Exclusive: WWE Schedules The Ultimate Warrior DVD & Blu-Ray for Next Year

December 10, 2013 by Daniel Bee

We can now exclusively reveal that a new Ultimate Warrior DVD is currently in the works at WWE for release next year!

WWE The Ultimate Warrior Face Paint

It’s down on the schedule as a full blown 3 disc DVD (2 disc Blu-ray) and listed as a “match compilation”. There is no word as of now if Warrior himself will be involved but that is possible given his recent new ties to the company as relates to the WWE 2K14 video game and a rumored meeting with Vince McMahon during SummerSlam weekend.

Earlier this month we heard that one or more possible 2014 WWE DVDs titles are “pending Superstar involvement” and this could be one of those.

As you may know, this isn’t the first DVD that World Wrestling Entertainment has produced on The Ultimate Warrior. Back in 2005 the controversial “Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior” DVD was released which led to well-documented animosity between Warrior and WWE in subsequent years, even to the point of a lawsuit being filed!

The release date of the new Ultimate Warrior DVD and Blu-ray (not yet officially named) is expected to fall in April, also raising speculation of a possible Hall of Fame induction.

WWE The Ultimate Warrior Face Paint

Several of our readers have been in touch to say that their WWEShop.com orders for the “Raw 20th Anniversary Collection” DVD box set have now shipped out. There were long delays as a result of an influx in orders placed during the Cyber Monday promotion.

Given that the Raw DVD’s material was billed as “uncut and unedited”, fans have been putting that to the test. Thanks to the readers who passed along the following observations.

• Crowd edited with boo’s when they chant “A-Hole”
• Crowd edited when they chant “Holy S—”
• Crowd signs blurred
• Commentary muted (not just for Benoit)
• The Benoit edits
• Music edits (ex: The Godwinns’ “Country Boys” theme changed, Shane McMahon’s 1999 theme switched to “Here Comes The Money”, Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” gone from the New York package)
• Some bad language edits

The 12-disc box set still remains unavailable to order on WWEShop after it sold out in a matter of days but it is in stock here on Amazon.com for $59.96. It’s worth noting again that early material we received about this release did state it to be “limited edition”.

WWE RAW 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Box Set

Two weeks today is Christmas Eve and the release date of Survivor Series 2013 on DVD!

Extras on the DVD are planned to be the pre-show match between Kofi Kingston and The Miz, a new interview with Randy Orton after the event went off the air, and the Big Show/Randy Orton segment from the Smackdown before Survivor Series.

You can pre-order a copy with Amazon by clicking here. As reported, it looks like the only Blu-ray edition of the PPV will be UK/Europe’s release on January 20th at WWEDVD.co.uk.

WWE Survivor Series 2013 DVD Cover Art

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  1. Shark Boy says:

    Seriously, f**k the raw dvd. It’s misleading when it should just be left alone unedited. However I’m happy to hear about a new Warrior dvd set. Hopefully it has matches with Randy Savage, Undertaker & Papa Shango!

  2. Here’s my Ultimate Warrior 2014 new DVD &/or prediction…

    The Founding Father Of Ring Intensity,
    -3 DISK DVD or 2 DISK BLU-RAY Sets-

    DVD DISK 1: Ultimate Warrior Life Story and Ring Career, Singles Matches against Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter, Undertaker, Mr. Perfect, Haku, Triple H, Owen Hart, Earthquake, Greg Valentine, Rick Rude, Randy Savage, Goldust, Ric Flair, Nailz and more.

    DVD DISK 2: Singles Matches against Papa Shango, Jerry Lawler, Hercules, Ted Dibiase, Big Bossman, Super Ninja, Bobby Heenan, Issac Yankem, Dino Bravo, Honky Tonk Man and more. – Tag Team Matches: Teaming up with Undertaker, Jim Duggan, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jake Roberts, Legion Of Doom, British Bulldogs, Randy Savage and more.

    DVD DISK 3: Bonus / Extras / Unreleased Material: including The Funeral Parlor, Action Figures, Slim Jim Commercial, Ending Brother Love Show, TV Appearances on Regis & Kathy, Arsenio Hall, 1990 Parade, WCW, and more.

