. Ross Clarke says:

    Any idea when the wrestlemania re-releases are available in UK?

  3. robert says:

    i just bought wrestlemania 14 and the dvd is from the anthology and there blurred it fuckin sucks

  4. Aaron B says:

    Just over a week until release, is there any update on these WrestleMania discs?

  5. Jeremy says:

    Preordered them all! Hopefully they’re worth it….

  6. Sarah G says:

    It will prob not be included who knows It looks good i am buying speaking about buying i currently have some auctions ongoing on ebay bid with confidence with a seller with a 100 percent feedback rating since 2008

  7. pmdmf says:

    I’m wondering about WM 15. What are they going to do about the Bossman being hung from the cell by the Undertaker? Will it stay or will it go?

  8. Big Jon says:

    Is the WM3 championship edition different edits wise than the WM3 anthology edition?

  9. Steve213 says:

    I don’t mind the sidebars, I just hate the sidebars with WWE artwork and logos on them. It’s just distracting to me.

  10. Stuart says:

    I really hope that the Wrestlemania re-releases have all original footage, all WWF logos and references are not edited out and all original music is included. Also it would be great if each dvd contained extras like build up to the matches, the Free For All’s etc.

    • Doc902714 says:

      Amen. And I hope they don’t include generic music as is with the first eight DVD releases. Too much generic music that made the DVD feel outta place i.e. the Big Boss Man’s second heel theme wuz used and not his “Hard Times” track. And Dusty Rhodes was given generic music at WM VI. {Surprising since Dusty was employed by WWE at the time of release.} And I hope they get the original Demolition theme on there as well. This can only warrant a re-release of these earlier WM DVDs.

  11. Mongoose Wizard says:

    The one thing I’m hoping for on the Wrestlemania dvd’s is they put matchs moments and maybe even press conferences leading up to the Manias that would be amazing!

  12. Duane says:

    If they are un-blurred I will probably pick up a few of these. The big box set never seemed interesting to me. But there are a few Wrestlemania’s I’d like to have on DVD.

  13. I am torn what I am gonna do

  14. Hasan says:

    I prefer sticking to the blurred & edited over the side bars.

    • David says:

      You can always stretch the picture to get rid of the sidebars, then at least you get the shows unblurred and no sidebars.

      I don’t mind the sidebars, people have to get use to them with footage recorded in 4:3…its impossible to enhance the picture in 16:9 that was filmed on 4:3 tape. They would have to zoom the picture, but part of the footage would be cropped.

      4:3 with sidebars is the way the footage is suppose to be viewed on a widescreen television.

      • LP1 says:

        You’re 100% correct, but some people can’t grasp that concept. They’d rather have a stretched distorted picture instead of the way it was meant to be seen.

        • Anonymous says:

          So what do you guys do when you put in an old DVD with no sidebars? Do you stretch it to fill the screen or do you watch it with black bars on the side of the screen?

          Because, it would be very easy for WWE to release 4:3 footage in that original format and people could then do whatever they want with it (stretch it to fill the screen or watch it the proper way with black bars on the sides). Failing that, instead of creating distracting sidebars, why can’t they just make completely black sidebars?

  15. Jeremy says:

    I know this is a minor detail for some, but I hope these have nice cover art also. That will also be a big selling point for me.

  16. @imdjluis says:

    They may be stopping at 15 just to replace the WWF versions that were never released on DVD. 15-18 were released on DVD as WWF, and while they’re rare now, they did officially come out, so maybe they’re skipping those.

  17. Jeff Copeland says:

    thank god i got 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 all not blured cause i got the orginal wwf copys only ones i got blured were 7 and 8 cause i made copysof the antholgy set i dont get big deal over bluring and some music changes but i guess i dont got a stick up my butt like some do

  18. The Top Rope says:

    Once again if you are in Europe just pick up the Tagged Classics from Silvervision but be very quick. I have WrestleMania 1-18 on Tagged Classics and it’s great to watch them with the scratch logo intact with no blurring as far as 14 15 16 17 18 go!

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Tagged classics also contain some edits. Certainly up until Wrestlemania VII they cut parts out to save money on producing the VHS tapes I think. Lots of interview segements etc are missing and even entrances on Wrestlemania 1 & 2 if I recall. I don’t think you get the interviews on Wrestlemania III etc. So it depends what you want but I just think they should release them properly and do it justice since its their biggest show and a blu ray release wouldnt hurt, but nevermind,

      • Simon says:

        VHS tracking lines on a DVD, brilliant!

        • The Top Rope says:

          I don’t know which ones you were watching Simon but maybe you wanna take them back to the shop sounds like you have a faulty disc! The only bad quality tagged classic ppv i have seen is IYH 3

      • The Top Rope says:

        Well you could always pick up the Anthology set which is completely ruined from Mania 14 – 18 so Tagged Classics sound a better option really! I can live with a few minor edits on the earlier Mania’s but i haven’t spotted a thing missing from 9 onwards!

