EXCLUSIVE: WWE Releasing New RANDY ORTON DVD & Blu-Ray – Just Added to 2016 Schedule!

July 15, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE Randy Orton DVD & Blu-ray To Be Released in 2016

Yesterday we broke the news of a change to the 2016 WWE Home Video schedule…

BREAKING: WWE’s “ECW Craziest Moments” DVD Replaced on 2016 Schedule, New Title to be Named

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com can now reveal that change to be a new RANDY ORTON DVD!

Details are scarce for the moment but we can confirm that this adjustment applies worldwide.

Following Randy Orton’s imminent return to WWE, and “The Viper” vs. “The Beast” at SummerSlam, his new DVD/Blu-ray compilation (not yet officially named) will be released on November 14th to the United Kingdom, following November 15th to the United States.

As of last word “OMG! ECW’s Top 50 Craziest Moments” may still see a release in 2017.

More updates to follow – stay tuned!

WWE Randy Orton DVD & Blu-ray To Be Released in 2016

The new, limited edition WWE DVD box sets we recently reported on have landed!

Here’s a quick look at 2 of them – “WrestleMania: Legacy” and “Royal Rumble: Legacy”.

As mentioned, the new collections each combine several past titles in one box set and are Australian exclusives available online at Madman.com.au and in store, as pictured.

Australian Exclusive WWE DVDs - WrestleMania Legacy & Royal Rumble Legacy

Heads up, the “Brock Lesnar – Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.” DVD cover is now unveiled!

Just hit the link below to see it full size…

WWE 'Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.' DVD - Cover Reveal

EXCLUSIVE: Cover Artwork for WWE “BROCK LESNAR – Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.” DVD & Blu-ray

Another heads up, Money in the Bank 2016 is the next WWE DVD about to hit stores. You can grab a copy this coming Tuesday in stores across the United States!

Watch the trailer below and pre-order yours for only $9.99 here on Amazon.com.

Up for grabs cheap on eBay this weekend is a copy of the new “Ultimate Fan Pack: Macho Man” DVD recently released as part of a figure pack. Find the link below.

$1.99Macho Man Ultimate Fan Pack DVD

WWE Macho Man Randy Savage - Ultimate Fan Pack DVD

There’s also “LOTS” more deals to be had on eBay this weekend…

$7.99SummerSlam Anthology Vol. 1 DVD Set
$9.99Lot of 3 WWE Blu-rays (incl. WrestleMania 32!)
$17.99Lot of 8 WWE DVDs (Attitude, Punk, Edge…, Free Shipping)
$19.99Lot of 8 WWE DVDs/Blu-rays (WCW, Foley, Austin…, Free Shipping)
$31.00Big Lot of 25+ WWE DVD Sets (Free Shipping)
$31.00Another Big Lot of 25+ WWE DVD Sets (Free Shipping)
$34.33And Another Big Lot of 25+ WWE DVD Sets (Free Shipping)


New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Maybe we will get the OMG vol. 3 after all…if WWE will have to drop the ball on the Lesnar release.. naaah, who am I kidding.. then they will do Stephanie!-lol-

  2. Justin F says:

    BOOOOO. I would rather want a Stephanie McMahon DVD.

  3. me says:

    I am cool with this but only if it does not turn out like the Lesnar one meaning it has rare and unreleased matches in addition to the big moments

  4. Todd Cash says:

    So Randy Orton is what is best for business over omg ecw moments…another royal screw up wwe…

  5. SCSA says:

    Well this is a shame 🙁 So we won’t be getting an ‘Undertaker’ or ‘Shawn Michaels’ set? 🙁

  6. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Money in the Bank 2011 vs. Christian and the Anything goes Iron man match from Bragging Rights 2009 are my 2 biggest wishes on this somewhat impulsive concept. The match against Christian is the only one I miss on blue, still a complete mystery why MITB of all has yet seen a release on blue.

    Since both matches have Orton on the loosing end, including them both would likely be too much to want..

    I would then pick the Christian match if it was up to me..their feud in 2011 was awesome, 6 matches that are classics, 2 of the PPV matches saved the events from being classified as total disasters.

    The Iron man match can then be released on the Anthology compilation that I hope will be done some day. But..would not mind both on this Orton release…as that one is now set in motion.

  7. Jeff Copeland says:

    SMH i just don’t understand the hate orton gets at times.

    matches wise i hope christian captial punishement or cage match there so many other matches his dvd did not have.


    rko vs hhh unforgiven is a lost gem yeah hhh wins >.> or rumble 05 match bit better.

    rko vs hbk from survivor series or cyber sunday 07

    maybe some rated rko matches from raw

    cage match vs hhh from judgment day was good.

    09 sighs o jesus the cena fued that NEVER DIED! hell in a cell vs cena 09 or 2014 would be ok

    2013 god i hope a daniel bryan match cause they had awesome matches but endings were EHH

    2014 not much really chamber match or O GOD cena rumble 2014 match.

    i mean theres still alot of rko matches they can release so i am for it.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      I’d rather see the Orton vs Cena tables match where Orton reversed the FU to an RKO or the Night of Champions 2009 vs Cena and Triple H.