  3. Marty says:

    I don’t hate the Warrior or anything like that. But, due to a lot of his absences, I’m guessing this set will be one of those where the total DVD runtime is a little over 6 hours and the total Blu-ray runtime is about 7.5 hours. It’s not that he didn’t have good/great matches, it’s just that there weren’t that many, for a variety of reasons, a lot of which don’t even involve how good he was. Perhaps there’s some hidden Blade Runners/Dingo Warrior gems, though…

    • Then you don’t know all the facts. The absenses you speak of are untrue.
      Watch the actual Ultimate Warrior shoot interview. Where WARRIOR was lied to and he planned on showing up when he was told not to. You need to know more about Warrior and the WWE scandles that tried to make Warrior look bad. Just like the lie about how the media told people he died and he never died. NOBODY ever played Warrior except JIM HELLWIG.

  4. To all the ones who have or still talked smack about Ultimate Warrior, Go crawl back into the negative disbelieving crap hole you crawled out of. That also includes the Nobodys that took part in bashing him on the Self Destruction DVD. Ultimate Warrior will always be better than that. Most importantly, Ultimate!…. Remember when and what I said back then when I said WWE, Vince and Warrior will bury the hatchet and prove you wrong? I told ya so!

    • King Shabazz says:

      It’s true that the “self destruction of the UW” was very 1 sided in terms of facts & opinions. Me, personally, I don’t care much for his performances. Key word being “performances”. When it comes to the warrior, you will hear a lot of negative statements about what a–hole he was backstage, no showed dates, etc. But the truth is we are all different people to everyone, as far as each individual is concerned (“Warrior is great, he helped me change my tire” or “warrior is a punk, he didn’t wave to me backstage”). We, as fans (or consumers as far as the future DVD is concerned) can’t judge the man by what we believe him to be based on others’ opinions (sorry, we were not there). But we can judge the man based on his performance-what he did for us as an entertainer, what he did for those who shared the ring with him, and more importantly, what he did for the business. I think he did 1 of these 3 aspects well. He thrilled his fans. He has a strong following, which is why he is such a touchy subject in the sports entertainment discussions. But like I said, this is one aspect. He falls short (to say the least) in the area of working with others. And forget backstage, he was a horrible in-ring performer. He had the coordination of a car wreck. He rarely sold to others. And worst of all, he never put anyone over. You know, that thing that Rude, Andre, Savage, and oh yeah, HULK HOGAN did for him. Basically, he was all take and no give. He didn’t do much for the business in that sense because to make future stars, today’s stars need to open that door for them. Warrior never did that-regardless of how good or bad he was behind the curtain. I don’t hate the warrior. I actually like his in-ring character. I just wish he understood (better said, respected) the tradition of the business better. Will I pick up his new DVD? Maybe, but it would be to see his opponents give 100% (and in turn watch the warrior take 100%).

    • Simon says:

      Well, I’ll better crawl back to my crap hole where I come from, cry for about 20-30 seconds and still think the same, the guy s*ck IMO. Definitely a pass!!!

  5. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Ya know even though these to matches were crap! I would like to see em on Warriors set. Vs Hollywood Hogan – Halloween Havoc 98 and w/ Sting Vs Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart before Halloween Havoc 98

  6. captain planet says:

    I wish they’d wait until June or so, so they could include his HOF induction (if that’s happening). Same thing happened with Edge – I’d rather wait a few months more if they can include that footage and offer up his thoughts about it.

  7. Thanks Greade says:

    I can’t wait for this! If Goldberg can get a set, than Warrior definitely deserves one.

    Say what you want about Warrior but he left huge mark on the image industry, and is one of the most popular and talked about superstars of all time.

    This has the potential to cover a great deal of his career since he wasn’t around for very long.

    I only hope Warrior is involved in some capacity and a lot of uncut interviews are included.