      • LP1 says:

        That is correct. The UK tagged classics are taken directly from the original Coliseum Video releases which edited Manias 1-8 heavily. Mania 2 in particular was completely butchered. The live PPV of Mania 2 ran about 3 hours and 6 minutes. The Coliseum Video release ran about an hour and 52 minutes. Mania 1 has all the prematch interviews and most of the entrances completely cut out. Plus Wendi Richter’s theme(Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) and Hogan’s theme(Eye Of The Tiger) are dubbed over by the same exact generic song for both of them. Mania 3 is also chopped down to fit into the 2 hour window. Most of the backstage interviews and ring entrances are gone. So the Tagged Classics aren’t exactly much better than the Anthology.

        For anyone looking to grab the early Manias on DVD I’d wait and see what these re-releases are all about before making a decision.

        • LP1 says:

          *Meant to say Manias 1-7. Mania 8 is actually ok because by that point Mania went from being a 4 hour ppv to a 3 hour ppv.

          • The Top Rope says:

            Wrestlemania 3 actually runs for nearly 3 hrs on TC but sure you can see a few cuts. I would still rather own the Tagged Classics than the Anthology just for unblurred 14-18 Mania’s because you watch those ones more than the earlier ones anyway. I mean the blurring on the Anthology’s are just simply awful it even gets to the point where half the ring and the actual wrestlers are blurred with it because of the ring apron and turnbuckles. So really i would say those Mania’s are a hell of a lot better on Tagged Classics!

            • LP1 says:

              That’s right. Mania III was the first time CV released a 3 hour video. Although the weird thing is they didn’t release another 3 hour video until Mania 5. All ppv’s in between Manias 3 and 5 were back to 2 hours. I never understood why that was.

              • Luke says:

                The Wrestlemania 4 PPV was actually closer to 4 Hours and was advertised as such.

                • LP1 says:

                  WrestleManias 4-7 were all 4 hours, but the home videos werent released that way. Coliseum Video only released up to 3 hour home videos. Manias 5-7 were heavily edited to fit into the 3 hour video window. Mania 4 on the other hand was on a 2 hour tape, but split over 2 tapes. It obviously wasn’t cost efficient to release a double tape set or else they would have done the same for Manias 5-7.

            • LP1 says:

              The Anthology just sucks. I sold mine years ago. Unless you’re someone who’s not really picky and doesn’t mind all the edits and the blurs and everything then by all means. It’s not just Manias 14-18 that are screwed up, a lot of the earlier Manias also have a ton of theme music edits that just ruins the experience and the feels of the original shows. Not to mention Manias 1-18 in the Anthology all have the WW- edits where they bleep the F whenever someone says it which is so annoying. Although did get a chuckle out of Hogan’s pre-match interview at Mania 5 where you actually hear him say “WWE”. lol Yes someone in the home video department actually went through the trouble of dubbing Hogan saying WWE obviously from an interview post 2002. And it was only done in that 1 interview on that 1 Mania. The Three Stooges working in the video department back then.

              • Harry Faversham says:

                Yes, that’s the point I was trying to make. Neither version is perfect and Wrestlemania deserves better. With WWF, Blu ray, digital, Wrestlemania 30 next year and a new distributor in Europe with Silver Vision’s versions out of print, it seems a good time to me to do a proper job on them because Wrestlemania deserves better. My opinion.

      • J. S. says:

        the Anthology-DVDs are edited, too. Watch WM 5 and you won’t get the Brother Love segment.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          No, it’s on there. They also left in Rockin Robyn singing which wasn’t on the VHS. She murdered that song!!

          • LP1 says:

            Even the Rockin Robin segment is edited. On the live ppv she missed her cue to start singing and they had to stop the music and cut away to Gorilla and Jesse. Then Howard Finkel said “We apologize for the audio difficulties” and then she sang it right. Although to be fair I don’t think that screw-up ever made it to any home video version. Similar to the Mean Gene “F’ it!” screw-up from SummerSlam ’89.

            As for the Piper’s Pit segment at Mania V, I do remember that the part where Piper rips off Brother Love’s kilt and Brother Love runs out of the ring was edited off for some reason. One second you see Brother Love in the ring and the next he’s just gone. I have no idea why they did that either.

  19. Harry Faversham says:

    Maybe they stop at 15 because of _____ _______. Would be nice to see them all re-released without the blurs and extras with blu ray editions. The sidebars obviously wouldn’t make them look any better, but in my opinion they should basically do what Mark did in his Fantasy Concept and have them all released seperately with thoughtful consideration of extras because a box set will only be complete for one year whenever it comes out and will be so many discs now that no one would afford it in one hit. They really messed up the last releases with the dodgy music edits and bad blurring. Even if they had to do it, they didnt have to make such an awful job of it on what was otherwise a luxury box set. I’m hoping they put those things right and re-release them all as a 30 year anniversary thing.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Also 15 is half of 30 so maybe the other half come nearer to Wrestlmania XXX.

