Royal Rumble 2015 Released on DVD & Blu-Ray, $4.50 WWE DVD Sale Starting?

February 24, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 DVD & Blu-Ray Logo

Today, WWE officially releases Royal Rumble 2015 on DVD format…

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 DVD Cover Artwork

…and also on Blu-ray format!

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Blu-ray Cover Artwork

Get your hands on a copy of the new WWE Royal Rumble 2015 DVD or Blu-ray…

USA: Available now! Get your copy here on

Australia: Coming March 4th. Pre-order yours at

UK/Europe: Coming April 6th. Pre-order yours at

“The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown” has now been released for download, with the DVD/Blu-ray following on March 10th (same day as the new Chris Jericho set).

Below is a new preview clip of the animated movie; click to pre-order the DVD/Blu-ray.

We’ve received word this week that the WrestleMania 1-15 DVD re-releases which were brought out this time 2 years ago are now being taken out-of-print.

There has long been speculation since their original release that WWE may follow up with more individual WrestleMania DVDs from 15 onward, however that doesn’t look to be happening.

WWE WrestleMania 1-15 DVD Re-Releases

WDN reader Juan Munoz sends word of a DVD sale starting at Target stores with titles priced just $4.50 each. One of the DVDs included is the new 1-disc “John Cena Experience” DVD.

No confirmation yet that there are more WWE DVDs in this sale, but it’s worth a look.

WWE DVDs for $4.50 at Target

WDN reader “hbkfan25” sends word that FYE stores are offering a free Roman Reigns foam finger with the purchase of WWE items totaling $25 or more, including DVD/Blu-ray buys.

WWE Roman Reigns Foam Finger - FYE Free Gift

RARE STUFF: Check out these couple of eBay auctions (links below) all expiring today, containing out-of-print WWF/WWE DVDs like Royal Rumble 2000 and Judgment Day 2002!

$6.50WWF Royal Rumble 2000 DVD
$13.50WWF Divas in Hedonism DVD
$34.32Judgment Day 2002 DVD
$50.00Lot of 5 2001 WWF DVDs (Survivor Series, Invasion, Vengeance…)

Rare WWF Wrestling DVDs

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Ken says:

    I hope to see WWE Over the Edge 1999 can release on DVD or bluray one day. Since I’m a WWE PPV collector and left this PPV to complete my 1999 DVD collection.

  2. Bandit says:

    Anyone go to Target to see if there were any other WWE DVDs for $4.50 besides that Cena one disc? will save me a trip if thats the only one. Not interested in purchasing it as I can watch it via the WWE Network – which I have already done.

  3. Charles says:

    Out of the subject but do you guys think wwe will release survivor series 97 and 98 one day?

  4. mj3b says:

    Hey All
    I just got an email from Target for their Cartwheel ap saving an extra 10% off the John Cena experience

  5. Dave says:

    I bought almost all of the individual WrestleMania releases (I had the original release of 15 and the Championship Edition of 3). I just prefer having individual DVDs for each PPV rather than anthologies. I was hoping they would do a similar release of all the SummerSlams, Survivor Series and Royal Rumbles, but I guess that won’t be happening.

  6. Joe Young says:

    Good riddance. Most of that cover art was terrible. Hopefully, WWE will re-release the Wrestlemanias with WWF being said and the theme songs being left intact this time!

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      I doubt, that will ever happen, now, there’s The Network.. best possible way to get them the way you want, is to try find the UK Silvervision Tagged classic versions..but, for example WM 6 on that release, is cutted down to be a slim close to 3 hours, than the nearly 4 hour Anthology version. But the WWF and the original music from when the ppv’s aired is intact.

      I pick the Tagged Classics and Anthology versions over those oughfull re-releases with their terrible covers and certain “too violent” scenes replaced with face-reactions from the crowd. Talk about trash releases, there you have it.

  7. Nicolas Hébert says:

    Next week, March 3rd, for the Royal Rumble DVD/Blu-Ray in Canada…

  8. Mark D says:

    Can’t wait for the alternate croud track on the Rumble 😉

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      you mean.. we won’t be hearing the loud and clear BS chants at the end of the disaster-piece that the Rumble match was!? ooooh, Maaaaan! 🙁 LOL

    • Daniel Bee says:

      The Rock might crack a smile in the alternate ending.

    • Jamie says:

      Is it confirmed that they actually edited the crowd? That’s BS. That was the best part of the show!

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        not confirmed, but it’s likely will be.. the crowd reactions this year was way more loud and outspoken than 2014…but, at least last year had one fantastic match..that was absolutely not the fact this year.. but, like you said: best part of the show was the crowd reactions..which I expect will be edited out along with the sign saying: “Remember 2004”.

        My absolute favorite event of the ppv year…it failed like I never thought it would, equals: I stopped collecting ppv, cos imo, the only way is down the drain regarding quality of events…and I saw that coming since autumn 2012.

      • Mark D says:

        It hasn’t, however I would expect the crowd to be sweetened at least to the level it was when it aired on RAW.

        • LP1 says:

          After a PPV finishes airing on the Network they upload immediately. It’s the exact version that aired live, uncut. Then about 3 days later they remove that version and upload the finished edited home video version. They do that with every single PPV. Been doing that since the beginning. So if you want to know what will and will not be edited on home video, just check out the version that gets re-uploaded a few days after an event.

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