  8. King Shabazz says:

    Warrior couldn’t deliver if he worked for pizza hut. Sorry but others worked too hard to make him look good & the majority of the time it was not enough. Rick rude made him look like a million bucks..and this was not enough to sell warrior as a solid worker. He stunk.

  9. Nick says:

    Another waste. Guy doesn’t deserve another dvd. All of his matches suck.

    • Aaron says:

      What are you talking about? He delivered in every big match.

      • anonymous says:

        But even if you take every good match he ever had, it still isn’t quite enough to fill one DVD. As Nick said, this is a waste when you consider there are so many more worthy DVDs they could, and should, be making.

  10. mark foster says:

    It will be a great set.But andre the giant,I have been for the wwe to do a ultimate set on him.

  11. Erik G. says:

    The best thing about this is that we will get pretty much everything there is to see for Warrior. I think WWE will surprise people with this set.

  12. Pat says:

    I like it but we also need a Rick Rude and Definatly a Kurt Angle set!!

  13. Wonderllama says:

    I like Ultimate Warrior in small doses, like in the Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD. I interested in the Hogan/Savage/Warrior era in a general sense

  14. Brad says:

    My Raw 20 order from Cyber Monday has sat as “pending” in PayPal since I made the purchase. Same with a buddy of mine. No emails or anything to let me know what is up. Is this happening to others?

    • jason says:

      i am dealing with the same problem i ordered the best of msg blu ray and the nwo blu ray i have heard nothing i went ahead and ordered the best of msg blu ray off ebay at the great price of 6.84

  15. SRB says:

    I see this as being the same as the Goldberg set. People really wondered how you could really fit enough matches for a BD set since most of them were squashes. BUT, Golderg’s set turned out to be a great one in my view, completely surpassing expectations. And Warrior is the same thing. You’ll get a few gems on there, but most will be squashes of about three minutes. Still, this is a great set for old school fans and will showcase his in-ring abilities, if people think he has any. He was a better showman than wrestler. I’m sure we all already know this.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m really not looking forward to this at all. The ONLY matches that would get me to buy this are the following would be included:
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude Philadelphia Spectrum January 9, 1988
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Harley Race Superstars February 20, 1988
    -Warrior/Strike Force vs. Fuji/Demolition Boston Garden June 4, 1988
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man Spectrum September 24, 1988
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude Boston Garden April 22, 1989
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude Saturday Night Main Event July 28, 1990
    -Ultimate Warrior & Kerry Von Erich vs. Rick Rude & Mr. Perfect Providence, Rhode Island August 8, 1990
    -Ultimate Warrior & the Legion of Doom vs. Demolition Ax, Smash, & Crush September 18, 1990 Saturday Night Main Event
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a steel cage match Orlando, Florida February 18, 1991
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. the Undertaker in a bodybag match Maple Leaf Gardens July 21, 1991
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Ric Flair Winnipeg, Manitoba September 21, 1992
    -Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage vs. Ted Dibiase & IRS Saskatoon, Saskatchewan October 12, 1992
    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Vader Des Moines, Iowa April 30, 1996

    Other than these 13 matches, there isn’t a single Warrior match I have ANY interest in ever seeing on DVD. Hopefully WWE will include all of these and then sprinkle in other career highlights. If they do this, at least half of this set has a chance to be good.

  17. Brad Attitude says:


  18. King Shabazz says:

    Warrior release? Come on. We got that already. A Rick rude set needs to see the light of day. He carried the warrior thru every match they had. Warrior couldn’t sell any moves if his mortgage depended on it. And if they do release the warrior dvd (sorry, blu-ray is dead as far as wwe is concerned), I hope they release it “raw 20th anniversary” style: you know, uncut and unedited (so basically they would edit & mute out those god-awful promos of his). Oh, I almost forgot: hogan won the feud with the warrior. Yeah, I said it! It’s true…it’s damn true…brother!

    • Shane C. Montgomery says:

      YES! I would take a Rick Rude set over Warrior any day, well, I would take anybody at all over Warrior, worst wrestler ever! I would buy a Rude DVD, heck yea.