      Cena & Triple H vs Angle, Orton & Rey at Saturday Night’s Main Event was another good match I’d like to see make the set.

      Wouldn’t mind see his 2005 Survivor Series team elimination match either

  8. Chris says:


    Randy BOreton getting another dvd while guys like Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler has none is pretty disgusting hell i hate the guy with a passion but id put one on The Miz way before another Orton one…

    Very very dissapointed

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      WHO THE HELL would buy a hbk JR DVD aka dolph ziggler only chance he ever had for a dvd is when they did those superstar releases from a few years ago

      • Chris says:

        I would.. At least it would be something knew and he has so many good matches they could put on it, no one could deny that..

        • Chris says:


        • Jeff Copeland says:

          ziggler be a 1 disk set like morrsion dvd was just some matches like superstar releases from 2011 or 2012 that be it

          • Chris says:

            ok if you say so, it must be true..

            • Jeff Copeland says:

              ziggler to me has just been tarnished with his booking last few years. 2012 to 2013 was last good year he had after that its just EHHH with him.

              i mean that rusev feud just killed it for me and baron corbin one he even got ziggler sucks chants at that ppv.

              i mean its like i said if they did do a ziggler dvd it be 1 disk 6 to 7 matches thats really all we would need

    • Kyle says:

      You’re freaking retarded Seth Rollins hasn’t been top guy long enough and Ziggler why the hell would a f***ing jobber like Ziggler get a DVD when he can’t even main event a Raw how stupid are you?

      • LP1 says:

        So in order to have a home video release you must be a main eventer and be around for a long time? Wow. Then you would’ve hated being a fan in the 80s when guys like The Ultimate Warrior, Demolition, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Brutus The Barber Beefcake and many others had video releases after only being in the WWF for a couple of years and none of them were main eventers yet.

        • Chris says:

          Thank you LP1 for at least putting in a nice example instead of telling someone that he is an idiot because he doesn’t agree with him

  9. RabidHeat says:

    Mate, you know they ain’t putting Benoit on it.

  10. LP1 says:

    Randy Orton has never done anything for me. He’s the definition of mediocre. With that said, I’m glad his fans can have another release of his. But if we compare apples to apples, Randy Orton replacing ECW OMG is a major step down. Not even close to a comparable replacement. Hopefully the ECW release comes around sooner than later.

  11. Albert says:

    I hope they add the Taboo Tuesday steel cage match vs. Ric Flair or the Last Man Standing Match at No Mercy 2007 against Triple H for the title.

  12. Huul80 says:

    Ah come on!?? A Randy Orton set as a suitable replacement for the ECW OMG set?! That is so bogus. What have happened to the home-video releases in 2016?? In 2014 they released 16 biography/compilations. In 2015 it was just to 14, but this year its been reduced to only 9… Luckily others have begun to release some really good wrestling documentaries such as The Sheik and Resurrection of Jake the Snake. Please do not reduce the amount of physical releases of biography and compilations. If WWE needs to reduce their products, then please do it with all the PPV’s, and let people see THEM on the network. This should not happen to the more honorable releases.

  13. Cody Schields says:

    Because if you’re not bored enough with what you see when he’s on tv, now you can be bored on home video. What a joke that this is replacing ECW OMG

  14. VKM says:

    Ha! You didn’t think I do that did ya?

  15. VintageSimon says:

    Hope they include the Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton match from the June 7, 2004 episode of Raw.

  16. Mark Markson says:

    I’m fine with a new Orton set. I just hope it includes some unreleased matches, and not just repeats.

  17. John says:

    Randy’s previous set is pretty good, I hope they will add rare matches this time?

    • joer says:

      Im hoping for the three undertaker matches from wrestlemania,summerslam, and that hell in a cell match they had and they really need to have when he won the title from chris benoit.

      • Anan says:

        I agree. I don’t care as much about wins/losses as some might than I do about the performances. With that said, Orton’s matches with Benoit at Summerslam 04, HHH at Unforgiven 04 and their 3 Stages of Hell match, Taker throughout 05 (WM21, Summerslam, No Mercy, Smackdown, Armageddon should be on the set. His matches with Cena and if they could squeeze it in there, Brock Lesnar although that’d depend on how great the match ends up being, should be on it. The one with Rollins at WM31 with the RKO that WWE gave great hype to should be included as well as the 3-Way with Cody and Ted at WM26. While it may not have been the gratest in either man’s career, I did enjoy the Wm28 and Extreme Rules matches with Kane and wouldn’t mind seeing them. Some promos would be nice too.

        Considering the word, compilation is in the above report, I don’t expect a documentary. I would like to see one eventually that is the career retrospective doc that includes comments from the first and second generation Orton wrestlers, HHH, Batista, Taker, Cena, Edge, and others as well as Orton himself.

        • joer says:

          the only cena match i would want on this set is the hell in a cell match where he beat cena for the title.

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