Exclusive: WWE Royal Rumble 2013 DVD & Blu-Ray Cover Featuring The Rock

January 30, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Logo

Here’s the exclusive reveal and up close look at the planned WWE Royal Rumble 2013 DVD and Blu-ray cover artwork, featuring the new WWE Champion The Rock.

The Royal Rumble DVD hits stores across the United States on February 26th, 2013. You can get your Amazon pre-order in now over at this link.

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 DVD Cover

WWE Championship

CM Punk vs. The Rock

World Heavyweight Championship (Last Man Standing)
Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Buy the Royal Rumble 2013 DVD/BD.

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 DVD Cover

Release: February to Amazon.com; March to WWEDVD.com.au; April to WWEDVD.co.uk.


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  1. SAMUEL says:

    it’s aight

  2. THOMAS says:

    I will be looking forward to see the artwork for the dvd itself and the back of the sleeve of the royal rumble 2013 event as well

  3. Scott says:

    That Photoshop job is awful.

  4. SRB says:

    Oh no no no!!! The problem is that this is a spoiler. So now I know what happens!! Not fair!

    • Marius says:

      Like the TLC cover, … look like photoshop -.-

      • SRB says:

        Well, I’m kinda being sarcastic. All you have to do is watch the PPV and its no longer a spoiler. I dont think too many wrestling fans are still wondering who won that match so who cares if the cover spoils? Raw was on 3 days ago and I think Dwayne had the title on the show, no spoiler intended lol

  5. Shaun Blackford says:

    I guess it’s ok!! Expected them to have rock all over it tbh

  6. Alan says:

    I think the cover is AWESOME! It’s nice they went with a slightly modified version of the PPV poster.

  7. nightmare says:

    The cover cool but for people who have no seen the show there really giving away who one the match .

  8. Justin says:

    I like the cover. I like that it’s black and white then that pop of color. I just wonder that if you didn’t see the PPV poster before this would it look that bad it was photoshopped? Either way it doesn’t bother me.

  9. Chris says:

    I have no issues with that being a spoiler, just that its such a lousy Photoshop job. WWE should be embarrassed putting out this cover.

  10. Joe Israel says:

    I’m not very good at Photoshop. I could have done the Photoshop work required for that cover. That says something.

  11. David says:

    Putting the title on the Rock was a good business move…just like on the cover…people that have not seen the ppv and see Rock with the title on the cover will get them to buy it.

    This isn’t anything new…they did this with the MitB 2011 cover with Punk.

    I feel this isn’t spoiling since it comes out a month after the ppv…if you haven’t read the results or RAW/SD then you’re not a real WWE fan. Who follows WWE only through their DVDs?!

    • a says:

      I agree, I don’t think it’s a spoiler since it’s hard to spoil something that was easy to predict. I think anyone who hasn’t watched this event, would still have easily predicted that Rock would beat Punk.

  12. Justin F says:

    I find it funny WWE decided to photoshop the WWE title over the PPV poster. In their minds, they’re thinking “Hey, this is creative!”.

  13. ChadWWE says:

    I HATE bad photoshop.

  14. NickP says:

    Ha ha.. Let the spoiler complaints begin.. by the way if you didn’t already know by the cover, or by watching Raw, The Rock beat CM Punk.

  15. Zach says:

    I’d rather have him holding the title from the PPV than this.

  16. Geolink says:

    What the hell?!

    The picture is dope but the photoshopped title looks beyond ridiculous. Also, way to spoil the main event.

    It makes it look like The Rock was the WWE Champion going into Royal Rumble instead of CM Punk.

  17. I don’t think it’s awful, but they could have had something A LOT better.

  18. John Peterson says:

    Can’t wait to relive this event.being there live for this show was awesome

  19. Big A says:

    I had the honor of being in Phoenix for the Rumble and it was EPIC! The lights going out going out before the peoples elbow was heartstopping. Anyway about the cover art…IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE COVER LOOKS LIKE!

  20. Thomas says:

    cannot complain, love the sleeve for the 2013 WWE ROYAL RUMBLE dvd event

  21. NoNoNo says:

    if people missed it on ppv they want to attract more buyers so they can buy the dvd or blu-ray to see how rock won the wwe championship thats the most likely reason why they put the wwe title on the cover, its marketing same way they did for the money in the bank 2011 dvd cover they wanted more buys so they put on the wwe title on the cover and people to buy to see how cm punk won the wwe title.. all though they could have done a better job its not all bad its not bad as say summerslam 2010 and no way out 2012 cover!!

  22. ALK says:

    Quick spoiler photoshop job on the poster, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd done.

  23. PWN says:

    If they would’ve used just the promo poster I would’ve been fine with it. Why do they have to make additions?!

  24. NoNoNo says:

    Lol they badly photoshopped that wwe title on the rock shoulder on the cover, you can tell but other than its decent cover, i’ll pick it up for the rumble match that was absolutely fantastic, im really starting to grow with ryback and his participation in the rumble was great, The Godfather returning was fantastic but shame he only lasted 0.5seconds haha!!

  25. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Ha! They actually DID use the promo poster for the cover. Nice!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Must be bitter sweet for those who want PPV DVDs to keep the event posters, because that’s what we got… but with a spinner belt plonked on top.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Yeah… the addition of the title actually looks good on there I think though. Better without it, but not too bad with it on there.

      • Corey rice says:

        What’s gonna be the blu ray extras

        • Daniel Bee says:

          That info will be released soon, so stay tuned.

          • a says:

            I’m going to guess, just from recent PPV blu-rays in North America, it’s going to be the Raw before the Rumble, and a little of the Smackdown before.

            Also, Daniel, just wondering if you know whether the Elimination Chamber 2013 PPV will be on blu-ray in Canada? I know Europe’s getting it, and also the US is as well.

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