      • Anonymous says:

        Me too! I’m much rather see a Rick Rude set. Even more than a Rick Rude set, I’d also much rather see:
        -A Harley Race set
        -A Terry Funk set
        -A Vader set
        -Unreleased Ric Flair
        -Unreleased Dusty Rhodes
        -Unreleased Sting
        -Unreleased Randy Savage
        -Unreleased Steve Austin
        -Unreleased Undertaker
        -Unreleased Four Horsemen
        -Unreleased Shawn Michaels

        • Mark D says:

          Someone likes “unreleased” 😉

          • Anonymous says:

            You noticed. 🙂

            As DVD buyers, I’d think we all like these type of sets. And, considering the latest sales figures indicating that 3 of the top 4 best selling DVDs are largely based on unreleased WCW footage, I think the message has to be getting through to WWE as well.

            • Erik G. says:

              WWE is always going to be chasing the casual audience. A good balance between what someone like a visitor to this site wants, and the mainstream wants is the best choice.

            • Mark D says:

              I think there’s a balance between unreleased and previously releases matches which can be achieved.

              In regard to the new Warrior DVD, I wholly expect it to completely retcon “Self Destruction” – especially if Warrior is indeed involved. In that case I believe that his WrestleMania 6 & 7 matches need to be included.

              Plus let’s not forget, Self Destruction was 8 years ago and only featured like 5 matches and another couple on the special edition, it was hardly a definitive match collection. Plus now there is the UWF and WCCW footage which can be included.

              I’m not a massive Warrior fan, but let’s see the finished project before we completely throw it under the bus.

          • SRB says:

            I’ve been on this site for a few years now and have been wondering about a Rude set since I began getting into DVDs. And I agree that “Unreleased” sets are a way to go.

  19. Victory73 says:

    This is awesome news. A Warrior Blu-Ray was what I voted for on that poll not long ago. Can’t wait. Hopefully we see about 25 matches or so.

  20. Richard says:

    I think this news all but confirms that Warrior will headline the HOF Class of 2014.

    Warrior will headline and this may be why WWE wants to bring Hogan back; to induct him.

  21. ALK says:

    Pretty a doc isnt looking likely for Warrior. Still, nice to see a new Legends set coming out none the less…

  22. RCS1988 says:

    That’s great news. Hopfully they use atleast some, if not all of these matches for the DVD/blu-ray set. anyone know somebody, who works in the home video department at WWE?

    Dingo Warrior vs. Perry Jackson & Chico Cabello World Class Championship Wrestling 1986
    Dingo Warrior & Steve Simpson vs. Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer World Class Championship Wrestling 1987
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude Philadelphia Spectrum January 9, 1988
    Ultimate Warrior vs. King Harley Race Superstars February 20, 1988
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Bobby Heenan in a Weasel Suit Match Philadelphia Spectrum June 18, 1988
    Ultimate Warrior vs. the Honkytonk Man Maple Leaf Gardens November 6, 1988
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage Boston Garden February 11, 1989
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude Copps Coliseum May 1, 1989
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant in a steel cage match Maple Leaf Gardens November 19, 1989
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Dino Bravo The Main Event February 23, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr. Perfect Madison Square Garden March 19, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Earthquake Dayton, Ohio June 25, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior & Kerry Von Erich vs. Rick Rude & Mr. Perfect Providence, Rhode Island August 8, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior & the Legion of Doom vs. Demolition Ax, Smash, & Crush Wheeling, West Virginia August 29, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage West Palm Beach, Florida December 12, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a steel cage match Orlando, Florida February 18, 1991
    Ultimate Warrior vs. the Undertaker Sacramento, California June 17, 1991
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango Ottawa, Ontario June 2, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior & the Undertaker vs. Papa Shango & Kamala Worcester, Massachusetts July 20, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Kamala Lanover, Maryland September 2, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Ric Flair Winnipeg, Manitoba September 21, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Nailz Terre Haute, Indiana October 27, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Vader Des Moines, Iowa April 30, 1996
    The Warrior surprises Hollywood Hogan WCW Monday Nitro September 7, 1998
    Howard Finkel introduces the new WWE Champion Superstars April 14, 1990
    Ultimate Warrior vs. the Undertaker in a bodybag match Maple Leaf Gardens July 21, 1991
    Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage vs. Ted Dibiase & IRS Saskatoon, Saskatchewan October 12, 1992
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Goldust In Your House April 28, 1996

