New WWE “The Rock: Great Ones” DVD In Store – Contains Missing Match

March 26, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Thanks to Jeffrey, Mike, and Kim for contributing to this article.

There is new store exclusive DVD on The Rock available at Toys R Us in the United States. It’s free when you buy $30 worth of WWE merchandise in store this week. The ad says the DVD is regularly $12.99 but at this time does not look to be available to buy separately.

It’s essentially out there to promote the recently released Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson DVD/Blu-ray release, although it’s interesting to note the disc contains the missing Rock vs Triple H match from Raw in 1998. This match was listing as being included on the full Epic Journey DVD but was not present in the content.

The Rock: Great Ones” contains 5 chapters and has a runtime of 1 hour, 1 minute. There is a plain DVD menu with no background music. The content is as follows.

November 17, 1996
Kevin Kelly Interviews Rocky Maivia
The Day of Survivor Series 1996

Raw – May 25, 1998
Non-Title Match
The Rock vs. Triple H

Raw – September 14, 1998
The Rock vs. Kane

Royal Rumble – January 23, 2000
The Rock wins the Royal Rumble

Raw – June 2, 2003
The Highlight Reel

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  1. jasongoldsmith says:

    i picked one up yesterday because i was able to get it by buying a dvd i needed and my nephew wanted a chris masters figure so i got them and a free dvd–probably a good one to put away and keep sealed.

    @Rob L–i bought one off of this site when they came out but they prob are tough as i have not even seen any on ebay

  2. Rob L says:

    On the subject of rare DVD’s… is that Kofi DVD impossible to find now? I’ve been searching for it but can’t find it anywhere.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This site has been really dull since Brett Mix left/got fired. No offense, but his reviews were my favorite part about the site.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      That’s a shame Anonymous, sir. The clue is in the name though – WWE DVD *News*, and the statistics show the views on news articles far outweighs that of any reviews.

      You can blame Brett and Brett alone for his departure.

    • Bryan says:

      Totally agree Anonymous I pretty much just come on here now once a week to see if the content listing for the next DVD I’m going to buy is on here, and with the ECW DVD not due out for another 2 full months I don’t expect that content list to roll out anytime soon so I’ll be here less frequently than even before.

      reviews help people grow a collection news only goes so far

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Silly statement. News goes a long way for a *news* site.

        If you come here for WWE DVD news (again, that’s the name of this site) then I think you’ll be satisfied. If not, reviews are coming.

  4. Rob L says:

    @ Dan B, after reading your post I went and purchased a new copy of the FYE exclusive Nitro DVD even though I already have the regular edition. My wife hates you lmao Oh, and I just seen the facebook update about the hell in a cell amazon exclusive.. sounds like another rarity I’ll have to buy. LOL I love this site!!!

  5. tick317 says:

    It’s not that rare yet lol. It may become rare in a few years if the haven’t produced many? Readily available at the moment.

  6. nightmare says:

    The only reason it rare is because of the high demand for it that why

  7. tnawwejosh says:

    Damn its going to be a rare one I have that feeling.

  8. babj311 says:

    Just got mine for free. Went up to customer service to see if they even had it. The guy handed it to me and said just take it. Made my day.

  9. tick317 says:

    I bought the one at $50 you can check it. tick317, i need it cuz I own every DVD ever produced. Then got a second copy to sell cuz this will become rare. Trust me. I’ll tweet pics when I get both of them in about a week to the UK.

    • lee says:

      tick 317 youre crazy – i have ever wwe/f dvd release but i draw the line at these sort of things. it might become available here but its hardly worth paying anything for it. i got the uk kofi dvd and its pretty bad im just glad it cost me the price of wwe magazine only.

      im pretty happy with my collection, its hard to beat.

    • lee says:

      oh and this has nowhere near a 12.99 value, 1 dollar at best.

      when it comes to my collection im happy to have the retail set, these small exclusives are just not worth it, and who cares if i have it or not? plus im sticking to uk dvds so i can play them on my ps3 so unless its older dvds that are region free or a retail release not brought out here like the knuckleheads dvd or legends roundtables etc im not fussed on them, plus its not even in a proper dvd case – its a dvd id have for free but not pay silly money.

