Exclusive: WWE Royal Rumble 2011 DVD Confirmed Cover Art Revealed

February 1, 2011 by Daniel Bee

We can now exclusively reveal the finalized cover art for the DVD release of last Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble 2011 event.

It’s available on DVD & Blu-ray on March 1st in North America and in April it will hit UK/Europe at Silvervision.co.uk.

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 DVD Cover

Royal Rumble 2011 will also be released as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack edition in North America. View the variant artwork for that here.

Upcoming WWE DVD & Blu-ray releases (dates: North America):

Royal Rumble 2011 [DVD] – March 1
Royal Rumble 2011 [Blu-ray/DVD Combo] – March 1
The Chaperone [DVD/Blu-ray] – March 8
The True Story of WrestleMania [DVD/Blu-ray] – March 15
Elimination Chamber 2011 [DVD] – March 22
Elimination Chamber 2011 [Blu-ray/DVD Combo] – March 22
D-Generation X: One Last Stand [DVD/Blu-ray] – April 5

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  1. RMX says:

    here is the match lineup for the wrestlemania story
    hulk hogan and mr t vs mr wonderful paul orndorff and roddy piper

    randy savage vs ricky steamboat

    hulk hogan vs andre

    ultimate warrior vs randy savage

    razor ramon vs shawn michaels

    shawn michaels vs steve austin

    hardy boyz vs dudley boyz vs edge/christian

    shane mcmahon vs vince mcmahon

    the rock vs hulk hogan

    kurt angle vs brock lesner

    john cena vs triple h

    cm punk vs shelton benjamin vs chris jericho vs carlito vs mvp vs mr. kennedy vs john morrison

    undertaker vs shawn michaels

    batista vs john cena

  2. RMX says:

    hi wwedvdnew silvervision only posted elimination chamber 2011 on dvd do u know why

  3. brian says:

    who is second in from top left?

  4. DeadFan37 says:

    It’s Edge, but at first glance I’d have sworn it was Hornswoggle!

  5. Erik Raether says:

    The guy in the bottom left corner is Edge.

  6. JAROTO says:

    it is Edge my friend.

  7. Anonymous says:

    At the risk of looking dumb, who is the guy in the bottom left corner?

  8. Jacob says:

    I kinda like the cover, seems different.

  9. brian says:

    so if we only wanna get the blu ray we are going to be forced to get a blu ray/dvd combo pack and pay extra? that sucks

  10. Isrs4life says:

    I’m not a fan of this poster because it looks psycho to me.

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