WWE Releases THE SHIELD DVD, Latest on ECW UNRELEASED Vol. 3, More News

February 17, 2015 by Daniel Bee

Destruction of Shield Documentary Comparison - DVD vs. WWE Network

WWE officially releases the “Destruction of The Shield” DVD and Blu-ray today. You can get a copy of your own priced from only $19.99 by clicking here to Amazon.com.

At the time of writing, WWE are yet to list it for sale on their own official shop site.

For those still asking (yes, there’s a few) if the DVD/Blu-ray’s documentary is the same as the “Journey to SummerSlam: The Shield” special from the WWE Network, the Home Video version is in fact extended with additional footage. Have a read of our earlier article to find out more:

How Did WWE Extend The Shield Documentary for DVD & Blu-Ray?

Featured on the Blu-ray edition are also 2 unseen “deleted scenes” from the documentary. On top of that you get new interview segments with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, plus a compilation of more than 20 matches from FCW, NXT and WWE.

The Shield DVD/Blu-ray will follow to the UK, Europe and Australia next month.

WWE Destruction of The Shield DVD & Blu-ray Released

Also just released is the “Back to the Territories – Destination: Mid Atlantic Wrestling” DVD! Jim Cornette returns as host of the series and sits down with wrestling legend J.J. Dillon. Check out the trailer below and get your copy at KayfabeCommentaries.com.

Kayfabe Commentaries have lots of other great titles on the way this year too – “Timeline: The History of WCW 1989” with Jim Cornette, “Timeline: The History of WCW 1994” with Eric Bischoff, “Timeline: The History of ECW 1996” with Raven, a new “Wrestling’s Most…” season, a new “YouShoot” with Alberto Del Rio, and a new “Breaking Kayfabe” with Sabu!

We’ve received new production information on “ECW Unreleased Vol. 3” this week, revealing that the 3-disc DVD set will have a total runtime of approximately 7 hours and 5 minutes. The 2-disc Blu-ray edition will have a runtime of approximately 8 hours and 50 minutes.

On the complete Blu-ray package there will be a total of 28 matches featured in all. As you’ve seen in the list of Blu-ray exclusives revealed last week, the set will be made up of unreleased matches, unreleased backstage footage, host segments and deleted scenes.

Pre-order a copy by clicking here; look out for the full DVD/Blu-ray content listing soon!

WWE ECW Unreleased Volume 3 DVD - Logo

Royal Rumble 2015 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray 1 week today!

These new DVD and Blu-ray cover shots below show that the spine artwork of the US version pictures John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. You may recall that the spine of the UK version differs as it features only John Cena and Brock Lesnar alone.

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 DVD & Blu-ray Covers

Survivor Series 2014 was officially released yesterday to fans in UK/Europe.

That means there’s now a Blu-ray edition of that event for the first time! UK fans can get the DVD for £12.99 or the Blu-ray version for £13.99 over at WWEDVD.co.uk.

Sting Eyes - WWE Survivor Series 2014 DVD & Blu-ray

WWE is running sale on Divas merchandise today, here at WWEShop.com.

There’s 1 DVD in the sale and that’s “Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon” down to $9.99.

WWEShop Divas Sale

Two chances to get WrestleMania X-Seven in eBay auctions today, the highly sought after WWF DVD! Both auctions will expire soon and currently have bids placed from $25.49.

$25.49WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD
$34.99WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD (Free Shipping)

WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD - Rare

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. attitude.era.4life says:

    nice to see whooping nearby 9 hours of extreme.. love it, when you get the feeling of really getting valued extras on BR..

    Especially with the ECW unreleased releases, I felt the extras were the icing on the cake, in particulare vol. 1 with the 2 great matches from The night the Line was crossed. Excited for this 3rd volume too.

    Hope for WCW ppv matches vol. 2 this year or next, as well as Falls count anywher vol. 2. But, all depends how well they both sold, I guess..

    • David says:

      I kind of hope WWE don’t release WCW PPV Matches Vol. 2, its pretty redundant since every WCW PPV is on the network. At least with releases like Destruction of Shield, Monday Night War, WWE can expand on them, adding rare and unreleased matches not shown elsewhere.

      Nothing really new would be on the WCW PPV release that we haven’t seen before…but maybe to add some extra they could possibly include alternate commentary to certain matches, likely involving Sting, Flair, etc.

      Best of Nitro Vol. 3 will be great and maybe WWE could extend to something like Best of WCW on Network Television, something along those lines and include matches from various shows like Saturday Night, Thunder, WCW Main Event, WCW Pro, Power Hour, Prime, Worldwide, etc. instead of standalone releases. Just combine all these shows into one set with the matches and segments. Could be a great release if WWE really dig deep into WCW’s library.

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        isn’t that more redundant than the current WWE ppv’s also get dvd/bluray releases. 😉

        Personally, I don’t feel that strong bout the Network, and back when I tried it out for free, had a very hard time getting through entire WCW ppv’s.. on a whole, I have always felt the WWF/E ppv product is way better, but I loved most of the matches on the WCW ppv vol. 1 and for that matter the best of GAB..

        But like always, it depends on how much they sold with first volumes, so, we’ll see what the future will bring. 🙂

      • Joe Young says:

        Not everyone has The Network.

  2. SRB says:

    “the 3-disc DVD set will have a total runtime of approximately 7 hours and 5 minutes. The 2-disc Blu-ray edition will have a runtime of approximately 8 hours and 50 minutes.”

    Why get regular DVDs anymore? They’re bulky and the quality is far worse. Not to mention the running time, which is most important to me. Nothing like that slim case on the shelf.

    • ALK says:

      DVD still has the market share in physical media.

    • Jakki Steal says:

      Blu Rays just aren’t really catching on with the general public the way DVD’s did!
      That’s why WWE Blu Ray releases are sometimes canceled after they say they were gonna release them.
      It’s just not worth it to go thru the trouble (& $) of releasing a Blu Ray version that obviously just wont sell as well as the DVD version.

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