Recent WWE Blu-ray Going Out-Of-Print, & Many More in the UK

December 12, 2011 by Daniel Bee

According to Michael’s Movie Mayhem WWE Royal Rumble 2010 on Blu-ray disc (UPC: 651191948260) is now officially out-of-print in the US, which means no more copies are being produced.

This news is a surprise since it’s unusual a fairly recent Blu-ray release would be discontinued, and given that the Royal Rumble event is reportedly one of the best sellers on Home Video.

Over in the UK, several older WWE DVDs are being removed from production. Noteworthy titles going out-of-print include the following:

– The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection,
– Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen,
– The Triumph & Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling,
– The Most Powerful Families In Wrestling,
– The World’s Greatest Wrestling Managers
– Hall of Fame 2004 Induction Ceremony
– $1,000,000 Tough Enough 2004

These and more are included in a Stock Clearance sale over here, and will not be re-made.

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  1. Daniel Bee says:

    We won’t take them off the list because there are still large quantities out there to find, not to mention the used ones. They existed and have done for many years now, so they stay on the list as ones to find for the collection.

  2. wwewrestlingfan316 says:

    Will wwedvdnews update their wwedvd list to take into account all the DVD’s that silvervsion are stop producing? It seems a shame that the Ric flair and Jake the snake DVD’s are no longer being produced. As a wwe DVD collector who has just started it just make collecting that much harder. Would really like a complete list of titles that silvervsion have decided to stop producing if possible??

  3. Brett Mix says:

    It’s in Individual Sets Reviews on the Site

  4. SRB says:

    Hey Brett Mix, can you do a review of Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen? Maybe I missed it if you already did

  5. The Prophet says:

    I ordered the Horseman dvd from Silvervision and was shocked to find it was second hand. It was not in a shrink wrap and the box was battered. If I’d been listing it on eBay I would have described it as Acceptable. I am not happy, considering you expect brand new from Silvervision.

  6. LP1 says:

    @Dave, the Rumble 2010 won’t be as rare as the Judgment Day 2002 and Vengeance 2002 DVD’s because the Rumble hasbeen available to buy for the better part of 2 yhears while the two 2002 dvd’s were only available on ShopZone for a short time.

  7. Harry Faversham says:

    One of the biggest ones they’ve deleted is the Jake the Snake Roberts DVD. They’ve also got rid of a lot of their exclusive DVDs and the ‘Best of WWE’ series. There’s loads really.

  8. Dave says:

    I guess Wrestlemania 26 Blu-ray will follow soon.

    For people that haven’t picked up RR 2010 should do so ASAP, before it turns out like the Judgment Day 2002 and Vengeance 2002 fiasco.

    Honestly where i live, i haven’t seen the RR 2010 blu-ray since i picked up last year in March. Looks like it will be pretty rare in 1 years time.

    Is WM25 blu-ray discontinued too?

  9. I generally would assume that once an disc has run through its initial run (unless that sold out quickly) that they wouldn’t print any more.

  10. Harry Faversham says:

    Most of them don’t bother me but I’d like to see the legacy of AWA and WCCW preserved. I’d like to think its out there and people will see it, but I can imagine that it doesn’t sell that well either and business is business I guess.

  11. Simon says:

    The History of Wrestlemania I-IX and the Divas DVDs (circa 2002-2006) have also been removed from Silver Vision’s stock clearance sale, and thus discontinued.

    As for Wrestlemania 24, I read that it was a copyright issue with Floyd Mayweather’s entrance music that meant it had to be pulled. I’d like to think that an edited version would be made available again sometime soon though.

  12. Harry Faversham says:

    Yes, a lot of it does make sense. They have finally removed the 2 disc Mick Foley for example, which was a bit useless after the Hardcore Edition. Still makes me feel a bit sad though.

  13. Harry Faversham says:

    Actually just had a look and there’s quite a few old ones already gone like Undertaker Buries Them Alive, Andre The Giant and Cause Stone Cold Said So, Rebellion 2002. Probably more but those are the first ones I notice.

  14. Harry Faversham says:

    Thanks for the reply Mr. Bee. But I have to say I don’t really get it. Why delete the Flair DVD? I know he’s not with them anymore, but Hardy Boys and Lita arent either. Then again I always did think it was silly having 2 Flair sets with one being the Ultimate Collection and the other being called the Definitive Collection. That just meant neither was what it said it was. But once you’ve made it you might as well keep them on sale I think. My gut feeling is that if these ones are going then more will be. As long as they don’t lose ‘Ramped Up’.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Judging by the rest of what is being discontinued, I assumed it’s simply getting rid of DVDs that have ran their course in regards to sales performance. They all had a good lifecycle and no point producing what isn’t in demand. I’d have thought the Flair ones, particularly Ultimate, would not fall into that category though. Can’t explain it.

  15. Daniel Bee says:

    It doesn’t appear that Silver Vision want to disclose why WrestleMania 24 was withdrawn, oddly enough. I was at that event!

  16. Strange, i thought they would continue to produce the flair set

  17. Harry Faversham says:

    Did we ever find out why Wrestlemania 24 was withdrawn from sale? The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection and WCCW are good DVDs, shame they will be out of print I think. Also seems a bit contradictary on the one hand to be issuing tagged classics and deleting titles on the other.