BIG SALE: WWE ‘Road to WrestleMania 33’ DVD Sale Starts Now – More Than 30 Deals for $10 or Less!

March 14, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'Road to WrestleMania 33' DVD Sale Starts Now!

For WWE DVD collectors, the “Road to WrestleMania” officially starts now!

In the run-up to the release of WrestleMania 33 on Home Video (May 9th in the USA:, June 5th in the UK:, the annual WrestleMania-themed sale is back at Walmart.

We noted previously that the in-store date for the big promotion falls this week, and today we can show you exactly what will be included. This year, by our count, there are 35 different WWE DVD deals to be had at Walmart stores and every one of them is up for grabs $10 or less.

New double packs, multiple WrestleMania’s, a few must-own Superstar documentaries, PPVs…

…oh, and a bunch of titles for a crazy-low $3.74 each!


WWE DVDs for $9.96

Double Packs (displayed on the top row, 2 titles for the price of 1!):
– WrestleMania 29 & WrestleMania 30
– Owen: Hart of Gold & Bret Hart: The Dungeon Collection
– Best of RAW/SmackDown 2014 & Best of RAW/SmackDown 2015
– SummerSlam 2015 & SummerSlam 2016

– WrestleMania 31
– WrestleMania 32
– Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!
– The Road Is Jericho
– Best PPV Matches 2015
– The Monday Night War Vol. 1: Shots Fired
– The Monday Night War Vol. 2: Know Your Role

WWE 'Road to WrestleMania 33' DVD Sale - The Deals


WWE DVDs for $7.50

– Owen: Hart of Gold (New 1-Disc Version)
– The Best of Sting
– Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe
– Destruction of The Shield (1-Disc Version)
– Very Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 3
– Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown
– Scooby-Doo: WrestleMania Mystery

WWE 'Road to WrestleMania 33' DVD Sale - The Deals


WWE DVDs for $3.74

– WrestleMania 28
– Payback 2015
– Money in the Bank 2015
– Fastlane 2015
– Extreme Rules 2015
– Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania
– Mick Foley: For All Mankind (With Socko!)
– Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come
– The John Cena Experience
– John Cena: My Life
– Rock vs. Cena: Once in a Lifetime (1-Disc Version)
– Big Show: A Giant’s World
– Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story
– True Giants
– Best PPV Matches 2009-2010
– The Attitude Era Vol. 2
– True Story of WrestleMania (1-Disc Version)

WWE 'Road to WrestleMania 33' DVD Sale - Walmart Endcap

All of these WWE DVD deals can be found in a specially-made “Road to WrestleMania 33” endcap, like that pictured above, in participating Walmart stores across the United States.

Most – but not all – of the sale prices also look to be available here at

A special thanks goes out to WDN readers Michael Bennett and Ryan Rini for sending word. If you come across any other deals in a store near you, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Jeff Copeland says:

    eh i got foley and wm 28 and might get the summerslam 2015/2016 pack

  2. Joseph Owens says:

    Still wondering about the Mania blu ray. Amazon still has that “Currently Unavailable” crap on it and the DDP blu ray.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Both the WM33 and DDP Blu-rays are definitely coming, despite the Amazon hiccups at the moment. The Mania Monday Blu-ray is cancelled according to a few sources, so that listing might well disappear soon.

  3. Jeff Copeland says:

    ehhh not bad. kinda wish they would of put 2014 ones but eh

  4. justin says:

    My walmart is too small to have this so I may have to travel 15 miles to the nearest Super Walmart to see if they have this.

  5. ryan says:

    Wrestlemania Monday bluray is still up on most sites…is it going to happen?

  6. Jon says:

    Awesome thanks for the update!!

  7. Bucka says:

    Be a perfect time for wwe to re-release the wrestlemanias 1-15 single discs again. I mean it is for wrestlemania after all. Nice sell but 99% of people have already bought theses titles whatever ones were of interest at least.

  8. Brandon Sears says:

    I’m guessing this is only for Wal-Mart in the US and not in Canada 🙁

  9. Mark Murphy says:

    not at my wal mart, they missed the last sale like this as well. F**k wal mart.