      • tick317 says:

        I understand but I’m a hardcore collector, I don’t know of a wwe DVD that I don’t own. So I have to get it.

  10. nightmare says:

    I mean spending 30.00 to get this dvd and it sold for 50.00 so with the ebay fees and paypal fees this person made a whole 10.00 at the most than you figure how far he is from the store and add gas .For me my Toysurus is over 2 hours away so it would do me no good to go there and buy this item.

  11. nightmare says:

    This is just plain ridiculous I mean come on 50.00 for what 4 matches People can’t afford to buy gas but they will travel to get this dvd why .I don’t see why WWE just couldn’t give this away for free I mean come on it not’s like Vince can’t afford to do it .It just makes me sick sometimes to see this crap .

  12. Daniel Bee says:

    Impossible to say now, Rob. I’ll have a guess and say it’ll become somewhat difficult to get hold of later, but not a huge rarity. The FYE exclusive Nitro DVD has more similarities to the Trish one with it being extra content on top of the same feature, and actually the cover art for that one is no different which makes it even harder to track down in years to come when they’re pre-owned without stickers. But that said, I assume a great many copies of the FYE Nitro DVD were produced. Probably a less of these Rock discs were made.

  13. Rob L says:

    Dan, do you think this DVD has the possibility of being as rare as the 2-disc Trish DVD? I went to Toys-R-Us and picked up a copy just in case.

  14. Daniel Bee says:

    Two auctions on eBay now, and a Buy it Now sold at $50!

    Auction #1

    Auction #2

    Buy it now

  15. Charlie1185 says:

    Has anyone picked up the WM chair from KMart yet? seems a little pricey but still like to pick it up.

  16. BRAHMABULL31 says:

    Does the Blu ray version has all of these matches?

  17. Justin F says:

    I can already tell people will go berzerk over this just like they did with the Kofi Kingston DVD (and those sampler DVDs).

  18. HHHfan1999 says:

    Will pick mine up soon… 🙂 Maybe this weekend! 😉

  19. WWEBluFan says:

    Darn, accidentally hit “submit” before I was done typing… I was going to write that I wouldn’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it.

    I ended up moving my Epic Journey blu-ray into a 3-disc case and storing this one in the same case as a bonus disc.

    Thanks for the heads up on this WWEDVDNews!

  20. WWEBluFan says:

    Got mine today! The Rumble match is clipped which you probably deduced based on the run-time. It’s from Rock’s entrance (#24) onwards. Great to have that Highlight Reel segment on DVD too! I won’t spoil

  21. Paul says:

    I remember when the WWF released raw attitude collection vol 1 and 2 on VHS as exclusives via toys r us. That was back in 1998/1999. This is def better than those and can become quite a rare dvd.

  22. SRB says:

    All of the content on this DVD could have fit on the Rock’s 3 disc…

  23. tnawwejosh says:

    I want it for the possibility of it being rare.

  24. Isrs4life says:

    Sounds like the crappiest WWE dvd ever made.

  25. Geolink says:

    WOW!!! What a rip off! Toys ‘r’ Us? Really?

  26. RabidHeat says:

    Hardly a treasure-trove of lost material or anything really though, is it? Nor a decent running time. I wouldn’t break my back to track this down, personally.

  27. tnawwejosh says:

    Danny if you see any more please update us.

  28. Daniel Bee says:

    Doesn’t matter if you’re in the UK, Canada, or Korea (where I currently am) we can all get hold of this one way or another. I will be. Happy hunting 🙂

    One already sold on eBay:

  29. tnawwejosh says:

    DAMN I want this!! Wish it could get released in the UK somehow.

    So is this going to be another really rare store exclusive DVD Danny?

  30. SRB says:

    Very cool, I could see that being worth some money some day soon. Always funny to me how stores like Toys R Us, Kmart, FYE, Target and Walmart seem to get random exclusives you wouldnt expect. It keeps my DVD hunting interesting

  31. Dave says:

    Pretty cool, too bad we don’t have this promotion (and a lot of others) in Canada…might have to get this on ebay, i’m afraid people are going to ask ridiculous prices for it.

  32. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Cool… I may just call and see if I can buy seperately. Would be a nice addition to the collection.