      • Trickster says:

        Very good Harry half of 30 is 15

        • Harry Faversham says:

          I knew some clever clogs would say that. Just saying they might be doing it in 2 hits. You know what I mean.

          • Simon says:

            I think you’re over-thinking it somewhat. It seems that these are budget one-disc releases, and WMs 16 and up wouldn’t fit into a single disc because they went to four hours.

            • Head's Up says:

              Actually WrestleMania 16 had an unusual running time of 3hrs 20mins i remember watching it live and thought it was weird cause it was even listed as only a 3hr show as they all were back then.

            • LP1 says:

              Mania 16 going to 4 hours can’t be the reason because Manias 2-7 all ran longer than 3 hours and those are also getting single disc releases.

              Also the reason Mania 16 was 3 hours and 20 minutes was because there was a half hour post-game show on the live ppv that night that was never released on video. That was also the year they did the all-day 12 hour ppv running from 12 noon to 12 midnight. The first 8 hours was a history of WrestleMania marathon with live cut-ins from the Fan Axxess sessions. From 8 to 11:30 was Mania 16 itself and the last half hour was the post-game show.

              • The Top Rope says:

                LP1 did you actually watch it live? The actual ppv event finished at the 3hr 18minute mark. And there was no post show on the uk broadcast on Sky Sports

                • Simon says:

                  The WM2000 post-show was 100% definitely shown on Sky Sports. I was up watching it live, and the entire night didn’t finish until 5am. I remember it vividly as I had to be up for school the next morning.

                • LP1 says:

                  I absolutely watched it live. That was back when I used to have parties at my house for Mania every year. The post show aired immediately after the main event. It went almost exactly to midnight. I remember 2 interviews specifically from the post-show. One was Ede & Christian pretending to be sick after the ladder match(which was the start of their heel turn) and the other was Vince being interviewed about why he turned against The Rock and Vince was hysterical saying “Do I answer to you? I, Vince McMahon, do not answer to you!” But yeah the post show definitely aired. Even in all the advertisements hyping Mania 2000 it said 12pm to midnight. Obviously midnight being the eastern time zone in North America.

  20. TAZ says:

    I hope these mania rereleases are not those same dreaded double sided dvds. I will get a few if theyre not, or else no sale. Double sided dvds are always problematic.

  21. LP1 says:

    Interesting that the Amazon listing for the WrestleMania re-releases have them all the same at a runtime of 3 hours. Considering Mania 1 was only 2 hours and 20 minutes, Manias 2 & 3 were 3 hours and 10 minutes and Manias 4-7 were approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes each, I’m curious how those discs could be listed at 3 hours.

  22. Tony Kegger says:

    Funny that they stopped at 15.

  23. Steve213 says:

    I’ll stick with my Wrestlemania collection. The only one I would need that’s a US release on DVD is 14. I have all the originals 15-18. Plus I bet they do the stupid sidebars with a wrestlemania logo or something.

  24. SRB says:

    What the hell was that Dusty?

  25. zach says:

    in that case id be picking them all up. since i don’t have the anthology set.

  26. Alan says:

    I have most of the WrestleMania events on VHS unblurred & unedited. I’m happy enough with those.

  27. David says:

    I think these WM re-releases are just going to be direct copies of the events on the WM Anthology, minus the blurring and muting of WWF. The themes will likely still be edited.

    • @imdjluis says:

      I think themes can change again. They seem to always try to get the licenses for the next release, so I’m sure we’ll see and hear some differences.

    • Matthew Periolat says:

      And some may be restored. The rights to Demolition and Big Boss Man’s themes has been cleared, so their original music for Mania 4-7 can be restored. I think Jive Soul Bro is OK for use too.

      And, as speculated down thread, we could see Blu ray releases next year too. Just have to see on that.

  28. Matt Periolat says:

    If these are new issues, PLEASE be unblurred! I want to get Manias 11-15 anyway, if unblurred, I’d go up to 17.

  29. mason says:

    why would the wm dvds get pulled

  30. Steven says:

    Is War Games strictly dvd or also a bluray version coming?

  31. miz4life says:

    WM X-7 with WWF & Limp Bizkit, Damnit!

  32. ALK says:

    Interesting, though I have them via Tagged Classics.

    Maybe Blu Rays next year?

  33. @imdjluis says:

    Say WrestleMania 4 is a 1 disc, gotta be a 2-disc, or flip disc.

  34. @imdjluis says:

    That’s awesome. As long as they say WWF, I will buy WrestleMania 1-14.

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