  23. motorhead says:

    warrior was cool when i was 5. but so was wham. funny thing is the one thing they have in common is that they still suck. the self-destruction set got it right the first time. this new set should come like dusty rhodes’ set, with a button on the front for audio. where rhodes had a promo snippet, warrior’s is just going to the sound of wwe kissing warrior’s backside and warrior groaning in satisfaction.

  24. David says:

    I wonder why Shane’s theme is edited…wasn’t he using “No Chance in Hell”?

  25. AJ says:

    I liked the Warrior when I was a kid and I think that’s why there’s a lot of nostalgia for him now, but if he competed nowadays, most fans would treat him worse than John Cena. I think his best matches have probably already been released.

    • David says:

      Hopefully they can dig up some house show matches from the 80s and 90s. I guess we can assume the following two are a lock:

      vs. Hogan – Wrestlemania 6
      vs. Savage – Wrestlemania 7

  26. Rude Bastard says:

    Stop complaining you can live with out the cursing and half naked women. grow up.

    • motorhead says:

      so a guy named rude bastard is actually a tv-pg ditto-head? hmm… should change your name to inappropriate swell young man. anyway, the idea is that a major release like this is advertised as one thing and sold as another. it is false advertising which is an actual complaint in business. animation fans have more guts than wrestling fans lately. tom & jerry and tex avery fans are sick of having the toons edited for blackface jokes and absurd violence, and finally the studios are listening. they aren’t racist, the fans, they just want uncut and unedited cartoons the way they were first shown. the point is the viewer can make up it’s own mind as to what they watch. it’s like closing a cvs or walgreens because you don’t like the fact that they sell maxim or playboy or a simple smutty romance novel. it’s not your or wwe’s decision to determine what i can and cannot watch. that’s my right. why are so many fans so eager to have their hand held by the mcmahon family? to quote ron buffone of ecw: “it all happened, and everybody knows it happened.” they start blurring old wwf logos and now can”t help themselves. they’re censorship crazy. strange for a company that touts it’s first amendment love like passing gas. they care about theirs, not ours. bs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Motorhead had several excellent points, but these two stand out the most and I really wish WWE fans would finally engage their brains long enough to understand them:
        -“the viewer can make up it’s own mind as to what they watch.”
        -“it’s not your or wwe’s decision to determine what i can and cannot watch. that’s my right.”

        • AJ says:

          Yes…you can decide what you want to watch. However, the WWE can decide what product it delivers to satisfy it’s fans. Clearly, the product, even with smallest of edits, did that. The WWE has to also satisfy it’s shareholders, which I think this release when the Q4 numbers are released, will do that. You have the right as a consumer to decide if you want to buy or not. You don’t not get to decide what is best for the conglomerate WWE, it’s several hundred employees, shareholders, sponsors, and millions of other fans. If you don’t like it…don’t buy it.

  27. @IMDJLUIS says:

    The RAW box set has become less and less desirable now. Not only has my wweshop.com order not yet been shipped and not showing any signs of it being shipped anytime soon, but the advertised Uncut & Unedited is completely false. I don’t care that it isn’t, but I don’t like the fact that that’s what was advertised, and is not the case.

  28. Unless Warrior has some involvement, I could see this turning out the same as Goldberg’s DVD this year. All of Warrior’s “great matches” are already out on DVD, unless they go to his pre-WWE days they might struggle for new content here. Am glad to hear of the release date though, hope it does coincide with a HOF induction.

  29. David says:

    Great news! Always was a Warrior mark when i was a kid. This will probably be similar to the Goldberg DVD with over 30 matches and I assume Warrior will be involved somehow since he now is on good terms. Vince even welcomed Warrior back to WWE on Twitter so definitely good news.

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